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When starting out a business, it is vital to determine the legal structure it should take form because a lot of things will be dependent on it. It is not an overnight decision or something that could be determined right away. On the contrary, before planning or deciding on the type of business to form, several criteria come into play, and these things should be carefully evaluated. Take, for example, the tax implications, wherein business owners should be knowledgeable on the options available, as well as opportunities to minimize taxation.  Another one to consider is the liabilities, may it be personal or legal. Account investment and potential losses should be factored in and define whether the owners or the business can afford certain liability risks. Some considerations may also include the scope of work, cost of formation, future, and more.

With a range of business structures to choose from, it is imperative for business owners to search for professional advice from business experts when bearing in mind the advantages and disadvantages of several business entities. It is not a one size fits all. Expert advice from a specialist would go a long way and will make a huge difference in the future.

Looking for the best formation service to aid you in starting your business? In this review, we'll assess Northwest Registered Agent LLC services' details and explain how they perform versus the competition. This review also aims to help you decide whether to engage and use their services. Read more to find out whether Northwest Registered Agent is the right fit for your business.


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What is LLC?

To kick things off, Limited liability companies or LLCs are a cross entity bringing together the top attributes of partnerships and corporations. Today, LLC is increasing its popularity among small businesses and start-ups.

LLCs are formed to provide business owners with the liability protection that corporations enjoy without double taxation. Moreover, like partnerships, LLCs do not have perpetual life. One of the advantages of LLC is that the only jeopardy is capital paid into the business. Business debts and other liabilities will not touch any of the owner's personal assets. LLC's benefits are simplified taxation, easier management, and flexible distribution of profits and losses.


 Northwest Registered Agent Review

About Northwest Registered Agent

Founded in 1998, Northwest Registered Agent has become one of the best LLC formations and other legal services for business. They were able to make a name for themselves by offering straightforward and impressive solutions to clients. Today, Northwest Registered Agent is hailed as one of the prime and most trusted names in the LLC filing industry.

Known for its solid service and support, Northwest Registered Agent has offerings and features that make it possible to meet every business requirement.

Who can use Northwest Registered Agent?

Any Businesspersons who are fully committed to put up and start their own business can use Northwest Registered Agent. Likewise, it is also for entrepreneurs who need a new registered agent to use their address throughout the LLC filing. Basically, everyone who wants to hire a company to form their LLC and take care of the rest.

Also, suppose you're looking for personalized, high-quality customer support. In that case, Northwest Registered Agent is a good choice as the majority of their strength comes from solid customer satisfaction. Overall, Northwest Registered Agent receives excellent compliments and fine customer feedback.

Northwest Registered Agent Pros

Some of their best features include premium in-house customer support. They are proven to be professionals and possess all the expertise. They always offer the best price for their services.

Their pricing model is also simple without the annoying add-ons of hidden charges, upsells, or misleading packages. Unfortunately, not all LLC forming services are like Northwest. Some might take advantage and charge you more. That is why for price concerns but top-notch performance, Northwest Registered Agent can be one of the front lines.

Unfortunately, it is a known fact that some companies in the LLC filing industry sell client's information to other companies. Thankfully, Northwest Registered Agent practices the opposite, and they take pride in it. Northwest Registered Agent protects its customers and their data. They put privacy and safety on top of the list. They also run their own servers and write their own code to support that, hence, reassuring clients not to receive any annoying spams or repetitive solicitations from unknown sources. Northwest won’t share any of their clients’ information with third-party advertisers - ever!

Speaking of privacy, of course, as a business, no owner should make use or divulge their home address for both personal and professional reasons. Thankfully, Northwest Registered Agent allows their clients to use their address throughout the LLC filing so theirs would be safe from the prying eyes of digital offenders.

Northwest Registered Agent Price

Northwest Registered Agent offers its customers three main options for LLC service. These are Basic, Deluxe, and Platinum pricing plans.

  • Basic - Priced at $79. Includes the fee for formation service and registered agent service. It also gives access to premium customer service and lifetime customer support. In addition, the Name Availability Search feature, preparation, filing of articles of organization, and one-year registered agent service is included in this plan.
  • Deluxe – Priced at $179. It includes everything from the basic plan plus Tax ID Number (EIN) and operating agreement.
  • Premium – Priced at $199. This plan has all the features from the deluxe package, plus same-day processing wherein Northwest Registered Agent will process and submit the LLC formation papers to your state the same day you purchase their service.

Take note that all of the pricing tiers include state fees.

Northwest Registered Agent Review

Is Northwest Registered Right for you?

By far, Northwest Registered Agent is one of the best LLC services available in the market today. Northwest Registered Agent is an excellent choice if you are fond of high-level customer service and craves for top-notch quality service for the LLC formation.

One of their strength is their packages loaded with all the right and sensible features needed for the filing. Northwest is an outstanding choice for entrepreneurs who want the best possible customer service without all the talking. Their straightforward communication and unparalleled expertise are enough to convince you to avail of their service.

Northwest Registered Agent is a service with great value that comes with a full year of their premium registered agent service. Additionally, all of their packages come with very fast and even same-day order processing.

To wrap it up, more people recommend Northwest Registered Agent over any providers available – their strong and ideal set of features makes them a good deal and something to definitely consider.

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