How to Overcome the Fear of the Unknown


Welcome to the eCommerce Paradise podcast. 

It's been a while since I posted, so I will try to stick to another 30-day challenge right now. I will try and get content from that because there's much to talk about when it comes to eCommerce. The markets are constantly evolving, and platforms are growing and evolving as well as just incredible. How much opportunity is out there these days? 

I really love helping people, so I wanted to offer you some advice on a topic that is dear to my heart.   

Every single day I have to overcome it. But what it is, it's the fear of the unknown. The fear of the unknown just basically means that you don't know about something, so you don't want to know about it. You kind of fear it, and you don't want to do it because it's just not familiar to you. As human beings, we are always more comfortable with something that we've done before and know about. If you're going to try to do something that you don't know about and you've never done before, it's scary first. That's understandable because that's just the classic thing that's hardwired into our brains. That's how nature works. That's actually a good thing to understand - how to actually use the fear of the unknown to your advantage. Aside from that, you also need to learn how to cut it off when it matters when you need to cut it off. When it comes to building an online business, it's one of the best ways to start a business, not having you invest a lot of money.

All the different methods of doing it are usually pretty low. You know, there are certain ways where you buy products upfront and private labeling them. But even then, even those ways and making money online can be fairly outsourced. There are a lot of different ways to make money online. But a lean startup model so that, you know, the fear of the unknown really comes more from a place in your mind that you've had your whole life off of trying to stay away from things you don't know. If you can create a train switch, so it switches tracks from one track to another, then you can really experience and grow and like way more ways than you would have ever been able to before, especially building your business.

There are all these different ways to do marketing. 

I want to talk about the substance, different ways to do marketing.

Fear the unknown

If you've never done Facebook ads before, try to learn how to do Facebook ads. It may be one of the most annoying and daunting tasks, unless, like you're one of those people, it just doesn't care and wants to learn new things and dig into things. But honestly, f you learn Google product listing ads, that's one way to do marketing. Do those really well. You can work on your vacation, targeting your time targeting, audience targeting, things like that. You know how to do that. Do that every day, and it's comfortable. It's easy. You do it. But if you've never done Facebook ads before, it's daunting to get in there and learn a new platform, learn like where all the buttons are, how the tools are, and stuff like that. The fear of the unknown is real; it's there. 

If you want to grow, if you want to scale your business to something sustainable for you in the long run, as passive as possible without having to grind eight hours away, learn how to do it. You want to create a passive asset that has automated marketing setups so that you can get orders every day without you having to grind eight hours. You can take days off, and you're going to have to learn new marketing methods, and it takes time, and it takes persistence and determination. Just like anything in life, building businesses takes persistence, takes determination; it takes learning. 

That's one of the things that people don't want to do in life - continue learning. It is like you get out of high school, get a college, go to the workforce, and feel like you can stop learning. That's kind of sad because you don't ever stop learning. Technology is evolving so much every single day. The beauty of that is that you have all these new tools at your fingertips you can use to create things online to make money. And yet, a lot of it is foggy still. It's kind of like the Wild West of eCommerce still, and a lot of people are just digging in and trying new things and figuring things out. Those are the guys and gals that are really crushing it, making lots of sales online, making a lot of profits, and helping many people.  

From a consumer standpoint, it's really easy. You just go on your smartphone, and you order something that shows up at your house. You can order for your friend, it shows up at their house. You just click a few buttons on your payment information, shipping information and you're done. It's the easiest thing in the consumer sense. You're making someone's life way easier by being an eCommerce provider. If you can mix content with commerce, then you're really making the buying processes. 

Learn everything that needs to be learned and then go straight to check out. After the sale, you can build a more relationship with them and upselling them. Learn new marketing. That's got to get out there and then take a course on Facebook ads, take a marketing course, take a course on Google AdWords, take a course on YouTube, video marketing. All these things really do matter. 

You have to have your entire sales funnel filled out. These different marketing methods have to be there because consumers will trust you more if you're more professional with them. In other words, you have all your marketing method setup, different avenues, different places that they go. They keep seeing you in different places. You look more professional. You look like a salesman that always follows up, and people love being followed up with. Unless you're out there trying to learn all these new market methods, maybe right now you don't know about, but unless you get out there and learn stuff and actually implement it, I guarantee you this will not grow that much, and you're going to struggle.

It doesn't really matter the niche. It's about how you do your marketing. It's about your copywriting, your messages, and all your different marketing channels and mediums. 

Don't be afraid to get out there, learn new things, and do it. Learning is not that expensive these days. You can buy an online course for somewhere between ten dollars. It's so much cheaper and easier to learn these days. You get the videos in which you can watch them anytime, just like Netflix. Of course, the secret is I got to take notes, and I have an actual notepad. Write stuff down. There's magic, and you can just type notes, and you have to write them down by hand, and you can look them over again and then actually implement what you wrote down, and that's how you get it done. 

