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How to Make $200k in 2 Years w/ High Ticket Drop Shipping! đź’µ (Flipping Online Stores)

What's that in podcasts, you little podcast heads out there. If you have been thinking about high ticket drop shipping and you're wondering how can I make 200 K in one year while we're talking to the man, the one and only Trevor Fenner, hello, hello, of eCommerceParadise.com and a not only are we going to get into how he profited 200 K in a year with high ticket drop shipping and why he's the man you need to go to to learn this ish. But I've known him out in Southeast Asia for a few years now. So yeah, needless to say, he's crushing it and you've sold a couple of stores and as I said, you've done you did 200 K it's pretty crazy. This last year has been a wild ride. And like, yeah, really wild. It's been looking like I had no idea what would happen like this, but it's so I'm so right off the bat, let's say people already know what, what high ticket drop shipping is.

How did you make that 200 K and one year? So high ticket drop shipping is basically where we build a Shopify store. We don't sell on like a lot of marketplaces at first, but with a Shopify store we're able to build out an online retail business. And so we decided to build a few of these stores out. One of them became really successful and this is back maybe around mid 2017 and we grew this store out and sold a lot. And then we got a lot of competitors in the space and it was really tough to compete and we went ahead and competed more and more and more and we kept doing really well and come early 2018 we decided to sell the store and we found somebody to buy it. And it was doing about, I dunno like average half a million in sales that last year.

And so we got about $60,000 for it, which, you know, 60 K profit. Yeah. So, so the margins with high ticket option are pretty low. That's the only thing. Like I think with that story is the average like 8% or 10% profit margin after everything was done. Okay. But if you're doing half a million in sales, that's, you know, a good $60,000 a year, you know, income. So cool. So the store was making you sold it for 60 K. So when we're still, when we said 200 K, let's clarify that you profited 200 K in one in 2018 basically. So what we did is we started a new store right when we sold that one in a very similar product category. So what you can do with this model is build niche specific stores. And that's what I recommend people do is, is sell like one type of product and one store.

So you're the expert. And so we did that with a very similar product and we built out a new store. And the numbers I have written down here for you guys so you can see. But this new store, we used everything that we learned and that lasts like a couple of years of doing this. And we got that new store up to a hundred thousand dollars in sales and four months the store before that took us probably about double that time to get to a hundred. So we used what we learned to kind of hack everything and get it done a lot faster and to get profitable in this industry was actually a lot more competitive than the original industry we went into. We doubled those sales the next two months after that. So we were up past, you know, a a quarter million dollars in sales. And then we decided to build a duplicate store of that one, meaning like almost the exact same product models, but a little bit more specific on one specific prototype instead of like three product types that were similar.

We had just one product of this new store. And we were split testing the theme. We were split testing offers, we were split testing a lot of different stuff and we were also masterminding with a lot of people at that same time, networking with a lot of people. And that new store did 50,000 in sales in two months. So it was really good. It was off to a great start. And we were deciding what we wanted to do. I mean, we wanted to grow the store, obviously. We weren't even thinking someone was going to hit us up to buy the stores. But then all of a sudden, randomly we got hit up. I'm a good buddy of mine who knew an investor who was looking to acquire digital assets online stores hit us up and said, Hey, would you be interested in selling your store?

So you said your, the notes are then you got both sites acquired by an investor for a hundred K. Yeah. So both together were a hundred K combined. Yeah. Wow. And these were sites that were only a few months old. Yeah. The first one was a, had eight months of sales. The other one had like three months of sales. Okay, cool. So it was crazy. In e-commerce, if people don't know, is it do you take your monthly profit and you can sell that for 25 X multiplier? It really depends on a lot of different factors. So the multiplier can be anywhere between like all the way as low as like 15 X all the way up to like 30 X or more. And so it depends on if you have like a really structured well structured business, like a really structured website a team running the things behind the scenes for you.

All this stuff matters, content marketing, different traffic channels, different marketplaces, different, so many different suppliers, lots of different bestselling products. Investors want to know that they have a business that is a little bit more diversified. So when they buy it, they're not at risk of losing everything. If one product goes out of stock or one supplier drops them or something like that. So we were pretty well diversified. We had like 15 suppliers you know, over 20 different like products that we're selling on a consistent basis. Well over $2,000. Like we, we were just getting sales, like 3,500 4,500, 2,500 like co consistently products. Yes. Yeah, they're big products. So, so, so yeah. So, for example, if both sites combined or were selling, we're profiting around five K a month profit, then you could sell that for that 20 [inaudible]. For a hundred K yeah, exactly. Like that's not too farfetched. Yup. That's, yeah, exactly. And usually it needs to be established for like at least six months, right? For someone to buy a site. Sadly it would say I would prove it on average, it's actually more like a year. Yeah. Investors really want to see a longer, and that'll get you a higher multiple, by the way. 12 you'll get all the way up into like the, the, the 28 X 30 X level if have like 12, 12

Months or more. Yeah. So that's, that's a real backing up big picture here again, that's a real appealing thing about these high ticket drop shipping stores because they're, they're digital properties. And when he says investor, it's all, it means like buyer. So there's a lot of people out there that want to invest in digital properties. So we all know about real estate investors. They want to buy cashflow properties like rental, like houses, apartments, but this is just online properties. So they're buying your website, your website profits, five K a month, and they will pay 20 to 30 X that monthly profit. Same as real estate. You know, what is your a rental property? Cash flowing, five K a month. All right? Depending on, you know, the, the city and the location, is it upswing? Downswing. They'll pay, you know that that multiplier.

