Interview with Patrick Farrell - Photographer, Software Engineer, and World Traveler


This is the two Ginger's podcast. This is a special ginger episode at the eCommerce Paradise podcast. 

I'm excited to bring the Ginger Nomad on Instagram. Patrick is his name. He's been traveling and doing crazy cool stuff. He's got a crazy, cool story to tell you.

Hey, thanks for having me on. I am the Ginger Nomad. My journey did not start as the journey into Nomad.
I guess we're here right now in Bali. I met Miles and Melanie, who ran this event called the Abundant Circle. And I met them on the Nomad Cruise last year. We sailed from Cartagena, Colombia, to Portugal.

How did I want to do this lifestyle? How do I want to become, I guess, a nomad and an entrepreneur?

I was living in New York City, and for about five years, I really loved my life there. It was cool that I got to walk to work compared to when I was living in DC before that. But I just felt the need to travel for some reason before I get married. So I said that I'm going to try to get rid of all my stuff.

It took me about six months. I spent a lot of time getting rid of old electronics that I didn't need. I'm down to five bins of storage that I'm paying for that I really don't need to be paying for because it's pretty much worthless. I got stuff in my parents' house.

In May of last year, I left New York City, and I felt like the Nomad Cruise was an excellent way to start. I booked that cruise and flew myself down to Cartagena. I stayed in Cartagena for three days.

I knew this whole nomad community existed, and they're entrepreneurs. But I also knew that I want to be a part of it. I want to be a part of it. So I got on the cruise ship. I met a lot of awesome people on board. I upgraded my ticket to a junior suite cabin on that ship, which gave me access to this thing called the Waves Club.

The Waves Club was where I met Miles and Melanie. It was a smaller group within our bigger group on the Nomad Cruise. And we would just hang out and bond. Kind of like we're doing here at the Abundance Circle.

There were about 200 people on the Nomad Cruise, but in the small group, the Waves Club, we were about 70 or less. It brought us closer together in that small group. And then what happened was I spent a lot of that time on the cruise ship creating things. I made a short film with another girl, and we made that whole thing and debuted that to everybody. It was pretty awesome to see their reactions. I had a lot of fun doing that.

I got to Europe. I had planned not to have a plan. I ended up in Portugal, spent a few days in Lisbon. And what I kind of want to tell your viewers about, is this journey is a huge series of ups and downs.

The first day I got to Lisbon was one of the lowest days on my journey because I had been around all these people for two weeks. I had like all these amazing experiences. I always had friends around. And when I got to Europe, I feel like I distanced myself from everybody. I went to my Airbnb by myself. We had a meet up that night, so it got better. But then I got sick and had a really rough start to my summer in Europe. Miles convinced me to go to Barcelona.

I met up with them. We hung out there for a couple of days, but I still doubted myself even after that. I doubted that this traveling thing is for me. My dad told me to try to go to Copenhagen because he liked it very much. I booked a flight from Barcelona to Copenhagen.

I started to feel better when I got to Copenhagen. One night, I went out to this Irish pub by myself, and they started playing Irish folk songs. And when I was in high school and college, we would go to these Irish pubs. And I just felt at home there and at this pub in Ireland. And that was kind of like this big upswing. I started really enjoying it. I met some people, and they said that I should go to Stockholm. I was supposed to go to Munich. I had a flight booked in Munich. And that was like, you know what? That's another thing that's great about this lifestyle is you can just change your plans at will. I've been to Munich before, and I've never been to Stockholm.

I booked a train ticket from Copenhagen to Stockholm. When I got there, I loved the place. I love Stockholm. It was amazing. After Stockholm, I went to Budapest and met up with friends there. And then the trip was really great.

I went to Serbia. I went to Europe for three weeks, and one of those weeks I spent in Croatia, and we sailed around the islands between Split and Dubrovnik and Havar and some other islands. I became really good friends with the captain there. He actually invited me back last summer for free to come to the UN with him. His boat was booked that week. What happened was he invited me to stay in his cabin with him. He was just like a super cool dude. I ended up staying in the cabin, sailing around another week, obviously paid him some money, but he's such a great guy. And then this past summer, just fast forward for just a second, I was back in Croatia and did another sailing tour with another company, but I met up with him, and now we're doing our own sailing trip. I'm with that captain next year, so I'm going to do my first retreat where I'm leading next year.

