Paykickstart Review: Best Shopping Cart and Affiliate Management for Business

Online selling has never been easier. Guided by the correct tools, the complex world of technology and retail has been simplified into platforms that do a complicated job.  

Nowadays, online shopping has been raising the bar for convenience and revenue. Unlike before, setting up a webstore is made easy with the help of plugins and platforms that can integrate into the whole business system in minutes. These tools are designed to look after the interface, the checkout, payment gateways, conversion, traffic – and almost everything. Resulting in a shorter span of set-up, so businesses can start selling online right away.  

However, it is important to note that capitalizing on these tools would ensure the business to have stable operations and a continuous flow of traffic and sales. Likewise, additional operational software is imperative when mapping out the customer journey. Employing tools for a specific task is crucial, especially when bridging the gap of the unserved or unrealized customer needs.

Sure, there is a lot of software and platform that promises to grow along with the business. However, engaging in several solution vendors would just result in fragmented processes. Instead of easing the workflow, maintaining multiple solutions might be a bit of a problem. To prevent that from happening, it would be wise to employ platforms that are capable of performing more than one task. This way, the business can save more and focus on improving the processes, rather than the maintenance.

Did you know that you can enhance the average customer value, pricing model, payment scheme, and upsell? Did you know that on top of these features, you can also get an affiliate management platform to recruit more people to sell products? Did you know that you can do all of these under one software? Yes. Through PayKickstart, these are all possible.

Read more to find out our honest review about PayKickstart, and whether it is a good choice for optimizing the shopping cart and affiliate network of your business.

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About PayKickStart

PayKickstart Review

Founded in 2016 by online marketers Mark Thompson and Matt Callen. The platform is focused on solving online business dilemmas on payments, customer experience, and affiliate partner management. Currently, PayKickstart has 1,500 customers 65 countries around the globe. As a pioneer for online commerce, Paykickstart already generated an impressive $20+ million in sales and also gained over $150 million generated from the vendor side. They know the difficulties and workaround resolution for every ecommerce hurdle, hence, incorporating the learnings to their solution to eliminate the guesswork for their clients. With PayKickstart, online businesses obtain the most flexible and modern platform to automate and maximize revenue.

What is PayKickStart

PayKickstart is a web-based shopping cart and affiliate marketing solution in one. The platform is mainly designed to support software as a service (SaaS) companies, startups, and subscription-based businesses. However, due to the demand and effectiveness of the software, it has catered to businesses of all sizes over the years.

The company offers multiple solutions for every business's needs, ranging from SaaS, digital and physical goods, up to memberships and services. PayKickstart assists businesses in handling complex payments, manage subscriptions, boost conversion, and customer retention. Its affiliate management program also aids to recruit and manage affiliate partners in a swift. PayKickstart is also enabled to handle accounting tasks, taxation, security, compliance,, and wrap them up in an accurate reporting tool.

PayKickstart Review

Broad Payment Options

One hurdle that online businesses face is the complexity of payment channels. In order to acquire more customers, the shop must be flexible in accepting a reasonable number of options such as bank deposits, credit cards, PayPal, wire transfer, and such.

PayKickstart delivers multiple payment options without setting them up individually, for a seamless and favorable checkout experience.

The platform can connect with the best and most common payment gateways such as PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, Easypaydirect, and Authorize.Net. With these, stores can now be flexible and accept payment from credit & debit cards, PayPal, ACH & SEPA bank wires, and soon,  Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Aside from the actual handling of payment, PayKickstart also enhances the checkout experience by customizable checkout designs and widgets. The platform has a huge collection of checkout templates that can be effortlessly installed on the website. There are over 50 one-step and multi-step designs to choose from. Moreover, these templates are verified to convert better than any other checkout templates available in the market.

Other checkout features of PayKickstart includes pop-up widgets that are triggered every time a customer clicks the "buy button." In addition, businesses can also create embeddable checkout forms and allows custom API to fit their specific requirements. All of these are pointed to improve the checkout experience of every customer, towards a hassle-free purchase and payment process to surely delight them.


Control Over Billing

PayKickstart has the ability to track and manage subscriptions, billing options, and payment plans so the business can obtain full control over any payment situation. Schemes such as product-based pricing, tiered pricing, volume-based, and other arrangements are possible. PayKickstart can also handle changes in billing, such as upgrades, downgrades, reactivations, and cancellations. We've also listed the payment schemes and tools that the software can manage.

  • One Time Payments – Made for typical retail sales.
  • Subscriptions – Made to control recurring charges. PayKickstart can charge a specific amount based on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.
  • Trial Offers – Great for launch, promotions, and usage-based products.
  • Set-up Fees – For businesses that aim to charge an upfront fee.
  • Usage-Based Pricing – Consumption-based billing great for utilities and metered-products.
  • Hybrid Pricing – Best for businesses with recurring and non-recurring products that accept single purchases from customers.
  • Freemium – Premium and free. Customers can try the products or services first and then transition to premium after a while.
  • Payment Plans – Splits a huge amount into multiple payment plans over a certain period.
  • Proration – Customers can be able to prorate subscription.
  • Custom Pricing – For more complex products or project-based deliverables. The price and when to charge can be determined freely with this kind of pricing model.

PayKickstart, in their vision for seamless checkout also includes a customer billing portal to their suite of features. Customers can access the self-service billing portal to track purchase history, manage billing information, and even download invoices. Moreover, this feature enables the management of subscriptions, such as upgrades or downgrades. Customers can also update the payment method and add payment backup for successful rebills.

How can customers access the portal? PayKickstart provides two options through PayKickstart hosted customer portal or through an embedded portal right from the business' website.

