Leadpages Review: Best Landing Page Builder for Small Business

Any digital marketing campaign is deemed incomplete without a landing page. Why? The landing page is a crucial marketing tool, as this is where leads are redirected and converted. A landing page is where all the efforts in e-mail marketing, PPC ads, or other marketing campaigns go to. As a result, its conversion rate is typically higher than a regular webpage from the website since lead pages are highly targeted and points to one specific action.  

What are the differences of landing page versus a regular webpage?

Unlike webpages or a website, landing pages are targeted to create a specific target, while a webpage caters to the general audience. Moreover, landing pages are focused on fulfilling a particular goal like answer a survey, download content, or participate in a promo. It's different from the webpage as the visitors have full control of what to do inside the site.

A landing page is a great way to drive traffic, build the brand, and improve search engine optimization (SEO).  As an effective lead generating tool, lead pages produce specific benefits, supporting the business goals. In summary, the landing page creates more conversions, which leads to more customers and more sales. 

In order to get started with a landing page, businesses must employ a capable landing page builder software. There are a number of platforms offering this service, such as Clickfunnels, Aweber, Unbounce, and Instapage. However, for this review, we will focus on one of the best landing pages builder, Leadpages.


Start Selling Online Fast and Smart, with Leadpages

What is Leadpages?

Leadpages Review

is a landing page builder designed for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform guarantees to help small businesses by collecting leads, connecting with their audience, and closing sales. Aside from being a landing page builder, Leadpages is an all-in-one, versatile conversion toolkit. It has a diverse product assortment such as websites, landing pages, pop-up forms, and alert bars to help the business grow faster.

With Leadpages, business owners can create websites without coding a single thing. Through the use of conversion-optimized, mobile-responsive templates, the business can easily publish webpages in a short time. The easy drag and drop builder lets users create professional-looking, high-converting landing pages, and websites.

Beyond the design, Leadpages also provide excellent performance tracking through easy to interpret analytics. Augment insights and business performance with a/b split tests, and real-time conversion tips in one dashboard.

Keep on reading to explore more of Leadpages'' product suite and features.

The World's First Conversion-First Website Builder

Claimed to be the quickest and easiest online website builder, Leadpages assures that users don't just build a website, but profitable business. Leadpages is the only website builder platform that provides the experience of a swift and straightforward website without any coding or technical requirement.

It is not a secret that building a website may take a great deal of time and money. Businesses spend so much time and expenses to create a website. Nonetheless, with Leadpages, a professional web developer might not be needed at all.

Leadpages sites promise to convert traffic into leads and transform leads into sales. Engineered to be the easiest website builder, Leadpages is deemed to be the complete toolkit for website creation.

  • High-Converting Templates – Get professional-looking websites that are fully responsive. Leadpages'' have a collection of templates that sure to convert and perform better than the others.
  •  Pre-Built Webpages – Using Leadpages' pre-built page templates save a lot of time. Since the templates seamlessly integrate with other sites, users can swap or add site pages effortlessly.
  •  Customize without Coding – The smart drag and drop feature is a fun and trouble-free method to create the website. Customize and work around with website elements without coding anything. The great thing about it is, Leadpages still allows customization with coding for a more advanced site requirement.
  •  One-Stop Conversion Toolkit – Because of its product range, users can easily extend their marketing efforts and use opt-in forms, pop-ups, and alert bars to the site, under the Leadpages platform alone.
  • Fast-Loading Website – It is a piece of common knowledge among digital businesses that a website should load in an average of 10.3 seconds on desktop and 27.3 seconds on mobile. With Leadpages, clients get a whopping 2.4 seconds faster page load and a 30% higher performance score compared with others. This is based on Google Lighthouse's comparative audit of five leading landing page builders.  The lightning-speed page load accumulates more visitors, meaning more conversions too.
  •  Fully Mobile Optimized – Some websites may require separate building for its desktop and mobile format – Leadpages does not.  All Leadpages sites are guaranteed to be mobile responsive and fully compatible with any device and any screen size.
  • Analytics Dashboard - Check and track the website's performance by using the Leadpages dashboard or link any third-party analytics provider.
  • Built-in SEO – Leadpages makes it extra easy to rank on search engines, without any intervention from digital experts. Leadpages'' built-in SEO settings provide meta descriptions and image optimizations assistance so the site can rise to the first page of search engines.
  • Flexible Publishing Options – After creating the website, users are presented with options to publish the site using free Leadpages domains that are hosted on their servers. Users also have the choice to connect a third-party domain according to their preferences. To help small businesses get started, all annual Leadpages subscriptions cover free domain registration for one year. This unique set-up assists stores to sell right away.

