Printful Review: Best Print On-Demand for Shopify

So you have this crazy idea for a business – a customized clothing line.  The unique designs, the catchy marketing strategies, and the creative vision are already in place. However, a crucial and research-driven decision has to be made. How to find the best supplier?

There are a couple of factors that come to play when looking for the perfect printing partner. They must meet a list of criteria that includes print quality, a wide range of product catalog, branding features, and shipping considerations too.

Here's the best part: did you know that there's a certain business model that allows brand owners to just create designs, upload the designs, and start selling? Yes. Forget about the production and shipping part because "Print on demand" companies are making the waves for custom market today.

Print on demand is basically a business model that creates the end merchandise and ships it directly to the customers.  There are a lot of rooms for growth on the print on demand (POD) market. In fact, recent studies by the Profit Industry revealed that the POD landscape is expected to reach a value of $10 billion or more in online sales by 2025 – just with the custom shirt market alone.

With the increasing demand for personalization, and the endless products that can be customized, ranging from caps, bags, accessories, and jackets, the POD environment seems to be one of the most promising business models to date.

In order to capture a share of this $10 billion-worth market, finding the most suitable POD dropshipping partner is crucial. Printful has been hailed as one of the best print-on-demand sites for designing, selling, and shipping. Read on to know more how Printful combines printing and technology together through smart integrations.


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What is Printful?

Printful is an on-demand order fulfillment and warehousing service that fulfills and ships custom products and accessories such as clothing, accessories, and home items for online businesses. The concept is simple: just connect the online store with Printful. Whenever someone buys a custom item from the store, the order is automatically sent to Printful. From there, Printful will start the fulfillment and ship the item directly to the customer.

Their workforce is spread across six locations in North Carolina, California, Mexico, Barcelona, and Latvia.

Printful is easy and free to set-up. It also doesn't charge any monthly fees and does not require a minimum order. Hence, an ideal dropship business model for brand owners. Printful has a wide selection of merchandise and goods to create an impressive catalog. On top of that, the platform also offers tools to support creativity and get started with the t-shirt printing business fast.

What's great with Printful is that it can support niche stores should a brand decide to just focus on laptop covers, umbrellas, or earrings. It saves businesses from the headache and stress of inventory, stock management, and shipping issues. With Printful, brands and owners are set for immediate growth without too many problems to handle.

How do Printful works?

Printful Review


Printful helps businesses launch even without large investments in printing equipment and high technology machines.  Operating on the POD system, Printful eliminates problems on warehousing and stock management. Printful handles the order fulfillment and shipping from their side so businesses can focus on improving the brand and more on customer relationships.

How does it work?

First, online stores must connect to Printful. With the wide integrations available, Prinftul is compatible with Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, and more. Once linked, load the shop with products with the brand's designs, ranging from T-shirts, mugs, phone cases, tote bags, and a lot more.

The fun part, when a customer orders from the store, the order is automatically sent to Printful. The magic happens right on their premises – the printing, packing, and shipping. When in transit, the store gets a notification and a tracking number.

Effortlessly, the customer receives the store's product with full branding – just like when the store ships its own product.

Printful eases the way of doing print on demand shirts. Save a lot of time, space, and get rid of the messy work. Printful is an all-in-one partner in building a strong brand in the online space.

What makes Printful different?

Printful caters to specific segments. While targeted to artists, creatives, fashionistas, custom enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs, the platform has all the basic tools to support fast set-up and growth.

Printful Review

  • Accountable Order Fulfillment - Printing equipment, storage, and inventory are all handled by Printful with most responsibility and care ethics. Prevent overstocking and wasted resources as Printful only creates products as customer orders.

  • Zero Minimum – Do not be bounded by the usual minimum order quantity (MOQ). Printful assures freedom and room to experiment with no order minimum policy. Create designs for a smaller segment, or just for personal usage.

  • Free Forever - Maybe one of the best Printful advantages. No monthly or upfront fees. The use of the platform is absolutely free! Users only pay for fulfillment and shipping for each order.

  • Branding – Obtain maximum brand experience as custom labels, pack-ins, and all others are still credited under the brand's name.

  • Comprehensive Automation – By integrating the store to Printful, orders are automatically sent to them, making the fulfillment and shipping process fast and easy.

  • Best Shipping Rates – Guaranteed affordable and most secured as Printful partners with only the top global carriers for all-out reliability.

Who can use Printful?

Printful, as an all-in-one stop for warehousing and fulfillment, design, photo, video, and store set-up services is designed for a wide range of users. Create bespoke merch, exclusive clothing line, apparel, promotion gifts, souvenirs, event items, and more.