And so it's same exact thing. Building digital assets, except you don't have to be scraping paint off walls and fixing shit up and in a physical location. Okay. I do know some people that do virtual real estate investing. It can be done, but this is literally, you're building a rental property just on the internet and you're selling one little niche thing, whether it's like tables or frickin pool chairs or umbrellas or whatever it is. Focus on one niche thing. Become the website that specializes in this thing. So I'll back up and talk about the, the kind of philosophy, if you're asking right now, if I was watching, I'd be asking, Kay, why wouldn't you sell on Amazon or, so there's a certain percentage of the population that would rather not buy Amazon on Amazon and they'd rather buy on a specialty website. So that's a big part of the, the idea of this.

And especially when someone is going to buy something that's expensive, so $1,000 plus they want that extra X. They want to know that that person has a specialty. It's a bigger decision. So they want to buy it from a company that they just do that and they provide extra customer service, maybe extended warranties, and you talk about throwing in digital bonuses, like guides, extended warranties to make yourself stand out. And that's kind of the method guys. So people whether, so they, they're not looking on Amazon, they search on Google and they're going to search you know, picnic table or whatever. And then correct me if I'm wrong, they're going to see your site. When they click on Google shopping, they're going to say, you're going to see your listing of the picnic table for like let's say $1,000. They click it, they go to your picnic table Trevor's picnic tables, store.com, and they see all your specialty picnic tables order. Now it comes with extended warranty. You the best customer service. Maybe you've got some videos in there, maybe you got some, some digital ebook bonuses, like how to throw the best picnic

In the world. And that's gonna set you apart from these other shops, other websites that sell that, like the big box ones like Walmart or whatever. It's a more homey, personalized kind of coming off like you're a family business a little bit. And so there's a certain percentage of shoppers online that want to buy from those types of stores. And it's positioning yourself as the best store in that little little niche. And so that's the philosophy and that's exactly what we did. Yup. Everything you just listed off. We just went through and tried to optimize as much as you can. It's the crazy thing here, like any businesses at the same way, you know, like real estate, like you don't want to just sell any normal house. You know, you're not going to get top dollar for it. You want to make that house look sick, right?

So you're going to add like decor to it. You're going to put all sorts of cool things in here. You're going to add the beach tables, you're going to make it look baller. You're going to have the gardeners out there all the time making it look nice and you're going to sell that property for a lot more. So it's the same thing with any digital asset, whether it be an Amazon product, you know, you want to make that Amazon product really good quality, you want to put it together nice, right? Whether it be an online store with just selling other people's products that they make that they already sell, like, like drop shipping. Heck, you want to make your website look really nice, have great offers. That's exactly what we did. So it just goes to show, it's like perfect case study. You do the work, you do it right.

You put as much value into it as you can. You can make a lot of money with it. So if you're like looking for like something that's easy to start, you're gonna make a shit load of money. There's no such thing. They don't intersect. You have to put hard work and do really good job with the value and you'll get like a lot of money out of it. So yup. That's how it works. Heck yeah. So let's see. What was I just going to start? Heck, you can work from anywhere. That's the beauty of it. That's why I still do it. Like I, I have my choices. I w I read rich dad, poor dad back in the day I was going to do real estate investing. I went to S I went to some seminars I did to, yeah, exactly. Like house flipping still happens and I know people that are doing it can con consistently and constantly like all the time making lots of money with it.

So you guys like it's a possibility if you aren't the type of person that wants to constantly be traveling the world. You want to have a home base somewhere. Hey, you can do house flipping. You were saying you can even do it online cause most of the marketing is online these days to get leads for that kind of stuff. But just understand if you're not putting all your focus into that, if you're like focused on five different things and 10 different shiny objects, none of them is going to work. Yeah. So you have to be focused. Yeah. So this is what I tell people. Like a lot of you that are watching this, you may already be looking into high ticket drop shipping and people ask me all the time Briley what business model should I choose? And this is why I say like, if you've been looking in the hot chicken drop shipping, fucking do it.

You know, like if you, if you've looked deep into something, do that because that automatically, it already appeals to you. It's already sexy to you. You know, like as Gary V says, he's like, I could be doing a million things. I just happened to get into the wine and whatever. Like if you put in the work, you're going to be successful at any business model and if you've already gone, you know, this deep just fricking go. And that's going to lead me into the next thing is how do you get started? You buy a course with all the step-by-step details and you fucking go, you know, how do you get a job in life? They tell you to go to university,

Pay for that course and then at the end of it you're going to get a job cause it teaches you how to get a job or something. Anyways, so I actually bought that's how I got started with high ticket drop shipping. People know with drop ship lifestyle. And you did too. And I went to the first dropship lifestyle conference in 2014. That's what kind of kicked me off is that online course changed my life. And you've been kind of blogging podcasting over the past few years. Similar story to what happened to me. People started asking you, how do you do this drop shipping thing? How do you do it? And so you've gone on to create your own course, right? That's right. And that's been going on for how long now?

