Ivacy VPN Review

Sep 21, 2018

Ivacy VPN Review: Is It The Best VPN Service?

Ivacy VPN is one of the little-known VPN services available in the market today that seems to offer its services and let their quality do the talking. This is because as it is, they have built quite the solid brand for themselves in the market in terms of providing quality services just as they promise to and at their competitive pricing range.

With their headquarters in Singapore, this VPN service was first launched in 2007 meaning that they have been around for at least a decade offering their customer base protection for their online experiences. The service is operated under the company PMG Private Limited. Their secretive disposition contributes heavily to their little-known status in the industry.

One of their most notable achievements includes the fact that they introduced the ingenious idea of split tunneling that changed the dynamics of the provision of VPN service in 2010. Split tunneling is a technology that permits a VPN user to decide just what kind of traffic they opt to send via an ISP and what they want to protect under the VPN service. 

In addition to split tunneling, Ivacy VPN is also compatible with a range of devices including Windows, Mac, Linux, routers, smart TVs, Android as well as Xbox. As a result of this compatibility, you can actually access Ivacy VPN on different gadgets thanks to the availability of the 5 Multi log in feature that allows you connect up to 5 devices and enjoy their services at your convenience and from just about anywhere.

With all these amazing features you are in order in case you are wondering just why this VPN service is still termed as little known. The one possible reason for this underwhelming nature of Ivacy is due to their sparse network. They have only 200 servers spread across 50 countries worldwide and as much as these servers have been exceptionally optimized to offer quality service for their relatively low price.

Ivacy is also the best VPN service for those who torrent heavily as they have secure P2P servers in the United States and Canada. Another plus for them comes from the allowance they offer their customers to connect through all major protocols that include OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2.

Ivacy VPN pricing strategy

For a VPN service that offers all these great benefits, Ivacy VPN has adopted a cost leadership strategy. This strategy allows them to have relatively low costs for their products compared to their competitors offering the same services. This they manage to do by creating competitive advantage which they have through their zero logging policy that we’ll look at a little later in this review.

Ivacy VPN offers monthly, yearly and two-year subscription plans to their customers. Their monthly package costs $8.95 per month which is $107.4 each year. Unfortunately, there are no savings on this package.

The yearly plan allows a customer to save up to 66% on costs. At $36 per year, this cost is even cheaper if you break it down further as you will be able to see that it only costs $3 for each month. The best deal offered by this cheap VPN service is the 24-month package. The best feature on this deal is that you only pay $24 each year which breaks down into $1.99 per month. This deal is amazingly low and allows you to save at least 78%.

It will serve you well to have it at the back of your mind that this 24-month pricing plan was recorded during a holiday period and it may or may not rise and fall due to other variables and seasonality.

From their pricing strategy, the only package that doesn’t offer savings is the monthly pricing plan. The other packages offer huge saving opportunities and this has earned this VPN a place among the best-priced VPN services available in the market. Like the other VPN services in the market, they also have a 7-day money back guarantee on 1-month subscriptions.

Furthermore, this VPN service goes ahead to wow even more by allowing a variety of payment methods that its customers that can choose from. These payment methods include MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, Paymentwall and even cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin for customers who prefer to use them.

Their pricing strategy gives them a competitive edge in the market as they get to comfortably compete in a cut-throat industry with their low pricing plan. 

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Advantages of Using Ivacy VPN

Some of the major advantages that come with using Ivacy VPN include:

Legitimate no logging policy

    Most VPN service providers purport to offer a zero logging policy in their advertisements and then go ahead and do just that. As a VPN user this is one of the worst things that you can discover while using VPN; easily the worst kind of cheating. If you read into the fine print of VPN service providers’ privacy policies you will realize that most claims of zero logging are nothing but a load of hogwash.

    Ivacy VPN stands out from among these false advertising VPN services by actually upholding their no logging policy. This is made absolutely clear in their privacy policies and it’s admittedly surprising for a VPN given the dishonesty that is increasingly surrounding the promise of zero logging. 

    The only data that Ivacy retains is the email associated to an account and nothing more. They have no records of traffic, bandwidth or log in periods. This not only goes to prove that Ivacy upholds its no logging policy but they also do it much better than their counterparts in the market and this makes it deservedly one of the best VPNs that you can use. After all, the whole point of using a VPN is so that you can protect your privacy uncompromisingly.