All these travel things have left up to me, wanting to lead my own trips. It's going to be exciting next year to see that the first retreat with the captain happens. He's like a traditional Croatian guy. He just loves what he does. And it's going to be cool to see him like leading a group of my friends around. Croatia was the second last trip stop, and then Ireland was the last stop. I'd never been to Ireland, even though obviously you can see the red hair here.

In Ireland, there was a redhead festival. I went to this town called Cross Haven, and there's a little redhead festival, probably three or four hundred people there. We just hung out for like a few days, and all we all had red hair.

Do you know that Miles' house shakes? His house literally shakes. There's like the seawall, and every ten minutes or even less, the waves would go, and you would feel it. We get like a whole earthquake every few minutes. That's another thing that kind of brings us together here.

How is the Redhead Festival?

So the Redhead Festival is really cool as I met people from all over the world. Many of them are from Europe, but some people from the States came, and it is just kind of a cool way to end my Europe trip that year and had a really good time. I drove around the rest of the island by myself, went to the ring, and Kerry suffered some bees, had a really good time. There's this little town I stuffed into Pizza place that was converted from an old church. That's a gorgeous building I've ever seen. It is like the coolest pizza place I've ever seen.

I had been doing Instagram actually all summer. And I grew from 250 at the start of my summer. When I was in Ireland, I was probably on two thousand or two thousand five hundred. I implemented a lot of skills I learned on the Nomad Cruise and from Miles and other people in this community, and I just had an iPhone. I didn't have any else. I could have this camera, that center right here. This is Digital SLR, and I implemented the tactics. It was a lot at that time. The strategy was to follow and follow and like, so I did a lot of that. I was sent to airports. I would sit in like taxis and just do that. And luckily, I had a T-Mobile account. And that summer, they given all T-Mobile users free 4G. I don't have that now. They had they took it away. I sell it to Deezer 3G. But that summer, I had 4G.

I also did some blog posts that really did help grow my following. I grew from 250 to twenty-five hundred. And I started talking to them about Instagram marketing. I ended up getting them to start their own Instagram account while they were there. That was pretty cool. Then I drove back up to Dublin. I spent a couple of nights in Dublin. Then I flew home and remembered that that roller coaster area we were talking about, that rollercoaster went way down.

That moment I landed in New York City was pretty rough. All of a sudden, all the life I thought I knew was gone. My apartment was gone because I got rid of my apartment. My job was gone. There is a little relationship that was gone as well. And all of a sudden, it was pretty rough. For a few months was a rough time to get through. People need to know that this journey is not all amazing right away. I went through a rough patch for a while.

One thing I forgot to mention was while I was in Europe over the summer, Miles gave me a call. And remember, I had told you that I was doing these video things while we were on the cruise. He's invited me to come to Thailand with them in October and do videos for them.
That was an opportunity, so of course, I said yes. It was a great opportunity, and I appreciate Miles for offering that. He was the first person that ever brought me to Asia. I had never been to Asia before.

I spent about a month in Virginia, where my parents live. And then I went to New York, and I ended up being a subleased there. And that's when I started doing consulting work. Luckily had planned out my journey into consulting and entrepreneurship strategically. I knew that I had clients that are gonna hire me after I had left my job. People I had known in the past, that really helps. I had done a little bit Willes in Europe, but it really started once I got back to the States, and I ended up setting myself in Brooklyn in a sublease for a while, not knowing exactly I was going to do. I started doing consulting work, making money that way. And that that went really well.

The first piece of software I wrote for this one client became a product within the last three months. It's cool to see something I wrote out in the world doing things.
I felt like I am ready to do more work and start making more money because I wrote it. If you create something yourself, you're an expert in it. People are going to come back to you to do it and make improvements to it. I got another client, and I was able to establish myself enough to actually live in Brooklyn. I wasn't making nearly as much money as I was when I was at my job in Manhattan, but I was doing enough. I was in New York for about a month. I flew out to Thailand to meet Miles and Melanie for the circle, which is the precursor to this trip. That was the first time I started to fly my drone. I had bought a drone before I went to Europe . I kind of kick myself in the foot for not bringing it with me. When I went to Europe on the cruise, I thought it was too big. The funny thing is I now travel with about half of what I travel last summer with and the drone. I had a huge backpack and the suitcase I currently travel with. And I started to learn that you don't need all this stuff because it's not necessary. What's important is the stuff like the laptop that we're recording this podcast on, drone, and cameras. Those are the important things. I can wash clothes, and I can buy things in the countries if I need to. I don't need to carry all this crap with me. So anyway, I flew to Thailand. That was the first time I flew the drone. I learned from David Dangdut, who was on the cruise with me. He taught me a ton about flying the drone and then started learning these new skills. And that was the whole thing about this process - learning new skills.

