Improvely Review: Best Shopify App for Conversion Tracking and Fraud Monitoring

 Improvely Review



How does internet marketing impacts business performance? With the development of technology, it’s critical that a business possesses an efficient Internet marketing plan to keep up with the ever-changing marketing channels and customer preferences. A successful internet marketing strategy assures businesses of growth and a broad reach of brand influence.

Why online marketing or commonly known as internet marketing, important? Currently, there are over 4.2 billion people are connected to the internet. It is a significant number for finding opportunities and eventually link with qualified leads. These billion people may not realize that they need the product, so businesses must apply constant push and effort in order to reach these unrealized needs. By capitalizing on Internet marketing, the business has more potential to reach those interested leads.

Internet marketing is always two-way communication. Through numerous digital marketing platforms, businesses open a new channel to learn and interact with customers, new or old alike. By simply creating a social media post, or blasting off an e-mail campaign helps build a significant relationship with the audience.  This way, customers feel valued and would display loyalty to the brand they can relate to. Remember that in communicating business, the goal is not to see the brand as a seller, but rather a source of something vital that they can consume, and feel good about. Internet marketing is vital because it supports the audience to communicate and connect better.

Moreover, online marketing must be explored by ecommerce businesses because it drives more traffic, in comparison with the existing traditional marketing channels. Internet marketing hits the bull’s eye of segmentation. Thus, giving the power to know and locate specific leads that bring traffic and beneficial business response.  Internet marketing allows targeting by interest, demographic, socioeconomic status, interests, or spending habits. With accurate data on segment targeting, it is a sure success for every campaign. Effective Internet marketing helps to reach the correct leads for the business and its products.

Lastly, internet marketing obviously increases the business' visibility in the online world. The internet never sleeps – hence, the business information and all other marketing materials available to potential clients all day, all night. Combined with other strategies for content marketing, visual marketing, and social media marketing, the brand is aimed for maximum exposure, recognition, and more conversions.

However, on the other hand, too much exposure may put the business at risk. Suspicious frauds on online stores are common, as digital attacks become more sophisticated over time. So that would be the downside for a great online marketing strategy. Does the attack come from a digital marketing campaign? How would a business know that its marketing efforts are still safe?

This review will focus on a conversion tracking and click fraud monitoring application for online marketing called “Improvely.” Read on to know more about this track results and fraud detection solution.


What is Improvely?

Improvely Review

Improvely is a platform designed to track conversion results and detect click fraud from the brand’s online marketing efforts through campaigns and ads. More than fraud detection, it also optimizes marketing activities such as A/B testing, affiliate marketing, and conversion tracking. 

Improvely is built to optimize marketing by identifying the source of every signup and sale – whether it came from the marketing campaigns or other channels. It is also a built-in Click Fraud Monitoring that inspects all clicks and filters these for any doubtful activity. Potential fraud is then communicated with the user for further actions.

This application has a feature to access the site visitors in real-time, and automatically create an impressive movement profile for each. It also promotes collaboration with teams and clients through its team logins, custom-branded client reports, export tools, and more.


Who can use Improvely?

Improvely is intended to a wide range of users ranging from freelancer start-ups, small-medium enterprises, and up to large-scale companies. This solution is essential for agencies and marketers in order to keep track of the advertising budget, augment marketing strategies, and ultimately increase revenue.

It is an all-in-one platform with the best features and tools to measure each marketing campaign's effectiveness. If the business is running continuous paid advertising, then Improvely can be one of the best options available.

Feature: Improvely Conversion Tracking

Ever heard of conversion tracking and conversion attribution? This is the measure of how many clicks, how many conversions and revenue collectively brought from online marketing efforts of the brand. Improvely takes an excellent job of showing the best traffic reports. Improvely shows the origin of conversions and sales so businesses can focus on the specific campaigns that deliver exceptional results. The overview provided helps decide the campaigns that rake in revenue and effective versus those poorly converted campaigns, and just a waste of money. 

Improvely provides segments and metrics on:

  • Channel
  • Referrer
  • Landing Page
  • Souce
  • Campaign
  • Ad Content
  • Medium
  • Search Phrase
  • Unique Visits
  • People
  • Conversions
  • Conversion Rate
  • Cost
  • CPA
  • CPC
  • And more

Moreover, Improvely has custom-built funnel reports that let users see the paths visitors take to conversion and recognize the points where lost sales dropped off. These funnel reports are valuable as a reference on how visitors navigate inside the website, and if the paths are effective.  The good thing about this feature is that funnels don't need to be defined before data collection, which is a massive plus for non-tech savvy business owners. In addition, Improvely can easily track any number of custom conversion goals and segment traffic from those that successfully converts. Lastly, these multiple funnel reports are available for viewing anytime.

As mentioned earlier, Improvely automatically creates a visitor profile, including all previous visits and conversions log over weeks and even months. This feature can quickly identify the best customers and create patterns with these users, making it easy to find more of them. Customer profiles enable innovative conversion attribution models.

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Feature: Improvely Click Fraud Monitoring

According to Improvely, 17-29% of clicks on paid ads are fraudulent. Imagine paying for clicks that are bogus or not convertible to sales at all! Break free from paying click frauds. Clicks from scammers and competitors are avoidable with Improvely.