Well I started at around mid 2018. When we were selling the sites and everything like that happened. So you had some money and people were asking you, cause you had the podcast and you're like, all right, I'm going to give people what they, what they want to learn from me. That's right. So as you guys know, cause we just said he

Has done, he's been through the trenches. He knows it works. Trust me, he's crushing it. His course is amazing. I subscribed to his email lists and he's crushing it and I need some help from you after this with my course. So yeah. What's going on like with your course now? What's, what's kind of included what's the deal with it? Yeah. Yeah.

So in the very beginning when I first got started, there was a lot of different points where I felt the dropship lifestyle course didn't like cover in depth enough. And the way he made up for that was he actually had a huge forum. So he has this thing called the fast business forum and that's what got me like really into masterminding with, with people. So what I did was instead of trying to learn just from the course, I actually hit up like every single person that was the coach of his and set up a coaching session with every single one. I mastermind with a lot of other students in that course. And I met a lot of people when I came up to Chiang Mai and including you rally and, and I got to know all these different business models. I got to get everybody's ideas and input on what I was doing.

I even sat down with like a group of people that were doing drop shipping and like build stores next to them, including Johnny FD, who's one of Anton's like biggest, you know, promoters. So with all that I was able to gain other people's knowledge and experience and I just, you know, like no matter what you're going to do, especially in online business, you've gotta be a part of mastermind groups. And that's one of the major things that I'm doing with my high ticket drop masterclasses. I'm creating a mastermind with it. So there's a Facebook group and we're constantly in there and I'm doing weekly live video chats so people are able to ask me questions every single week and kind of get their questions answered. And the biggest difference that I wanted to make was make myself accessible to all the students because I'm traveling around all the time.

I'm not like this big corporate guy, you can just hit me up anytime on my phone and I'm happy to write back. So I make myself personally accessible to any of my students to write me. And a lot of people will be like, yo, dude, like that's crazy. Nobody does that because you're just going to leave yourself open to being bogged down with all sorts of stuff. And honestly, it's not like that at all. I'm, I really enjoy helping people. And most of the questions people have are not hard questions to, they're just questions that like maybe for you in the very beginning you're really confused about it. But for me, I've been doing this for about a decade plus I know exactly what you need to do. I know the best way to go do it. And I think that's the biggest value here is, you know, like you're getting an experience from somebody who's already spent 10 plus years doing it.

So you don't have to go and spend 10 plus years of trial and error trying to figure out all this stuff. You can just go to one person and be a part of their mastermind group with other people too, but get all the knowledge and experience of that person. So that was kind of the biggest thing for me was like masterminding. And I think that is the biggest takeaway cause every single master might have been a part of in my life has taken me to that next level of, of like, of abundance in my life. Yeah, fuck yeah. And you're part of a big mastermind right now, right here in Bali. Yeah.

Bali is a, as you guys know, I have plenty of videos on that, but one of the biggest digital nomad hotspots. But yeah, I think that was a great summary and to, to, you know, to wrap it all together. You, you sold a couple of stores in this past couple of year. You ended up profiting 200 K in 2018 because of the store that you started mid 2017 that you sold and the store the two stores that you sold for a combined a hundred K started in 2018 and sold in 2018 and then on top of the 60 K a hundred K, the monthly cashflow that you kept, monthly profit that you kept to yourself and it ended up equaling about 200 K profit. Obviously that doesn't, that doesn't include the sales. And of course I didn't really want to talk about that too much because most people are like, what's going on here?

But, Oh yeah, yeah, no, he's obviously, he's got a side business and that's what the four hour work week says. What people, when people ask you questions, make a digital product out of it. It's just marketing one-on-one. You know, if a lot of people were asking you something, make a product out of it. I'm doing the same with my Amazon course I did two years ago and now with my whole digital nomad university, kind of a how to get started type of thing. And so yeah, if you're, if you've gone this deep and you're thinking about high ticket drop shipping, I highly recommend his course. Just go get it. There'll be a link below and you already know, and online course changed my life back in 2014 and I haven't met anyone personally that is crushing high ticket drop shipping as much as him. He's been through the trenches. He knows all the tips and tricks. You even have options where you're like, build a store for people. Yeah, yeah, I'm still doing that. Or we were building demo stores now. We were doing the full business builds before, but the problem I had is a lot of people, especially beginners, you don't understand this business model. So if you're not sure

Going in and actually building the business yourself and you have someone else build it for you, you have no clue how to actually run it on the backend. And I'm not really trying to spend all day long trying to teach the beginner how to run the entire business every single time. I have a person Senate for this thing, so I made the course because of that. So you can go into the course and learn how it's run, but I've had a lot of issues where people, they have a business built for them and they don't want to get into the course and watch the videos. It's the strangest thing.