I was a software engineer in New York. I believe I'm a pretty good software engineer, but I kind of felt stuck. I didn't really know what else I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to do more, but I know how to do it. I started experimenting with other things. I'm starting to get back to other things. Obviously, we're learning a lot about this one. All of these things are important. I just don't have the time, and I'm not going to hire some VA is to do some of it.

I started doing the first videos for the Abundance Circle. They weren't so great, but they were good enough for the time being. We finished that event, and I really enjoyed it. That launched one of my ideas to create this software piece because I was running around taking video with a camera, an iPhone, a drone, and I think a GoPro. For the cameras that I'm using, I have two hard drives that I want all that did data to go. It's a lot of manual effort, and I want to organize it in the right way. I ended up thinking I can solve that problem. That was the start of the nomadic media manager, which is about to be a product that's going to be released. I'm pretty excited about that.

The nomadic media manager helped solve a lot of these problems that I've been having over the past year. It makes these trips so much more fun because a lot of my time is not spent organizing media. It's either taking the photos, hanging out with people, or doing the editing. It's not spent just doing manual work to move files around. That's where that idea came from. I'm excited about that.

I went back to New York, spent a lot of the winter in New York. Nothing crazy happened except doing a lot of work. Then I met this girl earlier in the year. A friend from Los Angeles had a sister who was going to go to Bali and was running a yoga retreat in Bali. And what happened was I've always want to go to Bali. I've heard so many good things about Bali, especially now being part of this nomad community. I was like, all right. It was a perfect opportunity; I just said yes.

And that's another thing I said a lot over the past years - say YES. I said yes to Miles. I said yes to the Nomad cruise. And now I said yes to going to Bali.

I used photography a little bit to get a discount then, but I still paid for the trip. That was one of my first retreats. I didn't have the clout yet to start using it as a business yet. I knew I want to go to Bali, so I went to Bali.

I went to Bali, went to the yoga retreat, took pictures for these girls, Katie and Kathleen, and enjoyed that. Bali was like everything, and more than I thought it was going to be. What happened was one day at the retreat, one of the girls with me brought her friend over and her boyfriend. I had been using my Instagram to kind of reach out to a couple of villas and stuff in Bali to try to get it to the point where I was going to get a free place to stay. It actually worked out really well.

It was like a four-star resort in Newsa. It is straight across in the airport. It's kind of close to where we were a couple of days ago to go out for the marina, but just a bit north. It's like Rich area, like it's all protected by gated fences and stuff. I would never usually stay there, but it was free. It was fun. We had a private pool. We ended up using our social media following to reach out to another place called the Ligi in Bali while we were at Inducer Dewar. Ligi in Bali is, I believe at the time and I hope still is the number one rated hotel on this island. We're currently on Bali, by the way. This is like six months later.

We reset the LAGHI in Bali and ended up getting a this is like a legit five-star resort. In order to do this, we took a little bit of work. He was an awesome businessman. He made this happen. His name is Amirs, my business partner now, which is crazy because my business partner came from meeting an American in Bali, which is a whole another conversation we can have later.

When you meet somebody from another place similar to you, you'll have an immediate connection and have a stronger bond. He got us a meeting with this hotel and used some of the videos from Thailand when we did the circle and my Instagram account. At this point, my Instagram account had grown again. I was about six thousand followers at this point. My Instagram really started from like a personal account to a professional business portfolio; even though it's personal, I still add some nice photos on there. I still add photos of me. I add photos of my friends, but it's a professional personal account. I use that as a portfolio to show other people. He used that and the videos from Thailand to get the meeting.

When we had the meeting, we realized they actually wanted to do this, but they didn't know who would hire then we came. Well, that awesome idea of giving it to them for free in exchange for a place to stay. There's a huge value in free work. And obviously, once you get to a certain level, you're not going to necessarily do free work anymore. But as you're starting now, it was an excellent way to get in the door. It was an awesome experience.
I got to stay at a five-star resort for three nights.

I don't actually have to extend my stay for three days, I just did not want to pass the opportunity. I had a flight out like the day we were supposed to start, so I changed it. I only had three or four days. I've got to do it.

