Loox Review: Best Photo Review App for Shopify

Loox Review


Online stores today are not just engaged in price wars alone. The competition has stretched to the point where visual patterns and aesthetic delivery matter above any else.

In most cases, feedback on text format isn’t enough to satisfy the customers' hunger for product information, and reviews. In fact, research says that photographic reviews are far more effective than just plain text. Photo reviews on product pages drive up to 91% uplift in conversions.

Stunning reviews boost trust and credibility for the brand. Stores flooded with such feedbacks are expected to drive higher conversions and sales - but what makes up a great review? 

First, as mentioned – the review must be in the form of a photo.

Second, it must be user-generated.

User-generated content amplifies the reputation of the brand. It is also proven that user-generated reviews drive higher engagement compared to the generic ones. Real photos from real customers are considered social proofs that search engines love to use for website ranking. Also, visual product reviews encourage repeat purchases and attract customer traffic.

So, how to collect these kinds of reviews?

Thankfully, there’s LOOX app to help stores gather user-generated photos for definite social proof. Through this in-depth interview, discover the reasons why over 90,000 of Shopify merchants loved this application.



Loox is a photo review app for Shopify. It lets customers leave product reviews with photos of the items bought.

Typically, customers leave text comments after purchase or none at all. With Loox in the Shopify store, review requests are sent, reminding customers to take a picture and leave a review.

The app is compatible with any store formats, whether fashion, health, sports equipment, and more.

Loox also enables the import of reviews from other shop platforms available such as Amazon and AliExpress.



Beyond the collection of reviews and social proof, Loox brings more vital features to engage customers and increase sales.

Some of the significant features of Loox includes:

  • One-Click Set-Up – Forget about coding and configurations. Install Loox to the store with just one touch. Just select “Loox” on the Shopify app marketplace, and choose install. That’s it!
  • Autopilot Review Collection – Due to Loox's multiple channel generation, Shopify shop gets more reviews from an email, web push notifications, and social media such as Facebook messenger. Automatic reminders and requests thru email can also be sent based on the schedule. Moreover, reviews can also be collected even for past transactions up to three months back.
  • Reviewers Discount – Customers of today always look for the benefits they could get - “What’s in it for me?”. As part of the strategy to collect more reviews, Loox offers past shoppers an exclusive “reviewers discount” in exchange for photo reviews of their previous purchase. This can be quickly done through the app setting. The app will recognize the customer's identification if they successfully leave a review. Loox will automatically send a markdown coupon for the next purchase.
  • Import Reviews – As stated earlier, Loox permits the import of reviews from other shop platforms available such as Amazon and AliExpress. Easily import photos and reviews in just one click.
  • Respond to Reviews – Foster a positive brand experience or immediately solve any bad reviews by replying to customers. Replies can be easily set in public or private for better communication control. By default, the responses are set to public, but Loox allows users to filter and choose which reviews to display and which ones to withhold. This can be done by navigating to the admin panel of the Loox interface. 

  • Customizable Lead Questions – Take full control of review forms and a feedback path. Custom the form with questions that are related and brand-centered. Shop owners can also insert leading questions that may result from repeating purchases or others.

    Easily Collect User-Generated Photo Reviews for Your Store

  • Designed for Global Consumption – Loox is offered in various languages to cultivate better communication. Loox is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, and Norwegian.
  • Dedicated Review Page – The "Happy Customer Page" is a dedicated page to display all of the Shopify store's review. This page is beneficial to the new visitors as it may further influence the decision to purchase. Likewise, the page houses all reviews in a neat and straightforward view that are easy to browse and digest.
  • Show Satisfied Customers Across the Shopify Website - Display reviews through pop-up while visitors are browsing the site. The context-aware pop-up may show relevant reviews on the current product they are on. The Loox Sidebar, on the other hand, grants access to all the Shopify reviews. These are strategically placed on a floating button on the side of their screen, making it accessible and visible to visitors.
  • Stunning Review GalleriesPhoto reviews are automatically placed in an elegant and beautiful layout that is hard not to miss. Personal favorite reviews can also be featured in the homepage carousel with the help of a carousel widget. These photos are displayed on any page of the Shopify store.
  • Star Ratings – Aside from user-generated photos, star ratings on the homepage, collection pages, cart page, and higher up on product pages are possible.
  • Drive More Store Traffic – Boost organic traffic with highly optimized SEO content on the Shopify site. Loox also enables shops to display product reviews and ratings on organic search results. Speaking of the search engine, its google shopping integration makes it easier to feature photo reviews and star ratings on Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads. Lastly and maybe the most powerful tool to attract traffic – social media. Shops can publicly share photo reviews on social media networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Increase Repeat Purchases and Brand Retention – Remain top of mind by sending review requests to post purchases. This way, the shop can be easily recalled, and the chances of repeat purchases are high. Another Loox feature Shopify E-commerce stores can utilize is the incentives program. Offer discounts and coupons for reviews and next purchases. Similarly, shops can promote loyalty schemes in the form of points and rewards.
  • Designed for ShopifyLoox features highly customizable emails and widgets for your brand. It is also compatible with other top-notch Shopify apps, themes, and page builders such as AfterShip, Smile.io, PushOwl, Shopify Flow, Pagefly, GemPages, Searchanise, Instant Search+, and more.
  • Seamless – Loox is perfectly well-suited to any themes, tested responsive, and highly mobile optimized. Whatever Shopify theme is installed, Loox guarantees smooth integration to stores sans the code customization.



Loox features a diverse pricing structure suitable for every requirement. The app also comes with a free 14-day trial should a client considers using one.

Refer below for the plans and price.

Basic Plan – Starts at $9.99 a month. The basic plan gives the user an initial 100 monthly review request emails, and discounts for photo reviews offer. Additionally, access to reviews, ratings & pop-up widgets plus In-line SEO is included.

Advanced Plan – Priced at $29.99 a month. Bears 500 monthly review request emails with all the basic plan features. Moreover, all Loox widgets, Recart & PushOwl integrations, and advanced customization come with this option.

Pro Plan – Offered at $59.99 a month. The Pro plan grants up to 1,500 monthly review request emails plus all the Advanced plan inclusions. Besides, Full customization & branding feature, All Loox integrations, Facebook Tab, and Google Shopping are included.

Enterprise Plan - Priced at $99.99 a month, the plan comes with a regular 10,000 monthly review request emails plus all the Pro plan features.

All charges are billed every 30 days.



User-generated reviews and visual presentations for reviews are indispensable. Certainly, shops needed to employ inventive apps like Loox to keep the traffic going.

Social proof across all media channels is enough promotion to convince prospects to visit and eventually buy something from the store. Since Word-of-Mouth and recommendations are still superior, a number of satisfied customers would substantially push sales growth and brand recognition.

Proven credibility from positive reviews is still the best organic advertisement to have. With Loox installed in several shops, Shopify owners can also protect the brand against bad reviews by choosing to hide the review and communicate with the customer.

Showcasing its world-class customer support and GDPR compliance, Shopify clients are ensured to obtain the utmost security over data.

Our recommendation? Loox is a must-have for every Shopify store owners.

Have you given Loox app a shot?

What review generation app are you currently using? Let us know! 


Drive User-Generated Reviews and Increase Sales with Loox

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