How to Write a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Small eCommerce in 2021

Whether you act as a reseller or sell your own DIY products, marketing your eCommerce platform properly has become more important than ever. According to published data, over 91% of businesses use content marketing to raise awareness of their brands and products, making for a fierce online competition. 

Likewise, 71% of them agree that a business needs a proper, well-structured content marketing strategy to succeed, however, only 33% expressed that they have one. While it’s true that content marketing isn’t easy, it’s still possible to create a winning strategy which will allow your eCommerce platform to grow organically. Let’s take a look at how to do so in 2021.

The Benefits of Writing a Digital Marketing Strategy for your eCommerce Business

Selling products should be at the center of your eCommerce business model. However, bringing new leads to your platform is all about marketing your brand and its products in a smart and appealing way. Based on recent studies, 59% of content marketers consider blog posts the most valuable content marketing format, while companies with blogs generate 67% more leads. 

Writing blog posts on your industry’s topics as well as opinion pieces and how-to guides makes implementing SEO trends into your eCommerce platform much easier. While product description formatting still matters, content outside of product pages will inherently influence how popular your eCommerce store will become. Thus, some of the benefits of writing a solid digital marketing strategy for your business can be summarized in several key points:

  • Direct line of communication with your target audience (PR control)
  • Improved global search engine ranking and visibility
  • Higher traffic, lead, and sales generation
  • Improved brand reputation and industry competitiveness
  • Better overview of what topics work and don’t work for your audience
  • Long-term ROI due to the published content’s longevity

Writing a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy for eCommerce in 2021

  • Set your Year-Long Milestones and Goals
  • Given that we are at the advent of 2021, it’s a smart idea to set year-long performance goals for your eCommerce platform. Creating good Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) early on can help focus your content marketing strategy and ensure that your goals are as objective as possible. To create your KPIs, you can use the SMART methodology, which stands for:

    • Specific (significant to your platform)
    • Measurable (with a clear numeric value)
    • Achievable (as objective as possible)
    • Relevant (reasonable within your budget)
    • Time-bond (with a clear deadline)

    You can use these points as guidelines to brainstorm several milestones, which you will subsequently track by using tools such as Asana or Trello. Remember that the goals you create have to be related to your brand and aimed toward generating more leads and profit to make them worthwhile.

  • Create a Proper Content Writing Stack
  • The quality of the content you write will be dictated by the tools you use to produce it. This means that you should forgo traditional text editors such as Microsoft Office for more professional content writing tools. Choose several tools which correspond to the types of content you want to produce and commit to using them long-term in 2021:

    • Evernote – cloud-based writing and editing platform suitable for taking notes and organizing content
    • Grammarly – content editing platform which works great in tandem with a cheap paper writing service
    • Hemingway App – editing and formatting tool which will help make your content more readable
    • Canva – cloud-based tool for creating visual content for omnichannel eCommerce marketing
    • Clip Champ – online video editing tool which will allow you to create videos quickly and easily

    These are only some of the plethora of content creation tools you can use for your digital marketing strategy. Remember to check each one out and see how it stacks up against your expectations before making the decision.

  • Focus on your Value Proposition
  • With 2021 underway, online customer expectations have shifted toward personalization more than ever before. This means that it is no longer enough to focus on your products’ features in order to convert leads into customers. 

    Rather, you should focus your efforts on writing content with value, usability, and purchase benefits in mind. Based on published metrics, 71% of online customers feel frustrated when a shopping experience is impersonal, with 80% more likely to purchase from personalization-oriented brands. A heavy focus on raw promotion without any personalization or character to your content will result in failure more often than not.

  • Differentiate your Content Formats
  • While blog posts and articles make up the majority of what a content marketing strategy should focus on, they are not a sole content format. You can create a variety of different content types for your audience’s convenience, which will further bolster your eCommerce platform’s SEO ranking. Some of the content types you should consider pursuing include:

    • Writing (blog articles, how-to guides, reports, guest posts, case studies)
    • Images (photography, infographic, visualized data, user-generated content, promotional mockups)
    • Videos (animation, promotional mockup demonstrations, testimonials)
    • Audio (interviews, podcast-format discussions)
    • Publications (e-books, PDF tutorials, statistical reports)

    The more varied your content portfolio, the better odds you will have at attracting various demographics from around the globe to your storefront. Go through your product lineup and ideate what types of content would be best suited to your brand and the year-long goals you’ve set up.

  • Establish a Firm Social Media Presence
  • Regardless of how niche your product lineup may be, you will want to create a social media presence for your brand as soon as possible. Simply create business pages in your platform’s name on popular social media platforms to start off. Once you start producing content, you can easily publish visuals and blog posts on those pages. 

    According to research data, 3.96 billion people use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to network with friends and family. Brands such as your own can use the opportunity to publish content on social media and attract a significant audience to your platform. Your social media use can extend further and include live chats with followers, polls, and giveaways for an even bigger reach and online presence.

  • Rely on a Content Calendar for Publishing
  • Lastly, you should never publish content ad hoc and without a proper plan in place. Creating a content calendar which will serve as a guideline for your publishing efforts is extremely helpful for a number of reasons. It will help you space out your created content and give you enough time to produce new pieces in the meantime. 

    The global SEO algorithm is also favorable to websites which publish content in a scheduled manner, adding to your online visibility. Also, it will help train your audience to anticipate when they should check back with your pages or blog for new content. Your content calendar should be flexible and provide you with ample time to focus on other activities such as tending to the storefront and shipping. 

    Managing an eCommerce Platform in 2021 

    Content marketing in itself is challenging, and it will only continue to be that way as we move further into the new decade. However, if you are passionate about eCommerce and love what you do, producing and publishing new promotional content will become easy once you organize properly. 

    Go through the points listed above and gauge them against your current content production pipeline to quickly spot bottlenecks and room for improvement. Before you know it, you will have a winning digital marketing strategy on your hands, which will help make your platform’s growth that much easier.

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