Optinmonster Review: Best Shopify App for Lead Generation

There is one business strategy that each business should be doing – lead generation.

A "Lead' is a potential customer – one that is included in the target audience and has a high chance of buying the product or service.  Leads can come from anywhere. Although traditional media like television or newspapers still bring in the lead, nothing beats the digital space for finding and connecting with these potential customers. Social media and websites are just some of the platform that attracts a massive number of leads. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Shopify, eBay, Amazon, - the channels are endless.

However, these leads won't just magically enter the sales funnel. There should be proper marketing in place in order to capture these leads and bring them in the first phase of the sales cycle. The marketing tactic used to encourage leads is systematically called as "lead generation." And one of the most common vehicles for lead generation is through e-mail marketing.

E-mail marketing is probably the most straightforward and most consistent way to ensure that visitors will come back or make a purchase. It brings continuous traffic to the website in easy steps and is a good steppingstone for the sales funnel. Hence, collecting e-mail addresses of visitors from the site is essential in order to grow the marketing list. This list is necessary for creating a base audience or for designing a campaign to build up sales.

So how to do lead generation through e-mail marketing?  This is where Opt-In Email Marketing comes to play. 

Opt-in e-mail marketing is the method of inviting website visitors to sign up in the e-mail list to receive updates, promotions, and special offers.  Also called permission marketing, opt-in e-mail marketing uses a lead magnet to provide value to readers and incentives in exchange for a subscription. This way, people who are interested in the brand actually populate the e-mail database. Often displayed on websites, opt-in forms are designed to capture audience preference. A prospect opt-in means allowing the entity to send marketing e-mails.

Therefore, every e-mail marketing strategy must be accompanied by lead generation opt-in forms in order to perform an actual opt-in e-mail marketing that delivers results.

Available lead capture forms software is a lot – Thrive Leads and Leadpages are some of the examples. However, in this review, the focus will be on Optinmonster, another popular lead generation software.

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What is OptinMonster?

OptinMonster Review

Launched in 2013, OptinMonster entered the top e-mail opt-in form plugin market. OptinMonster is a cloud-based lead generation software, created by Syed Balkhi and Thomas Griffen. An all-in-one list building software, it allows users to develop and integrate highly effective e-mail signup forms on every website. This tool lets users create visually pleasing lead capture forms even without solid coding skills. OptinMonster supports every opt-in form type for every business.


Why Use OptinMonster?

Claimed as the #1 most powerful conversion optimization toolkit in the world, OptinMonster promises to convert and monetize the website traffic to the maximum. The platform has the expertise to turn traffic into subscribers, useful leads, and, eventually, closed sales. As mentioned, it is one of the most popular lead capture software in the market, accounting for one million websites as their client.

OptinMonster also comes with great features that are not limited to the creation of opt-in forms. It guarantees to boost the e-mail marketing list with a user-friendly interface that is not intimidating at all, especially for small businesses and start-ups. With no coding or developer skills required, users can leverage on all its services in just a short while.


How Does OptinMonster Work?

OptinMonster guarantees to grow the e-mail list for almost 600%. Gathering leads, subscribers, and sales can be explained in three easy steps. 

Step 1: Create a Visually Striking Offer – OptinMonster has a collection of pre-built templates that are already optimized and proven to convert better. Users can also use blank canvas and start from zero to e able to customize all the details. With its simple to use drag and drop builder, no code and professional skill is required.

Step 2: Target and Personalize Offers with Behavior Automation – OptinMonsters' effective targeting and segmentation engine allow websites to increase conversions by creating the best offers for the perfect market at the most accurate time.

Step 3: Test and Adjust in Real-Time – OptinMonsters provides all the statistics and analysis to support any lead generation strategy. It also allows split testing to make room in deciding the best lead generation campaign to use.

The platform boasts its easy set-up but delivers significant results.


OptinMonster Solution

OptinMonster Review

OptinMonster shows the flawless process of lead generation like a pro. It is a powerful technology that captures leads and maximizes conversions, saving money, time, and effort. An effective lead generation solution without the expensive cost, OptinMonster has been supporting thousands of websites around the world. From start-ups, micro, small, and medium up to the Fortune top 500 companies, all had seen a dramatic increase in subscribers and overall sales. 