Affiliate Management

More than an impressive shopping cart solution, PayKickstart is also an affiliate management platform wherein clients can track, manage, and pay affiliate partners under the dashboard. It also integrated notable features that make growing network a breeze.

PayKickstart affiliate management software has instant and delayed commission payouts feature that can assist each affiliate to receive instant commissions for successful referrals or delay commissions based on circumstances. For payout concerns, PayKickstart has enabled all payout methods provided by the affiliate. The platform also collects W9/W8 tax forms and allows access to vendors for proper documentation in every paid commission.

For maximum branding and marketing participation, affiliates are provided with a login area in the PayKickstart platform to access the promotional materials such as links, graphics, campaigns, and more, all uploaded by the vendor.

To make things exciting, PayKickstart has also launched real-time affiliate contests in which vendors can run incentive contests with a leaderboard to keep the affiliates motivated. Affiliates can also offer bonuses like free eBooks or trial days to their referrals. It acts as a two-way boost for the affiliate and the customers as well.

PayKickstart's powerful network now bears over 50,000+ Affiliates waiting for vendors and products to promote and earn referral commissions.

Smart Automation to Maximize Profit

PayKickstart has all the features for businesses to grow. Supported by tons of automation and AI, these features are sure-fire to increase conversions and boost profits.

  • One-Click Upsells – This feature allows the purchase of add-on products or upsells with just one click. No need to enter further details again.
  • Coupon Codes – Get maximum engagement and conversion by putting up discounts or time-triggered coupon codes.
  • Order Bumps – Boost basket value by offering customers additional products/services on their initial checkout.
  • Address Auto-Complete – Customers hate entering long information. Thankfully, PayKickstart has an auto-complete feature for the address fields with one click.
  • Exit Intent Pop-up – Don't let customers walk away. This functionality saves the sale by asking customers if they are decided to leave the website.


    Accurate Business Reporting

    PayKickstart ensures every seller and affiliate grows its business. Hence, through the control center dashboard, every user has a clear view of what is happening in just one glance. Reports and insights are provided per phase in order to obtain more data for business reference. The sales report, subscription reports, funnel reports, affiliate reports, and traffic reports are readily available to understand business status better. These reports are easy to read, accurate, and come with built-in metrics to deliver details. Moreover, these reports convey comprehensive insights that can largely help businesses when making informed decisions.

    Solutions for Every Business Requirement

    Automate the entire online business with the help of PayKickstart. Designed to answer every business requirement, the platform has expanded its set of solutions to cater to all businesses in different shapes and sizes.

    • PayKickstart for Memberships and Services – This solution handles payment processing, product delivery, affiliate management, licensing, and taxes. Perfect for online businesses with membership site and coaching programs, this model has flexible subscription billing and easy proration. PayKickstart for Memberships ensures to increase recurring revenue and generate more paying members.
    • PayKickstart for SaaS – Allows businesses to grow and focus on the more important task than billing. Manage the entire customer subscription billing life cycle by automating recurring bills and managing each subscription. Track and perform crucial business processes through API and webhooks.
    • PayKickstart for Digital Goods – Digital products can be delivered easily and securely using PayKickstart. Content, files, streams, and zip files will be handled by the platform with maximum security, encryption, and licensing. In addition, enrolling in PayKickstart also enables digital sellers to create license keys and coupon codes for promotional use.
    • PayKickstart for Physical Goods – PayKickstart can assist sellers in the order fulfillment, payment processing, taxes, and affiliate network. Save yourself from the hassle of packaging, shipping, tracking, and returns – PayKickStart, along with its partners, ShipStation and ShipOffers, will do the job for you. PayKickstart automatically updates the progress in real-time, adding confidence that the product will safely arrive at the buyer's doorstep. Shipping rules and tax rules are also available to guide sellers during the order fulfillment process.

      PayKickStart Pricing

      After the rundown of the remarkable features of this platform, you might be wondering about its price. PayKickstart has plans that are perfect-fit for every business scale. Below are the pricing details:

      • Starter – is priced at $99 per month, or $79 per month if billed annually. This plan tier includes features such as payment integrations, one-time and subscriptions, free and paid trials, and one-click upsells. This plan also enables users to create coupons, customizable checkout pages, perform dunning management, and import subscriptions. The starter plan has access for 3rd party integrations and reporting tools.
      • Growth – is priced at $199 per month, or $159 per month if billed annually. This plan includes everything in the starter, with additional features such as affiliate management center, user-based roles and permissions, customer billing portal, cancellation saver, advanced dunning, and API access.
      • Scale - is priced at $399 per month, or $319 per month if billed annually. The scale plan has everything in growth, plus a designated account manager. It also has access to demographics, customer feedback surveys, and audience builders. The plan also has uptime monitoring, as well as social proof functionality.

      PayKickstart also offers custom pricing for $100,000 per month transactions that cover control, compliance, migration, and expert assistance. All plan tier comes with a free 14-day trial.


      PayKickStart Support

      PayKickstart Review

      Our Verdict

      PayKickstart is an advanced shopping cart and affiliate management tool. It does the job beyond what is expected. There are several functionalities that make it an excellent platform to use for online businesses like the extensive integrations to over 60+ marketing and sales applications. It has comprehensive automation features packed with everything you need, whether the shop is selling physical goods, digital, or services. PayKickStart's advanced funnel builder, affiliate center, customizable checkout templates, and marketing portal are huge plus points when considering employing a shopping cart and affiliate marketing solution.

      Do we recommend using PayKickstart? Definitely.

      PayKickstart has full features that enhance the customer journey and drives significant results for every business.

      How about you? What can you say about PayKickstart

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