Yeah. Well it's a mindset issue, right? Yeah. A lot of people they want this push button make me money. Let me just say like, I hope you're not still worse watching this video, those type of people, because that doesn't exist. You can't push a button button and make money. Now, if you have money, you can buy investments and make more money and hire a team to run that for you. But when you're starting, let's be honest, it's, you know, someone was just saying this at a cafe in Changzhou like the first two years, transitioning into a digital career, like they're going to be like the grind years. There's going to be struggles, like it's going to suck at times. But at the end of the tunnel, the light is so bright and green and blue. As you guys see how fucking green and blue this, this screen is right now.

It's so, so worth it to be location independence. And that's the fucking number one reason that you're probably watching this video and why we got into this internet marketing in the first place, is to have control of our time, our daily schedule to be able to live anywhere in the world that we want to be able to stay on vacation. And high ticket drop shipping is a great way to do that. I know several people who crush it, but he's the biggest one that I know personally. And he's he's on the upper echelon of people that are crushing it with this. So yeah, link below. Anything else? I mean, we have the, what is the business model?

How does it work? Yeah, I think, I think a lot of the time I'm taking questions from people, it's because they're trying to determine if this is right for you or not, you know, so you just have to decide for yourself. Like, are you the type of person that wants to do retail as opposed to starting your own physical product line? Can you afford it or do you have the credit line for it? That kind of stuff. You have to make sure that this business model will work for you and you can make it work for you as well, and you're willing to put in the work for it. This business model works that's been proven over and over and over again. I have students right now that have told me that last month they did over $100,000 in sales. I have multiple students like that.

And this guy, Johnny lives in Italy, he actually still works a day job and his store is doing over $100,000 in sales. It's crazy. And my other buddy Kaelin, who lives on the East coast he did $120,000 last month in sales. He just told me, and he was like kind of freaking out and he actually bought a turnkey store from me and he's telling me, he's like, dude, I have no time. I can't even run this new store. Let's just like let it sit there for awhile. And then maybe in like two or three months when I have a full team running my store that's doing him close to like 20, 25,000 profit per month, Jesus, like, let me, let me then start this new store that I bought from you. You know? Oh wow. You know, this can scale. You can scale these businesses really big, but you have to understand that you've gotta be hiring people to run them for you.

You can't just run it all yourself forever because the income is going to grow. But the duties, the responsibilities will grow too. This is like any business. You know, you have brands that are building products and you're just reselling those. You're a dealer. You're, you actually have real wholesale accounts with the suppliers. That's how this business model works. So you don't have to do product development, you don't have to work in the packaging. Your job is marketing. So you set up the website, you set up the sales page, you set up the offer and you run the ads, you do the YouTube videos or the Pinterest pins or the Facebook posts, but specifically focused on advertising. And these sorts can be really successful and you can scale like crazy. So so a couple more questions I would be asking now is so if I'm thinking about, you know, high ticket drop shipping versus like private labeling or something else what is the, what's a typical startup investment monetarily wise?

Sure. Yeah, it's very low compared to other models. But if there still is cash involved cause you have software programs you have to invest in. But some of the software isn't absolutely necessary. Like you can go with free options. So if you don't have much money to start, you can still go with an almost free solution. Like if you take my course, I'll give you a free unlimited trial, Shopify that works all up until you want to start installing apps that actually cost money. So you don't necessarily need the apps that costs money. You can go with three versions of those apps and you can use this trial store all the way up until you have 50 sales. So you can get in here really, really low. I would say close to free, maybe a hundred bucks. Like you can figure that out. You know you can use free email marketing solutions, you can use everything.

The Google ads, you get a free hundred dollar 50 $150 coupon when you first start. That doesn't mean you don't need credit though. That's the issue. So a lot of people like you don't have much money. He might not have good credit or have capital like access to capital. This is high ticket drop shipping. You're selling products that are usually over a thousand dollars, so you need to be able to buy that product from the supplier. When you get that sale, you need a credit card. Exactly. You need a credit card with over, I would say a few thousand dollars to start with the bare minimum and limit, and it really depends on the niche and the product that you're selling. Because if the products are averaged two, $3,000 or $10,000, you're going to need to hire them at credit card. The, the average product is 500 to $1,500. You don't need as high.

But here's how it works. The customer finds your product in Google, they purchase it from your store, that gets held by your merchant processor like PayPal or Shopify payments or Stripe, whatever your merchant processor is. They hold those funds, they charge the credit card and they hold it for about three to five days and then they deposit it to your bank account. So in that time period, you need to buy the product from the supplier and have it shipped to the customer and have it arrive within the free shipping time period, which we always put on our stores. Somewhere between two to seven business days is when the product will arrive and that's covered under free shipping. So that happens. And then as soon as your credit card is charged, the product ships out, the customer gets the product, they're happy with it after a week or two, but you're going to get paid out to your checking three to five days later, and then you can take that checking account and pay your credit card off of it. So it's, you kind of have to get used to cash flow managing.