I had an amazing time, an amazing hotel, but it was a lot of work. We filmed three days straight. These are more curated shots rather than experience because they won a commercial type thing.

I'm currently 32, but sometimes people think I'm a little bit younger, and I'm not exactly their target demographic. Luckily, I got it through networking.

About a week and a half, two weeks prior, I was up in Ubud at this place called Jungle Fish. And while as there, I walked into this place called Jungle Fish with my drone. And the drone looked over an amazing lake.

It's a really good conversation starter. I had a drone, and another guy had a drone. He was an American, he walked to me, and we started talking. We become really good friends on the spot. I have a picture of us. We have pictures of us like sitting on the edge of this pool flying and drones around. We kept in touch. And then when I was at the Laghi, and I needed a good subject for the video. Would you guys mind being part of the video? And I guess they had done some modeling stuff before. So they're like, sure, that would be great. So they came down to Seminyak. We filmed the entire day with them as the models. And what happened was, we finished all the filming, and I did some of the editing while we were there.

One of the things about my business and why I'm creating the software is to speed up this whole process and allow you to create a commercial in a day if you really wanted to. It takes a lot of work just to manage all this stuff, but if I can create my business where I'm doing the stuff in real-time because people need like a social media post every day, it gives me an edge. We did that, and they end up wanting a few more videos because they had seen the video we had done. It was pretty cool. And then I flew home, and those videos were finished. They're now on the leading hotels of the world's website.

My plan is to start leveraging that in the future.

Now I'm focused on finishing the software game online.
Once that's kind of done, I'll start doing half fun, half like engineering work. I'm not giving up my engineering career like that. I'm still an engineer for life. I was pretty much the kid who had that the vacuum cleaner, and I would play the vacuum cleaner and plug it on the couch when I was like a baby. I am an engineer for life, and I can be an engineer in any part of the world now.

Traveling has given me different types of experiences.

I realize there are other problems in the world rather than just my small niche back in New York. What else happened? I flew home.

I was in New York for a while. I started doing photoshoots for different people, like headshots and some model shots. I took a photo of a girl I met probably six months prior to an event, a Surf Yoga Beer booty camp. They realized that everybody likes to work out, but none of these workout classes have a social aspect. I started to go into their classes, and then the day after I had done the photoshoot with this girl, Elenora, I posted a picture on my Instagram, and she posted the same picture on her Instagram. Someone noticed my photo of the photoshoot I posted on Instagram and asked me to do a photo shoot in Mexico for their ten-day trip. Of course, I said yes.

I went down there. Ended up hanging out, doing a video for them, taking photos. Salita is an amazing place. I ended up networking with a guy that runs a coworking space there. I stayed there to do photography, and as a nomad, I had other works too. The cool thing is that now that I can work remotely, I could say yes to that trip. Suppose I had a job where I was tied to a desk and had to ask my boss, and that wouldn't happen.

While I was in Salita, I ended up going to the Saley to Koach to get high-speed Internet. I met the guy that actually runs Silent Kowalke, and we became really good friends. It turns out he has built the only high-speed Internet inside Elita. He leased a fiber line from Puerto Vallarta and took Vallarta's Internet connection report to Salita and then farms it out to his first coworking space. People that can come to Salita can work there. But then he uses radios to farm that connection out to other properties and Salita. And my background, I worked for this wireless company in New York, and I really got to know him well because we had kind of a similar background. He wasn't an engineer, but he knew all this stuff. We started talking, and he actually invited me back a month later.

I went back to New York. Then a month later, I ended up staying for free at his place and in Salita for another week. We just hung out. We have plans, new products together even and even possibly retreat in Mexico at some point. He's a good friend now.

What else happened?

I went back to New York, I've been in and out of New York. I never really gave up. I don't have an apartment there now.

I spent last summer in Budapest. I really liked Budapest. I spent seventy thousand points and booked a business class ticket to Budapest in August. I was in New York, and I thought about going to Budapest for August. I had friends who were going to Budapest. There's a music festival, Sega, in Budapest. I booked an airbnb for a month in Budapest, which was way nicer than anything I would have booked in New York for the same price. I got an awesome apartment in the great part of town and stayed there. I partied a lot at the music festival. It's cool music festival cause you can go to the festival but then stay in the city. You go to the vessel night, and then you go back to your apartment.