    Good speeds

      You should note at the back of your mind that the aspect of speed was considered with regards to the price of the service. Having taken the VPN service through a speed test at speedtest.net to explore just how fast the servers are, I arrived at this conclusion. While the speeds at any given time rely on various variables, the serves in the United States, Europe-Amsterdam and in the UK were impressive. The servers in Hong Kong- Asia were unfortunately completely unusable.

      Having taken a lot of such tests, we arrived at the conclusion that the speeds offered by this VPN’s servers are up to scratch in comparison to the other competitors such as Buffered and TorGuard for instance. 

      Variety of available protocols

        Ivacy offers their customers a variety of protocols from which they can select and use and still be assured of their security. Some of these protocols include SSL technology that can help save the customer from man-in-the-middle kind of attacks by encrypting the information that is being entered through a computer such that someone else cannot decipher it.

        These kinds of cyber-attacks are easy to orchestrate and can leave a customer vulnerable to identity and card theft or even malware attacks. Using SSL technology to encrypt personal and sensitive information for instance ensures that as a customer you are well protected.

        In addition to SSL, you will also have access to OpenVPN, SSTP, PPTP, L2TP and IKev2 as well. With this tight level security the risk of connecting to some dummy server and becoming a victim of cyber-attacks becomes significantly lowered. An SSL certificate will create special keys on each access point that will make it impossible for someone else to monitor or access the information that you key into your computer.

        In addition to encryption, the SSL technology powers OpenVPN which happens to be the preferred protocol for most VPN providers. Ivacy also resorts to OpenVPN whenever possible and has the other protocols that can be used in case OpenVPN is unavailable on the device due to incompatibility for instance. In cases where the protocol being used is prone to security mishaps, Ivacy will send the traffic through a VPN in an attempt to solve any security threats.

        Good customer care

        Ivacy has a surprisingly good customer service provider considering their low-budget services.  Most VPN services with low-budget services tend to have limited resources which would mean that the company will resort to budget cuts. Customer service often gets affected by these cuts as is sometimes evidenced by their overworked or unmotivated customer service team.

        Contrary to this belief, the customer service at Ivacy is top notch. They will respond to your queries within a short period of time and give you very helpful feedback. Their response may leave a lot to be desired in terms details and thoroughness but their agents can sure hold their own if you take into consideration the response times and the efficiency of the response.

        A quick follow up of their social media pages to see how well they deal with complaints revealed that they put in the work to ensure that their customer care agents give very impressive answers that are knowledgeable and efficient.

        This quality of service makes Ivacy one of the top contenders for the best customer service among the VPN service providers in the market, right after ExpressVPN.

        256-Bit Encryption

        Accessing public WiFi networks can open up your devices to security attacks. This includes the WiFi provided by establishments such as hotels and WiFi that most people assume are safe while the reality is quite the opposite. These establishments are the biggest culprits of tracking your activities while you are logged onto their network and selling the information to third-parties who will probably spam you with marketing messages afterwards.

        As if that is not enough, these WiFi networks are open to possible brute force attacks that can be run automatically by hackers. These attacks aim to crack your user log in details by trying out a series of possible combinations until they find the right one and then your personal data will be accessible for the hackers.

        Suck attacks only work on weak encryption as it will then take a shorter duration to arrive at the correct combination of log in details. While all encryptions can be cracked, 256-bit encryption is much more complex and difficult to crack. This is the encryption that Ivacy uses to protect its users from external attacks.

        This simply means that if you subscribe to Ivacy VPN your account is technically a digital fortress that will keep you and your activities as safe as you want.


        Like every other VPN service available in the market today, Ivacy does not score 100% on all aspects that are considered valuable by most VPN users. In fact, it clearly has both pros and cons. At the end of the day, as a user, you will require a VPN service that has more pros than cons, or cons that you can comfortably live with.

        In the case of Ivacy, the pros far outweigh the cons. Having other pluses outside of the listed pros such as ease in installation and that they will go further than expected to ensure that your user experience is nothing short of wholesomely excellent. Having a proper customer service team to readily provide help when you need it is also an added advantage to the users.

        I would definitely recommend the use of Ivacy VPN services especially for people who want a VPN service and are on a tight budget. This is simply because if you look at it, Ivacy compensates for its glaring shortcomings such as speed through its low-cost pricing plan. Also depending on how much you use VPN services, this may end up being a non-issue in certain cases. 

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