PodBean Review: Is It The Best Podcast Hosting for Content Creators?

Our channels for communication are changing too fast. Suddenly, there is a surge of available platforms right before our eyes. Communication and the medium are transforming every day – to match the phase of demanding customers. In a tight and competitive market, businesses must stay afloat by responding and eventually adapting to the newest technologies.  

This era has welcomed podcasting with open arms. A podcast is basically a set of digital audio files made available on the internet for a specific audience or the people in general. A podcast is not so technical to understand, but it has been deemed crucial to businesses nowadays.

Due to the massive usage of mobile phones, an increase in convenient and accessible information has been evident. The podcast has become the “new learning tool” in sound format. It has become a consumable content that most people find beneficial.

Podcast is an essential, influential, and attainable marketing tool for every business. Some of the benefits of podcasting include an increase in exposure, working on the niche market, grabbing attention, and build engagement. Moreover, podcasting can elevate the brand’s voice in the already flooded social media. Businesses greatly consider podcasting as a vital inclusion in their digital marketing strategy.

Although unlike other digital tools, a podcast is a one-sided medium. Hence, it builds better relationships with the audience, as they choose to listen to the podcast because they feel connected with the speaker. It is an excellent manifestation of brand loyalty and influence. Using podcasts can also contribute to creating or discovering new audiences for the business.

While a number of podcast hosting sites available like buzzsprout and PodOmatic app, this review will focus on one of the best podcast hosting and podcast app, Podbean. Read more to know how Podbean podcast works.

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What is PodBean?

Podbean is a podcast publishing and monetization service, providing free and superior hosting packages for people and businesses. Podbean offers a user-friendly interface that integrates publishing, management, syndication, and analysis tools into an easy-to-use podcasting package.

Podbean is a web-based system that permits users, also known as podcasters to publish, manage, and promote podcasts in an easy to use the platform without advanced technical requirements. This platform has a straightforward share and embedding options, making it easier for podcasters to inject podcasts into blogs, websites, social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, and WordPress. As a popular podcast app for both Android and iOS, Podbean extended its availability to more media. Today, podcasts can also be played via Amazon’s Alexa.

Podbean makes it possible for the audience to listen to podcasts everywhere, at any time.


Podbean: All-in-One Podcasting Solution

Podbean Review

Creating podcasts in minutes is possible with Podbean. An easy-to-use platform loaded with great features, podbean.com is a powerful way to start podcasting.

Podbean guarantees a manageable space that allows users to easily start a podcast in minutes without any coding, programming, or technical know-how. Newbies and professional podcaster alike find podbean valuable and convenient to the core. It provides one neatly arranged podcast hosting packed with features needed to start, promote, and monetize podcasts.  

This platform has been around for ten years now, and impressively continuing to grow. They’ve catered to all types of podcasters from different genres and sizes. From publishing, distribution, statistics, and monetization, Podbean has built an incredible system that makes it the best hosting service choice for podcasts.


Starting with Podbean and Managing Podcasts

Set-up and publish podcasts in just a matter of minutes. Most podcasters appreciate podbean’s tools that make the podcasts up and running immediately.

Podbean’s intuitive interface removes all the intimidating and unfamiliar tools users don’t actually need. Hence, the window is left with a clean, comprehensive, and functional interface that makes publishing a walk in the park.

What’s more, to love is that it is enabled for unlimited hosting. This means that there are no restrictions and no limits placed on downloads, episodes, or recording time. Podbean also includes a free podcast website for each account that comes with cherry-picked free themes that look professional.

As for publishing, Podbean provides a timetable to upload and schedule episodes at a pre-determined time. Publishing podcasts can also be done with just using mobile – talking about convenience!


Grow an Audience with Podbean

PodBean Review

The main goal of using podcasts is to communicate and effectively deliver the thoughts to be heard. Equipped with the right set of tools, Podbean distributes podcasts to a wider audience and potential listeners.

With Podbean, users can broadcast to anywhere without having to employ any other software. Place podcasts to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast apps. Also, via the smart podbean Alexa skill, podcasters can enable automatic cross-publishing to Amazon Alexa, as well as to Podbean apps for iOS and Android.  

To get the most audience and potential listeners, Podbean also taps social media, e-mail, and websites and blogs. Through customizable players, podcasts can be embedded and placed on any websites and blog sites. Create a podcast player with a single-episode or multitrack in different sizes, shapes, and colors that are beneficial, especially for branding.  

Podbean automatically posts new podcast episodes to social networks once users allowed to connect them with their Podbean account. Podbean also creates audiograms (videos) for use on Facebook and Youtube for a more appealing visual content.

Lastly, Podbean has partnered with an e-mail service provider, Mailchimp. With this integration, podcasters can collect e-mail addresses and automatically share new episodes to their subscribers.


Track and Gain Podbean Insights

Podbean Review

Podbean provides complete and valuable statistics for users to track their podcast performance.

Through the downloads report, Podbean provides details on each episode download as well as trends to overview how well the podcast is received by the audience. In addition, it automatically summarizes all downloads data and presents them into one comprehensive top 10 list. With this, podcasters can reference and copy the patterns of those top episodes, and replicate them in the next podcast. Also, users make take advantage of podbean’s downloads by the time of day report. It shows you which days of the week and at what times a specific podcast gets the most listens. With this knowledge, users can easily schedule releases and take advantage of the peak hours for listeners.