Yeah, absolutely. Same with Amazon. It's cashflow management though. Okay, cool. And then the other crap, a question I had was traffic. So you said Google ads with the new account, you get $100 free to start. What are the main traffic methods? Is it still Google, Google ads? Is it Facebook ads and what's a a good ad spend daily to start with or monthly? So $3 a day like yup, we are what

It depends on a lot of variables. So the way you have to think about it is the product, the profit per product. So you got to look at your price lists and find out like, okay, is this $300 product of a 30% margin, does have a 20% margin, a 10% margin. And when you know the profit per product, you can, you can build out your ad account with a campaign structure and have ad groups specifically for high profit products and for low-profit products so that you're only spending ads on products that are actually going to be in your profit to pay off those ads with. So it takes a little bit of upfront investigation to figure out like what are going to be those high profit products that make sense for our to spend ads on and not, you don't want to send ads to everything because you're going to waste money.

To answer your question about the startup costs, so you get a $150 coupon. I think the way it works, you have to spend 150 first to get the 150 back. So you put a credit card in there, you spend 150, you get that $150 credit, and then the next 150 that you spend is free. That's usually how it works. A daily budget, it really depends on the product line. So if you're selling, just an example of a store, he used to have electric bicycles. You're selling these things, they're like $2,000, but the cost per click is pretty low. So like in that new, she might be paying 50 cents per click. If you're selling a niche that I've gotten into in the last year or so, electric fireplaces, the cost per click is way higher on that. It's like a dollar $52. Any anything in the home, generally speaking is gonna have more competition, higher cost per click.

So you're going to be spending more per click means you're gonna spend more per day. So you really got to focus then really important to focus on those high profit products. But the, the Google ads is the way to go. And Google shopping ads is the number one way to get the number one traffic sales. What it does is it shows a picture, a price, your store name and a special offer right there at the top of the search results. So you're not just putting out texts, you're saying, Hey, this is actually what the product looks like. This is how much we're charging for it. This is our brand name, and we have a special offer. You're kind of pre-qualifying the customer for that offer before they even get to your website for them. Click on the ads. So we in the high ticket drop shipping masterclass, I've laid out my, my three tier funnel for Google shopping ads.

So it's this really specific way to target people that are in the bottom of the buying funnel. So somebody who's already made that decision that they want to buy this table, they know that the exact brand they want, they know the exact model number and skew number that they want. Now they're shopping around, they're comparison shopping for the best price and best offer. And that's where we come in. That's, that's why sometimes we can beat out Amazon and eBay for the sales because we have a better offer. And we're at the top of Google, which is a search traffic thing where as Amazon they have to go to Amazon search. And Amazon, Amazon isn't always in the Google shopping ads. They aren't always in the top of the organic. So they are a lot of the times. But yeah, but we can put ourselves right next to Amazon in the top of Google, which is where a lot of people start their buying journey.

So we had this really unique method of using specific keyword targeting within Google shopping ads to target just those buyers and then we can capture them, we can get them on our site, we can retarget them, email them and close the sale. Okay. That's how it works. Great. That was my next question. So, so you're, so you're basically saying you can target people who are, who have already seen a specific product. Yeah, exactly. With Facebook ads specifically cause people, usually the way it works is they're on their mobile phone, they search for a product. They look at your website for a minute and then life happens and okay. So they've already visited your site. Correct. And you retarget them. So I get the retargeting thing. I'll, I'll ask you about that next. But you were saying on Google you have a keyword strategy to target people deeper in the, in the buying.

That's correct. Yeah. So it's just like certain keywords. Like there's like you know, best price for like this or something like no, it's not like that at all actually. Which is interesting. That's what I thought in the very beginning cause well that's what Google thinks too. So if you just throw a bunch of money at Google shopping ads without any idea what you're doing, that's what Google is going to target. And that's not necessarily a commercial keyword. It might think it is. What really matters though is the product category keyword is your top of the funnel. It's where someone starts their buying journey best electric bikes for instance. Some of my type that in, that's the start of the buying journey. And then they go down, they sell the brands that are available and they might get interested in a brand or model. So then they type in brand keywords and model name keywords.

Okay. And a lot of products have skew numbers too. So like a lot of like people that are remodeling their home, they know the exact skew, which comes down to the variant, the color, the size, the shape, whatever it is. So they'll even be searching the skew number in Google. So those really specific long tail keywords you target with the ads. Got it. With our unique funnel system, cause shopping ads aren't like search ads, the exact opposite. You have to use negative keywords instead of positive keywords, shelter shit through. So it's really complicated. But yeah, I've laid it all out like [inaudible]. So I was going to ask you to in your course, yes he does. Cause it's obviously huge chunk of success and that's why my drop shipping store was not profitable. I, when I first was working on that for six months, my first online product before I got on, got into Amazon.

The main reason is I was not doing any retargeting and that's obviously you're gonna fail for that. And so how much, how big is retargeting and how does that work? It's really important. You know, everybody's on Facebook all day long. Half the day people that are consumers are on Facebook. Entrepreneurs might not be so much unless you're posting content, but you've got to think about your consumer, not about your habits. You got to think about your consumers habits and people that consume things a lot. Products, content, whatever it happens to be, they're always going their feed on Facebook or Instagram. So that's where you've got to retarget people. That's where we found the most success with it. So what usually happens, the buyer's journey is they're on their computer or their phone. They're searching for that product. They see it, they land on your website.

