Interview with Miles Beckler about Being The Most Helpful Internet Marketer in the World


 Hey guys, Trevor here from eCommerce Paradise. 

Today, I want to introduce you to Miles Beckler. He's one of the most authentic and down to Earth guys in the Internet marketing world. He can teach you a lot about marketing.

Miles, please introduce yourself.

Thanks, man.

I guess I'll tell you a quick bio story. I started making money online in 2003, doing everything the exact wrong way possible, and it came crashing down. About six months later and then I got stuck with it, kept trying to figure it out. In 2010, I went full time. I went full time in 2010, and I've been full time about seven, eight years now.

My goal in life, at this point, is to become the most helpful internet marketer in the world. I give away everything for free. I have no courses, and I don't do services. I just run a YouTube channel where I try to give more value than any other Internet marketer. There are several abundant things.

We get 12 entrepreneurs, private chefs, yachts, a nine-bedroom beach, a front mansion, and a second patio balcony right now. We have the ocean, and there's like a surf break right out here. Just had five private chefs make an absolutely epic dinner. And so we're like, let's just do podcasts because that's what entrepreneurs do.

We don't have the best gear in the world right now, but it doesn't matter. We're just making it happen. And that's literally what it's all about, is just making it happen.

It is so much fun. And that's part of the journey. I just wanted to get to talk to you a little bit about where you're at.

Before we go into your past, it's an amazing story about what led up to you now. But just so the listeners understand, like tell me more about your YouTube channel.

My YouTube channel is essentially documenting what I've learned in growing a business with my wife.

My wife and I run a couple of very successful niche websites authority in spirituality and meditation. We started those in 2009. So from 09 till now, which is like eight plus years, I've been grinding it out behind the scenes, doing conversion rate optimization, SEO keyword research, just super geeking out.

My wife's a talent. She's the voice and the face of the brand. She's way prettier than I am, that worked really well for us. I'm just behind the screen, behind the scenes, pulling strings, making sure that the content she's put is getting read.

She started off doing a 90-day blog challenge, where she created a blog post every day for 90 days straight. She's actually done that a few times now. We created this massive amount of success in a niche where most people don't even think there's a possibility. And then I decided to do a challenge and a personal development seminar last year to do something that scared me. It was time for me to break out from behind the scenes and become a content creator. I've wanted to share what we're doing for years.

I just started in August to put out a video a day. I did 120 videos, published 120 videos in 120 consecutive days. It's all super nuts and bolts like how to run Facebook ads. How did you SEO? How did you do keyword research? It's all this stuff that I've used over the years to build my business with my wife.

A lot of people, once they've had the success my wife and I have, they changed the game, and then they stopped doing what got them successful, and then they become like marketing gurus. I just think that's wack. I think that's complete bullshit. I'm trying to stand in the power of, and I don't have anything to sell you. I have nothing. I don't do consulting. I don't do client work on all these services. Nothing. I just want to tell you how real it is. And that allows me to kind of be honest, a little more honest than most people, cause I don't have to, care if I tell you how difficult it actually is, because it really is difficult. And that's where I'm at now.

I've been doing videos on my channel for about 14 or 15 months. Probably I'm getting up to the 300 video mark prior to 80 videos in about a year and a few months with 37,000 subscribers and one point five million views.

Last August, I had zero views. I had no subscribers and no audience. And now I've got like a thriving multiple five-figure per month business off of this. As an affiliate, I don't even have my own products.

It's so amazing. It's been a little over a year now, right? And he's got 37,000 subscribers making tons of helping tons of people find the right products and services to help fuel their businesses, inspiring tons of other entrepreneurs to create tons of videos, which is pretty friggin awesome. You inspired me to start making daily videos and podcasts for eCommerce Paradise, which I had been sitting on for the last two years, kind of playing around with this and not quite sure if it was like the right thing or not to do. I wasn't quite sure if I was good enough for my audience. I'm not sure if I am serving people correctly, and honestly, I half-assed in it for a long time. And then I started watching your videos, and I was like, man, these guys are crushing it. He's doing what's on the top of your head like you're not caring about the background. You're just getting it. It's just it's all about implementation, execution.

On YouTube, everybody's okay with this kind of quality. YouTube is about the content. And everyone in this world has some level of expertise about different things, whether it's like gaming or like some people in the world are passionate about making vegan food. You can go create these niche businesses because our world is so interconnected, and it's not about production quality. It's about how helpful you can be.

I have a chance to be of service to this audience. I'm just going to keep going forward. I'm going to figure this out. You get better as you go on. And then find people and get to do interviews and you get to bring more views. You grow as a marketer from these kinds of conversations. Your audience gets the benefit of it, and it's kind of like a win-win situation. And it all stems from a willingness to be vulnerable.

