Millionaire Mindset Secrets: What You Need To Know To Succeed with High-Ticket Drop Shipping Today




I am excited to tell you about the next stage in your journey as an entrepreneur. I will discuss what you need to know before you get started with high ticket dropshipping. Before we proceed, I will recap what I have discussed in our previous topic. I have told you about the lifestyle, possibilities, and what you are able to achieve. You will have location independence where you can work from home or travel abroad whenever you want to. You will also have financial and time freedom. To be able to buy the things you want and manage your time depending on what you desire. If you have not ready the blog post, click here



The first step for high ticket dropshipping success is having a mindset shift. You have to make sure that you are ready for what has to come. You have to firmly believe in your mind that this business model works and that it can work for you. 



I started getting really deep into self-improvement, I watched courses, I dived into many ways so that I can prove myself that I can make any business model work for me. You have to do what it takes to make this a reality for yourself. It includes visualizing on a daily bases that you are having success with this business. You have to feel the emotions that you are going to feel when you get those sales. It has to be a part of your everyday existence right now so you can attract the realness of it into your life in the future. If you don’t understand about this, look up on the internet about the law of attraction. It will get your mind into the right state in order to take action consistently through the tough times in your life. 



You have to cut distractions out of your life, like watching television shows or partying with friends. You have to set boundaries with those things that distract you. It is important you are hydrated and feeding yourself properly enough so your mind can stay consistent to continue to take actions every day. 



Remove doubts, don’t have doubts that high ticket drop shipping does not work if you don’t get sales right away. If it is not giving you sales, that means you have to work to optimize your store more. These doubts can happen with external influences like your family, friends and your loved ones. You will get feedback from people and if they have doubts, that can plant seeds of doubts in your mind. You have to rid yourself of all that doubts and focus 100%. You have to firmly believe in yourself that it will work, you just have to give it time. 


Understanding those key points are going to help you move forward no matter what happens in your life. 


Once we are done about mindset, let us go into the main goal of this course which is achieving the most profitable high ticket dropshipping store. 



It is important that you get the key foundational truth. Most of the people don’t understand whether they should start a niche store or a general store. When you first get started, you might think it is hard to start and no one-product category is going to be successful for you. I want to make it clear that that is false. If you are just getting started, it is hard to build out a general store because you have no focus. The key success in high ticket dropshipping is going deep into the optimization of anyone best-selling product. 



You have to do really good research at the very beginning about

  • Find competitor stores
  • Find their best product
  • How to make professional and trusted website
  • Get same accounts with supplier
  • How to build a competing product page

Research is very critical in the very beginning. This is why building a niche store is much better than building a general store. Niche stores convert better as people will see you as the authority which builds trust. One advantage of having a niche store is getting suppliers. These suppliers only want to work with online retailers that are dedicated to providing the best support possible for that particular product category. 



I have covered all of these in the masterclass in depth where you are able to watch over my shoulder as I build out a niche store. Click here to enroll. 



The very known eCommerce businesses are Amazon, eBay, Wayfair, Overstock and other ecommerce websites. You may have shopped with these websites before and noticed they have tons of categories. If you are thinking you can build out a website like this and it is going to be huge, think again. 


Those businesses have huge teams of people. There have remote teams and local teams that are building the business for them. 


What his ecommerce businesses have:

  • Writers who write the content
  •  Liaison who are getting relationships with the suppliers. 
  • People who focus on uploading the products 
  • Marketplaces they work with niche retailers like me that uploads my own products for their website. 


To achieve the level of a general store like Amazon, you have to hire a big team. It can’t be done by one person only, most especially for someone who is just starting up. It is not practical for a beginner to start a general store. I would suggest focussing on a niche store to be able to provide a very good service in that specific category and provide the best information and more value the person could get in buying the products from a general store like Amazon. 


The reasons why you want to build a niche store:

  • Authority
  • Trustworthy
  • Simplicity
  • Lower marketing cost
  • Less time to launch
  • Scale big ($100,000/month sales)
  • Focus 
  • Riches are in the niches


In my high ticket drop shipping masterclass, I am going to teach you the step by step on how to stat in profitable Shopify high ticket dropshipping store. I will show you how to choose the nest niche. start your business, build your website. It includes checklist and templates for every page of your website. 



High ticket dropshipping suppliers are different from other dropshipping. They are real manufacturers basin in the United States. You have to get dealer agreements that give you wholesale pricing. You can connect with these suppliers by email or through their dealer portal. It is like having a physical retail storefront where you need a retailer’s agreement. 



Once you are able to sign an agreement with the supplier. In the masterclass, I will teach you how to upload the products and their policies. I will also show you on how to optimize their product descriptions, how to get them into the ads so you can drive traffic, and how to get them to your social media platforms for free traffic.  



Your website is going to look like a blank template but once you optimize it, it is going to look like a professional ecommerce store and that’s the key to success. The store has that feel of authority that customer is looking for to trust you to make that purchasing decision. 



These emails will shoot out as soon as that person signs up to get your discount coupon from the pop-up on your website. It will be an automated week-long series of emails that gets that person to come back to your store.  We use Klaviyo for email marketing which we are taught in the masterclass



Facebook is the best place for retargeting ads. In the masterclass, I will reveal the secret techniques on how to optimize those conversions. I assure you that those retargeting ads work really well.  



Google shopping ads can get you the best-qualified buyer-specific traffic. People that are ready to purchase and I have a special funnel that nobody else uses and it is extremely unique and works really well. You just have to bid high on the lowest fruits. The people that are at the bottom of the funnel and those people are ready to purchase, they are just looking for the best deal. 



If you are already getting a million to two million dollar sales in a year, you might get into the point where you are thinking about selling your store. I will teach you how to make your store sellable from the beginning. You can sell it online for 24-32x monthly net profits. If you are breaking in $10,000 a month, you can get a quarter-million dollars for a store sale. 



Students that are making those six figures for a month. They are going to be talking about how they did it and what they have learned from doing it. It is a small preview of what you can learn and accomplish through the high ticket drop shipping masterclass. I am going to show you exactly how to get those same results if you are willing to do the work. 


Trevor Fenner

Founder of eCommerce Paradise. High-Ticket Drop Shipping eCommerce Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Digital Nomad, Skateboarder, Photographer, Tattoo Enthusiast, and Cat Guy. Currently based in Bali, Indonesia.

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