These are people that are really, really good at what they do. Either we’ve personally used or hired every person here in the past - or one of our closest partners have. We're going to be updating this list regularly, so keep checking back!

Course in a Box and Book in a Box
This is an experimental (and very high-end service) that allows you to take the ideas in your head and transform them into an online course, in 12-15 hours of your time. It’s very high-touch and something that Tucker and Zach are only making available to Profitable Teacher Students.
Tucker Max & Zach Obront bookinabox.com
Virtual Assistants
These VA’s already help course creators like you. They can help manage your webinars, scheduling, coordinating with partners, managing social media and more. A great VA is worth it.
Madelaine Corke http://madelainecorke.com/
Indigo Colton http://www.indigocolton.com/
Erika Friday http://vacreatively.com
Julia Murray http://julesdoesthat.com/
VA(PRENEUR) http://www.vapreneur.com/
Need a top-tier copywriter for your course sales page? Want powerful copy for your emails and launches? Nab a copywriter who’s done it before.
Hattie Brazely http://www.hattiebrazeley.com/ Specialty: Connecting you with your ideal clients via super on-point web copy (that also makes you money)
Liston Witherill http://copyhackers-for-hire.com/company/get-more-traffic-leads-and-conversions/ Specialty: A Conversion + Lead Machine for SaaS
Rob Marsh http://copyhackers-for-hire.com/company/a-conversion-copywriter-who-gets-results/ Specialty: A conversion copywriter who gets results
Momoko Price http://copyhackers-for-hire.com/company/a-saas-founders-dream-cro-copywriter-designer-coder-rolled-into-one/ Specialty: A SaaS Founder’s Dream: CRO Copywriter, Designer & Coder, Rolled Into One
Alaura Weaver http://copyhackers-for-hire.com/company/attn-startup-marketing-geek-lets-tell-a-story-that-sells/ Specialty: Attn: Startup Marketing Geek- Let's Tell a Story That Sells
Jen Havice http://copyhackers-for-hire.com/company/results-driven-without-losing-the-personality-get-a-certified-conversion-copywriter-who-believes-conversions-and-a-brands-personality-shouldnt-be-mutually-exclusive/ Specialty: Better Results With Copy Your Customers Can't Resist
Eddy http://copyhackers-for-hire.com/company/boost-your-business-with-copy-that-works/ Specialty: Boost Your Business With Copy That Works
Neil Flinchbaugh http://copyhackers-for-hire.com/company/experienced-cro-consultant-copywriter/ Specialty: Certified + Experienced CRO Copywriter & Consultant
Peter Michaels http://copyhackers-for-hire.com/company/peter-michaels-conversion-copywriter/ Specialty: Certified Conversion Copywriter
Joel Klettke http://copyhackers-for-hire.com/company/conversion-focused-copywriter-content-marketing-strategist/ Specialty: Conversion-Focused Copywriter & Content Marketing Strategist
Jessica Mehring http://copyhackers-for-hire.com/company/copywriter-and-content-marketing-expert/ Specialty: Copywriter and Content Marketing Expert
James E. Turner http://copyhackers-for-hire.com/company/conversion-copywriter/ Specialty: Email and Landing Page Copywriting Are What I Do Best
Lianna Patch http://copyhackers-for-hire.com/company/funeral-director-for-your-terrible-sales-page/ Specialty: Funeral Director for Your Terrible Sales Page
Andre Johnson http://copyhackers-for-hire.com/company/it-isnt-about-what-you-sell-its-about-how-you-sell-it/ Specialty: It isn’t about what you sell. It’s about how you sell it. - Web / Landing Page
Kim Bischoff http://copyhackers-for-hire.com/company/no-nonsense-conversion-copywriting/ Specialty: No-nonsense Conversion Copywriting
Kira Hug http://copyhackers-for-hire.com/company/want-emails-that-convert/ Specialty: Direct Response / Sales Letter, Email, General, UX Copy, Web / Landing Page
Videography for Promo Videos
You don’t need high-end video for your course. But if you truly want the best and want video that looks amazing, you can reach out to the same folks that we’ve used for our own courses and promotional videos. Caleb shot and edited our 4 video email series on The Profitable Teacher. Maksim shot ALL of the course videos in our signature course, The Profitable Teacher.
Caleb Wojcik http://www.calebwojcik.com/
Maksim Brenner https://vimeo.com/148046432 - Commercial Reel
https://vimeo.com/136320312 - Artistic Reel
Designers / Web Developers
These are the best of the best to create themes and custom designs for your school.
Rocket Code http://rocketcode.io/
Course Workbook Creation
Companion workbooks for courses are extremely effective for increasing how engaged your students are. They are also an easy way to increase the real (and perceived) value of your course.
Of CourseBooks Ofcoursebooks.com Created by Paul Jarvis & Jason Zook to quickly and easily create your own.
High-end FB Ad Manager for Your Course
If you want to use paid ads on facebook to drive traffic and leads for your courses during a launch, and if you have a budget in the five-figure range, we recommend hiring a professional ad manager to do it right.
Jason Hornung http://jasonhornungagency.com/

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