Trevor Fenner: Hey guys, welcome to the E-Commerce Paradise podcast. Today on the show, I have a special guest, my buddy Izad, he's from Malaysia. Welcome to the show Izad.

Izad: Welcome, thank you. I'm honored to be on the show.

Trevor Fenner: I'm so psyched to have you on here because I've known you for a while now. We met through a master mind group, mutual friends, and we started talking about affiliate marketing and blogging and stuff like that. And I got to learn a lot about you, and it was really cool that I learned that you're teaching the Law of Attraction kind of on the internet and also in person. Can you talk about your story, your background, tell the listeners who you are, where you're from and how you got into teaching the Law of Attraction.

Izad: Okay, well let's see my story. I was born here in Malaysia, and when I was young I moved to the US with my family. Then, we stayed there for a little over 10 years, and then I came back here. Then spent college and started working here and everything.

Izad: I would say my story started when I was first, maybe about 10 or 12 years ago. I was starting out, I was looking for a job, it was a pretty low part in my life. I didn't have much money at that time as well. And then, you know the thing is, when you don't have a lot of money you always have a lot of time. You get time to contemplate, get time to think about life and everything.

Izad: I think the height of my day during that time was having enough money to buy the daily paper. So, one day I was reading through the newspaper, a local paper here, and there was this advertisement for a seminar. It was like a $0.50 seminar. So I had $0.50 during that time, and so I went and attended the seminar. It was about NLP, your subconscious mind mastery and everything.

Izad: I approached the speaker at that time, the trainer, and I told him about my situation. I said, I'm looking for a job. He said, "Okay, why don't you try saying these affirmations to help you get a job." One of the affirmations was this phrase it's called I am in the process. So every time I would look at the classified ads or I would send out a resume to apply for a job, I would say, "I'm in the process of getting a job."

Izad: I think three days after that I got an interview, I think a couple days after that they offered me a job. And it was just like, the job I wanted, I had in mind. I sort of like visualized. I promised myself from that moment, whatever money or earnings I'd get I would put it back and reinvest and start learning about personal development and everything.

Izad: I eventually took at the courses that this guy offered. We became good friends. We're still in contact now. He's very successful, he's written like six books now. And every year we meet up and exchange notes and everything.

Izad: So going back to that phrase I am in the process, so one day I was in Borders here in Kal, and I was like just browsing around and I came across a book with the title Law of Attraction. And I open it up, I picked it up from the table, and I was just skimming through it. Then somehow this phrase caught my attention, it was written in the book, I am in the process.

Izad: So then I think, this is what this guy was talking about. And then I contacted him and I told him, "Hey, you know you told me about this, using the phrase, I found this book it's called Law of Attraction. And the phrase is inside there." He's like, "Yeah, that's the book I was reading." I'm like, "Oh my God." So I got this book and again, I started applying everything that I learned from reading it. Again, I've gotten some really interesting results from it.

Izad: One year after that, I actually met the author when he came to Malaysia. So when he came here, as well, I was trying to meet him, but it was a closed event, they only offered it for like certain members of an association or something here. I remember writing down, I am in the process of meeting the author. So same thing, three days after that, the organizers call me up and says, "Hey we have some seats open for you, you're welcome to attend. And by the way we're giving you a discounted price." They gave me a discount, I remember that.

Izad: I got to meet the author of the book, Law of Attraction. I remember after that, I think three months after that, I was in Vancouver, I went to Vancouver to actually get trained to become a certified Law of Attraction facilitator. And then I came back here and ever since then, I've just been teaching it and sharing the message. That's pretty much the story.

Trevor Fenner: That's amazing man, what a cool process. Just happens stance, happened to find a book, and then you know happened to [crosstalk 00:05:26].

Izad: Sometimes you can't explain how these things happen, but they just happen.