The Pioneer for Landing Page Conversions

Leadpages Review

Leadpages, packed with its powerful features, has been the leader for landing page builders and conversions for quite a while now. With this platform, every click is an excellent chance for closed sales, hence, growing the business faster.

  •  Built-in Conversion Guidance – Users'' can predict page performance before publishing so they can tweak and adjust. This Leadpages'' exclusive technology helps small businesses to be fully ready and optimized before launch.
  • Unlimited Lead Generation and Publishing – Leadpages places zero limits on web visitors or lead collections. This means that the business can continue to grow without having to worry about bloating charges on the traffic the website makes. In addition, say goodbye to "bandwidth exceeded" or publishing limits. Leadpages allows unlimited creation of landing pages for every campaign and every targeted traffic.
  • Broad Gallery of Templates – As mentioned, Leadpages provide mobile-responsive and high-converting templates. On top of these great features is an extensive gallery of templates to choose from. With more than 200 professionally-designed templates, there is a guaranteed design fit for any business. 
  • Grow the E-mail List Faster – With landing pages, visitors are more encouraged to opt-in or subscribe to the mailing list. More published landing pages mean more opportunities to grow the subscriber's list.
  • Lead Magnet Delivery SystemSend digital files to new subscribers to impress them better. Leadpages'' Opt-in pages allow a swift collection of subscribers and automatically add them to the list. 
  • Confirmation Pages – Let the audience know whenever they perform a successful sale or make a subscription. Leadpages has Thank-you pages and other follow-up pages that may go hand-in-hand with the marketing campaign.
  •   Effective Sales Pages – Eliminate objections with Leadpages'' sales pages. Created to be extremely persuasive, these sales pages ensure to drive better conversions and, eventually, to close sales.
  •  Check-out Pages – Leadpages' ' built-in payment and ecommerce integrations creates opportunities for sales and even fulfill the delivery of digital products.

Capture Audience at the Right Time

Pop-Ups are a great tool to capture the audience's attention instantly. Leadpages' pop-up builder makes it easy to set-up, create, and launch these pop-ups to any landing page in a matter of minutes.

With intelligent behavior and time-triggered pop-up settings, Leadpages helps businesses hit the bull's eye for its target market. 

  • Trigger Events - Command when the pop-up should appear. Leadpages gives users the full control to trigger pop-ups to appear whenever a visitor makes an action. Show the pop-up when the visitor clicks an image, button, or specific hyperlink text.
  • Time Trigger – Aside from action-based, pop-ups can also be shown at a certain period of time. Trigger and display the pop-up after a certain time lapses, or specific page views are met.
  •  Exit Intent Pop-Ups - Create an exit pop-up to appear whenever visitors indicate signs of leaving the webpage.
  • Publishing Options – Publish and launch pop-ups to a web page, squeeze page, landing page, or third-party website. As easy as its creation, publishing is also straightforward and does not need further coding.
  • Drag and Drop Builder – Design visually pleasing pop-ups with ease by the drag and drop builder. Move and add text elements, images, buttons, and forms easily.
  • Blog Sidebar Button – Invite blog visitors to subscribe with an easy to spot sidebar image. Let visitors subscribe to the e-mail newsletter or blog feed with an opt-in form.