Now you've put the pixel in the cookie on their computer, or they're on their mobile device. Next time they hit up their Facebook feed or their Instagram feed, your ad will show up. And that's the key part. So you're reminding them of your brand, the product, everything they click through. Again, they might make the purchase, then they might not, but you've gotten them back to your website again and again. Again, hopefully at some point along this journey, and it's more likely it's going to happen on the computer than the mobile device. They're going to sign up for your email list. And that's where the real magic happens because most of our sales come back through email. Wow. Yeah. Like it's upwards of like 30 to 40% of people that get into our bandaid cart sequence will end up actually converting because of the way it's laid out.

All of our emails that I've had success with, we've actually templated it out and put into a nine day email sequence template. So you can just take that copy and paste it with your own brand name and, and your own niche information and put it into Clavio, which is the email marketing platform we use in Shopify and, and run it. So it's pretty, that's how the funnel works. And if, if someone still doesn't purchase you, you have them put into like a 30 day, 60 day, 90 day sequence. Oh see you retarget them over time and maybe they bought it from somebody else, but eventually you can get them back. You know, who knows, right. So, yeah. Wow. Okay. So yeah, that's huge. Part of success is retargeting. And someone actually just told me yesterday in a DM, remember the money is in the followup and he was talking about my course.

But the money, anything that's relatively high ticket is what are they? Studies have shown that people need to see an offer like seven times or something. Right. And so that was the huge thing that we missed out on. Didn't do any retargeting. And that's, that's huge. And you just said that you have the templates, you have the Facebook, how to do the Facebook retargeting. So they've been to your website, they've been to a specific product page. You can re retarget them on Facebook and show that product again to them on Facebook and Instagram. That's right. Yeah. Cause they're there cause they worked together linked even even Instagram stories. Right? Sure. Yep. You can. Yeah. You just like all the same. It's all on the same. And then obviously like on your website you will have a pop up, you know, subscribe to the VIP list or something.

Exactly. Or if they've already, usually a discount coupon code discount, coupon code, boom. Now they're getting jipped with the emails. Yep. There's even there's urgency. There's scarcity built into it. You can have a countdown timer. All these things. You can even send them to a messenger bot funnel. Have you played around with that? A little bit. Yeah. It's interesting how that's evolving as well. So that's, I'm excited about that for it. For Amazon. Ecommerce. So that's a whole another warm haul similar to email drips, but it's just on Facebook messenger automation. Yeah, that's it. I think we laid out like that's the secret to success guys, the retargeting. And then the other secret to success I would say is the, the other key big key to success is the niche and doing the proper niche research. I know you have a niches list and niches list.

That's right. You guys can go download that link in the description. You can put your link there below. Yup. A free niches list. So these are actual real high ticket, big profitable products we've sold in the past. These aren't just like bullshit niches. These are products that you can just literally go find competitor's stores and to start selling those. So I put my best work into this stuff and after you get the niches list, there's a free course right after that that you'll get access to as well. That explains a lot more of this in depth so that you can understand it more so. Okay. With the niche research. Yeah. Okay. So free course on niche research or if you're wondering about that, go, go get the free course. But as like a real brief overview, obviously the first step is choosing what type of shit you want to sell.

Right? What does that look like? Yeah, so usually the first thing I look at is price point. Obviously it doesn't really matter the size of the product as long as the price is high enough and the profit margins they're shipping at the very most. I've seen shipping costs like 600 or $700 on like big products. Like for instance, an infrared sauna. Yeah. Big songs people have in their homes, they can cost upwards of like 600, $700 a ship. But if the product price point is like around $5,500 or $10,000 or something like that, and you got a 20% margin on that and then you're doing a couple thousand dollars, so you can afford that and still make 5,000 profit or whatever it is. So you just have to make sure that the price point is high enough. You don't want to have too high of a price point on average because then the market's smaller.

So I've found that the best price point on average, somewhere between a thousand dollars to $3,000 anything above that, the market gets smaller. Anything below that it's not profitable because the shipping costs, cause usually these are big products. So that's the first thing. And you can see average costs just going into Google shopping. I'm just like, you're a consumer. That product is type of product name into Google, look at Google shopping ads. The next step which I get into the free course a lot more in depth on how to do is to find niche store competitors that are drop shipping. So it's a key step because a lot of people they like go to Amazon or eBay or other niche stores, but they don't really realize how to, how to actually figure out if a store is drop or not. In the course I show you exactly how to figure out if that store is drop shipping or not.

It's really, really key to do that because if you find a store that's dropshipping only that doesn't have a physical location, right, then you can model them, you can, their suppliers might drop ship for you too if you have a good enough website for it. So that's kind of the next big step is finding the competitor and then you can do the rest of the research to kind of figure out is this niche still trending? Is the volume high enough? Are there enough suppliers in the niche? Are the suppliers good? Are the product, is the product quality good? Are the suppliers, are they good quality suppliers? There's a lot of other steps. You can kind of do deeper research into that. But those are like the first two. Yeah. And so if you see a competitor, you kind of lay the all the competitors out, look at all of them. And if there's obvious room to improve on these stores, like if there are crappy stores like Oh, I'm gonna make a fucking kick ass stores and take a lot of their sales numbers. Okay, cool. And then for looking for

Ideas, obviously you have the niches list, but what, what are some quick ways that people look for niche ideas?