When I made my first videos, it was terrible. I did it because I had to do it. I knew I need to it. And that's when the 90-day challenge comes in. It kind of forces you to go beyond your own mental negative self-talk that we all have like "I'm not ready or I don't have this or none of that." I just grabbed my cell phone and used my front cell phone camera as my main camera angle by bungee equipment about like a thirty dollar microphone, the plugs in my cell phone, and I just started jabbering on it. And we literally made over a million dollars on that with that phone. It's just it's crazy because it's a willingness to push content to push work.

I want to talk to you a little bit more about the 90-day challenge. I know you we had this crazy few days masterminding, and you just made this huge decision. Can you tell my audience a little bit about it?

My wife and I started her website with a ninety-day challenge in the written word because she's a writer, so she went to the blog post route. She loves crafting the written word. I hate it in high school and in college. I hated term papers. Try to make myself blog for years because my wife did it. She was really successful. Blogging was the way to get successful, and I just failed at it until I started doing videos.

I can do videos. It's comfortable. So I applied that same 90-day challenge to the video side and duplicated that success again in a totally different medium. Now I've introduced thousands of people to this idea. I've had hundreds, if not thousands of people take me up on the 90-day challenge.

There is a brand new Facebook group out there. It's known as Miles Beckler's 90-day challenge group. I might come up with a more clever title than that at some point. I might not. I really don't care. But it's all about doing a 90-day challenge. It is difficult because it pushes you up against your mental barriers, your demons. Am I good enough? Can I do this? You have to push through and persevere. And it's not always about what you're going to get at the other end of the 90-day challenge. It's who you become.

Once you complete a 90-day challenge, you become a content creator. And that is the absolute key for Internet marketing. To become successful, you have to shift from someone who consumes content all the time to someone who produces content all the time. And you need to produce more content than you consume. And that 90-day challenges squish down the learning curve. It squishes down that growth curve into a few months. And at the end of that, you're like, I'm addicted to making videos now. I made one at five this morning. The sunrise was epic, and I was all inspired by it. It was like, "Oh, I'll make a video on an inspiration." I pulled my phone out. I was still all sleepy-eyed, and I just recorded it right then and there because I was inspired to share that moment with my audience. And magic happens when you run.

I've seen it duplicated out in so many niches. Information businesses, software businesses, eCommerce businesses. Building an authority site is the way to go. And publishing content regularly is the path to building an authority site.

I think it's important to understand that you can do that in many different niches.

Let's talk about the Abundant Circle firm, and I even do this for a couple of years now. Why did you guys get started with it? And now that's the second year. Where do you think it's going, and what's the future of the Abundant Circle event?

We started this last year. We rented an 18 room palace, in Phuket Thailand, and it was like 34,000 square feet or for our metric friends, that's about three thousand square meters. It is an insanely large place.

I flew out a private chef, a bartender, and a videographer. My reason for doing it is I go to a lot of conferences, and there's a lot of people who just go to conferences or meetups, but I found out that not that many people were actually taking that much action.

A lot of people are making their Instagram look like they're doing things, but they're not actually doing things. I tried to figure out how I can bring all these cool people I've met at these different circles that overlap.

How can I bring them all into one place, give value, build relationships, and help connect others?

This year two, I kind of adopted the model. We've got a smaller place, a smaller group. This allows me to go deeper into everyone's businesses. For me, it's really kind of a feedback loop. I get to really see where people are out, what they're working on, their challenges, what their perceived challenges are, and kind of help unlock them. It gave me hundreds of ideas for new videos that I get to make where it's going. It takes an incredible amount of time and energy from my wife and me. The opportunity cost is massive, not profitable, and I don't sell coaching on the back end. I don't know where it's going to be perfectly honest. I don't know if I want to do this again next year. I don't know if I'm going to flip it to where I'm on stage, and we're renting a resort somewhere really cool. I might not do it because I could probably reach more people and help more people at scale through my YouTube channel at home in my video studio. So I'm going to think about that for pretty deeply. But I am kind of addicted to the experience. As you can tell, it's a pretty wicked experience all in all. And so, I guess the future will hold the answer to that one.

I really think that this kind of event is life-changing. You're taking something that is important in life, which is connecting with people, and you're taking it to a new level, which is in a small group form. You're also getting all these people to talk entrepreneurship all day long, and you're guiding people. You're talking sales funnel as you're talking Facebook ads, you're talking all the foundations to building your business online, which many people miss.

