Nolo Review: Is Nolo the Best LLC Service for Small Business?


In building a business, getting legal help from the start is vital to have a solid business foundation. By doing so, you are sure that your business is fully compliant with the constitutional mandate of the state wherein you’re operating.

However, it might be difficult for startups and small businesses to seek professional help from lawyers every step of the way due to the costly fees. Thus, having access to online legal resources is a good alternative in these cases. One of these online platforms providing legal support and services is Nolo.

In this blog, let’s dive deep into Nolo’s services and features, so you’ll know if Nolo is the right choice for your business needs, right before jumping into its services.


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About Nolo

Nolo is one of the pioneer platforms for online legal services, which started as early as 1971. To date, Nolo evolved alongside technology by developing its do-it-yourself software and website ( With over 1 million site visitors each month, Nolo indeed grew to be one of the leading legal websites worldwide.

Nolo is an online platform that provides do-it-yourself legal books and software that enables people to get legal assistance in just a few clicks. For entrepreneurs and startups individuals, Nolo extends help by offering guidance in creating LLC, corporation, or non-profit. The service will also help you in cases wherein you’ll need to find an actual onsite lawyer to help with your case.

Massive Online Legal Resource Center

The Nolo Network is one of the largest online sources for consumer-friendly legal information with over 50 web properties, including,, and

Aside from its massive network, Nolo boasts a rich collection of legal information called Legal Encyclopedia, which houses thousands of legal resource articles, mostly written by lawyers. The Legal Encyclopedia contains step-by-step guidelines on carrying out legal obligations, including business formation and small business laws.

Do-it-yourself guides

Nolo users get access to its massive legal library with thousands of do-it-yourself products, including various online documents, legal forms, books e-books, and software. With this access, you can generate necessary legal forms like power of attorney in just a few minutes. You also benefit from Nolo’s legal know-how guide to help you understand important information about everyday legal problems. Each resource is professionally written and is in easy-to-understand terms so you won’t get overwhelmed by tons of legalities.

Plus, Nolo has already sold over 10 million DIY products. This amount of sales should necessarily give you a sense of security for its functionality and effectiveness.

Lawyer Directory

In case online resources are still insufficient, Nolo can connect you directly with lawyers who can give you better advice. Through Nolo’s lawyer directory, you can easily connect with shortlisted lawyers who are best suited for your business requirements. You can also sort through Nolo’s pool of lawyers by practice area and location and simply select the one that fits your preference.

How fast is Nolo?

Nolo’s standard processing time takes about two to three weeks. However, if you’re looking to speed up the process, you might want to opt for the expedited filing, which costs $299. For expedited filings, you get to benefit from one-day processing, with the final LLC documents arriving within a week.

Registered Agent Services

If you’re keen on having a Registered Agent Service, then it’s a must to know that Nolo uses Vcorp Services for its customers who wish to avail of the service. The problem is, the website doesn’t state any specifics on the fee for this service - something to look into further if you’re considering this. 

Customer Support

Nolo offers customer support through phone and email partnered with helpful guides to answer your basic questions. For urgent matters, you may get in touch with customer support through phone during weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm PT. On the other hand, you can always opt to file your technical issues directly on the website anytime. For basic questions, you may also check Nolo’s Customer service portal on its site, where you’ll find the top FAQs and product guides.

What its customers say

If you’re skeptical about Nolo’s services, it might help to know that it has an A+ rating with the BBB. The company’s Google ranking stands at 4.7 stars based on 624 reviews.

While you can find a fair share of good and bad reviews online, what its users liked most about the platform is that it functions as a one-stop-shop for their legal requirements. For small businesses, they utilized the platform for guidance in setting up a business, creating legal templates & forms, and learning from its useful resources, which are said to be extremely helpful, especially for non-technical individuals. Many users also mentioned the clarity and brevity of the information provided in the platform, which is easy to use and follow.

Nolo Pricing structure

Nolo provides a wide range of self-help legal literature at a low cost. Many people go to Nolo to access free legal resources and to get help in finding an actual lawyer. If you’re looking for more in-depth legal guidance, then you will need to purchase a book or e-book, which costs at least $25 depending on the topic. These books will surely provide you a full understanding of the legal aspect of your question as the author dives deep into every legal matter. For entrepreneurs, you might be interested in areas such as forming your LLC online and the benefits of structuring your business as an LLC.

On the other hand, if you see yourself needing legal forms and contracts, then you can turn to Nolo for custom legal forms and documents. Some documents have individual pricing, but there are some which you can only get if you sign up for the subscription plan. The subscription plan enables you to amend, duplicate, view, and print the contracts and forms as you please. Signing up for an annual subscription cost between $30 and $44, which is technically way too minimal as compared to getting yourself a professional lawyer. Subscribing to Nolo is best when you’re a heavy user of legal contracts, including non-disclosure agreements, and sales contracts.

For quick reference, here’s a summary on Nolo’s pricing structure:

  • Finding an attorney through Nolo’s Lawyer Network: FREE
  • Select informational articles and guides: FREE
  • Business books, e-books, and software: $25 to $40
  • Custom legal forms
  • Single forms: $9 to $15
  • For unlimited revisions: $30 to $44 per year
  • In forming an LLC: $99 plus state fees ($299 for expedited filing)
  • In building a Corporation (outsourced to Starts at $99 plus state fees
  • In forming a Non-profit Organization (outsourced to LegalZoom): Starts at $99 plus state fees

In terms of business formation, Nolo can help you step-by-step on how to form an LLC. However, this is not the case if you’re establishing a corporation or non-profit. The reason is that Nolo puts a significant focus on small businesses, and LLC is the most commonly used structure for small businesses.

What I don’t like about Nolo

While Nolo proves to be an excellent platform to receive legal assistance, its customer support isn’t as friendly. There are still a few issues that remain unsolved to this day, including billing, editing, and printing, among others, which are raised by both Nolo’s users and lawyers. Another thing that I don’t like about Nolo is its inability to help its users when forming a corporation or a non-profit. While Nolo does a good job supporting small businesses, it falls short in helping growing companies and non-profit organizations.  

Who should use Nolo?

If you’re planning to form an LLC, then it’s a no-brainer that you should use Nolo. But there are many other reasons why people choose Nolo over other alternatives. 

One is because they find a good deal on the access and use of the same forms for multiple times. For instance, if your business needs to create an NDA with every new employee or a supplier contract for every third-party supplier, then the yearly payment of $30 - $44 will surely be of great value.

If you prefer to access legal help offline, then this will surely help. If you prefer to read through a hard copy rather than through a screen, you’ll be happy to find out that Nolo offers many of its guides and resources in an actual physical book. These books cost between $25 and $40, enriched with step-by-step instructions, and updated to the latest version.

Alternative solution

If you still don’t find Nolo to be useful even after all the features and services mentioned above, then it might be best to look for alternatives. For instance, if you’re looking for the most affordable business formation services, it would be best to check out IncFile. The said company charges only $49.95 (plus state fees), which already has a free registered agent service for one year. I also did a review on IncFile which you will see <here>

My verdict on Nolo

Nolo shows up to be a reputable online legal help platform with proven years of experience. Whether you need assistance in legal documentation, business formation, and other legal procedures, Nolo is worthy of being considered. 

Overall, if you’re a small business owner looking for a one-stop-shop for legal assistance without breaking the bank, we surely recommend you sign up for Nolo.

Have you tried Nolo’s services? Let us know in the comment section below!


Start Your Business Today With Nolo!

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