Media Temple Review: Best Web Host for Growing Websites


Media Temple Review


Every website needs to be online 24/7. But how do you achieve that? How do you make sure your website does not experience downtimes as much as possible?

The answer depends on the reliability of your web hosting. A reliable hosting will make sure your website stays online and never sleeps while a flimsy web hosting can be problematic and lead to site errors and downtimes. In turn, a good web host can seamlessly support your online operations, which can lead to faster conversions. A low-grade web hosting, on the other hand, can hinder visitors from getting into your website, leading to potential loss of sales.

Many hosting options are available for any kind of website - whether it’s for personal & professional site, eCommerce store, or a Business website. For starters, you can always opt for a Shared web hosting wherein you share the resources of a single server with other websites – this option is perfect for beginners and small-mid businesses. Then we have VPS hosting, which gives you plenty of space for growth, this is usually best for growing business websites with moderate to heavy site traffic. If you’re a WordPress enthusiast, then you can opt for WordPress hosting plans. WP hosting optimizes your WP websites for maximum site performance in terms of functionality, speed, and security. For enterprise-level businesses, you might opt for dedicated hosting. This kind of hosting gives you the best server features and provides you with full control and security.

With numerous web hosting companies available, finding the right web host is undoubtedly not a walk in the park. You will need to do ample due diligence since choosing a web host that does not fit your requirements can negatively affect your website.

In this blog, we’ll give you an in-depth review of one of the most well-known brands in web hosting – Media Temple. Expect to get a complete view of its Media Temple’s hosting features, plans, reliability, and technically – if it’s worth considering.


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A Robust Web Hosting Services Provider

Media Temple is a US-based company that was bought out in 2013 by GoDaddy. To date, the company manages over 1.5 million websites and boasts over 125,000 customers globally. The figures themselves prove that the company is well-known in the industry.

Getting started with Media Temple is pretty simple. Media Temple offers a free site review wherein you’ll get insights on all your site issues, including faulty coding, plugins, and unsteady speeds. However, this might not be the case if you’re coming from another web host as Media Temple does not offer free migration services.

Easy to Use

With Media Temple, you’ll be given instant and easy signups with automatic scaling partnered with topnotch customer support. In terms of Media Temple’s control center, you get access to countless apps, including WordPress, Zen Cart, and Drupal, among others – all through one-click installs. Scaling is easy since you can easily add new domains under your account. With Media Temple’s accessibility features, you can easily manage all your email accounts & inboxes and MySQL database permissions.

Excellent Uptimes

Keeping your website online can be a make or break for every potential sale. Thus, if you don’t want your website to sleep, then Media Temple is worth considering. Media Temple boasts a 99.999% uptime guarantee. The company is designed to power any website even with sudden traffic spikes. In fact, for selected plans - Media Temple offers a 20% refund for every 20 minutes downtime for the affected month. 

Advanced Scalability and Security Features

We’re not kidding when we say that Media Temple offers plenty of room for growth. Media Temple’s plans come with high-performing SSD storage, scalable bandwidth, multiple site allowances, and dedicated database containers. These features enable your website to handle sudden spikes in website traffic.

For your online security, you get to benefit from Media Temple’s round the clock security with DDoS protection paired with regular backups and file restoration. These features are enough to keep your website running without any security threat so you can focus on stuff that matters more.

Ultimate Email Functionality

With Media Temple, you can easily configure up to 1,000 email accounts across all domains and access your inbox, calendars, and contacts anytime through a browser interface.

You can also get GSuite add-on for a minimal fee, which in turn activates spam protection and productivity tools.

Reliable Customer Support

Even the best web hosting companies face issues. However, the important thing is that your web host can provide you with reachable customer support and tools to help you solve your problems in no time. As a paying customer, of course, you would want to be provided with the best customer support possible.

The thing we like about Media Temple is its focus on giving expert support 24/7/365. With Media Temple, you get 24/7 access to expert customer support via live chat, phone, and email. You can also check in on Media Temple’s social media pages through Facebook and Twitter.

For resources, you also get to access Media Temple’s knowledge base, where you can find answers to your queries, tutorials, and other guides to help you navigate around the platform.

Grid – Shared Hosting Plans

Media Temple’s Shared hosting plans or “Grid” as they call it is available in three different subscription plans – Personal, Pro, and Elite. The Grid is best for starter business sites, personal and professional websites, due to its affordability while being feature-rich. The Grid offers faster speeds, advanced security, and easy to use control panel with Grid’s all-SSD storage, smooth scaling features, DDoS protection, 30-day backups, single-click install plugins, and custom-built control panel.

The Personal plan starts at $20 per month. The Personal subscription plan includes 20GB SSD storage, 100 databases, 1TB bandwidth, and 1000 email boxes for up to 100 sites. Then we have the Pro plan at $30 per month with 100GB SSD storage, 500 databases, 2TB bandwidth, and 1000 email boxes as well – all good for up to 500 websites. Also, you get malware detection & removal feature, content delivery network (CDN), and web application firewall (WAF) for one site. For the Grid’s grandest plan, we have the Elite package priced at $60 per month. Like the Pro Plan, this package is suitable for up to 500 websites and comes with 250GB SSD storage, 500 databases, 5TB bandwidth, and 1000 email boxes. Also, you get malware detection & removal feature, content delivery network (CDN), and web application firewall (WAF) for up to five sites and a dedicated database container.

Managed WordPress Plans

If you want your WordPress site to perform at its best, this type of hosting is a good bet. Whether you’re building a WP-website for your hobby, non-profits, creatives, or for business needs, Media Temple’s Managed WordPress Hosting will surely give you all the functionality that you’ll need. Being built for WordPress users, you also get simple and easy setup features, customizable themes, site cloning features, developer tools, automatic updates, security monitoring, and regular backups.