Trevor Fenner: Yeah. And it just, in that very moment you thought wow, that's interesting. You're curiosity was peaked. I think that's key in life, honestly. Whenever I'm out and about, I just try to keep my curiosity at peak levels because I find that in life, whenever I'm the most curious, is whenever I'm enjoying life the most.

Izad: Yes that's true. Because when you're curious, how do you feel? You have that child like excitement and that's a very strong positive vibration. We're always sending out vibrations. The thing about Law of Attraction is that whatever vibration you're sending out, Law of Attraction is going to match that and give you more of the same.

Trevor Fenner: Yeah. You know what's cool about curiosity in specifically is that it really reduces the amount of fear that I have with trying to learn new things or discover new places. Normally I'm kind of scared, like oh it's something new, I don't know what that is. I don't know if I should do it.

Trevor Fenner: But with curiosity at play, I'm actually kind of attracted to it, and it sounds fun and exciting and thrilling. So yeah, it's totally helped me live a more happy and fulfilled life; and get into new business models; and explore new niches; and talk to more people; and interview cool people like you.

Izad: Yeah, yeah that's right.

Trevor Fenner: I'm curious, how do you define the Law of Attraction, or what's your definition of it?

Izad: The definition of Law of Attraction for me, it's very simple. You attract into your life whatever you give your energy, attention, and focus to. And that can be positive and it can be negative at the same time. So that's the simplest definition that I can give people.

Trevor Fenner: That's awesome man. Yeah, it's so simple. I think that's great, keeping it simple too because it doesn't need to be complicated. It's truly just like how you think; how you feel; what you do; what you say; what your reactions are to things. I run into so many different external things throughout the day. External influences and I find that how I react to them matters more than the actual happening itself. Like, okay that happened, so what am I going to do about it? Is it going to be a positive reaction, a negative reaction-

Izad: Yes.

Trevor Fenner: ... be a big thing, is it going to be a little thing? You know, it's up to me in that moment. I guess, it's a decision, I have to make a choice, you know?

Izad: That's right. So one of the things that I think is key to understand about Law of Attraction is that it's all about vibes. We use the word vibes a lot, but when we say vibes, actually we're talking about our emotions, our mood or feelings. So, again, when you're giving off a positive vibe, you will tend to attract more positive things in your life. And likewise, if on the opposite end if you're giving off negative vibrations, you're going to be attracting negative things.

Izad: So one of the things that, like you say, is like when you're experiencing something you always decide, right? So, if you are experiencing a negative vibration, you can actually shift that by asking the right kind of questions.

Izad: One of the questions you can ask yourself is, okay, so what do I want? So I'm experiencing this, I don't like it. It's a negative vibration, what do I want? Just answering that question, it gives you a bit of clarity. And it can actually reset your vibrations. [inaudible 00:09:03]

Izad: If you ask questions, you would find that they get stumped, because very rarely are we asked what do we want in life?

Trevor Fenner: Yeah that's really powerful right there. What do I want?

Izad: Yeah. It's really simple, that's it. But just being able to shift that, you'll see some profound changes. A lot of the times when you're trying to make changes, it's just really small things, you know? 5%, 10% changes, but then you'll see massive, massive results because of these changes.

Trevor Fenner: That's funny man, like so much in life is mental. It's in our heads, it's what we think and perceive of the world around us. It's not so much what it is, it's how we think of it and feel about it, you know? And then how we act towards it, or the opposite how we act away from it or something like that.

Izad: Yes, exactly.

Trevor Fenner: [crosstalk 00:09:55] a little bit how you go about dealing with things in your life, maybe just try to provide some examples of stories that you might have where you have had to deal with a negative situation. Or maybe some negative thoughts and you've overcome it somehow?

