How to Keep the Momentum Going with Your eCommerce Business


 Hey guys, welcome to today's episode. 

What I'm going to talk to you about is what you should do when you start to lose momentum with your eCommerce business.

I'm talking more about your inside momentum, your motivation, and your inspiration. I've been there before. Running an eCommerce business can definitely be tedious. It can take a lot of your time and energy. You can have ups and downs of slow weeks, right after a big week. And sometimes it seems like it's not worth it when things aren't working out. You get a big return, or you get a big chargeback or something like that. You lose it. There are definitely failure moments in every eCommerce business journey. So when you start to lose momentum with eCommerce, what do you do?

Well, there are a few options.

I'd like to approach them in two different types of losing momentum: short-term momentum and long term momentum.

I've been in both myself. But when you start to lose momentum in the short term, which usually means you just kind of getting burnt out, you're working way too hard or some slow week or something like that, you just need a break.

Simply take a break. Take a day off or even just take an afternoon off and decide to do something not related to what you are doing and then come back to it. For me, I like to go to a physical sport. One of my suggestions is to do something physical. Get out there. Get outside to ride a bicycle, go on a long ride with a friend, or something like that. Do something that scares you. I like doing scary extreme sports. Not everybody's into this, but things like a crazy hike or rock climbing, maybe bungee jumping if you have the money for it. Do some skydiving. You can also go river rafting, snowboarding, surfing, or scuba diving. All these things are kind of scary, and they get you out of your comfort zone, but they're also really fun, and they'll get you to appreciate life and all the different things that you can do in life.

It gets your endorphins going.

After taking a break, come back to your eCommerce business with a new thirst for a million things and make more money so you can do more cool fun things like that.

And then there's a little bit more of a burn out sometimes. It really does call for like a good week off. Some of these things you really can't do without taking about a week off to go to places. Plan a week's vacation. If you need to work on your week off, then work. But do it as seldom as possible. Just do the minimum to get by and then take your vacation. Escape and be gone. If there's someone who can run your business for you, outsource it. Great. And take a complete sabbatical from life and go out to go backpacking or something in the woods where there's zero Wi-Fi connection.

That's one of the best ways to eliminate any thoughts of stress out of your life. Go somewhere where there's zero connection with the rest of the world.

If you have more long-term burnout like you've been working for a year and it's kind of nonstop where you haven't taken any breaks because you're starting to get it started up. And you got to the point where you're pretty burnt out. And for some reason, you just don't have the same drive to build your business as you did before. Then it's time to think about a more long term solution.

A few solutions that are possible. The first one is just to outsource your functions. Think about hiring a Filipino assistant and outsourcing your day to day functions with that business. That means hiring someone to do customer service and sales, somebody to do content marketing, somebody to run your ads and manage your social media marketing, somebody to write prescriptions, write blog posts, and stuff like that. All these things are really important, and it's cool even if you're not tapped to do this kind of stuff. It's good to hire outsourcers ahead of time so that you have somebody to run your business for you when you get burnt out.

The next idea I had was to start a different eCommerce site and choose a different niche.

Start going with a new set of products. There's something special and exciting about starting with a new niche that you just don't get from working on your same website all over again. It's a whole new product selection, a whole new website, and a whole new target market. It's all these new things that are building up from the start. And for me, there is something fascinating about starting new things.

If you're kind of getting burnt out, what you need to is to just a wrap it up. Figure out how you want to end that project out or just outsource the content to be created for that website then start a new niche. Start a new website and do all the same work again.

You figured it out once; you can figure it out again. The next idea I had was if you are just kind of burnt out about eCommerce in general, and maybe you don't want to do drop shipping, try something else like affiliate marketing. You can do a lot of stuff with affiliate marketing. You can do affiliate marketing with your dropship business. But you can also do it outside of your dropship in business.

The best way to start with that is to start a YouTube channel. Start filming videos about the products that you use daily around your home. And then each of those products is probably sold on Amazon, right? You can get an Amazon Associates account, which is their affiliate program for free. Just tell them you have a YouTube channel. You can grab a link to those products and put it in the description. You can say in your video, "Hey, click the link in my description below." The link will take you to Amazon. And if you happen to buy it, you'll be compensated a small amount. You can then bring you more awesome videos and get a little bit of money here and there. I'm making a couple of hundred bucks a month, just from 30 to 50 videos that I posted over about 30 days period of time last year. And, you know, it's kind of like it just comes in now. It's easy.

So the key here is keyword research. I teach all about that in my course. It's going to be at You can go check that out.

The marketing is very passive. So if you're more into building passive income, you can take that kind of a thing and scale it. You can also build a website with reviews. And you can do a whole lot more as well. Look into it.

One course I really recommend learning how to do is authority marketing, and building a separate site out, just like your own like a dropshipping site but just for doing affiliate marketing. It's called Authority Hackers Pro. I recommend that you check that out.

The last idea I have is for you to teach. If you're good with eCommerce, why not teach it? You can build an online course in big videos and sell them with a funnel. You can use Click Funnel SSL, which I highly recommend. It's very optimized. Or you can use a marketplace like Udemy to sell it, and they'll sell it for you and drive traffic just like eBay. And you can make really passive income doing that online course.

If there's like one aspect of eCommerce, you really get, and you want to teach people about it then just teach that one aspect in a course and charge a hundred bucks or 200 bucks for it. People will buy it, and you'll make some money in the long run. That might be kind of fun and fulfilling for you. You get to teach people. You're helping them with something they find difficult while earning. It's a win-win situation.

Those are the different ways that I figured out for you to gain momentum. Just to recap, here are the ways: take a vacation, outsource, and do your own courses.

Have a vacation. Do something crazy and scary. Having a good time and being active is a good way to get back your momentum. Sometimes you need to spend money to make you happy. And that's what makes money worth it.

If it is a long-term burnout, explore other businesses. You can also try outsourcing. Seek out work on other things like affiliate marketing or a second store.

You can also do your courses. Help others while helping yourself.

All right, guys.

Get out there, stay motivated, and keep the momentum going.

We'll see you next time. 

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