Lucky Orange Review: Best Heatmaps and Session Capture App for Ecommerce


Content marketing, Social media marketing, Email marketing, Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Search engine optimization (SEO), and more. Every marketing campaign that the business launches lead to the number one goal – conversion. What is Conversion? It is any response of the customers on the launched campaign, making it a step closer to a qualified lead, and eventually, a closed sale. Conversion can be in the form of email sign-ups, webinar attendance, clicking an ad, and more.

With the overwhelming digital marketing facts and metrics, such as CPC, CTRs, google analytics, and others, where do businesses focus their campaign efforts? Where to start? This is a common problem among ecommerce sites, but let us tell you a secret. Businesses should only focus on two things. One, enhancing user experience and two, increasing the conversion rate.

Conversion rate is the percentage of time that customers convert on an offer. In order to increase the conversion rate, an optimization tool to engage and lead customers must be employed. Tools that are designed to acquire, engage, develop, and eventually turn visitors to customers.

Read on this blog as we deep dive into the all-in-one conversion optimization tool called Lucky Orange.



Lucky Orange is a collection of tools designed for conversion, lead generation, and better website performance. The conversion tools of lucky orange promise to make the most out of the traffic the ecommerce site already has.

Lucky Orange's visitor dashboard, heatmaps, live chat, conversion funnels, form analytics, help businesses instantly see where the customers are frustrated, confused, or worst, why do they abandon the site. Its smart AI shows who are currently on the website, their navigation detail, and where the customer came from. This app conclusively shows how people use the website.

These tools give website owners a clear picture and the reasons why people don’t convert. Through data aggregation into heatmaps, strong knowledge on how people read the web pages is obtained. Aside from that, it records how visitors interact with the website elements, such as sale banner or discount buttons, and even provide insights on how far they scroll.

Lucky Orange effectively ties these useful data into videos so subscribers can watch and learn visitors' exact behavior. This understanding is useful for strategizing the next campaigns.

All the more, Lucky Orange allows valuable feedback that turn more visitors into customers.


Optimize Just Like Watching A Movie

Lucky Orange Recordings

Programmed to automatically capture every visitors' activity on the website, Lucky Orange provides users with detailed session recordings such as the clicks made, scrolls, and the moves the customers made while inside the website.  The intuitive session preview can be easily controlled with pause, play, speed, and skip the idle activity, just like any other home videos.

With the surge of visitors coming in, Lucky Orange devised smart filters through the magnitude of recordings. Effortlessly segment each visitor’s session by their location, behavior, device used, source referral, browser used, etc.

Lucky Orange makes it easier to solve customer issues by applying order number, customer ID, or name into the filters. This way, owners have a clear picture of the issue and are able to suggest immediate resolutions.


Optimize Dynamically

Lucky Orange Heatmaps

The world’s first and only fully interactive heatmap. Lucky Orange has one of the most powerful heatmap tools that supports a dynamic and interactive website. It enables users to watch real-time movement from visitors that overlays when browsed on the website. The heatmap simultaneously updates as visitors toggle menu, click the dropdown, open pop-ups, or switch pages. 

Additionally, the heatmap tool is enhanced to produce valuable insights through intelligent segmentation. It can screen and generate heatmaps based on different device types, date ranges, sources, and others. One important feature of Lucky Orange's heatmap is the detailed interaction of visitors to each website element. With this, users can strategize where to put contents such as new product alerts, or discounts in a manner that is easily seen and clicked based on the heatmap.

What's also cool with Lucky Orange heatmap is that the heatmap's look and opacity are customizable depending on the client's preference. Furthermore, it allows screen capture for swift sharing and reports usage.

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Optimize with Communication

Lucky Orange Live Chat

This feature may be one of the most common conversion tools offered. However, Lucky Orange incorporated notable advantages to its chat platform.

Lucky Orange Live Chat helps users to converse in a friendly but professional tone through its canned responses. It’s a pre-programmed response that is usually used for repetitive questions from customers. Canned responses can be enabled just by typing the shortcut word.

The comprehensive live chat by Lucky Orange has features like smooth transfer to other operators, custom data API that shows the true customer identity, typing preview, and multiple customer chats. Taking it a notch higher is the separate window chat for other operators, and the live view to see the exact page the same with the customer.