Izad: Well, I would say, maybe I can share you the story of looking for an apartment a couple years ago. I was looking for an apartment here in Kal, sometimes it's a bit challenging, because there's so many choices and everything. What I wanted was a place that was close to the office that time. I think I was, again I was writing things down for an ideal apartment. And as I was doing this, again just asking the questions, what do I want, and making lists out of it. During that time, I had my list, I did an exercise that's called the Clarity through Contrast exercise, where every single thing you-

PART 1 OF 3 ENDS [00:11:04]

Izad: ...clarity through contrast exercise, where every single thing you didn't like about your previous apartments that you stayed or whatever, you would always ask that question, "If I didn't like this last time, what do I want this time?" And just write that down. I made it into a short paragraph that you could read out every morning. Just went about my normal daily schedule but the one thing that I did do during that time was to always carry around a small notebook, that I put in my pocket. What I would do is every single time that I would have something that would happen to me that which I like, someone bought me a cup of coffee or there was some abundance or there some gratitude in that moment, I would take out that notebook and I would write it down.

Izad: In a way it was training me to focus on the good things that I did have in my life and generate that positive vibration. Maybe two months afterwards, I had a friend call me up and say, hey did you find your apartment yet? I told them no. He said I'm being transferred out to Australia, you mind having a look at my place? Maybe you want to stay there.

Izad: I went to his place and I remember it was a very nice apartment. I asked him how far away is this from the Cale CC Park. He said it's about 10 minutes. Going back to my list of things that I wanted, I actually wrote down 10 minutes away from Cale CC Park. True enough, he said yeah, if you're okay with the place you can just stay here. I think I ended up staying there for almost one year. At a very good rate. I paid, I don't know how much, but if you were to compare to local rates here it would probably be 50% less than what I could pay.

Trevor Fenner: It's amazing. I love this story. You talk about, you wrote it down. You were focusing on it. You were just putting all of your effort and energy and emotion into that thought of this is what I want. That's so cool.

Izad: Yes, that's right.

Trevor Fenner: I always find in life that if I focus on what I really want, truly, it does come to me. A lot more often than if it doesn't. I find too, it's kind of cool, new opportunities arise when I'm more open to them. It's usually because I'm focusing on things that I actually want.

Izad: Yes, that's right.

Trevor Fenner: People go through this all the time.

Izad: When you focus on it, what is the emotion that you have? Is it excitement? Is it you're looking forward to it?

Trevor Fenner: I'm feeling like if I was actually having it, almost. That's the trippy part.

Izad: Yes, that's right. So having that emotion, having that vibe is very important because that is the thing that's gonna bring you closer to the manifestation. A lot of the times, people will try and say I want to do this or write down something. But at the same time, the emotion that they have or the vibe they have with it is isn't positive. Or they have some doubt or something. That actually stops the manifestation from happening.

Trevor Fenner: One of the biggest things that I found in life that really helps me get through any kind of an obstacle or anything like that is a very similar thing. It's whenever I have a problem that I run into or something like that, I always write down a key word. How to blank. I know for instance, just a really specific thing but my Google Ads Words account. I'm not getting as many clicks as I want to get or something like that. So I write that down and say how to get more clicks on Google Ad Words. Then I'll take that statement that I just thought up. That's what I want to find. That's the solution to my problem. Then I just type it into Google. Cause the way they designed the internet is amazing, man. They know solutions to problems and I learned this when I was just getting out of high school. I think it was 2004 or 2005. My sister was really into the internet back then. She taught me how learning how to break down your ideas down into key words and statement and putting them online. A website back them was Ask.com or something like that. Or Ask Jeeves I think was it.

Izad: I remember Ask.com. Yeah.

Trevor Fenner: Remember that? Or AOL.com or something like that. Or Yahoo. Those are some of the biggest ones. But now it's all Google and anyways so I realize that so in your instance finding an apartment. Now I just always use it. How did you find an apartment? I know generally speaking I'm probably going to find someones blog post who's probably a travel blogger or something like that and they've written down the whole thing of their experience. That's kind of cool. It gets very insightful. Something that I can actually learn what to expect. Then I can type in the more broad statement like Bangkok apartments. Then I'll really understand what's actually available on the marketplace right now.