Capture Leads Anywhere with Alert Bars

Leadpages alert bars are mobile-friendly and non-intrusive. These alert bars help capture the audience's attention and boost conversions.

  • Mobile-Responsive Layouts – Users have access to four mobile responsive layouts that are optimized to adjust based on the visitor's device screen size.
  • Opt-in Form Announcements – Invite visitors or publicize events so visitors can submit their names and e-mail address on the header.
  • Flexible Publishing – Publish an alert bar anywhere - on landing pages or websites that use HTML and Javascript.
  • Analytics and Performance – Track and gain insights on the performance of each alert bar. These reports are conveniently available to the Leadpages dashboard. 
  • Opt-In Opportunity – Create an alert bar with a simple opt-in form and CTA button to convert hot leads.
  • Sale Promotion – Use the alert bar to highlight an on-going promotion, a free coupon code, or limited-time offers.

There are just four simple steps to create alert bars. First is to select a layout, customize the content, then connect the chosen e-mail marketing services and publish. As easy as that.

Leadpages Integrations

Leadpages is compatible and can be integrated with a massive number of marketing and sales applications.

Send data for analytics in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar, or any JavaScript Analytics Platforms.

Build integrated campaigns and manage contacts with Leadpages'' CRM integrations in Pardot, Salesforce, LionDesk, amoCRM, PipeDrive, and more.

Leadpages can be integrated into tons of applications in digital advertising, ecommerce, e-mail marketing, and live chat. Additionally, it can also collect leads with other marketing automation applications, payments, scheduling, social media, video, webinar, and websites.

Some of the prominent Leadpages integrations include Facebook Ads, Shopify, Gmail, HubSpot, Zapier, Zendesk, Paypal, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Wix, and WordPress. In order to obtain the full list of integrations, head on to Leadpages'' official website for further reference.

Leadpages Pricing

Leadpages is trusted by over 40,000 small business owners, according to their website. The platform offers three pricing tiers that are beneficial for specific needs. Leadpages also offers a risk-free 14-day trial across all of its plan options.

Leadpages Standard is priced at $25 per month for annual billing. It costs $37 per month if set on monthly billing. The plan includes one site, landing Pages, pop-Ups, alert bars, unlimited traffic & leads, and free custom domain with an annual purchase. Moreover, this plan offers free hosting, access to mobile-responsive templates, lead notifications, tech support via e-mail, and enables over 40 standard integrations.

Leadpages Pro is priced at $48 per month for annual billing, while it costs $79 per month if set on monthly billing. Pro is packed with features that can be used in three sites. It includes everything in the Standard plan as well as online sales and payments. In addition, this plan has unlimited A/B split testing, e-mail trigger links, and ten opt-in text campaigns.

Leadpages Advanced is priced at $199 per month, for annual billing, and $321 per month if set on monthly. The plan includes everything in Pro but can be used in up to 50 sites. Advanced plan is also enabled for advanced integrations, includes five Pro sub-accounts, 50 extra opt-in text campaigns, and a one-on-one quick start call session.

The Verdict on Leadpages

A landing page puts business owners in the driver's seat by allowing them to lead the visitors towards a specific action like e-mail list subscription, whitepaper download, or account sign-up. Hence, with the most accessible landing page builder software, growth is sure to follow.

Take control of marketing with easy to use landing page builder and all-in-one conversion solution like Leadpages. By using this platform, businesses are guaranteed to perform better and make the most out of the marketing budget. With Leadpages, companies can create unlimited campaigns for every segment and target audience there are. Create unique campaigns and relevant landing pages for maximum audience persuasion.

What's great with Leadpages is it makes every small business owner an automatic marketing pro with loaded features and seamless integrations to the majority of marketing and sales applications available.

Create high-converting landing pages in seconds. Work with the best landing page builder, Leadpages.

Have you tried Leadpages? What can you say about this solution? Share your experience in the comment section below!

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