Before I left to go to Budapest, I had a friend that I'm working with called out. His name is Alex, and he got me a gig in Croatia. I ended up being a photographer for this sailing trip in Croatia, which we're about to release the video of. I did another retreat. I didn't pay for that retreat. I didn't get paid, but as I was already in Europe. I just took a bus from Budapest to Croatia and made a weeklong sailing trip. I did a lot of work on Nomadic while I was in Caressa. A lot of new features came out of that trip.

I went to the Nomad Cruise, and Nomad Cruise is awesome. This time we didn't have the Waves Club, but that was actually really good because it brought the group closer together. There wasn't this separation, so I hung out. We had more stops at that time. We stopped in St. Kitts. We stopped in Curacao. We stopped in Aruba. I was part of actually doing the next Nomad Cruise video, so I helped be part of that. I've done this thing called Acroyoga, too, for the last four years. I had brought two girls that I met earlier that year. They did Acroyoga, and we started teaching classes every night. We taught Acroyoga class every day at six p.m. over at sea.

I got to Panama. We spent a few days in Panama and then I flew back to New York, and now I did some photoshoots there. I did some work there. Now I'm going to go actually after this trip. I'm going back and running. Alex Alex has a photo studio in New York. I'm going to be using that as my workspace and as a jump-off point to get an apartment back in New York. I want to start having a home base. It's been like a year and a half. I'm now ready to have a home base, but I'm starting to make some trips, and I don't know what will bring, but I still make some trips.

Now, I really want to focus on taking all this stuff, all these photos, all these drone videos, putting all together into portfolios, finished the software, and then maybe the second half of 2018, go out and do like a two, three-month trip again, where we implement all of this and go promote it again. I didn't know if I was to say yes to Bali second time around, but I couldn't say no. And Miles flew me out to circle Bali. So we're here now.

What do you think of the Abundance Circle so far?
You actually kind of been an active member of the group and which is super cool because you are an entrepreneur, just like the rest of us. And it just so happens to be that you're like a really good videographer, drone flier, and Photographs.

What did you gain from this event beyond just making the footage and the connections? Have you learned things about yourself, learn things by your business, things like that you might implement in the future?

I think I've learned a lot. I was also able to get connections and opportunities. I learned to say yes. I think it's really important.

I love these retreats. I love being part of this. And it's a great way for me to get an outlet to go on these retreats and not spend much. Had I not had the opportunity to work for Miles to do this event. Now I'm learning a lot about running my own retreats by being here. After doing all these retreats, I feel like I'm now ready to leave my own next. By seeing how other people do it, I've learned a lot from different ones. Like some things were running smoothly on some retreats, something didn't like. Now I know the things I want in a retreat, how to make it run smoothly. That's a lot of the things I've gained.

Another thing is just having to try to be part of the group. There's a lot of work I have to do to be here, but then I also want to be part of it and meet everybody and be part of the community. I think it's really cool to be part of a community. It's just a different way for me to gain access because I'm not to my business level yet where some of you guys are. But I have the just putting myself around people like that really gets me in the mindset, gets me ideas, makes me want to know more about digital marketing, makes me have more ideas.

I love it.

I love your message about just saying yes to certain things because I mean, you do have to be careful in life sometimes, but when something good comes your way, get it. Say yes to it.

I love how like you start your story off with your escape from New York the very first time. It's like the mindset of having to have a place, having all this stuff, and never being able to travel. It was kind of holding us back. So we got rid of the place, got rid of the stuff, and traveled. Now we realized there are so many different ways you can integrate yourself into the world around you. You don't even have to be worried about having a place to stay or worried about having money or making ends meet. And it's just frickin awesome.

I wouldn't say I made all the right choices along the way. There are choices I wouldn't have chosen, but I like the way I've done it. You can be anywhere you can. You're not tied to these things. It's nice to have a home base, but it's not necessary all the time.

And the opportunities it's given me to go out in the world, see it and then come back. It also made me more grounded. I start appreciating New York more than I did before. I appreciated the relationships I've had there, the living there because I love being outside, but I also love being back with my community. It's kind of like I want the best of both worlds. They're just like it. Just say yes to things, and don't be so scared. I would never tell anybody not to go to college. Now I don't know if you necessarily need it all the time, like there's always new education systems, but I would never say tell no. I mean know that I would never tell you to go quit your job with no money. Some people do it. Some people have left and gone to Asia with five hundred thousand bucks in their pocket. That wouldn't be me. I had saved up enough money to feel comfortable.

