KWFinder Review: Is It The Best Keyword Research Tool for eCommerce?


Google is everybody's best friend. The majority of people around the world have access to the internet and visit Google at least once a day for information.  It has been the first touchpoint if a person wants to know something about a place, a thing, or basically everything under the sun. Search for it, and Google has it.

For an ecommerce business, it is crucial to be searchable – meaning all the necessary business details must be on Google. Why? Not only that it is the most visited website in the whole world, but it is also the largest email provider through Gmail and owns the biggest video platform, Youtube. Thus, giving the brand higher visibility and engagement from almost 75 percent of the overall search market. But if targeting for growth, businesses must capitalize on refining their digital strategy with the goal to be the top search or at least land on the first page of the search result.

How to get into the top of the search rank? Build a solid SEO for the website.

SEO or "Search Engine Optimization" is the manner of increasing the quality of website content as well as its visibility through the use of search engine results.

The search engine, mainly Google, uses over 200 ranking criteria in the search algorithm. Elements such as positive user experience (UX), quality backlinks, high-quality content or loading speed – and so much more. However, the foundation of each search engine optimized ecommerce site lies in its content and keyword density.

Keywords are the groundwork of all search engine optimized content in site pages, product information, meta descriptions, or blog posts. Basically, a website must bear effective keywords so Google can easily pull up the site whenever there is a search query.

In order to improve the SEO of an ecommerce site, it is recommended to perform keyword research first. It pays to know which keywords are relevant to the products or services, and those that the people are already searching for, to generate higher visits. Hence, the best way to gain comprehensive information on keywords and SEO, in general, is by employing a keyword research tool, like Kwfinder.

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Kwfinder: Keyword tool for Ecommerce

What is Kwfinder? It is a keyword tool that helps users determine keywords based on the provided conditions. It gives complete information about a keyword such as its search volume, ranking difficulty, and other relative reports. Kwfinder makes it easier to generate easy to rank long-tail keywords that would benefit visibility. This keyword planner also shows the competitors and ranking difficulty for each keyword by location or language filter. Provided data are then utilized to arrive at the best business decision possible.

Kwfinder delivers real-time SEO search terms and results to help businesses acquire smart strategies in ranking with a data-driven basis. This keyword search platform also enables users to know what is already in the top, what keywords are ranking high within a specified market, and mostly, to understand each keyword's cost.

Kwfinder Features

Kwfinder’s intelligent set of features allow keyword search to be effective and beneficial for boosting organic traffic on the ecommerce website.

Long Tail Keyword Research 

This feature promises to find a new niche keyword in three minutes. By just typing the keyword to the "Search by keyword" space, Kwfinder will quickly release up to 700 keyword ideas, including suggestions, autocompletes, and questions.

Know the Competitor’s Keywords 

Obtain only the most relevant keywords for your market. Kwfinder just requires the competitor's URL or domain to recognize the keywords that made the rank-up or top-ranking keywords.  This feature also supports location targeting as the search volume may differ from one country to another.

Keyword Ideas from Google Suggest 

Google suggest is the predictive phrases that pops-up below the search bar when performing a google inquiry. It is an algorithm designed to find the best matching phrases to the main seed keyword. Usually, the suggestions are from keywords, history, popularity, Google trends, region, and language. As a result, they are ensuring that the keyword ideas are legit and ranking.

Since the keyword ideas are broad, Kwfinder divided the feature into two: Autocomplete and Questions.

The autocomplete feature lets users find long-tail keywords for each content. Under the keywords are generated by sending a request to Google Autocomplete API.

On the other hand, the Questions feature prepends the main seed keyword with various questions. When using this feature, it is advised that the ecommerce site should offer the answer and focus on the question keywords.


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Local Keyword Search in 50,000 Locations 

Geographic strategy is a practical approach to dominate a niche. Through this feature, ecommerce sites get access to the exact number of search volumes to enhance local keyword search from more or less than 50,000 Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

This feature allows you to discover location-specific long-tail keywords from anywhere globally - from the USA, Perth, Paris, or Switzerland.

Kwfinder included types of locations such as cities, regions, countries, departments, and states.                