The platform offers a modern and effective monitoring system that examines the specifics of each ad click. From this, Improvely can effectively detect suspicious ad clicks such as those repetitive clicks or non-converting clicks from specific countries. Improvely proclaims these as suspicious activities and notifies the client immediately. 

With every successful fraud activity, money is lost. For every fraud detected by Improvely, a report will be created stating all pertinent details such as IP addresses, places, referring URLs, dates, and times of every suspicious click recorded. Clients can send over the report to the site or search engine they advertised on to talk about recovering money or damages. 

One smart feature of Improvely is the blocking and deterring fraudulent clicks. The platform can send and notify competitors and fraudsters that the management is aware of their dirty activity. Improvely sends them suspicious clicks to a warning page instead of the client’s website. Improvely also gives out the IP addresses so clients can take action against these digital offenders.

Feature: Improvely Affiliate Marketing

Improvely Review

Improvely supplies and provides all the tools needed to tap the extensive opportunity for affiliate marketing.  The platform supports a secure tracking method for commission sources. Improvely creates a complete view of campaigns, ads, landing pages, and keywords that are actually producing commissions. Improvely effortlessly do this without creating a separate referral link for every keyword.

It happens – theft, prying affiliate managers, and competition are all after the business campaign. Improvely can cover links and remove referrers from the overall traffic. Hide the destination of the links from the site visitors by enabling Improvely's link cloaking feature. Users have full control of what URL will appear in the address bar.

The best thing is that Improvely works with almost 95% of the major affiliate networks and most affiliate program software, that supports tracking pixels or subid parameters. Some examples are Commission Junction, Linkshare, MaxBounty, ClickBank, ShareASale, Clickbooth, Peerfly, and more.

Feature: Improvely Agency and White Label

Running a marketing agency? Improvely can be a trusted partner in growing the business! The platform offers reports that are insightful and made by a pro! Packed with revenue-boosting features, live reports, and value-adds, clients are sure to be pleased.

As an add-on service, marketing agencies can provide client access to Improvely reports under the agency’s domain, complete with company logo and branding elements.

Easily manage each client account as a marketing agency, using Improvely with the following features:

  • One portal to track and oversee all marketing campaigns
  • Protect money with click fraud monitoring
  • Real-Time Spy to notify real-time sales
  • Pay for once account, with unlimited clients.
  • Offer traffic reports, ad tracking, A/B testing, ROI analysis.
  • Own domain provided
  • Options for full control or view-only reports to clients
  • Import and Export Improvely data
  • Import PPC costs from Google and Bing reports
  • Import affiliate commissions from third-party networks

Other Improvely Features:

  • A/B Split Testing tools built-in.
  • Click fraud monitoring of all your ad traffic.
  • Dashboards show your key metrics at-a-glance
  • All reports update in real-time as new events occur.
  • Export reports or raw data to Excel CSV
  • Import reports from Google, Bing & more
  • Instant e-mail alerts of new conversions
  • Automatic duplicate detection and IP exclusions
  • View IP addresses, device info, referrers and more
  • Developer API for custom tracking
  • Hosted service

Improvely Integration

In order to achieve the operational requirements of a business, it has to engage in several software platforms and solutions. Improvely provides straightforward and efficient integrations with a vast number of other services and tools like:  

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • MailChimp
  • Segment
  • Volusion
  • API Integration

These smart integrations attract a massive audience towards the brand and are essential for growth and profitability.

Improvely Pricing

Improvely offers four price and plan level tiers, perfectly crafted for any scale, with detailed requirements for each. The plans are - Freelancer, Startup, Small Agency, and Large Agency. Let's deep dive into each of the offerings.

Freelancer – 10,000 visits tracked per month. One team member can manage the cheapest plan from Improvely. It comes with conversions and revenue tracking, click fraud monitoring, built-in A/B split testing, and affiliate marketing tools. The plan is priced at $29 per month.

Start-Up - 50,000 visits tracked per month. Improvely’s most popular plan includes three team members and all features in the freelancer plan. This plan is priced at $79 per month.

Small agency - 100,000 visits tracked per month. This plan comes with all the Start-Up option features, plus an unlimited number of team members, and sub-accounts enabled. Small agency plan is priced at $149 per month.

Large Agency - 250,000+ visits tracked per month. Bears all the features of the small agency plan, with the addition of a white-label reporting feature. This plan is priced at $299 per month.

All plans come with a 14-day free trial.

Improvely Support

Users can obtain support from Improvely through different channels. These are:

  • In-depth tutorials, articles, and blogs on Improvely’s website.
  • Get in-touch for serious inquires through their e-mail at
  • Through their twitter account at @/improvelycom

Improvely: Is it worth it to try?

Improvely is an excellent platform that combines marketing tools and fraud protection. Definitely, it is worth to invest in software that does more than one job to minimize cost.

Supercharge the business’ marketing performance with the help of Improvely by boosted conversions, protected advertising budget, and all the more, increase in revenue. It totally eliminates the need to enroll in multiple marketing tools that do one task each – it is costly and inefficient. Improvely delivers analysis and reports of all traffic sources together in one convenient place.

It is also worthy to note the constant updates and improvements of Improvely, for current data, and useful marketing reports. Improvely effectively supports the business going forward.

Have you tried using Improvely? What’s your experience? Share them below!

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