Trevor Fenner: We found our apartment just though Airbnb. It was so happenstance but so cool too because Juliana was looking around and she was thinking if we can get a little bit more money, we'll get a way better place. I was just thinking to myself, that sounds great to me. Let's do it. It was an Airbnb and it just turned out to be this amazing apartment. We ended up just canceling our whole summer trip and deciding to settle down in Bangkok and kill it. Get some work done. Do some really good things and come back and be refreshed again. It's been working out really well. It's all good.

Izad: When you found that apartment, how was the vibe like? How was the feeling?

Trevor Fenner: You know the guy who met us, he was downstairs. He was super friendly. He was the nicest guy and his apartment was really nice. He was just so chill. He helped us the entire time. We just had such a good attitude and he had a great attitude. It was a good experience. It was a really good experience. This whole unit here, the building is brand new. So we went to the manager and said, hey do you have other rooms available? They said yeah. We looked at a few of them and they were really nice, too. Price was great. It's under $600 a month here for this luxury 1 bedroom. Prices are insanely good out here. It's brand new places.

Izad: That's really great, that's awesome. That's like half the price of what you paid in the US or something?

Trevor Fenner: Literally, you cannot get in the US what you can get out here. This is fully furnished. Fully furnished. A couch, TV, desks, dresser drawers, huge bed, it's amazing. Washing machine, 12th floor overlooking the city. You can't even get it. But if you could it would probably be in the thousands, like 2-3-thousand dollars maybe? Fully furnished probably within 4 or 5 in LA. Los Angeles. You just can't get that. Out here, everyone is so friendly and they're just looking at you like oh we're just happy to have customers. I'm just like, I'm happy to be here. This more positive vibes is going back and forth. Now whenever I see them I smile every time. It's so great having that. Having that positivity really helps me get through my life a lot better and to have that experiences I've found.

Trevor Fenner: Can you talk a little bit about how you're helping people find their path and manifest the life of their dreams through Law of Attraction. You're doing workshops right? In Malaysia?

Izad: I currently do workshops. They are small workshops. Probably about 7 to 8 people. How it works is that we do a half day session first. During this half day session is basically learning the fundamentals of the whole Law of Attraction process. We do exercises. We get clarity. You define an area in your life that you want to improve in. Usually it's either wealth or business or relationships. One of those two. Pick one first and then from there we do the exercises. At the end of that day, I give you some exercises to keep on doing on a daily basis. Just some daily practice stuff. After about a month or so we meet up again. It's like a review. We trade notes and I see what the results have been. Anything interesting happen? Is there anything that they need some direction in. Then there'll be another session after that. Usually there's 3 meet ups. Most of the time people at that stage, they get pretty good. They start getting things. Or at the same time, they get more abundant. That's the workshop.

Izad: At the same time, I also do coaching as well. Coaching is more of a one on one process. I would say it's a bit more intimate than the workshops. That is usually on a weekly basis. We go through the same process but again, it's a bit more in depth. There's a lot more sharing in the coaching. That's basically how we work it.

Trevor Fenner: That's awesome man. Law of attraction is really cool. It's wonderful that you help people with it. I just want to ask this. Have you watched the movie The Secret?

Izad: Yes, I have. I have.

Trevor Fenner: Great. I want to tell you a quick story. It was when I was probably 21 or something like that. I was in college and in and out of jobs. I had just tried to move down to California and started staying there. I was having a tough time finding a job. You were talking about you were having a tough time. I was in a similar place in my life. Not a lot of money, really kind of just broke and trying to make ends meet by doing odd stuff. Honestly just asking for money from my parents to make ends meet. I was really having a tough time. I was at that stage where I was racking up credit card debt just trying to live day to day. I was about ready to go back to Seattle to live with my parents again because I couldn't make it out there.