I think that many people who want to get into building online businesses think that I'm just going to take a course. I'm going to throw up a website. I might throw up some products and rub some content and affiliate links and social media channel, and then I'm just going to start making money instantly. But it's not like that. And I know you're really into building sales funnels, and you know the true value of building a long term business.

Can you talk a little bit about that and what it's like to build a full business?

It's simple, but it's not easy.

Great quote. It's so true.

We figured this out by doing everything wrong, and my goal is to help other people at least realize what it actually takes to create a successful business. I mean, my first money online in 03, I went full time in 2010. That's like seven years. And then it took me another three or four years to hit that kind of like wealth creation. I'm looking at real estate and investing. And my game changed. II think most people could do that in like one and a half to three years, even though it took me so long. And that's because I had no guidance. I had no money to buy any courses. Another thing is a lot of these courses sell a false reality.

They sell a dream. That's not quite true. They are like, "Learn my super-easy system for making millions of dollars." They neglect to tell you often that it took them ten years of failure to learn that one system and try and take years of failure to figure out what system works. And that's why I don't want to have a course. I want to be able to stay in my truth.

The real dream is to work your ass off for three years, and you should be in a pretty good position to start actually creating wealth. The kind of wealth you can create from this business model is fantastic.

Along my path, my wife started on the 90-day challenge creating content. Now we're like, "We got to build the email list." That's what I had wrong in my first business. I didn't have an email list. I was direct linking MySpace visitors way back to affiliate links. I was putting up affiliate links on MySpace. When they click and buy, I made money.

I made money for a while, but MySpace changed their service terms when they got bought out by Fox News. And like literally, they turn on my links, and all my income disappeared overnight. I was building an email list. I could have continued to grow that relationship with that list and be of service that less and effectively continue to make money. But instead, I went all the way back to zero. So my wife and I started growing an audience through putting out content that we knew. We have to build a list. That was part two. So you need an opt-in page. That worked pretty well. But we still were just making enough to get by.

I went through a coaching program, and he was like, "You need to put a one time offer after the opt-in page. Like a thank you page. Then they go to a page where you offer them something to buy." It turned out that people wanted to buy our stuff. And some people don't want to wait for three emails. And they just one of our stuff, they're ready. They're in a different position than I am. Facilitating their ability to purchase quickly. That right there just literally opt-in page two, one-time offer.

It took several weeks to figure out which one was the compelling offer. They got them to take action, but that was what kicked us well over the five-figure monthly income level. And that was such a decisive moment. Money was no longer like something I think about and in the same sense, like umbrella cash flow, negative.

On this abundant circle, I'd lay out almost $15,000, my own money to initiate this. And it was something I wanted to do. I'm in a position to be able to do that. But now I want to give back, and I'll help other people bridge that gap by being real. I mean, this takes a lot of work. But here's the thing. It's so effing worth it.

My goal in the Abundant Circle is for us to hack this new lifestyle. We've got this villa that has 18 staff members taking care of us. We have twelve guests and 20 staff members. There's like five chefs there, and they are taking care of everyone's lunch. Everything is getting done. Our clothes and our rooms are getting made. Dishes are getting done. Professional chefs prepare all the meals. It allows us to go deep with each other and experience that level of abundance. I couldn't afford this by myself. But together as a group, we're all able to kind of like hack this new lifestyle.

I'm from a blue-collar, like working-class family. This is what the other side of the tracks experiences. It makes me kind of hungry to grow and do more. And I love sharing it.

This is one of the most amazing events I've been to in a long time. Julianne and I don't really go to events that much any often anymore. The issue is, we usually go to the events, and it has some good speakers and good food. You meet some people and hang out, but at the end of the day, is it worth it?

These are the type events we really like to do, these really small group retreats that are made in such a way that you really do feel like you're super, ultra-wealthy. And it's kind of cool if you guys haven't checked out the four-hour workweek. It's an old book now, but it's actually super relevant still. And it really does teach you that you can achieve the same wealthy kind of lifestyle without having all that wealth. It's pretty amazing.

Now, I want to touch on another subject before we end this podcast. There's one thing that I learned during this retreat over everything else, and we've learned a lot. We've learned salesman on Twitter and Facebook ads. It's been crazy. But the one thing I learned was the mindset and the niching down process.

Can you talk about how important it is to niche down your business?

Absolutely, and it's so true.

My wife and I were not just in the meditation niche or the spirituality niche. We actually create angel meditations. So it's literally where the angel world overlaps with the meditation world. Most people hear that they're like, is that even a thing? And we kind of invented it in some sense of the phrase. But other people do very similar stuff. We're maybe the foremost digital marketers in that space, and it's working really well.