I wasn't trying to worry about that when I had left.
I have enough money coming in. I'm not worried that I'm not going to have a roof or a meal in my belly or think people are really scared to make the jump. It's so crazy for me to see all these people where I grew up in Northern Virginia. They spend hours driving into the city to go to work, make some money, drive an hour back, be exhausted, and not have enough time spent with the kids to go to bed and do it all over again. You can make more money if you just think outside the box a little bit.

I love New York more now that I don't have a full-time job because I can leverage different times. I want to sit in the subway at rush hour. I can go to a yoga class in the middle of the day. I can do all these things around the city that I may not have had.

Let's talk a little bit about your project, Nomadic. I think it's pretty friggin awesome because what you're doing is you're solving your own problems, which are problems other people are having, too. You're creating a way for this to go really big in the future. I know you're still in the works on it, but you are at that stage now where you're able to have this prototype, and you're kind of working on it. And yet you have this goal. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Nomadic's full name is Nomadic Media Manager, but Nomadic came out of the idea.

Abundant Circle 1.0 had all these cameras, all the stuff. And if you think about four SD cards and two hard drives, that's eight transfers to get all the media from the source to the destination. Then I would forget. I didn't know what was transferred. I didn't know where everything was. It was blowing my mind. Iif you end up screwing up and losing footage to a certain extent, you could film it again. That's one thing. But like, I could go back a month later and then all my stuff was gone. And the clients are going to be pretty pissed. That's basically a breach of contract. So I realized that there is a big problem in the market and my own need. I needed a way to organize the media and verify that the media that was on the SD cards was on the destination and backed up.

The software currently allows you to plug in a source, an SD card, or a phone or an Android device and a destination that can be your local hard drive or backup hard drives, and you can backup to multiple. As soon as you run the software, all the media goes from the source to multiple destinations, and it's all organized by date and file type, which is pretty cool. I know that it's all there. One thing that I will be doing with as I launch my program is there's going to be a personal story to this. It was written while I traveled the world. It was written for a purpose. It was written on multiple continents, on airplanes, on cruise ships, pretty much everywhere.

I need to create a piece of hardware that uses the software and does it the right way that I can just plop this thing down and all plug in an SD card, and it's all transferred versus me having to hook up my computer to a USB B hub to two hard drives. That's my goal.

Really looking forward to seeing the development and how it goes. It's really exciting. It's a new technology, and it's solving problems, and it's making life easier. I think that's a huge part of being out here and being surrounded by entrepreneurs like Miles and Melanie and yourself is that it's not just about making money as an entrepreneur. It's not just about traveling the world. You know, we're trying to solve big problems and trying to make a big difference in the world around us. I think it's really awesome what you're doing as an entrepreneur with your media. You're solving problems by making life easier for other people.

My goal is to save humanity all these hours, so those photographers can spend more time taking pictures or editing. Those videographers can spend more time taking their videos or editing and editing. And just in general, the world can have more time to do things. They don't necessarily have to be clicking and dragging files around. I have so many more ideas that we can go into on a later podcast that will make this like much easier for in general. But my main goal is to get the basics.

Such an awesome story. Inspirational.
Everybody out there is going to be super inspired by this because you went from all these struggles, you met all these people. You said, yes, so many times. You went to all these amazing resorts, and you've made connections. That's just how you got to do it. You just got to be friendly. You just got to have fun with it, and make connections. It's the most fulfilling part of life. And that's the journey I'm on, too.

So you can find me on Instagram. And I do have a website

Thanks for being on. We'll see you next time.

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Drop Shipping Abroad with Alejandro Narvaez
Drop Shipping Abroad with Alejandro Narvaez
  Trevor here with eCommerce Paradise.  This is an interview episode with Alejandro Narvaez about dropshipping abroad...
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10 Travel Tips for Budget Travel
10 Travel Tips for Budget Travel
Being a digital nomad has exposed me to the wonders of traveling, and the best part is, I get to discover different c...
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Your Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Digital Nomad
Your Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Digital Nomad
Do You Want To Travel the World?   Living your life, according to your terms, is the ultimate dream. However, this mi...
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The Ultimate Guide to Work From Home Setup
The Ultimate Guide to Work From Home Setup
  Work from Home setup became the new normal due to the pandemic. But even before the pandemic hit us, many people ha...
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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Shift to Remote Work
Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Shift to Remote Work
Thinking of working remotely? Having work that doesn’t feel like work is the dream set up for most of us, especially...
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