Hence, using OptinMonster provides websites with:

  • Impressive growth of the e-mail list.
  • Notable decrease in cart abandonment.
  • A remarkable increase in sales conversion

OptinMonster is packed with powerful features housed in a simplified platform. Convert visitors to customers with the following features:

OptinMonster Features: Drag and Drop Builder

Users can design visually pleasing opt-in forms that are proven to convert better. These forms are highly optimized to result in high conversion rates. Pre-made templates are made available for customization, so users can easily incorporate branding and messaging with full control. 

  • Yes or No FormsOptinMonster allows dynamic forms to improve conversion and sales furthermore. Hence, the creation of multi-step campaigns is possible. 
  • Personalized Success Message – Customize the "Thank You" message for added personalization and delight customers even more. Personalization is also an excellent way to boost engagement.
  • Mobile-Friendly Pop-ups - Since everyone is almost on mobile, campaigns for smartphones and tablets are made compatible with such devices for a smooth opt-in marketing pitch.
  • Canvas – Users can create their opt-in templates from a blank canvas without any coding required.
  • MonsterEffects – With over 26 attention-screaming animation and sound effects to catch each visitor's attention.

OptinMonster Features: Campaign Types

Various campaign types are available to ensure that the visitor's attention is called-out. Choose the perfect campaign type that suits the brand for all-out engagement.

  • Lightbox Pop-up – Considered the best and most popular method in growing the e-mail list.
  • Fullscreen Welcome Mat – Also included is a fullscreen welcome window with a larger than life call to action statement that is hard not to miss.
  • Slide-in Scroll Box – Pop-ups that comes from the corner is a different approach with the usual. Visitors find it refreshing, thus, a high converting alternative campaign type.
  •  Floating Bar – A footer or a header bar that moves along as the visitors scrolls the page. This type may be annoying, but a sure method to capture customer's attention.
  • Countdown Timer – An effective method in taking advantage of urgency to boost conversions and sales.
  • Inline Forms – These are forms that can be embedded in blog posts, page content, and other websites for maximum visibility.
  • Content Locker – A tool that turns the article into gated content. Visitors may only access the blog or information by providing their e-mail address and necessary information. It works well with whitepapers and data loaded content.
  • Coupon Wheel Opt-ins – Interactive spin-a-wheel campaigns that increase engagement and sales. 

 OptinMonster Features: Campaign Triggers

Follow and decode each visitor's behavior. Using OptinMonster's smart triggers, the platform guarantees to display only the correct campaign for the right market to see, at a well-optimized time.

  • Exit-Intent® Technology – OptinMonster's in-house developed technology lets customers convert abandoning visitors to customers and subscribers.  
  • Scroll Trigger – Control what campaigns to show when visitors scrolled up to a specific page percentage.
  • MonsterLinks™ 2-Step Opt-ins - Easily convert images or links into a convincing 2 -step opt-in form.
  • Timed Display Control – Only show the campaign at the right time to increase conversions.
  • InactivitySensor™ - Another OptinMonster exclusive technology. This feature enables users to target inactive visitors and turn them into subscribers.
  • Campaign Scheduling – Time-sensitive campaigns during specific dates and times to create urgency and conversion faster.

OptinMonster Features: Targeted Campaigns

Accurate targeting, like any other software, can do. OptinMonster creates a powerful combination of correct targeting plus creative campaigns that is sure-fire to generate more leads, appeal better to subscribers, and close more sales. 

  • Referrer Tracking – Know exactly where the visitor came from, and launch targeted messages.
  • OnSite Follow Up Campaigns® - Design and initiate on-site drip campaigns triggered by visitor's interactions.
  • Geo-Location Tagging – Enable location-specific campaigns based on targeted visitor's area.
  • Device-Based Targeting – Visitors use different devices. Hence, OptinMonster also enables customers to create exclusive campaigns for mobile, desktop, or tablet. 
  • Page-Level Targeting – Customize what campaigns to show, based on the page or section of the website where the visitor is on.
  • Onsite Retargeting® - Offer rewards to returning visitors to keep them coming back. With the Onsite Retargeting feature, users can create unique campaigns and offers for this specific segment.
  • Cookie Retargeting – Furthermore, enhance personalization with custom cookie retargeting.
  • AdBlock Detection – Recover AdBlock revenue with targeted messages.