Trevor Fenner: I was lucky enough, I met a girl. She brought me over to her house and her uncle actually knew about this thing called The Secret. We were talking over there, we were having a dinner party. I started explaining to them how I was having trouble. They saw how I was down and depressed. They said you know what, let's all watch The Secret right now. It's a really good movie, you guys are gonna like it. I thought, what is this BS crazy stuff. I don't know. Sounds fine to me let's just [crosstalk 00:21:37] watch it. I don't know, is this a religious thing or something?

Trevor Fenner: We sat down and it was kind of cool. It's like documentary style. There was a lot of people that interviews. They're talking about stuff like that. I hadn't heard of any of these people like Bob Proctor. Any of these guys before. The way they were talking and the things they were saying were really peaking my interest and stuff like that. Made me start thinking about things a little bit more. I remember one moment specifically in that movie where they have you sit down in your chair.

PART 2 OF 3 ENDS [00:22:04]

Trevor Fenner: ... one moment, specifically, in that movie where they have you sit down in your chair, and they have you hold the steering wheel of the car of your dreams. Whatever it is, a Porsche, Ferrari, maybe-

Izad: Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Trevor Fenner: ... whatever that is. The car of your dreams, a BMW, a Mercedes Benz. And you close your eyes, right, and you hold that steering wheel, and you press the gas and you feel the rush of energy-

Izad: Yes.

Trevor Fenner: ... when you're driving fast. And you're turning down the road, and you see ... You know what I mean?

Izad: Yeah.

Trevor Fenner: They were trying to teach us, I think, basically manifesting things. Like visualization. And the visualization techniques that I started learning through that, I really took seriously. And by the end of that movie I was convinced that what I needed to do was start really just visualizing what I really wanted. Like, first decide what I want, and then visualize it. But not just visualize it, but also feel like the energy and the emotions of the actual feeling of already having it. And I think that was like the biggest secret I learned from that whole thing. At the end of the movie, I loved the last part of it, where it's just like the secret to life is just feel good.

Izad: Yes.

Trevor Fenner: You know, and I was like wow, they sum this whole thing up in one ... in literally two words. Feel good. And I was just like, that stuck with me for the rest of my life, you know. Just positivity and feeling good. I mean how do you feel about that movie? I thought it was great.

Izad: I liked the movie. It was a good ... It was very inspirational. That's what I could say. It really inspired a lot of people. I mean, the book is also pretty good as well. The book. And yeah, I recommend that as well, even to my students as well. You know, that's one of the key things that they should start reading. And yeah, it's ... I think, you know, the movie really started this whole movement I guess, of people believing that based on your thoughts, and everything you can really influence your outcome.

Trevor Fenner: I remember after watching that movie I started reading a lot books about it. It introduced me to Think and Grow Rich. A Man Thinketh, I think is the name of the book?

Izad: As a Man Thinketh.

Trevor Fenner: As a Man Thinketh. Yeah, that was revolutionary for me. I mean, I just-

Izad: Yeah. Those are classics. Yeah, those are classics.

Trevor Fenner: Amazing, amazing literature. And yeah, just so many more books, you know, How to Win Friends and Influence People. Stuff like that, where I started learning that it's about me and my positivity, my outwardness, but also my understanding of other people. And my ability to approach people and ask questions, and be more friendly towards others and get people to like me, you know, and influence people. So, that's a really good book, is How to Win Friends an Influence People. Think and Grow Rich. As a Man Thinketh. There are so many other books that I recommend. You can go to the e-CommerceParadise.com website on the resources page, and at the bottom there's all these Kindle books that I recommend. All these books that I read when I was first coming up. Really good stuff. Literature that's just wild, like crazy. Some of them is really very marketing specific. Like a lot of Seth Godin's literature is really good. Rich Dad Poor Dad is another one that really kind of struck a chord with me as far as working to learn instead of just working for the hours, you know. There's so much other good stuff.

Trevor Fenner: Kal, what's like the number one thing that you tell somebody to do when they first get started on this journey of Law of Attraction?

