Review: Best Credit Information Tool for Small Business


It’s normal for people who are not born with royal blood to get loans for access to many things. It may be as simple as buying an expensive gadget, buying a piece of new furniture, or a more significant purpose like purchasing a property or expanding a business.

However, nowadays, it’s not as easy to get access even to loans. Banks and lending institutions have made the loan application process extremely tedious and more challenging. While some people are lucky enough to get loan approval quickly, others go through the entire process only to get rejected. 

As you start your research on how to get a personal or business loan as fast as possible, you may feel that the application process is a little daunting. But the truth is, the loan process itself is not complicated. You only need to remember that there are several different factors to consider when making a personal or business loan. One of them is your credit score. 

In preparation for getting a loan, an essential step will be checking your credit score. Your credit score is a number that reflects your capacity to pay the credit back. Although your credit score is not the only factor to consider in getting a loan, this sure has a vital role with your chances of obtaining it with the interest rates you will be able to pay.

The higher your credit score is - the higher your chance of being financed by a lending company or a bank. This qualification standard means that you need to maintain a good credit score to get a credit for a reasonable rate. And without regular access to your credit score makes it arduous. 

Under federal law, US citizens have the right to have a free credit report without the credit score through, once a year. But is an annual credit report enough? Information in your credit file could have frequent changes, and keeping tabs on them could be quite a burden, especially if you have other important work. Luckily, some companies offer credit monitoring with just a minimum annual fee. Companies like myFICO and MyFreeScoreNow are experts at that. 

In this blog, I’ll be highlighting MyFreeScoreNow. Let’s examine what MyFreeScoreNow has to offer so you’ll know what to expect before jumping into that subscription.


Take Over Your Credit Standing Today! Start Your MyFreeScoreNow Account Now!


About MyFreeScoreNow

MyFreeScoreNow is an independent provider that offers credit information and tools for people to monitor their credit scores and data better. Its service includes educating the consumers about the silent epidemic, the close link between credit and identity theft, where thieves work in a swift motion without them realizing - not until it shows on their credit report. 

The company started in 2013, led by experts from the credit and financial services industry. Working with a mission, MyFreeScoreNow aims to be the voice for consumers who are looking for better management of their credit information. 

MyFreeScoreNow Learning Center

MyFreeScoreNow offers a learning center which has a library that includes the ABC’s of credit. Here, you’ll find information on the basics of credit and all its components. This library is perfect for individuals who need a better understanding of how credit scores work. The learning center can be accessed by members or just those who frequent the website. 

What to get with a MyFreeScoreNow membership?

Committed to providing the consumers what they need,

MyFreeScoreNow offers credit information in easy-to-understand language, partnered with tools and knowledge to help its users manage their credit score. With a website secured by 128 bit SSL encryption technology, you’re sure to get ample protection from external attacks. You also benefit from its team of customer service experts who are available online and on the phone for seven days a week during regular business hours. 

Once you get your membership activated, here are the benefits you would enjoy:

  • A free credit score and score report

Working with the three credit bureaus: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax, MyFreeScoreNow will provide an easy-to-understand report in just a few seconds.

  • A personalized report

MyFreeScoreNow provides a customized report showing the factors that are affecting your credit score. This report will help you maintain your credit score and track the things that are happening within your credit score.

  • Email alerts of significant changes to your credit report

This feature is for security measures. It allows you to monitor sudden changes in your credit report. This way, you can keep tabs of the purchases or activities that may or may not be done by you. Once you detect suspicious activity, you may be able to take action immediately so that it won’t affect your credit score. 

  • An updated credit score each month.

Having an update for your credit score each month can help you check its accuracy. Your credit report is where evidence of identity theft first shows up. 

  • Email notice when someone views your credit report

This feature is also one of the security measures of MyFreeScoreNow. This one will help you detect unauthorized viewing of your account. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) protects your credit reports’ privacy. According to the law, only organizations that have a justifiable basis to look at your statement may view your credit report. Aside from that, you must grant permission for access to your credit report.  

  • Gain peace of mind with its daily credit monitoring

Isn’t it nice knowing that your credit scores are protected? Having no worries about undetected identity theft, unauthorized credit use, and viewing could make you feel at ease. 

What’s the score?

Overall, MyFreeScoreNow provides an excellent monitoring service. With the upgrades included with your membership’s activation, you will truly feel at ease concerning the monitoring of your credit score. You also gain more insights about credit reports through their learning center. Still undecided? Try their 14-day trial and see what they could do.

What do you think of MyFreeScoreNow? Please drop us a comment below!


Take Over Your Credit Standing Today! Start Your MyFreeScoreNow Account Now!

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