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My Blueprint for High-Ticket Drop Shipping Success


I want to talk about the best sales funnel blueprint for high ticket dropshipping. It is necessary to understand how it has to be laid out. It starts from the top goes to the middle, the bottom and then the after the sales. 



Let us start at the top. This usually has to do with the buyer's journey. The buyers start at the top, to discover the type of brand your website can offer. 


Knowing what buyers do first before buying a product, they usually do research on what is the best product available. It is advisable to have your own blog post or youtube video that is talking about your product. It lays out all the brands you have available on your store and all different highly reviewed and highly recommended. These should be linked to your collections product page. 


The middle of the funnel is more about the suppliers or brands of the product. You have to optimize with those brands plus category keyword. To do that, you have to create collections that include that brand and the brand products. Put content that talks about subcategory products that explains how they work. During this process, you have to capture them like a lead through your pop up on your websites. Anything that can make lead email generator like spends to win pop up or buyer’s guide pop up. When you get that email, they will be added to the promotional email list. You will send them that email after a week to understand more about your products and trust your brand. 



The bottom of the funnel is where people that are ready to buy your product. Now, they are looking for the best offer online. This is where you really have to optimize your website. You have to remember that the best offer online is going to make you win your sales.  Things that are scarcity, urgency, social proof, risk reversal, trust, and authority will add to the play plus the best offer online which are the best price, free gifts, upsells, and the product sales page that talks about all the different benefits and all the different lifestyle features of the product. It should also talk about how it is going to benefit their life and it should discuss on how to improve their livelihood or solve a problem. 

All these together with your bottom line conversion optimization, content on social media, and retargeting set then you will have a really good solid bottom of the funnel. People won’t fall out fo that funnels. They will go and make the buying decision from you. 



For the upsell products, when you are on the product sales page, your buyer might want to get addons. For electric bicycle product, your buyer might want a second battery so it lasts longer, a comfortable seat and handlebars, different color, bigger tires, rear basket or rack. You want your store to be a stop shop where they can buy all that is needed to upgrade their product.  


To be able to have an ad on, you can talk with your suppliers if they have available accessories, this will also give you an idea of what accessories you should be adding to your website. If your main supplier does not have these accessories. Find a supplier that supplies accessories. You should have a dealer or wholesale account with them. Another way to sell accessories is through Aliexpress which connects you to suppliers in China. It is very profitable but just be aware of the quality. They also take a long time to be shipped to the customers. However, the things we usually do is to just go to Amazon or the main product supplier. 


Add ons can be offered on the product page or cart page as an order bump. There are apps in Shopify that will allow you to do this. It can also be offered after they bought the product by adding the buyer’s email to the email list where it will mention the product’s accessories. Upsells are the key to increase the average order value. 


The back end products are usually subscription-based like membership. You can make this by creating a separate website with a forum with a $10 a month subscription fee in order for the person to be a member of that forum. 


Remember not to close your mind off because you think that nobody is going to pay for it. There are a group of people thinks that $9 a month is not that much and if they like you and your brand, they want to be connected with like-minded in their community, and they will be willing to pay for $9 a month. Make sure to provide more value to that forum. You might want to add free facebook group subscription  



After you have given them every opportunity to buy front end products, you can offer affiliate products. This is where they have been a customer of yours. You are retargeting them o come back to your store. You will send them an offer that is relevant to them. It could be complementary products, subscriptions or memberships that are offered by other companies. This could be a warranty or roadside service (for bike products). You can offer extended warranties as upsells. 




For example, your main store is an electric bike and your other store is mobility scooters. This is a chance that the people who bought your electric bike knows someone that is in their 70s or 80s and they need a mobility scooter. If you target these people, they might forward this email to their friends. 


Another example is a niche about stand up desk, they might also be interested with a home gym or a treadmill. 

To summarize, high ticket drop shipping sales funnel is really important. This is how to build a sustainable business. Make the customers return to you to raise your average order value over time. 


Things to remember:


Focus on content marketing (video-based)

Build out your email marketing

Drive traffic to your website through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest (Separate topic)

Thank you for reading my post and if you are interested to build your store, I have a high ticket drop shipping masterclass. Just go to eCommerceParadise.com/masterclass.


Trevor Fenner

Hey there! I'm Trevor, the Founder of eCommerce Paradise. I have been an Entrepreneur since a young kid and I've been selling things online with eCommerce since 2005, and I've been doing High-Ticket Drop Shipping since 2010. I'm an internet marketer, YouTuber, podcaster, digital nomad, and world traveler. I have lots of hobbies including spending time with my girlfriend, Skateboarding, Surfing, Scuba Diving, Photography, Tattoos, Animals. I'm currently based in Bali, Indonesia.

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