Izad: First starting, what I would tell them to do is I would tell them, you know, to start writing things down. You know, get a notebook, and practice writing what you want, your gratitude. You know. There is ... I don't know how to explain it but there's something about writing things down, you know, when you put pen to paper, it's really amazing. And there's this thing, it's called neuroplasticity. I don't know if you've heard of it, but you know, every time when you write things down with your muscles and everything, actually it affects your brain. So when you're writing something that you want or something that you're grateful for, you know, basically you're rewiring your brain. And you do this consistently for, you know, 21 days, you're going to see changes. That would be, like, my number one thing I'd tell people. You know, start writing things down.

Izad: Number two is, you know, if you have a bed, make sure there's nothing underneath your bed. Get rid of the clutter under the bed. Again, this is for the energy, you know. It really helps with the circulation of energy and everything. So, yeah. Those are probably the two top things.

Trevor Fenner: Wow, you guys. Man, you just got some golden nuggets from Izad. Like, life-changing golden nuggets.

Izad: Yeah.

Trevor Fenner: Literally. Write things down, I mean, how simple is that? And yet it's so powerful, right? I mean, you just write down what you want. Write down what you're grateful for. And it's just such a great place to start. I remember changing from internet-based notes, computer, like, iPhone-based notes to actually writing notes down. And I found that I was actually able to relax a lot while I was doing it.

Izad: Yes. Yes.

Trevor Fenner: It's a very relaxing process. It relieves the stress of it all, which is actually nice.

Izad: And you know what's even ... another really good thing with writing stuff down on paper is, you know, just imagine in the future when you become like a world famous author, or someone really prominent. You know, those paper notes are going to be worth a lot of money. You know, people have actually ... You know the auctions, like in Sotheby's and all that. They actually auction off the letters that ... You know, the first draft of a script or something gets auctioned off for millions or something like that.

Trevor Fenner: Yeah. That's crazy they still have it. You know, like they didn't just crumple it up and throw it away or something. They hold onto it [crosstalk 00:27:32]-

Izad: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So you know, personally, I have close to about, what, 20 notebooks right now.

Trevor Fenner: Wow.

Izad: From all the years.

Trevor Fenner: Impressive.

Izad: Yeah, and school, and that. You know [crosstalk 00:27:42] but then somewhere, I mean, what I tell myself is somewhere in these notebooks is going to be a really good story somewhere.

Trevor Fenner: Yeah. Totally. Yeah, later on in life you can look back and read your stuff, you know. And kind of laugh and stuff.

Izad: Yeah.

Trevor Fenner: You mentioned NLP early on in the episode. And it's such this, like, ethereal thing to people. I wanted to see if you could maybe break it down a little bit. Make it a little bit more tangible for people. Understand what that [crosstalk 00:28:07]-

Izad: Okay. NLP, it stands for Neuro-linguistic Programming. So, I mean, as simple as this. It's, again, using the words that you have, using your language, to basically influence outcomes. Influence people. Mostly people. And so, again, there's lots of techniques in NLP that you can learn. A lot of them are technical. I was fortunate to learn from one guy here, he's based in Malaysia as well. He made it really simple. So he got rid of all this jargon that you might hear, you know, they have a lot of technical terms. And it again, it goes back to your language. So, the words you use on a daily basis will influence your outcome. And so, I mean, one of the best examples that we ... We like to use the word no a lot. Or don't. You know, I don't do this, I don't like that. But you'd be surprised that every single time you start using the word don't in a sentence, that thing that you don't want, most probably, will start coming into your life. And it's the same thing with a Google search. You know, you try typing, like ... You try this experiment in Google. You know, no football, or no soccer. The results that come up.

Trevor Fenner: I never thought about that. That's amazing. It's so genius.

Izad: Yeah.

Trevor Fenner: It's true.