Yeah, so what I did was I created a spreadsheet, and this is included in the masterclass. It's a full spreadsheet where I actually extracted every single product category from amazon.com and from hows.com just laboriously going through the website and copy and paste and categories. And then my VA goes through and does the research on keyword volume. I'm average price point, all this crazy stuff. So this all in a spreadsheet. It even includes competitors' stores that I've found and their categories and their suppliers. So it's like a full supplier list, full competitor list, category list all in one spreadsheet. So you know which niches are profitable already. Right off the bat, you don't have to do all the research on your own. It's all right there in the sheet and that's available in the masterclass. So you have to sign up to get that. Oh yeah, I was going to say that's worth it. Jeff's worth thousands of dollars just right there. It's crazy. Like the amount of research we've done over time, we have, I would say thousands of niche ideas, whereas a few hundred of them are actually profitable. So you can spend all your time doing your own research or you can just sign up, get that niches list and get started right away. That's why I designed it is just to make the process faster for you guys to make it easier.

The course, then it's got kind of like, it's got the template of the niches in the spreadsheet, but you still have to pay for your own VA to go through. None of the research spreadsheet has the research done and it started. Yeah. So would you, if you, so people can just basically look through and see the profit margins on all these different keywords. Well the profit margins, no because the suppliers aren't going to give you a price sheet unless you get an account with them. The price, the price, probably margins. But the, the the supply and in men it would be cool if you could see the profit margins that would really skip the process. I should think about trying to figure out how to do that. But it will show the supply and demand numbers. Basically that's the search volume search volume.

It shows the average price point and trending are not up or down or flat. It's the same thing with my Amazon course. It's like how to go in and see, compare the search volume to the actual sales data on Amazon. And it's all about finding supply and demand, people supply and demand. I think that was a pretty good, a quick breakdown of everything you need to fucking know to make money with high ticket drop shipping. And if it's right for you, and if you've already been thinking about it, then just fucking do it. What do you, what are you waiting for? There's plenty of room out here in Bali. We got empty pool chairs. Yeah, follow him on, on Instagram, e-commerce, paradise.com. Check out his podcast, all that stuff linked below. Gotcha man. Good stuff, man.

We're all in this together. You know, the more, the more mastermind you can do and the more partnerships you can create with people, the more fun it is and the more profitable you'll be in the long run. So get out there and make some partnerships. I always recommend people when you're first getting started, start a business with a partner, you know, Riley and, and Parker together and they're working constantly on building this business and other businesses and it's really inspiring for me to watch you guys. But you do. I used to be in partnership with my wife. We've, we've broken up now on our separate it, but we're still in partnership together. I figured out what her good points are, but she's good at doing and she likes doing it, which is customer service order management, stuff like that and our dropship stores and she focuses on that while I work on pretty much everything else with my VA team and that's perfectly fine, you know, and you've got to find a partner with complimentary skillsets and passions to you and you can build a way bigger business that way, way to your business.

So if you're just getting started and you and you are having trouble, try to find a partner try not to make it family, but if it's a friend, awesome. That's usually the best way to go and have a partnership agreement in place when you start that outlines each person's duties, what you're expected to do at least in the beginning. And then an exit strategy in case you do want to end the partnership later on. What's expected or required of each partner in order to do that. It's really key. Great fucking tip. But yeah, that, that, that, that kind of stuff. It's just like having a marriage, you know, you're in business with this person, you're going to be spending a lot of time with them. So you just, you know, you don't, it doesn't have to be awkward. It's just like just,

Yeah. You have to have it, have it in writing. It's just a good idea. Yeah, absolutely. That being said obviously we know plenty that have done, done it themselves. But yeah, it definitely is, can be very, very nice to have to have a partner. If you're wondering like, can I start this on the side of my job? Nights and weekends. Yes. That's how everyone starts out. I did it. Yeah. That's how I did it was three years. Yeah. The first couple of years you're going to have to, you know, on the side of your job work at this nights and weekends, yo. And in his course obviously there's a community of people doing the same thing and trying to quit their job, go full time and get that freedom. That's what it's all about. So you can you control of your life. And then eventually make it out here to Bali and get on your path to enlightenment.

We're waiting for you. It's nice. Yeah. It's not too far. You can get a one way ticket for about 500 bucks from the States, from the West coast. So depending on where you are, it's not that expensive to get out here. It's six. It's cheap to live, generally speaking. And there's a huge community of digital nomads and you can mastermind a lot more with people if, if you find like in your hometown, wherever you're at, you're in your city, you can't really find too many people that are doing this, that want to do this kind of stuff. Get out into a place like this. Go to chain Maya, come to Bali. Parts of Europe. Europe's more expensive. Southeast Asia is cheaper to live in. So that's why we're usually out here and it's just a lot more fun and easy going out here. It just, being in a place like this means there's less stress.