Lucky Orange introduces three ways to chat using their tool. One is Ask to Chat, where an operator can pick specific visitors and invite them to chat. Second is Available to Chat, which appears in many ecommerce sites. It shows an automated message when a visitor clicks on the chat button. Lastly is the Auto Invite, where website owners can create specific rules and automatically invite visitors to chat.

The desktop and mobile-friendly live chat platforms are compatible across almost any device. The chat window also comes with a customizable set of colors and fonts to match the branding guidelines.


Optimize Abandonment

Lucky Orange Conversion Funnels

Find out where most of the visitors leave the website just before they can successfully place an order. Conversion funnels give users a complete view of exactly where visitors abandon a process on the website, like on "customer information" or "check out." By just clicking the funnel steps, website owners can filter the number of visitors that abandoned on that specific phase.

Furthermore, Lucky Orange allows users to create unlimited funnels based on behavior tags. Add steps and create funnels for each process like Order, Shipping Methods, Coupon Codes, etc. to increase conversion.

With its straightforward conversion tool, users have an overview where is the largest drop-off points in the conversion process. For example, 45% left at delivery options or 70% left at the checkout page.

Obtaining insights on conversion funnels has a huge impact on the bottom line, so it is essential to understand why and where visitors abandon a process.



Optimize Forms

Lucky Orange Form Analytics

On the contrary, conversion does not end in a filled-out form – it starts right where the visitors submit the answers.

Lucky Orange devised a form cross-checker that instantly identifies problem areas in the form, and reports them to users. Including reports on abandonment, field time, average order, time to start, and repeated fields.

With the detailed analytics, businesses can identify which part of the form caused the abandonment, and where it took the longest time to fill out.  Furthermore, Lucky Orange Form Analytics provides insights on which fields of the form are often repeated by the same visitor and, of course, the total time it took for a specific visitor to complete each part and the whole form in general.

Optimize Customer Input

Lucky Orange Polls

Polls are excellent to acquire an instant response, user insights, and can also generate leads.

Using Lucky Orange poll promises to ask the perfect question at the perfect time by giving the users full control on where and when the polls are shown. Besides its simple editor for content editing, there are also available options for design improvement, such as colors and font adjustments.

Website owners can easily create polls in the dashboard, without having to code a single thing.


Lucky Orange Pricing

Lucky Orange is known to be one of the most affordable conversion optimization tools in the market. Below are the five levels of their pricing scheme with corresponding features.

All their plans do not require a credit card and have free trial offerings for each.

 Starter – Monthly pageviews of 25,000 shared across sites. Includes one site, two operators, unlimited recordings, and unlimited heat map data. This plan is priced at $10 per month.

Small Business – Monthly pageviews of 60,000 shared across sites. This plan has three sites and four operators, with unlimited recordings and unlimited heat map data. Lucky Orange’s most popular plan priced at $20 per month.

Medium - Monthly pageviews of 200,000 shared across sites. It has eight sites and allows ten operators, with unlimited recordings and unlimited heat map data. This plan is priced at $50 per month.

Large - Monthly pageviews of 500,000 shared across sites. This plan has 16 sites and allows up to 20 operators. It also comes with unlimited recordings and unlimited heat map data. This is considered as the best value plan, priced at $100 per month.

Lucky Orange also offers support in an Enterprise level, with monthly page views up to billions shared across sites. It bears advanced support with custom plan availability. Clients who wish to inquire about this plan can call Lucky Orange for more information.


Benefits of Using Lucky Orange

To wrap up this walkthrough, it is best recommended to study and understand conversion and conversion rate optimization.

The smallest thing present on the website can affect conversion – like the color red in the welcome banner or the CTA button's shape. Hence, it is wise to employ all-in-one conversion optimization tools to arrive in more sales and understand the bigger picture for a higher profit.

Data-driven decisions, higher revenue, customer value, successful marketing efforts, and the list goes on. Benefits of conversion tools are a lot; thus, utilizing multiple conversion tools like Lucky Orange offers to play more advantages for business growth. 

Do you also optimize your ecommerce sites for conversions? Share us how you do it by commenting below! 

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