Rhino Support Review: Is it the CRM Solution for Small Business?

Make Your Customers Happy With This Help-desk Tool!

Rhino support

Making your customers always happy and pleased with your products and services can be difficult. You don’t only need to provide them with high-quality goods and services but also excellent customer service. The trick to being a successful entrepreneur is striking a balance between the two.

Some entrepreneurs fail because they don’t give importance to customer service. They get trapped in the idea that having a very cool product or service is enough to keep their business going. While this approach can surely bring you sales, it negates the importance of investing in good customer service. Thus, causing customers to experience problems in the long run.

Your business grows when your customers grow, that is why you have to make sure that each customer gets excellent service from start to finish of their transaction. A single negative review for your product or service can reverse everything for you. A business’ ability to offer high-quality service and products, partnered with excellent customer service can be difficult, especially if you’re only a small business with limited staff.


Improve Your Customer Service with Rhino Support

How to Solve Your Customer Issues Effectively

The good news is that it’s not entirely impossible. If you’re currently clueless on boosting your customer service efforts, how about establishing a simple help-desk or ticketing system? In this way, you’ll address all customer queries appropriately and timely, leaving no messages ignored.

If you think that having a help-desk means hiring a battalion of agents to address customers, you’re wrong. Now, there are solutions to help you manage your help-desk smarter - so you won’t have to hire an army of agents. These are the “web-based help desks” that let you manage customer queries wisely with just one or two more staff.

One of these services is Rhino Support. In this blog, we’ll talk about Rhino Support, its features, offerings, and pricing – so you’ll know if it suits your business needs.

Rhino support

A Must-Have for Every Business Website

Rhino Support offers one of the best live chat and help-desk solutions for businesses. It’s a SaaS solution that lets you access it without having to go through massive setup. Rhino Support is a simplified help-desk solution that allows you to manage customer inquiries more efficiently. The platform supports small businesses with one agent to enterprise-level companies that need unlimited agents.

Rhino Support also allows you to manage multiple websites under a single solution. Plus, there’s no need to worry about the compatibility of Rhino Support to your existing equipment since it’s web-based, meaning it’s cloud-hosted, so it’s guaranteed to work on all devices.

Easy Set-up HelpDesk Solution

Rhino Support offers a one-click ticket management system. It lets you handle tickets through the main panel and:

  • View the ticket message by hovering over the subject.
  • Quickly assign tickets to a user or department.
  • View tickets by creation date or last activity.
  • Mark as necessary, delete, and so much more.

Setting up also comes easy with Rhino Support, as a web-based solution, you won’t be required to download a bunch of stuff. Simply sign up and add in the necessary details, and you should be good to go. The solution works perfectly for multiple websites, so you won’t have to sign up for another account for a different website. We’ve listed the best features that make Rhino Support’s HelpDesk the right choice for your business.

Top Features:

  • Offers an organized ticket system
  • Centralized records
  • Helps prioritize your workflow
  • Auto-assign tickets
  • Speedy response times
  • Allows you to send out ready-made/template responses

Rhino support

Customer-Friendly Live Chat Service

Did you know that shoppers who love to chat buy more? Why? Because it shows that they are genuinely interested in your product or service, I can attest to that because I’m guilty too. That is precisely the reason why having a live chat feature on your website dramatically increases your chances of selling.

With Rhino Support’s live chat service, you can reduce cart abandonment by increasing engagement with your potential customers. Its live chat feature allows you to address the concerns of your customers instantly. You can also increase customer satisfaction because you’re giving them the idea that you’re reliable and can get an answer from you anytime.

Top features:

  • Reduces communication issues
  • Quicker resolution to common issues
  • Increased sales & ROI
  • Faster customer engagement
  • Lower support costs
  • Higher conversion rates

Reliable Customer Service

Once you sign up with Rhino Support, you can get in touch with them through phone and, of course, through their ticketing system. They also offer tons of resources to help you navigate your way around the platform. It includes help guides, video guides, blogs, and even on-site training. For those active on social media, you can also reach them through their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Rhino support

Subscription Plans

Rhino Support offers five different plans depending on your business’s scale – Basic, Advanced, Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans. The company offers a 60-day trial period to give you a feel for the entire solution.

  • The Basic plan costs $14.97 per month and comes with two agents
  • The Advanced plan costs $97 per month and comes with four agents and live chat. It also allows you to manage up to two websites and is fully brandable.
  • The Pro plan costs $197 per month and comes with ten agents and live chat. It also allows you to manage up to four websites and is fully brandable.
  • The Business plan costs $397 per month and comes with unlimited agents and live chat. It also allows you to manage up to 10 websites. The service is fully brandable and has API integration.
  • The Enterprise plan costs $697 per month and comes with unlimited agents and live chat. It also allows you to manage unlimited websites. The service is fully brandable and has API integration.

Do we recommend Rhino Support?

Overall, Rhino Support proves to be a smart way to manage your customer inquiries and complaints. If you’re currently bombarded with disorganized emails from your customers, the chances are high that some are left unanswered or are ignored, which makes up for disaster in terms of your customer reviews. Rhino Support offers a straightforward and intelligent way to manage your customer concerns. The platform offers a solution to keep you on top of all customer queries while being organized and productive at the same time, giving you the efficiency that you’ve always wanted.

If you’re currently drowning with tons of customer emails, we recommend you to try Rhino Support. Besides, they offer a 60-day free trial, so we don’t see any reason why you’ll choose not to make your customers happy!

What do you think of Rhino Support? Could you drop us a comment below?


Improve Your Customer Service with Rhino Support

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