Generally speaking, it's a little bit, it's a little bit hectic at first when you get out here because it's kind of like second world country as opposed to like everything's nice sidewalks and wide roads like Los Angeles or something like that. But like, yeah, you know, I got kind of tired of that after a while. You don't always need to be driving a big SUV everywhere. Spending $100 to fill up your tank here you can drive a motorbike, a little one 50 CC scooter. Get places really fast and it costs you about $3 and 50 cents to fill up your tank and you only have to do it about once a week. Yup. And there's no insurance. Obviously it's Bali. Just have some travel insurance, you know, some like worst case scenario insurance be be safe. Absolutely. The, I thought it was awesome though. And

This business model can get you there. Amazon FBA can get you their affiliate marketing can get you their online courses. Can you get you there, choose what you want to do. If it's high ticket, drop it and just do it. Go for it. Because the skill sets you learn in any one online business model are going to take you into any business model you want to do in the future. Oh, hi. Thanks for bringing that up. I was going to bring that up. So I like to keep this in mind for people that do Amazon or any e-commerce thing. So buy a course. I don't care if it's 1,005 thousand, $10,000. Buy a course that helps you create an online business, whether that's successful or not. Like in the first, you know, year or two, whatever the you just paid for a business education that you, you now know more than 90% of people that graduated from four year business college.

I would say that because you learned by doing, by, by building a fricking webs online eCommerce website. You're going to learn branding, how to make a logo traffic, Google ads, retargeting pixels checkout page conversion. You're gonna learn about graphic design. You're going to learn about a Facebook and Instagram ads. You're going to learn about email marketing. You're going to learn about dealing with suppliers. You're going to learn about shipping, you're going to learn about how to frickin work on your own schedule and get shit done. All of those fricking 20 things, they don't teach you in a four year business college. They just don't. They teach you at the shit out of the textbook. This is learning by doing so even if you, there was no chance of making money for the first year with this course, it will be worth it. It's called a fricking school, you know, so that's like to keep that in mind, even if it, even if for whatever reason your niche doesn't take off, your store doesn't take off, it's you got 10 X the value that you paid for the course because you just got a full education and this is going to be the beginning of your long successful career as an entrepreneur and a digital marketer.

And what a lot of people do is they become freelancers, right? Like I see that the freelancer is a perfect example of somebody who came out to Southeast Asia. He started offering service or web design and coding. He did some drops at me and did some, like I think he didn't like eBooks. He did like all sorts of stuff. But what he's doing now is this focusing on like video production and stuff. It's his skill sets. He learned through working with clients and other things that he now built a big business around that he really likes doing it. It's pretty, pretty cool to see. Like if you, if you build an Amazon FBA story, you'll be learning similar things that you do with high ticket drop shipping. If you get really good at anyone, those things, a branding or driving traffic or packaging, any one of these specific little things, you can take that skillset, offer it as a service to other business owners as a freelancer and make money on the side that way. Or who knows, maybe make an agency of your own that way. So, yeah, so just it's all about learning skills that are actually relevant to the needs of business owners today. That's why colleges don't work anymore. You're learning skills

That were relevant 50 years ago. You know, MBA skills art are only relevant when you're going to, to, to Silicon Valley, you know, or, or, or New York city or something and working with huge tech startups and stuff like that. If that's the life you want to live, then go for it. But you're really going to have to focus on networking. If this is the life you want to live, these are the skill sets you need to learn. And luckily you can, you can learn them for 1000 bucks and, and a couple of months instead of $100,000 and, and to two to four years, you know? Yeah. And being an aunt the rest of your life. Yeah, exactly. And you don't make money. What if instead of a hundred dollars thousand dollars and you get no money afterwards, you just have to pay your debt off. You're a negative cash flow, let's say thousand bucks a month.

Or you could buy a, an education for $1,000 and was in a number of months. You have the chance of actually cashflowing a thousand dollars plus. Oh, that's crazy. Making money. Crazy. How fast. Oh man, if you really put the work in, you can get it started really fast. It's pretty impressive. Like I have a few students that within a couple of months they were doing 20,000, 30,000 on sales. I was just blown away. Like how in the world did you get it going that fast when a lot of my students take like six months. Yeah. Like it has to do with your, your choices every single day. Are you watching TV? Are you hanging out with your friends and partying? Are you spending a lot of time just browsing your Facebook feed? If you aren't distracted constantly and you're not doing the work, then the work's just not going to get done. It doesn't do itself.

So the number one first step before anything else is to change your mindset and to change your habits to get healthier and to have more energy and then get cut out all your distractions from, from all the bullshit you do everyday and actually work on the business and get around other people that are doing it. So you're more motivated on it. Apps a frickin lutely. So do it. So do it. If you're thinking about doing this, do it. Just just do it. The one that only e-commerce paradise chevre funner. Tatted up out here in Bali. It's coming up on 4:00 PM. We got to get to the beach cause we got shit to do. Right. That's where you guys are going to go. We've got to go clean up the beach cause we're cause we are leads, we're using it out here. You know, you're like take care of it. Kind of a cold coming out here. Anyways, thanks for listening. Share it with your friends who you want to do this with. Maybe sorry guys.

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