OptinMonster Features: Seamless Integration

Easily customize, segment, and target audience with campaigns that reacts in real-time, to boost conversions.

  • List Segmentation – Separate and organize subscribers based on interests for marketing automation.
  • Lead Sharing - Joint venture and co-marketing partners can swiftly share leads.
  • Success Tracking Scripts – Increase return on investment by running retargeting pixels based on campaign interactions.
  • Smart Tags – Modify campaigns with smart content.


OptinMonster Features: Actionable Insights

Obtain only the statistics that matter. OptinMonster provides the tools and insights needed to act and improve each lead generation strategy.

  • Real-Time Behavior Automation – Personalization definitely increases conversion, much more when it is automated. Skyrocket conversions with automated personalization.
  • A/B Testing – An essential marketing tool. OptinMonster lets users curate ideas and perform A/B tests in order to know which deliver better results.
  • Smart Success – Keep the churn running. Offer exciting deals to new users or to those who already opted into campaigns.
  • Conversion Analytics – Obtain accurate statistics to enhance the lead generation strategy in place.


OptinMonster Pricing

Whether the business just needs the essential features or a total transformation of conversions, OptinMonster has the perfect plan tier to satisfy every requirement.

Basic Plan - priced at $9 per month. This plan includes unlimited campaigns, all campaign types, page-level targeting, and list segmentation. The plan also offers subscriber recognition, success messages, basic integration, as well as simple reporting. The basic plan gives users access to OptinMonster university too. It offers up to 3,500 page views, and all features enabled in one site.

Plus Plan - priced at $19 per month. Designed for growing business, the Plus Plan offers everything in Basic, plus other features include integrated A/B testing, full reporting, and attention captivation. It also enables content locking, more advanced integrations, inactivity sensor, and device targeting. This specific plan also unlocks MonsterEffects™ and MonsterSounds™. Plus Plan promises up to 15,000 pageviews and can be used for two websites.

Pro Plan - priced at $29 per month. OptinMonster's most popular plan tier. It is created for businesses that needed huge and fast results. The plan includes all features from Pro Plan, plus Exit Intent® Technology, mobile-specific campaigns, pro integrations, and MonsterLinks™. This plan can create yes/no forms, enabled to countdown timers, campaign scheduling, UTM targeting, and referrer detection.

Furthermore, Smart Tags™, cart and form abandonment and two sub-accounts are also included. What's good about this plan is that it allows to remove OptinMonster branding and has priority support. This plan allows up to 50,000 Pageviews and can be enabled in three sites.

Growth Plan - priced at $49 per month. For the total transformation of conversation tools, this plan is highly recommended. It comes everything from the Pro Plan with smart features in addition, such as OnSite Retargeting®, Follow-up Campaigns®, and Real-Time Personalization. Furthermore, Coupon Wheel Campaigns, Geolocation Targeting, Success Scripts, and ManyChat Integration is included.  Maximizing the features, it is also enabled with AdBlock detection, behavior automation, custom branding, activity logging, and advanced reporting. Growth Plan supports up to 250,000 Pageviews, in five websites, and has unlimited sub-accounts. 

What's good with OptinMonster's plan options is that everything comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee, with a 100% refund. Also, subscribers can opt-out or change plans at any time. Subscribers also get a free OptinMonster University access. 

OptinMonster University


Final Thoughts On OptinMonster

All businesses require customers in order to thrive and grow. But to capture customers, grabbing their attention and creating a pool of interested customers is a challenge. That is why lead generation is an important marketing step for any business entity.  

The shift in digital marketing has prompt businesses to invest in tools designed for each phase of the buying journey. Thus, applying various marketing strategies in order to ensure the sale.

OptinMonster is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular e-mail opt-in software that guarantees to grow the marketing list. It populates the database with only potential customers – saving a lot of time, money, and effort. By far, with its powerful features, it is considered to be the best custom pop-up creation tool for WordPress users.

With its various collection of high-converting templates, smart visual editors, and comprehensive controls, pop-ups are sure to bring in more conversions than ever.

Employ OptinMonster and take your lead generation efforts to the next level.

Have you tried OptinMonster? Share your thoughts to the comment section below!

Convert Visitors to Sales! Join OptinMonster Now

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