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In 2019, the freelancing industry contributed approximately USD 1 trillion to the United States economy. This does not come in surprise as freelance jobs are branching out to almost every industry now. From writers and IT posts to even medical jobs. In fact, freelancing has become one of the most efficient ways to find talents that can actually help and contribute to growing the business without spending a fortune.

Through the power of technology and the internet, finding virtual assistants to do the job on your behalf is now easy.  Either an established business, a start-up, or a booming website, there is a freelance job that can take the performance to a whole new level.

It is also a known fact that the cost of hiring a freelance worker directly or through an outsourced service is relatively cheaper than hiring an actual employee that does the same job. Also, there are lots of costs that come with a formal employee, such as for benefits and pieces of training. In comparison, remote workers can just be paid per hour or per day.

Freelancers are also a great help when there is an unexpected niche role to fill in, such as legal experts and cybersecurity personnel.  These people are usually paid for the service they render, hence, saving more, rather than having one standby employee for sporadic needs.

In need to find your next rock stars? Would love to explore more of this platform?

Read this review as we give you a breakdown of what is really, how does it work, and the benefits you can get by tapping this outsourced service.

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About is a Philippines-based job board that caters exclusively to remote online work opportunities. Currently, it is the largest and most popular job site in the country, with over 500,000 members as of this writing.

The platform seeks to connect employers who need help and remote workers who need jobs. Overtime, has grown to become one of the leading platforms in finding top-notch virtual assistants in the Philippines. was created and founded in 2008 by John Jonas, an entrepreneur based in Utah.

What was supposed to be a small platform intended for an exclusive circle of friends has become the go-to place for thousands of employers from all parts of the world, seeking to find Filipino talent to complete projects.

 Online Jobs Ph Review

Why Should You Hire from the Philippines?

Aside from being dedicated and a multi-tasker, there are primary reasons why you should consider getting freelancers from the Philippines.

First would be the ease of communication. The country basically speaks English as much as their mother tongue language. Everyone, especially those who are applying for VA positions, is fluent in English. Second, as mentioned above, is the affordability or price difference. There is an abundance of qualified candidates that has impressive skills and education that can be hired at a lower cost. Lastly, Filipinos' work ethic is raved all over the world.  They work really hard, loyal, and dedicated. Most of them are dependable and can perform multiple-task at hand. is a great tool to find affordable and talented individuals like them.

Variety of Skills and Experience 

Aside from best virtual assistants, there is also a great selection of skills in other areas such as:

  • Website development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media and SEO Experts
  • WordPress Developers
  • Real Estate and Property Managers
  • Content Writers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Accountants and Bookkeepers
  • Amazon Experts
  • And more

With a pool of almost half a million workers, is a sure place to find skilled contractors for any tasks. Besides the usual categories such as programming and development, creative design, sales, and marketing and administrative support, there are a ton of specialized skills under these basic categories. Hence, a sure-fire way to hire what you are looking for.

How Does it Work for Employers? is probably the simplest job board to hire outsourced staff in the Philippines. With over 500,000 members and a million resumes, businesses and companies are guaranteed to find the best virtual assistants in the world.

So, if you are looking for ways to tap this platform, here is the process for employers seeking additional human resources.

Step 1: Post a job or search resumes. The resumes are open for you to look at and proactively examine each candidate that matches the skills you need. To make things easier, you can post a job vacancy and let the applicants send in their pitch and resume.

Step 2: Find the perfect staff member. If a specific candidate impresses you, you may start contacting them through e-mail. Schedule a couple of candidates to screen and interview like a typical office set-up. Select the candidate that stood out and offer them the job. This is where the negotiation for salary, declaration of working hours, and expectations come in. Lastly, set when they can start.

Step 3: Hire and Manage. provides employers with ample tools to track and manage employees and their work hours. Pay them through EasyPay after the work has been delivered. It is good to know that there are no taxes to pay at all.  

That's it! Pretty simple steps to hire and manage your team of virtual assistants. The only thing left is to get better at managing these people.

Track and Manage Working Hours with "TimeProof" utilizes an in-house time tracking software called TimeProof. This is a handy application that helps owners and companies track the working hours of all remote members.

The software is free to use for the benefit of both the employer and workers. It provides protection and verification that each party complies with good faith. grants its employers timesheets and screenshots of what the freelancer is working on during their shift.  

Online Jobs Ph Review Pricing

Since the platform does not take cuts or percentage from the workers' salaries, they earn through a subscription-based pricing model. It has only two pricing plans called Pro and Premium.

These rates are on per month basis; however, you can cancel as soon as you find a candidate, so you can really think of it as a one-time recruiting fee. 

  • Pro Plan starts at $69 per month. This plan lets you post up to three job posts, with instant job post-approval. It also enables you to view job applications, directly communicate with candidates or workers. The pro plan includes the use of timeproof technology, bookmark workers, link with EasyPay, and read worker reviews. The plan is also enabled to hire workers and contact 75 workers per month.
  • Premium Plan starts at $99 per month. Basically, this includes everything in the pro plan. Furthermore, this plan lets you create ten job posts and contact 500 workers per month. In addition, this plan has unlimited background data checks, worker mentoring service,s and a video guide to outsourcing. offers a full money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service. There is also no lock-in period, no binding contracts, no commitment, no salary mark-up, and offers cancellation anytime.

Is Legit?

Google. Uber. Newsweek. Canva – here are just some of the companies that trusted It is, in every way, legit. is a legitimate site to find remote workers in the Philippines.  This platform is the ideal outsource service because it basically provides full control and assistance you would want to have when choosing employees to work for you.

One thing that is notable with is that they have the biggest pool of virtual assistants and freelancers that are trustworthy and hardworking. On top of that, they do not monetize talents. Meaning they don't take a cut of worker salaries, they don't mark-up worker salaries, and they don't force you to pay the workers through them.

All workers enrolled in this site are individual workers and have their own accounts. Since the platform is an open resume and job posting board, businesses and companies can communicate, interview, hire, and pay workers directly without the need for any middleman.

Try out this service and start working with unique talents who care about the business and what they do. has everything you need from a massive talent pool, outstanding filtering capabilities, and realistic pricing.

Have you tried or other freelance platforms in the market? What were the differences? Please share your experience with us!

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