We got some other friends here, some Kiwis from New Zealand. And I met them, hung out with them. And they're doing like an online gym, and they're running this online gym membership pretty successfully. And I go hang out with them, and I'm kind of in their business talking to them, and they're just blown away that we're able to do the kind of revenue and the kind of numbers and the kind of lead growth from this Angel Meditations. It turns out she loves horses, and she loves a specific style of horseback riding that's called dressage writing. She took her love for fitness and her love for horseback riding and merged it into this new business model. They're kind of inspired by a random, weird, obscure niche. And now that little tiny niche business is absolutely dominating, and it is on an incredible growth path. And they've been able to do more in like a year, year and a half with that than they did in like three or four or five years of the online gym. They niched down something that at first was like, "I only know there are no people in the world for that." But like two billion monthly active users on Facebook, one billion monthly active users on YouTube. I don't actually know the Google number. I know those two are pretty darn close right now. Like Google's even more, right? Like how many people search through Google? Like six billion people a month or something. When you show up in these places, even these obscure niches like vegan dog food recipes, knitting shirts to grandmas, people identify it easier. They raise their hand. They click the like button more, and they engage more often. They search you out, and then they become raving fans of you because you're actually talking to them. It's not just fitness. It's fitness for those who want to ride horses better or meditation for those who believe in angels. When you get that super specific, like the whole game changes and it becomes easier to be of service to that audience.

The last question I wanted to ask you is sort of in the niche process, but it's I think even more important, and that is, what is the first step someone can take to get from zero to an income that will allow them to live this kind of lifestyle.

Great question. It's always introspective. Go inside, look in your heart, look at your DNA, look at who you are.

To give you an example, because that's kind of might sound abstract for me, realizing that I hate writing, I'm going to write a book, too, which is funny but want to speak it out because I'm good at speaking.

Figure out what you want to do and what you do best.
I realized I hate writing, but I can be a content creator in YouTube video format. That was a huge leg up but also inside your heart.

What captivates you?

If you love making your dog vegan dog food every night, go after it. It is possible in these obscure niches. And when you love something, you're going to find a way to overcome those challenges and to put in those late nights. Because if you're just doing it, you're going to hit some point three, six, eight months down the line, you're 18 months down the line where you're like man upline and all this work on making a little bit of money. But this fucking sucks. And when you hit that point, you've failed. But if you love what you do. Seriously love what you do. You go do what you do.

One more example. This dude, he's into like remote control airplanes, like right now drones are hot. We all know drones are hot items. This dude didn't go into the drone niche because drones are hot. He went into what he loves, and he likes his weird-ass, fixed-wing things like giant triangles that fly. He loves these things. This dude sold like one hundred fifty thousand dollars worth of remote control stuff as an affiliate in his first year doing a video a day. He was literally videotaping himself, putting together new RC planes, attempting to fly them, crashed them, duct taping them back together, flying again. He's like switching out the engines and doing all this little fun stuff because he's a total nerd with it. The main takeaway here is this guy actually loved remote control airplanes. He loved it. And instead of thinking like, "Oh, this is hot right now, I'll go that hot thing because that's where the money that drone ever is in the drone thing." He, unlike drones, and bored with it. But now he's still putting out content. He's got a raving group, there are a ton of RC plane fans, and some of those planes are like six, eight hundred bucks that like, you can easily drop three thousand dollars on some of these ridiculous planes. And he's just like dominating search in your results because everyone who flies a plane breaks it and he keys break them and fixing them.

One of the coolest parts is it's all tax reduction. His giant hobby, buying plane after plane after plane testing things, is all tax-deductible. He's videotaping himself doing it. He's laughing like a child. He's a total manchild. He's making money, having an absolute vast blast in the process, being of service to an audience that didn't have anybody in the RC plane space because everybody was like circle-jerking around drones.

Do you.

That's on two levels at the niche level, but also at like, how are you going to create content?

Yeah, that's amazing. All right, guys. I was really happy to have Miles on this podcast.

Go out there, find your niche, find your passion, find where they intersect, and make it happen. Do the 90-day challenge. Join the group, Miles Beckler's 90-day challenge, and subscribe to his YouTube channel. It's frickin awesome. Watch his videos. He's got so many in-depth videos and making WordPress websites thrive. The theme is setting up funnels, doing Facebook ads like he is the man to go to. All this stuff is free.

Let me tell you, I spent hours watching his content, and I'm finally building the biggest business in my life, and I'm so happy about it. I can't thank Miles enough.

Thanks so much, Miles, for being on the podcast. You are the man.

See you guys out there. Take care.

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