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Affiliate marketing is a low-cost, high-profit industry. Brought about by the changes in how people consume content and product, it has now become more relevant to engage consumers from different channels. Hence, boosting the popularity and performance of the affiliate industry even further.

With over 150,000 advertisers, affiliate marketing is emerging to be a top tool to drive revenue and open more significant opportunities. The idea of revenue-sharing has made this industry worth several millions of dollars now and will seek to increase more, according to experts.

Aside from it is an accessible vehicle to create a passive income, why should you join an affiliate program? Unlike other marketing approaches, Affiliate Marketing does not require vast expertise. Running and managing affiliate marketing programs will solely depend on the affiliate. The more skills you have, the better, but it takes a couple of mix and match to find the perfect pattern for higher traffic and engagement. One great thing about affiliate marketing is that affiliates can create and launch multiple campaigns with different merchants at the same time.

Unlike other businesses, starting the affiliate business requires minimum to zero investment. For existing website owners, the initial requirements would be a decent device, electricity, and internet service. Although for starters, there is also a need to set-up the website, domain, and hosting.

Getting started with Affiliate Marketing is fast and easy. Platforms made it simple to join and connect networks of merchants and publishers. There are no complex requirements to comply, and no strict guidelines to follow. Affiliates just start from signing-up to an affiliate marketing program, like OSI Affiliate.

Start building a network of loyal customers.

Powerful Customer Source

OSI Affiliate Review

OSI affiliate is an affiliate tracking software. It is a powerful platform for the recruitment of affiliates, influencers, and brands that will work together in creating a network of unlimited referrals and sales. OSI Affiliate is a platform packed with features and tools to promote brands through social sharing, promo codes, email surveys, opt-in forms, and landing pages.

What makes it different from other affiliate software in existence?

OSI Affiliate's social sharing creates an effective lead magnet by tapping the audience on the broad social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By using the software, it would also be easier for sellers to provide promo codes and visual materials that will increase traffic and sales. These promo codes and graphic posts can be customized for influencers for a more personalized approach when talking to their audience.

In addition, OSI Affiliate also provides a free survey tool for customers that acts as a referral and sign-up program in one. There is also an extensive gallery of pre-made landing page templates to drive more sales and affiliates for the referral program. Unlike other platforms, the OSI affiliate focuses on merchants and online businesses. The platform is also committed to helping companies build a network of loyal customers and motivated affiliates.

Master the Affiliate Tracking Program

OSI Affiliate Review

OSI Affiliate's features and benefits help online businesses drive more significant traffic for sales. That is why their software for tracking referrals has been raved by many of their clients. Here's a rundown of OSI Affiliate's features for reference.

  • Social Media Sharing – As mentioned above, OSI Affiliate has the ability to integrate with social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Enable social sharing for customers to share pre-written posts about the products or brand. Both customers and affiliates can easily share the link across multiple social media platforms.
  • Promo Code Tracking – Everyone loves discounts and promo codes. By using the OSI Affiliate, merchants can easily create and assign multiple promo codes to affiliates. There is also an option to customize codes for specific campaigns and unique codes for selected customers. When the promo code tracking is enabled, the software will keep track of the usage of the codes. The promo code tracking also has the ability to calculate commissions earned for each use of code, making it easy to determine the effectivity of both the promo and the referral network.
  • Use Own Domain – OSI Affiliate values the branding for each business. Hence, all affiliate links and account URLs can be set up to bear the domain of the business.
  • Easy Set-Up – Enroll and be ready in just short minutes. With the user-friendly built-in wizard, online businesses can start with affiliate tracking quickly—no need for further technical specialties and coding.
  • Influencer Directory – An exclusive list to aid businesses find the best influencer to promote the brand. It also has the top affiliates contacts that will expose the brand to the global audience.
  • Personalized Support – Online businesses enrolled in the OSI Affiliate program get one-on-one support for complex difficulties. Support sessions are provided by a customer success specialist from OSI Affiliate to help merchants realize business goals.
  • Promotional Resources – There are also built-in promotional resources to support the businesses in growing with the affiliate program.
  • Multi-Tier Support – OSI Affiliate focuses on growing the affiliate list by devising multiple tier support wherein affiliates can invite other affiliates to increase brand exposure and reach a wider audience. The multi-tier feature of the platform can get the support set-up done in a few minutes.
  • Customizable Sign-Up Page – After signing up, affiliates and influencers can already start promoting the brand and products. Through the customizable sign-up page, brands can set any promotion on autopilot by just maintaining one dashboard.
  • More Features – Aside from those mentioned above, here are also some of the highlighted features of the OSI Affiliate.
    • Dashboard Statistics
    • Affiliate Management
    • Partnership Automation
    • Commission Calculations
    • Email Templates
    • Feedback Management
    • Access to Portals
    • Smart Rewards
    • Reporting

OSI Affiliate Review

Maximum Compatibility for Business

OSI Affiliate is a web-based application for all types of customers. It can cater to start-ups, micro, small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses. The app is also mobile-compatible and can be accessed through phones and PCs.

Aside from the technical compatibilities, the application can also be integrated to other thousands of applications like Shopify, Paypal, BigCommerce, Stripe, WordPress, 3dcart, WooCommerce, MailChimp, Leadpages, GetResponse and more.

OSI Affiliate Pricing

OSI Affiliate offers three pricing models to cater to every requirement. Also, every plan tier comes free onboarding help, training, live chat support, promotional resources, multi-tier support, and brandable domain option.

Their pricing options are as follows:

  • Basic – Starts at USD 47 for the monthly plan and a total of USD 470 for annual. The initial plan option includes 20,000 Tracking Requests, 200 Affiliate Users, free set-up, use of own domain, recurring commissions, directory listing, advanced social sharing, and feedback survey tool.
  • Professional – Starts at USD 97 for the monthly plan, and costs USD 970 for annual. The most popular plan, it comes with pretty much everything in the basic plan but has 500,000 tracking requests and 1000 affiliate users. The professional plan also comes with thank you page pop up's, exit Intent Pop-ups, timed Pop-ups, pop-up opt-In forms, and third-party integrations.
  • Premium – Starts at USD 247 for the monthly plan, and costs USD 2470 for annual. It has everything the professional plan offers, but upgraded the tracking request to 1 million and has 5000 affiliate users. This plan also enables merchants to create opt-in forms.

OSI Affiliate gives no-risk, 15 days free on all plan options.  

Final thoughts on OSI Affiliate

A robust and trusted referral marketing software, OSI Affiliate effectively turns customers into brand influencers. Its steady and multi-tier design creates more opportunities to develop partnerships and increase sales. It is also an excellent all-in-one marketing solution that does the job for audience growth and reaches expansion. Their one-on-one training session is also a big help to businesses that are just starting out with the affiliate industry. If the business is leaning towards growth, then the OSI affiliate might be a great stepping stone to enter the industry. The platform's automation and partnership features are also significant factors to consider when choosing an affiliate marketing program to join. Moreover, the platform has full knowledge of the value of customers and the importance of connections. Hence, utilizing the power of influence through a well-defined platform like OSI Affiliate seems the best option to grow any business.

Have you joined the OSI affiliate? How is their customer relation and performance? Let us know by commenting on the section below!

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