Choose from the dropdown suggestions of the location to simply find local search volume plus local SERP and other metrics.

Kwfinder identifies more than 40 languages for search volumes in a specific language per location.

Also, Kwfinder can be used as a local keyword tool to find specific words from a target market.

Localization helps build the location circle and local patrons in the search results.

Accurate Keyword Difficulty Tool

Accurately know how hard it is for a keyword to land on the 1st SERPs with Kwfinder’s difficulty score. The difficulty score defines the challenge to rank for a specific keyword. Meaning, the higher the difficulty score is, the harder it is to rank. It follows that if the difficulty score is low, then there's a high probability that it is easier to reach the top of the search.

Kwfinder uses the Link Profile Strength to effectively measure the difficulty score based on the complex combination of factors with the organic search results.

Organized Keyword List

Gather all profitable keywords to optimize, and conveniently save them in a list. With this Kwfinder’s feature, users are able to create, edit, export, and delete a keyword list.  The number is list is unlimited and can contain up to 1,000 keywords each. The list can be exported accessibly through a .csv file.

Remove Unprofitable Keywords 

Kwfinder makes it easy to filter which keywords out of the thousands are not making any profit. Eliminate low-traffic and difficult keywords by inputting a minimum search volume and maximum keyword difficulty. Only optimize the website with potential, high-quality keywords for better search engine visibility.

Bulk Import 

This feature gets search volumes for hundreds of keywords with a single request. Trends, Pay Per Click, and CPC metrics can also be imported. Import 700 to up to 1200 times per day, depending on the plan inclusion.

Seasonal Keywords and Historical Trend 

Seasonal keywords create massive traffic every period of the year. In the Kwfinder app, a chart of trend is available. It covers a 12-month duration, hence, showing the spike of volumes for each season. An example would be a rise in “scarf” which becomes 12x more popular in December, in comparison with April or July.    

Another great feature of Kwfinder is it can tap Google Trends as well as extract historical search volumes. Search trends can show monthly searches chart, indicating historical search volume values by month from up to 2014. It tells the overall popularity of the keyword ever since.

These metrics offer an excellent idea for new keywords that the competitors may not know of.  

Kwfinder Pricing

Kwfinder’s pricing levels have three tiers. The price also includes the use of Mangool’s other tools, such as SERPWatcher, SERPChecker, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler. All these tools are unified and have individual SEO areas focusing on, hence, making sense of the all-in-one subscription.

Mangools Basic at $29.90 per month – Includes 100 keyword lookups, 200 keywords suggestion per search, and 25 competitor keywords per search.  Furthermore, it has 100 SERP lookups, 200 tracked keywords daily, 100,000 backlink rows per month, and 20 site lookups.

Mangools Premium at $39.90 per month – The premium plan has 500 keyword lookups, 700 out of 700 keywords suggestion per search, and unlimited competitor keywords per search.  Additionally, it has 500 SERP lookups, 700 tracked keywords daily, and 500,000 backlink rows per month. It has 70 site lookups and allows up to three simultaneous log-in, which the basic plan doesn't have.

Mangools Agency at $79.90 per month – This top of the line plan is enabled for 1,200 keyword lookups, 700 out of 700 keywords suggestion per search, and unlimited competitor keywords per search, same as the premium.  This plan also bears 1,200 SERP lookups, 1500 tracked keywords daily, and an impressive 1.2 million backlink rows per month. It has 150 site lookups and allows up to 10 simultaneous log-in.

Kwfinder offers a 48-hour money-back guarantee for all of its plans.

The Verdict

Kwfinder is one of the best keyword research tools for ecommerce businesses. Fueled by data and performance, tapping this platform for SEO is an excellent way to go. Kwfinder is a great help for every scale from startups and even medium to large enterprises because the rank to be the first on SERPs is a fierce battle. It eases the technical difficulty without losing the essence of keywords and algorithm calculation.

Indeed, Kwfinder is a fantastic tool to unlock keyword opportunities and how to leverage them. Currently, this keyword research tool has over 25,000 satisfied clients that attest to the benefits that an ecommerce business can obtain.

What’s your experience with Kwfinder by Mangools?

Let us know in the comment section below! 


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