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I almost drowned surfing in Bali... 

Sep 13, 2019 0 comments


I was surfing here in Bali during the day. I did not realize the waves were so big. I saw them and I was having a great time surfing with little waves. I started to paddle out to catch a bigger wave. I was overly ambitious and I started trying to catch the waves but there were so big that they were rolling over me. I paddled forward and all of a sudden, I got in the worst spot possible right where the big waves crashed. 


  1. Get crushed by the waves and get whipped around. 
  2. Try to duck dive under the wave 

The waves were so big they were around 10 feet so I did not have a choice instead of getting smashed by the wave and duck dive under it. 

I had a phone board and it is buoyant. When I duck dive under big heavy waves, the board’s going to get wiped away from you no matter what. The worst thing you can do is have a board close to you when you have whipped around because you don’t know if the board will hit you. 

I decided to abandon my board and just dive down as deep as I could to avoid the wave.  The set of waves was coming in and it was not stopping. It was a strong set, maybe three to five different waves keep coming. I kept doing a duck dive and it was really low. I come back up to the surface and another wave coming in. I barely have enough time to catch a big deep breath as I could in order to avoid the next wave. The very last wave was the worst one because it actually crashed right on top of me. Even though I tried to duck dive out of it, the crashing point still hit me right where I duck dive. I went to the water and the crashing point hit and it whipped me around. 

I got whipped around and thrown into circles. I did not know which way was up. I had taken this deeper breath as I could but it wasn't that much because it happened so quickly. I was under the water for a long time.  I did not know where I was. It was deep that so there was no ground to be felt. I was paddling my legs like crazy. I started getting the point where I was really low on oxygen. I was almost out of breath. I was still underwater and I didn’t know which way was up. It was scary. I just keep paddling and try to remain calm and just keep going up. The water was turbulent around me. 

I started inhaling water gasping for air underwater. I inhaled a little bit and started gagging. Right at the very last moment when I started getting light-headed and dizzy, I was going to just pass out and drown and I hit the surface. I was then able to take a big deep breath. It scared me really bad. I did not know that it was going to happen. I put myself in the wrong place at the wrong time. The first thought I had was screaming for help for a lifeguard but I realized I was too far out in the water. No one was going to get to me quickly enough. I’d probably get hit by another wave. I wasted my time with that. 

I just went straight for my board as soon as I saw where it was. I got it and I did not care what was happening. I was still in the wrong place but the board crashed luckily right before me. I just held on to the board as tight as I could. Luckily I went with the wave. The wave took me straight to the shore all the way to the beach. 

At that point, I was couching like crazy. I was scared and bewildered. I sat down to the sand for a minute and thought about what just happened. I almost drowned and it was an awakening experience for me. I start realizing that life can end in an instant. If you are not carefully doing dangerous activities like surfing especially if you get too ambitious and you try to catch bigger waves. 

There has been a lot of people that have drowned surfing over the years. Every year this happens. It’s unfortunately not in common. 

It is a really scary moment being stuck underwater where you can’t breathe. What I realized was number one, before I go surfing again I probably need to know my boundaries. In anything in life, we should always know what our boundaries and limits are as to what we can do. 

Things I realized in surfing:

  1. Know your boundaries. Don’t push yourself beyond your limits too far. Don’t get caught. The ocean is a scary place. There are crazy currents. There are tides. The waves can be unpredictable. You can get yourself put in the wrong place at the wrong time. You can get whipped around like a rag doll. The water can be really strong.
  2. Take some advanced surfing lessons. I want to build my skill set but I need to do it in a safe way. I don’t want to die out there trying to learn how to surf more on my own. 
  3. I should take some lessons on free diving or minimally at least holding my breath underwater for a long period of time. 

One thing I noticed is that I have the instinct to stay calm underwater. It is only about two weeks ago, I just happen to be swimming in the pool and thought to myself, it’d be kind of cool to practice holding my breath. underwater and see how long I can do it. I believed that I can attribute surviving that incident to just practicing for that one day on holding my breath underwater and staying calm.   

You just have to think that it is going to work itself out just keep paddling and hold your breath. Don’t give up! 

I end up going to ER later that night just to get checked up because if you have an incident where you are close to drowning and you inhaled water, what can happen sometimes is the water goes to your lunch and it can affect your breathing. There is a thing called dry drowning where they drown within a day or two. Your esophagus seizes up and you can’t get oxygen in your lungs and you die. You will drown basically without even drowning.  The second thing is that if you inhale seawater, you can get bacterial pneumonia. In the ER they checked my oxygen levels and they were fine. They also did a blood test to check if the white blood cells are going crazy, the results are also good. The final test was a chest Xray and they found out it was normal. All good!

It was life-changing. I had a lot of meditations for the last couple of days. In our lives, we have a lot of things we are working on. It is important to have goals in life and have a good life balance.  

I want to serve my community more and make more actual meetups and help people in person. I believe that’s fulfilling and makes me happy.   I also want to pursue my hobbies more and I am going to go to new places. I want to skate more and I want to go to new surf spots. I want to go to the mountains and snowboard during wintertime. I am going to be able to hang out with my friends and cool places around the world. I want to make more friends around the world.  I am a simple person and a minimal guy. I am messy and I have a crazy brain. I am always thinking about all this stuff. 

I think so much about what I am doing every day to serve my audience that sometimes I forget to take care of myself.  I am trying to learn at getting better in taking care of myself. I am also making sure I don’t overdo rigorous physical activities like surging or skateboarding. 

I love living in Bali because you can stay and soft in the same day. I think they are super cheap back here and friendly. Driving around here is so much fun. There are not a whole lot of police or laws.  Everything is so chill out here. It is one of the best places on earth to come and grow an online business specially creating video content. 

I love what I do and I want to help serve the audience more. I want you guys to understand that if you are trying to figure out what you want in life. I think the best thing to do is to figure out what you want for yourself and how do you want to serve others. At the end of the day, life is about relationships. Your family, friends, and loved ones. That is what makes us happy. 

I am going to start a series of promotions coming up this month and my plan is to grow the community. You are going to see a lot of different videos and podcasts emails from me. I am planning to do some giveaways, sweepstakes, and promotions for the masterclass. I am working to get a scholarship program for younger entrepreneurs to get into online business. 

If you have questions about starting a business online, you can book a free 15 minutes call with me. Just go to ecommerceparadise.com/meeting

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