Long Tail Pro Review: Is Long Tail Pro The Best Keyword Research Tool for High-Ticket Drop Shipping?

This is a short, and hopefully, informative article about our experiences using Long Tail Pro. If you are in the SEO business for some amount of time, you probably understand how difficult it is to rank on high-competition keywords. Such keywords may benefit sites or stores that are older, have good links, and better content. If you got a newly-established website or store, you will not probably make it.



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However, you may have better chances of targeting longer tail keyword variations. These are often lower competition keywords, but they work. If you take a look at user trends, there are lots of folks who use Google by typing in their actual question or query in almost a sentence form. That is one reason why using long-tail keywords works on rankings. 

The starting price for a month-long subscription of Long Tail Pro is just $25, which already gives you up to 800 lookups for a day. The pro account is the best choice for serious marketers, costing $45 a month but it gives you up to 2,500 searches a day and a complete suite of in-house SEO templates. 



Using Long Tail Pro

Using it is pretty straightforward. Once you are logged in, you will be greeted by a simple interface and a search bar. You only have to put in a general keyword, let’s say for this instance a high-competition keyword you want to rank for, and then choose the number of suggestions (results) preferred. 



Click retrieve and you now have a list of excellent long-tail keywords. The Long Tail Pro has filters that show the figures for monthly searches, suggested bid, and advertiser competition, which are very helpful for refining your search. The tool does show competitive rankings for Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The tool has a nice feature that shows the real-time keyword competition rather than figures from the past months, so the results are always accurate. The results are color-coded based on the ease of ranking, green for easy and yellow means more effort needed in link building.



If you already have a website or a store, the Long Tail Pro can show the keywords that matter to your competitiveness scores. You can use this information to know the keywords that improve your ranking and those that needed work. It gives you a sense of direction and a targeted means to improve rankings. 



Also, you can generate even longer tail keywords from a select long-tail keyword preferred. That means you can have a list of excellent long-tail keywords in such a short amount of time. Lastly, you can use the Long Tail Pro to do a deep look on your website and see the keywords that pull in traffic and which pages need more link building.

Improve the Health of Your Website and Be More Competitive. 

Aside from looking for keywords, you will find the Long Tail Pro a helpful tool in planning content output. One good idea is to generate a long-tail keyword and turn it into an article. Many content mills use this technique to do their thing, even though the actual pages often lack substance. Why not make a change and create high-quality content for your store or domain? 

Many keywords are simply too high in terms of competition that it is not worth the effort. The Long Tail Pro is a very good tool to hunt down long-tail keywords to help improve your ranking in a short amount of time and without hurting your budget.



Click Here To Get Your Free Trial Of Long Tail Pro

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