Izad: Yeah. So again, I think, you know, the universe, your subconscious, it doesn't recognize these words, you know. So that's, I think, when you talk about NLP, again, it's all about the words you're using. And I'm a fan of NLP, though sometimes it's a bit hard to practice. So, yeah.

Trevor Fenner: Yeah, I agree. I mean, it's definitely a hard thing to make a habit out of. To, like, rid those kind of words out of your life. And sometimes you just can't avoid it. But at the same time, it's true that if you just focus on what you're talking about more, like, if you just observe, I guess, what you're saying throughout the day, you can then decide whether you want to change that or not. Or I guess improve it, or just evolve as a human being. I mean, personal development, right, is all just about us developing our personal lives and trying to make things better in some way. And I think people that are on this path, people that are listening to this episode specifically, are interested in improving their lives. And man, you guys have probably learned so much already. Izad, you've been really helpful, man. This is amazing.

Izad: Yeah. Yeah. [inaudible 00:30:30]

Trevor Fenner: There's so much cool stuff dropped in her. Make sure you guys say, when you want to achieve anything, that you say, I am in the process. Because you're making it more real, you know. You're making it, like, something that you're already achieving.

Izad: Yes.

Trevor Fenner: Which is so key, you know, to actually manifesting into your life. It's creating it.

Izad: Yes.

Trevor Fenner: But one tip I want to throw in there really quick is, surrounding yourself with people that are already doing what you want to be doing. So, whether that's, you know, entrepreneurship, whether it's, like you were saying, get healthier, or get in a better relationship. Whatever that is that you want, that you've written down. Surround yourself with people that are already there. Because there's nothing more real than seeing it actually happening in real life.

Trevor Fenner: So if you want to be in a good relationship, try to meet somebody or hang out with people that are in a good relationship. If you want to make more money, try to meet somebody or hang out with people that are making a lot of money. In whatever field you want to be in. Whether that's online or offline. You know, if you want to get healthier, go online to YouTube and search, type in these questions, like, how to get healthier and stuff like that. If you surround yourself physically, though, you're going to be in someone's physical presence, I've found in my life this is the most effective way for me to change anything in my life, is to actually surround myself physically with somebody. Because I feel their emotions more.

Izad: Yes. That's right.

Trevor Fenner: And I catch their energies and stuff like that. And just the, like-

Izad: Yeah. You feel the vibes, man.

Trevor Fenner: You feel the vibes. It's just like, that's exactly what it is, man.

Izad: Yes. That's right. That's right, isn't it?

Trevor Fenner: And just hearing, like, the little things they say, that to them is normal. To you, it's something that is not normal. It's something you want to make normal in your life, right?

Izad: Yeah.

Trevor Fenner: And to them it's normal. So like, then, it being normal, it tricks your mind into thinking it's normal. And now you're manifesting it more. I've found some of the most important things in my life have come from me surrounding myself with people that are already doing it. So I just wanted to drop that [crosstalk 00:32:10]-

Izad: Yeah. Yeah.

Trevor Fenner: Izad, where can people find you if they want to learn more about Law of Attraction [crosstalk 00:32:15]?

Izad: Sure, yeah. They can go to my website, kalizad.com.

Trevor Fenner: Cool.

Izad: And-

Trevor Fenner: Kal Izad. K-A-L I-Z-A-D dotcom.

Izad: Yeah.

Trevor Fenner: I will put up a link in the description if you're watching on YouTube, if you're on the podcast, [inaudible 00:32:28] go check out the YouTube video version of this. Izad is a really friendly guy and super awesome, so if you want to learn more about Law of Attraction, go to his website. Sign up for some coaching [inaudible 00:32:36] or fly out of Malaysia and go to one of his workshops. He's pretty awesome.

Izad: Yeah.

Trevor Fenner: Izad, thank you so much for being on the podcast, man. And the listeners really appreciate it.

Izad: Yeah. Okay, no problem.

Trevor Fenner: And we'll talk to you again later.

Izad: Okay, thanks.


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