With Podbean’s listener geography feature, users have the full view on where their listeners are coming from. Enable smart targeting by gauging the popular podcast per area and add relevant information such as targeted sponsors.

Know what devices and apps the audience uses to access the podcast with the user agent chart feature. A great insight tool at hand, users get full awareness and where to engage better to boost audience growth.


Make Money from Podcast

Podbean offers various monetization method that best fits the podcast style and brand. Podbean has all the options to help users monetize their content.

  • Podcast Advertising – Podbean allows its creators to list their podcast episodes in the marketplace for free. From there, potential advertisers and podbean will try to match their prerequisites versus the podcast content. With PodAds SaaS, podcasters get sophisticated ads management with dynamic insertion capability, allowing maximum revenue.
  • Premium – Users can get paid each podcast content with subscriptions or single-episode sales. This model authorizes podbean to handle payment, technical, and support needs, all visible and transparent, into the podbean dashboard.
  • Patron – Fans run this monetization scheme. Patron is a mode for fans to support their favorite podcast or podcasters through recurring monthly donations. Users can set different levels of donations or rewards. For exclusivity, podbean lets these users publish patrons-only episodes.


Live Streaming with Podbean

Podbean live stream focuses on interaction. Listeners can send podcasters instant messages and call into their live shows. Furthermore, it allows remote co-hosts or guests to call in for a more dynamic podcast streaming. Guests can come from anywhere in the globe by using the free Podbean app.

If the content is valuable and beneficial to a niche, users can sell virtual tickets for the live stream and receive virtual gifts from the listeners. What’s great about virtual gifts is that they can be cashed-out.


Podbean Podcast App

The podbean podcast app takes convenience and content consuming to a whole other level. With this app, listeners can learn, watch, enjoy anytime, and anywhere. The app boasts a user-friendly and sleek interface that opens up a massive library of podcasts with a single tap. Listeners can search by category, or just take the smart suggestions based on their interests.

Podbean podcast app is a modern podcast player that removes dead air or long silence from a specific episode without any alteration. It is also volume boost normalize, to completely eliminate problems on loudness or uneven sound register. Lastly, the app is fully supported with a sleep timer, Bluetooth, Chromecast, and android auto.

Some of the app’s notable features include:

  • Broad background music library
  • Import own background music
  • Mix voice with various sound effects
  • Powerful post-production
  • Free storage space
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Social sharing tools
  • New episode notifications
  • Customized playlists

Podbean Pricing

Podbean offers a straightforward and feature-loaded podcast hosting plans.

  • Basic priced at $0 – The always, absolute free plan. This is great for podcast starter as it has five hours total of storage space and with a bandwidth of 100GB per month. It includes the iPhone and android app, embeddable players, own podcast site, and RSS Feed & iTunes Support. Free themes and basic podcast statistics are also available.
  • Unlimited Audio priced at $9 per month – The unlimited audio plan, as the name suggests best for audio podcasting and with no limits. With this plan, users get unlimited storage space and unmetered bandwidth. It includes everything in the basic tier, but with PRO themes and comprehensive podcast statistics. In addition, it is enabled for advanced custom design and map your own domain feature. For monetization, it comes with Ads Marketplace and Premium Sales.
  • Unlimited Plus starting from $29 per month – Podbean’s most popular plan, it is best for video podcasts and podcast monetization. It includes everything in the unlimited audio plan, but with a full custom design. Aside from Ads Marketplace and Premium Sales for monetization, this plan enables Patron Program and PodAds - The SaaS for Podcast Advertising as well.
  • Business starting from $99 per month - Best for podcast networks and business podcasts. This plan comes with all the inclusions in the unlimited plus. It also has additional Business Podcasting features such as Multiple podcast channels, multiple admins, a private podcast with SSO authentication, and engagement intel. Moreover, it unlocks groups, removes podbean branding, live chat support, and podbean pro app.



Podcast is a powerful marketing tool today. The increase in mobile usage and requirement for convenient learning has skyrocketed podcasts’ popularity even more. In the battleground for promotional noise, tapping podcast is a game-changer.

Podbean has been providing innovative podcasting services as an industry leader for more than ten years.  It has given birth to the most popular and most engaging episodes in podcast history. More than a podcast hosting site, podbean has lived to be one of the best free podcast hosting options.

Do we recommend podbean? Definitely yes!

The impressive features that cover not just the user but also other stakeholders around the podcast environment is an edge over other providers. It offers sophisticated podcast management and offers maximum assistance for monetization. Podbean also is built for growing the business; hence, all of its features are directed towards audience growth and better communication.

With unlimited functionality and tons of monetization schemes, Podbean is a gem on its own. Reliable hosting, mobile editing, and uploading, accurate analytics, and at par distribution make this platform an easy choice for podcast hosting.  

Starting a podcast or managing sets of podcasts has never been easier. Podbean has everything a new podcaster or a professional need. With big monetization opportunities and mobile-optimized functionalities, podbean is indeed the home for podcasting.


Have you ever tried podcasting? Did you use Podbean for publishing and distribution? Let us know your experience by sharing it in the comment section below!


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