The fear of the unknown is real in life. This rings true in so many more places than just business and marketing. This rings true in your entire life, like meeting new people you don't know. You have to understand that not everybody is out to get you. Don't be too afraid of meeting new people. Ask questions and introduce yourself, smile, and laugh. It's always good to shake hands, introduce yourself, ask a few questions, see if you have any common interests, and go from there. Making friends doesn't have to be painful and hard and scary. It can be the most fun and rewarding process of your entire life. Make new friends with anybody you meet. As long as they're into it, then you can be into it and be a much happier person. 

The same goes for traveling. Traveling the world is very scary. First of all, you don't know what new places are actually like. You can learn through YouTube, you can learn through Google Images, you can read TripAdvisor and stuff like that and really learn a lot about a place, but you don't really know what it's like until you get there. Traveling the world can be a really scary thing. It's really scary to think about. I like to focus on people, rituals, and daily schedules and to think that it's very comfortable. I feel like getting out of your comfort zone is where the magic happens. You got to get out of your comfort zone, or you'll never really feel fulfilled in life. You'll feel like you just spent the last five years working in an office and got a degree. But now, what have you actually accomplished? Have you done anything you really want to do in life? 


What are your goals? 

What are your aspirations? 

Start exposing yourself to that now rather than later. Want to travel? You've got to read travel articles, watch travel videos, put the time in to watch the full things, and take notes. Many places on Earth are just so vast and different from each other that every single place is new. The cool thing is that many places on Earth, especially nowadays, are totally equipped for tourism and travel. You can go anywhere, get a hotel room on the spot to get a hostel room on the spot. You can get boat rides or taxi rides or whatever whenever you need them. Also, a lot of things are very cheap now. Travel is so much faster and affordable. It used to be airplane travel is cheap and fast. It's just amazing how ready the world is for people to travel. A lot of these countries rely on tourism. You changing your lifestyle and getting out here makes them happy because you're now paying for their lifestyle. Not everybody, especially developing countries, don't have the same access to resources like certain financial resources, business resources that we have in the United States and UK, and Australia, especially the United States, because of such a consumer world, lots of money out there. They just can't do the same kind of stuff that we do out there. So, they rely on tourism big. They rely on us coming out here and spending the money that we make. I love it because it's usually a lot nicer and cheaper than in other developed countries and big cities.

It's a great way to live your life is just get out there, experience the world, travel around, have some fun with it, and don't hold back. 

Don't be afraid of the unknown. If anything, if you don't know something, you're afraid of it, recognize that. Recognize that fact and then say, how can I overcome this? Usually, you're going to answer your own questions subconsciously by saying, let me watch the travel video or let me read an article about it. I highly recommend looking at pictures. Pictures are awesome in my mind because you can look at them really fast. You can look at so many super fast. It slightly exposes you to it. By being very lightly exposed on the surface, you can gain this much deeper understanding of it and your mind and body all this and open up it to the possibility of actually doing it, making it a reality. 

All I got to say is get out of your comfort zone, have some fun with it. Go and roam. If you want to have an online business, you must be your own boss. You've got to micromanage yourself. And if you are going to have these virtual assistants, you've got a deal to micromanage them as well, or at least manage their projects efficiently. 

If you're going to hire VAs, I highly recommend hiring from the Philippines because those people are just incredible. There are English speakers, and they're so respectful, and they work for very low wages. The bottom line is when you have an online business, there will be a lot of tasks that are repetitive tasks. And so if you're going to sit there and do repetitive tests all day long, you'll drive yourself nuts, and you won't get done very fast. What I do is I recognize that I have a repetitive task. For instance, I get a new supplier with a hundred and fifty products to enter products. I'm going to add all those myself. I'm going I make a video on how to add it, and then I'm going to send it to a VA and say, "can you just repeat what I did with that one product or two products and repeat that process across their entire line," and they'll do it. You know, sometimes they make mistakes. That's okay. You just figure it out. You work through it. I spend around a thousand dollars a month, probably on virtual assistant fees and paying them for their work. Got like two or three of them now.

Adding products and doing product descriptions, and writing blog posts. That's the kind of work that I don't find myself having trouble getting done. I can plan it out. I can find the keywords in all this. But actually, doing the work is tough. I mean, it's very time-consuming. I'd rather spend my day at the beach relaxing and brainstorming. I've gotten used to the fact that I can outsource now. It's fun and easy. These guys do a great job on the work, and it just frees up my life to doing stuff I want to do. 

I want to be able to do that more and create more courses and training to help the eCommerce paradise community as well. Learn how to optimize your business better or even start one in the first place. But for now, just open up your mind, get rid of the fear of the unknown in circumstances where it's not necessary, and become more intelligent, become a more emotionally intelligent human being. Understand your emotions, and you'll get past it. I really hope this podcast helped you guys. 

Check out I got a lot of good resources there, and check out the course now. Dropship has just released it about a month ago, and I'm still building it out. It really provides in-depth knowledge on how to do competitive research in market research and find niches that are super profitable that you can start your business in to. 

You can go check the courses out. It's only forty-seven dollars for a limited time. The price will go up in a month or two when I add more content. And you can get lifetime access to it. But if you ever even start your story yet, I have a free resource for you. It's got a free dropship course, and you can go there. Just go to the home page,, and there's a button. 

Feel free to read and comment, and we'll see you again. 

Take care. 

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