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Is INCFile Review The Best LLC Formation Service?

If you're looking for the best business formation company to create an LLC for your business, I highly recommend INCFile. It is a great company for filing your LLC because it is very affordable and is user-friendly.

My experience with INCFile was great! I filed my LLC, got my paperwork back within a few days, and even got a virtual office service so I can process my mail while traveling. 

I highly recommend INCFile for filing your LLC as they make it super quick and easy and simple to get started.

Click Here To See How Easy It Is To File Your LLC with INC File

To get started, take the following steps:

  1. Choose your Entity Type, click the dropdown menu, and choose LLC.
  2. Choose the State of Formation

For a digital nomad, I suggest you choose Wyoming, Texas, or Florida because there is no Income Tax in those states. I usually suggest Wyoming to my students because it is an awesome state. 

It will only cost $49 + state fees. No contract. No hidden fees.

Click the Get Started button, you will be routed to the page where you can choose the package. I suggest you choose SILVER as you don’t really need other features. 

The basic package costs $49, which is your payment to the company so you won’t have to do it yourself. The $102 is the state fee that goes directly to Secretary of State. The fee is what the state charges to file a new business entity. 

INCFile will provide an annual report. The due date is on or before the 1st day of the anniversary month of the organization. The filing fee would be $52.

If you want them to file the Employer Identification Number/Tax ID (EIN) for you, it will only be an additional $70 (I do recommend this add-on).

The importance of filing an LLC is to protect your liability. If someone sues your business, and you have a house, they cannot get your house. They will only get what is in the business. All entrepreneurs set up LLC because it will protect their assets. 

I highly recommend INCFile as it is very easy and if you have more questions, you just have to go to the Learning Center tab on their website or contact their customer support for more specific questions. 

Click Here To Get Your LLC with INC File

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