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Our KWFinder Review: Should You Use It?

Mar 25, 2020 0 comments

Our KWFinder Review: Should You Use It?


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Here is our review for KWFinder, which in my opinion, is a great keyword planner tool to help you hunt good, low-competition keywords that suit your content perfectly. There are plenty of keyword tools out there, but the majority of them are nothing more than keyword generator tools. Only a very few compare with KW Finder in terms of versatility and simplicity while still offering accurate results. 

Finding keywords sounds easy, but if you’re an experienced content marketer, you know it is easy to miss good keywords if you don’t use a keyword finder or a similar tool. A keyword finder is a fast method of having a good list of keywords, including those elusive long-tail keywords. In this highly competitive online environment, a simple keyword generator just won’t work. If you want to be profitable, you have to have an effective keyword research strategy so you can plan content and rank well in SEO.

The premium pricing for KWFinder is $39.90 per month (the basic is just $29.90), which gives you up to 500 keyword lookups for a day, 700 suggestions, and up to 70 site lookups. In my experience where I have to make hundreds of searches daily, the premium option offers the best deal. 

Use It Instantly. Find the Best Keywords for You.

What I liked so much about the KWFinder is that it has no fuss. There is no installation required. You will be greeted by a simple, clean interface once you’re in. Enter a keyword on the ‘Search by Keyword’ box to find the keyword search volume and cost-per-click, among other features. The tool also has a feature called Keyword Difficulty (KD), which ranks each keyword according to its difficulty of ranking. This is a much-welcomed feature to help you select good ranking keywords that have low competition yet have high search volumes. 

Another feature lets you snoop into your competitors to see how they rank, and what keywords they use. You can simply copy and incorporate their keywords to move up in ranking. 

The KWFinder has another feature that lets you keyword volumes by country and language. This is especially useful when you have customers outside the US or trying to rank for a specific country. Or, you can simply focus on US customers. 

See What Google Says. 

The interface also shows the SERP (search engine results page) metrics or analysis. You can simply open another tab and use Google, but understand that results made nowadays tend to be localized. The SERP results also show the page authority, the ranking based on backlinks, Facebook shares and estimated visits per month. The KWFinder allows you to export and download the data on a CSV file or clipboard. 

The KWFinder is owned by Mangools, who also happens to own other nice tools such as SERP Checker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler. It is not hard to like KWFinder. It is very decent and powerful, yet inexpensive. It makes the SEO job much easier, and it is worth the monthly subscription. If you ask me, the KWFinder is a must-have keyword analysis tool for anyone doing business online.

Click Here to Get Your Free Trial of KW Finder

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