Printful can be used by creators to sell their custom merchandise or limited offer items. Print-on-demand merchandise based on any creative assets. This is perfect for Youtuber, celebrities, and influencers to entice followers and fans even more.

Represent institution, business, or sports team with high-quality merchandise and personalized items.

Moreover, create unique merchandise for festivals, special occasions, and causes for better event experience. Printful is perfect for concerts, marketing campaigns, business events, or parties – no matter how small or big the attendance is.

Printful for E-commerce

Printful integrates with the finest ecommerce platforms and top online marketplaces. It also works well with custom websites or applications. With its free mock-up generator, creating and envisioning the products are a lot easier. Through the generator, high-quality product images are available and ready for store upload.

Designed for entrepreneurs and creatives, Printful helps businesses grow by removing the hassle of production and shipping concerns. With its free sign-up, stores can sell and collect orders immediately without further set-up and subscription settlement. Printful only charge for every product ordered from the store. Print merchandise with no minimums and no limitations on bulk orders. Their multi-level quality control provides consistency at all times.

Printful is also excellent in maintaining and developing their client's brand. Aside from labels, stickers, and pack-ins completely credited to the brand, other personalized branding options are also available.

Their six locations enable global fulfillment of orders from anywhere in the world. They ship the products from the USA, Mexico, Latvia, and Barcelona to the rest of the globe. What's great about Printful is they also track and ensure that packages arrive safely to the customer's doorstep. They do reshipment for lost or damaged items, bringing in much more confidence to start doing business with them.

Printful for High-Volume Business

It has been mentioned that Printful has no minimum orders – and it might get you to think that it's only for start-ups or small businesses. Completely wrong. Printful also caters to large volume orders and deals with enterprises with a large market basket. Printful helps every business reach new heights.

Printful helps improve lead times and expand into new markets. With the benefits of not maintaining any stocks, inventory risk is greatly reduced. Save time and money without having to face a stock shortage or surplus.  Joining Printful allows businesses to leverage their massive 245,000 sq. ft. of fulfillment space in five different locations, all equipped with one of the largest Kornit printer fleets.  

As high-volume business perks, Printful offers a dedicated team of account executives, and customer success managers are assigned for reaching global-scale achievement.

Why should a large business partner with Printful? First, they offer the best High-quality products compared with the rest of the POD providers. Printful delivers industry-leading technology, quality control, and global fulfillment housed under one powerful name. Moreover, Printful only uses top printing technologies for DTG, embroidery, cut & sew, and sublimation, ensuring the best of the best products for end-users. 

Printful for Promotional Products

Take promotion to the next level through branded merchandise—print-on-demand clothing, caps, bags, and more with the brand logo. Printful allows users to create personalized promo products for both customers' consumption and for business' employees.

Printful can be tapped for various promotional usage such as corporate merchandise and souvenirs for better business recognition. It can also support the social media space with custom promotional products as giveaways that can benefit either a brand or an influencer.

Design promotional products for clients, events, and online stores to raise brand awareness and increase market lead overtime.

Printful for Brand Identity

Printful also goes beyond the production and order completion by incorporating brand experience for partners and customers as well. The platform smartly offers branding for the white label for almost everything. They allow brands to put their logo on the merchandise, tear-away tags, inside labels of the products, and even on the box.

In addition, they also help businesses realize their brand's visual components through logo creation, text graphics, and others that might need a brand image. Prinful's in-house designers can also help in the design creation of each store's products. Furthermore, these designers are able to adjust the files for perfect printing, embroidering, or product branding purposes.

Printful Integrations

Printful Review

Printful integrates to more than 15 of the world's best ecommerce platforms and online marketplaces.

Including Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, Ecwid, and BigCommercere. In addition, it is also compatible with PrestaShop, Weebly, BigCartel, Magento, Gumroad, ShipStation, 3dcart, Launchcart, and webflow.

Printful is also available to use with the top online marketplaces such as Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Wish, StoreEnvy, and Bonanza.

Aside from these, Printful can also do any custom integration with any websites and applications.

The Verdict: Is Printful worth using?

Printful is an excellent partner for print on demand (POD). It is a great platform to launch a brand since it offers extensive support from store set-up to order shipping and returns.

There is also no shortage of support and assistance, as everything a store would need in creating custom products are all in Printful.

True enough, they eliminate the pain of sourcing suppliers, production process, maintaining inventory, and shipping. For businesses, there's nothing fancier than not having to face these problems and complications at all.

Above all, the great features and offerings that Printful has, it's free-to-use platform and tools, maybe on top of the list. No need to worry about subscription fees and extra charges – making it enticing to just jump on designing and selling right away.

Do you use Printful? Do you have any comments and suggestions to share? Leave them below, and let us know!

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