These plans are best suited for portfolio sites, blog sites, and eCommerce stores with moderate online traffic. You have an option between Personal and Professional plans depending on your requirements, which we’ll detail below.

The Personal plan starts at $20 per month and includes two sites, four staging sites, 50GB SSD storage for websites with up to 250,000 monthly site traffic. Then for websites with heavy traffic, the Professional plan costs $60 per month and includes ten sites, 20 staging sites, and 200GB SSD storage – built for sites with up to 500,000 monthly site visitors. The Professional plan also features two domain names and 2 SSL certificates.

DV Managed – Managed VPS

If you want more, then VPS hosting is worth considering. Media Temple offers two types of VPS hosting (or DV as they call it) - these are DV Managed hosting and DV Developer hosting. With DV Managed, Media Temple manages your servers and hardware and provides all the support needed without you having to maintain it on your own. DV Managed hosting gives you the ability to do more with your web hosting while leaving the technicalities out of your hand. 

With this kind of hosting plan, you are sure to get 99.99% uptime. In cases wherein Media Temple falls short of providing you this, you get 20% of your monthly hosting cost for every 20-minute downtime. Aside from the uptime guarantee, your DV server is also equipped with 100% SSD drives for superior site performance and easy-scaling features. This guarantee is backed by Media Temple’s elite data centers with comprehensive security features.

In terms of managing your sites, you also get to pick between the latest versions of Plesk and cPanel. You can easily choose among the 4-panel options being – Plesk Onyx with CentOS 7, Plesk Onyx with CentOS 6, cPanel & WHM with CentOS 7, and cPanel & WHM with CentOS 6. Media Temple’s DV Managed plans are divided into seven packages depending on the capacity as detailed below.

  • Level 1 with 2GB RAM; 30GB SSD storage; 2TB bandwidth at $55 per month
  • Level 2 with 4GB RAM; 50GB SSD storage; 3TB bandwidth at $100 per month
  • Level 3 with 8GB RAM; 100GB SSD storage; 5TB bandwidth at $150 per month
  • Level 4 with 16GB RAM; 200GB SSD storage; 6TB bandwidth at $350 per month
  • Level 5 with 32GB RAM; 350GB SSD storage; 7TB bandwidth at $750 per month
  • Level 6 with 64GB RAM; 600GB SSD storage; 8TB bandwidth at $1500 per month
  • Dedicated plan with 128GB RAM; 1TB SSD storage; 10TB bandwidth at $2500 per month

If you want to get rid of headaches in addressing technical issues, then this is worth considering.

DV Developer – Self-Managed VPS

Are you a technical person who can independently manage your server? If yes, then this hosting is for you. Media Temple’s DV Developer hosting is a professional-grade VPS that gives you full control of your web hosting paired with several control panel options.

DV Developer plans are suited for individuals and businesses who want full control over its web hosting, including the tiniest details. Like DV Managed hosting, DV Developer also gives you full functionality and security features of a DV server. In terms of control panel selections, you have a choice among Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS. Like DV Managed, DV Developer also features seven hierarchical plans depending on your requirements as listed below:

  • Level 1 with 2GB RAM; 20GB SSD storage; 2TB bandwidth at $30 per month
  • Level 2 with 4GB RAM; 40GB SSD storage; 3TB bandwidth at $50 per month
  • Level 3 with 8GB RAM; 80GB SSD storage; 5TB bandwidth at $100 per month
  • Level 4 with 16GB RAM; 160GB SSD storage; 6TB bandwidth at $250 per month
  • Level 5 with 32GB RAM; 250GB SSD storage; 7TB bandwidth at $500 per month
  • Level 6 with 64GB RAM; 500GB SSD storage; 8TB bandwidth at $1000 per month
  • Dedicated plan with 128GB RAM; 1TB SSD storage; 10TB bandwidth at $2000 per month

Dedicated Hosting Servers

If you’re looking for the best breed web hosting with maximum capacity, read on to know more about Media Temple’s Dedicated hosting. With Dedicated hosting, you get the best of the bests. Flashing speeds, peak site performance, world-class support with full flexibility, and resource power. 

While this kind of hosting is the best of its kind, it also follows that this is the most expensive subscription plan. However, it all pays well to have your site at its 100% best at all times, with no errors and downtimes. With Media Temple’s Dedicated Servers, you get to manage your server from the ground up and have it work your way ultimately, run complex tasks smoothly and rely on expert support available 24/7.

With Media Temple’s Dedicated Servers, you have two options on how you want to configure your web hosting – through a control panel or a command line.

Control panel-configured Dedicated servers that are powered by 128GB RAM, 1TB SSD storage, and 10TB bandwidth, all at $2500 per month.

On the other hand, Dedicated servers configured with the command line have 128GB RAM, 1TB SSD storage, and 10TB bandwidth all at $2000 per month. 

30-day Money-back Guarantee

Like any other web hosting provider, Media Temple offers a standard 30-day money-back guarantee period. While Media Temple doesn’t provide free website hosting, the 30-day money-back guarantee enables its users to try out Media Temple’s full-service for a month and get a full refund if the service doesn’t address its users’ requirements.

Our Verdict

There are lots of advantages that Media Temple can provide its users. Media Temple has solidified its place in the industry with its sustained reliability, excellent customer support, and solid backing with GoDaddy. Whatever scale your business is in, you’ll get access to robust hosting packages, latest technologies, and superior features to support your business growth.

However, it is worth noting that Media Temple belongs at the higher spectrum in terms of price point. Despite this, this US-based company still proves to be a top choice among its class with its reliability and scalability.

What do you think of Media Temple?

Leave us a comment below!


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