NEW Shoptimized Theme Review V5.0 - Best Shopify Theme for High Ticket Drop Shipping

I have an exciting announcement to make. Shoptimized just released version 5.0 of their Shopify theme. It has long been the best Shopify theme for conversion rate optimization and I use it for all my high ticket dropshipping. retail stores.  

The new theme is even better and I do like it for a number of reasons. I am going to walk you through with the new theme and we will discuss why I think you should use this new version of Shoptimized. 

It is a little bit different from the older version. To see the new version, just go to www.shoptimizeddemo.myshopify.com

The New Shoptimized 5.0:

-The new version has a smaller phone number display. -The menu from the top extends the full-screen width and so does the header area. 

  • It has a cleaner look.
  • It also has like and share button up on top. 
  • The mega menu pops up in an attractive way.
  • It has colorful and better layouts. 
  • It takes up the whole screen without white on the side. 
  • The featured products are more poppy and bigger.
  • For the carousel, it easier to scroll on the side as the buttons are in the middle. 
  • Instagram posts - Link your Instagram feed on your website.
  • The collection page has a sidebar where you can sort according to color, size, and brand. 
  • The product page has the image is bigger and cleaner. 
  • Add to cart button moves that catch your attention.
  • Add to Card page has pop up and cleaner.

To get this new theme, just go to ecommerceparadise.com/shoptimized

Trevor Fenner

Founder of eCommerce Paradise. High-Ticket Drop Shipping eCommerce Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Digital Nomad, Skateboarder, Photographer, Tattoo Enthusiast, and Cat Guy. Currently based in Bali, Indonesia.

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