PATLive Review: Is it the Best Answering Service?

Running a business is overwhelming. You have to be on top of everything to make sure your operations go smoothly. However, many entrepreneurs get overwhelmed that even the idea of answering phone calls becomes too burdensome. Besides answering calls from your investor, suppliers, and staff, you also have to communicate effectively with your customers. There are just so many things that you need to answer all at once. So how do you solve this?

Why do you need an answering service?

While hiring a virtual assistant can be a good fix, having an actual answering service will work better. If your business is continually growing, it would be the perfect time to sign up for an answering service. Having an answering service offers tons of benefits, including the following:

Helps handle the high volume of calls

Do you get lots of calls regularly, but you’re skeptical about hiring in-house call agents? If yes, this is for you. If you only have one person taking all the calls, the chances are high that many calls get rejected – meaning, opportunity loss for you. With an answering service, all your calls will be answered, making sure that you keep your credibility to your customers.

This setup works best for startups that don’t have the means to launch their customer support team.

Helps convert potential leads

Many customers move to your competitors when their call doesn’t get answered the first time. Thus, the importance of having someone on standby to receive all incoming calls is evident. By making sure that no call gets unanswered, you’ll be making your customers feel good about your brand. Besides, you don’t want to help grow your competitor’s business while yours suffer.

Helps forward important calls

If you’re expecting essential calls, having an answering service will come handy because you’ll be 100% sure that the call will get through no matter what. When you sign up for an answering service, expect that someone will always be able to answer your calls 24/7. This feature is beneficial not only with important calls but also when it comes to emergencies.

Helps you provide 24/7 Customer Service

How’s your customer rating and reviews? Are your customers pleased with your customer support? In the recent study done on US consumer behavior, over 90% of consumers say that reviews are the most crucial part of their purchase decision. Besides, 81% of the consumers are willing to pay more when presented with positive reviews for a product.

Customers nowadays are incredibly impatient; they always expect you to answer 24/7. With an answering service, you benefit from their 24/7 operations. Even though your business is not online 24/7, your answering service provider will ensure your customer gets answered 24/7. They will also help build customer relationships, so your customers feel the reliability of your service. Thus, helping boost your positive customer reviews.

Now that you know the importance of having an answering service, we’ll introduce you to PATLive, one of the best answering services in the US today. Read on to see if PATLive is the right answering service for your business.


Boost Your Customer Service with PATLive


The Best US-based Virtual Receptionist Service Provider 

PATLive has been in the business of virtual services since 1990. To date, it answers over 2 million calls annually. It specializes in handling inbound calls for thousands of businesses across the US. It offers call-handling service with custom scripts and web-based software designed to integrate with third-party apps seamlessly.

Top Features to Love About PATLive

PATLive offers all the essential services in an answering service. These features include:

  • Answering 100% of your inbound calls
  • Maintaining relationships with your customers
  • Increasing your productivity
  • 24/7 Availability of your hotline

As promised, we’ll go through PATLive’s features that make it stand out from the others. These are:

Trusted Experts

PATLive has been in the industry of virtual services since the 90s. Thus, you can only expect the best of breed services with its three decades of experience.

24/7/265 Call Handling

If you want to deliver top-notch customer service, you will surely benefit from this feature. With PATLive’s 24/7/365 call handling feature, you’ll be sure that all your customers get the answer that they need.

Custom Scripts

PATLive offers custom scripts depending on your preference. Thus, you’re sure that every call will be greeted with a professional message suited for your brand.

Message Taking

PATLive’s agents will take a message when you’re unavailable. These agents are trained and well-equipped to note down all the necessary details given to them, ensuring that no information gets lost along the way.

Call Screening

PATLive will screen your calls and only forward to you those that are worthy of your time. Thus, eliminating waste of time while increasing productivity.

Call Transfers

Depending on your preference, PATLive’s agents will transfer calls to your team. This is done after the call has been screened - so your team will only be taking qualified calls.

Appointment Scheduling

PATLive’s agents will help manage your business appointments through the web-based calendar and scheduling software.

Lead Collection

By informing PATLive of your qualification procedure, PATLive’s agents will help deliver leads directly to your sales team.

Order Processing

PATLive can help guide your customers by answering the most common questions about order processing and returns.

Event Registrations

If you have an upcoming event, you will surely benefit from PATLive’s services to help handle your registrations and address commonly asked questions.

3rd Party Integrations

If you’re looking at integrating PATLive’s answering service to your business, the chances are high that PATLive can seamlessly integrate with your business software.

14-Day Free Trial

If you’re unsure if PATLive’s service is perfect for your business, you can quickly sign up and enjoy a 14-day trial and see for yourself!

How much does it cost to use PATLive?

PATLive offers six different plans to choose from Basic, Starter, Standard, Premium, Pro, and Pro+ Plan. Each plan offers 100% US-based agents, and you only pay for live talk time. All plans have 24/7 call handling, real-time call summaries, online reporting, and message taking. There is no contract or commitment – meaning you can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade.

Here are the details of each plan:

  • The Basic plan costs $39 per month. It’s live answer minutes is at $1.95 per minute.
  • The Starter plan costs $149 per month and comes with 75 package minutes. This plan includes call screening and transfers.
  • The Standard plan costs $269 per month and comes with 200 package minutes. The Standard plan comes with appointment scheduling, order processing, and event registration features.
  • The Premium plan costs $399 per month and comes with 350 package minutes. It comes with seamless integrations with third-party apps.
  • The Pro plan costs $629 per month and comes with 600 package minutes. This plan provides you access to a dedicated account manager and specialized agent training for your business.
  • The Pro+ plan costs $999 per month and comes with 1000 package minutes. The Pro+ has everything from the previous plans and comes with monthly performance calls.

Do I recommend PATLive?

There are lots of reasons to like PATLive! It offers everything you need to be proactive when taking calls. Other than the service giving you 24/7 customer service, you will never have the trouble of losing essential calls, all for as low as $39 per month. Besides, you only pay for live talk time, so you don’t need to worry about paying more than you’re getting.

Overall, if you’re looking for an answering service that offers reliable service, PATLive comes on top of my mind. With its years of experience, you’ll be sure to be in safe hands.

What do you think of PATLive? Please drop us a comment below!


Boost Your Customer Service with PATLive

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