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In today’s customer-centric retail landscape, delivering top-notch products and services is crucial for every business. That means you don’t only need to have a rockstar product, but you also have to offer reliable customer service. Brand and product reviews are now highly based on a customer’s experience throughout his purchasing journey. Many people base their purchasing decisions on other people’s ratings on a product or brand.

How’s your customer rating and reviews? Are you managing it well? Nowadays, customer experience is king. In the recent study on US consumer behavior, over 90% of consumers say that reviews are the most crucial part of their purchase decision. Besides, 81% of the consumers are willing to pay more when presented with positive reviews. Furthermore, if your product has five reviews, then the likelihood of consumer purchasing increases by 270%; way better than having a product offering with no customer reviews to back you up.

How To Boost Your Positive Customer Reviews

The question is, how do you get 5-star reviews across your platforms? Let’s suppose that you already have a rockstar product, what else do you need? The answer lies in having responsive customer support 24/7. Customers are impatient, they want to get answers the moment they ask, and they want answers given in a professional and friendly way.

The main challenge here is that not all businesses can afford to hire a bunch of customer agents to address customer concerns 24/7. Fortunately, there are businesses now that make money precisely out of this issue. These are companies that offer answering service; one of these is Ruby Receptionist.


Get 24/7 Live Virtual Receptionist with Ruby Receptionist


More Than Just an Answering Service

Ruby Receptionist offers virtual answering service for small businesses. The company started in 2003 and grew to serve over 10,000 customers today. Ruby Receptionist offers live answering for your business, so you can focus on actually running your business. It functions as a direct extension for your team, talking to your customers, addressing your calls, and ensuring all your customers’ queries are answered on time. If you’re looking for a service that can monitor your customers’ concerns 24/7, you’ll surely benefit from Ruby Receptionist’s service for 24/7 live chat and 24/7 live virtual receptionists.

Top Features to Love About Ruby Receptionists

Besides the apparent reason that getting Ruby Receptionists will inevitably boost your customer loyalty, here are some other reasons why Ruby Receptionists is worth trying:

Trusted by over 10,000 businesses

Ruby Receptionist’s credibility and legitimacy should be thrown out the door with this massive clientele and 4.7 rating on Trustpilot. However, if you’re still skeptical about trying out Ruby Receptionist’s services, take a look at its positive customer reviews and see if they practice what they preach.

100% Human-to-Human Interaction

With the trend of brands using bots to talk to their customers, your customers will feel relieved knowing that they’re talking to a human who can understand them.

Non-Scripted Communication

Besides the customized business greeting, your business will benefit from Ruby Receptionist’s experts who know how to build valuable relationships with actual customers.

Privacy Features

With Ruby Receptionist, you’ll get the privacy that you and your customers deserve. Ruby Receptionist only provides its customers with opt-in HIPAA compliant live chat services.

24/7 Live Virtual Receptionists

Ruby Receptionist offers a live call answering 24/7/365, so you’re sure never to leave your customers hanging. One of the main turn-offs that a customer encounters is left hanging on the phone, hearing the robotic prompt on the other line endlessly. If you’ve been in this situation, you know for sure how frustrating it is. Thus, a great way to deal with this is by employing actual humans - Ruby Receptionist can take care of that.

So how does it work? With Ruby Receptionist:

Step 1 - All your incoming calls go straight to Ruby (don’t worry, they won’t know the difference!).

Step 2 – A live Ruby Receptionist then answers the call, with your personalized business greeting.

Step 3 - Ruby Receptionist will talk to the customer and take the necessary action.

Step 4 – Your Ruby Receptionist will update your messages through phone, mail, or the Ruby Receptionist app.

Trust me, once your customers know that they can depend on you 24/7, your customer will surely develop a more profound sense of brand loyalty.

24/7 Live Chat Receptionists

Another thing that Ruby Receptionist can offer is its 24/7/365 live chat messaging service. If you own an online business, this is best for you. Ruby Receptionist assists your customers by offering them friendly and helpful insights to help with their customer journey. This setup is in contrast to using bots as your live chat agents, while the technology has gone a long way to help improve customer service - frankly, talking to a bot is irritating to customers.

With Ruby Receptionist, your customers get 100% human-to-human interaction. This setup lets your customers relate more with your brand, establishing better relationships with your potential clients and customers.

With Ruby Receptionist’s 24/7 live chat service:

Step 1 - Your website visitors are connected straight to Ruby Receptionists.

Step 2 - Ruby Receptionist’s live chat specialists will help establish a connection with your customers by addressing their queries. Perfect in building brand loyalty.

Step 3 - Ruby Receptionist will guide your customers on the next steps. It may include referring them to FAQs or forwarding to your sales team, saving you lots of time.

How much does Ruby Receptionist cost?

Ruby Receptionist offers four different plans for each of its services. You can select the right plan, depending on the volume that your brand receives in terms of calls and web inquiries.

24/7 Live Virtual Receptionists Pricing Structure

Ruby Receptionist offers its virtual receptionist in four packages: #OpenWeStand, Call Ruby 100, Call Ruby 200, and Call Ruby 500. Each plan offers customized greetings, call routing, call handling, access to Ruby app, etc.

Ruby Receptionist’s virtual receptionist pricing structure is as follows:

  • The #OpenWeStand Plan costs $199 per month: Up to 50 receptionist minutes
  • The Call Ruby 100 Plan costs $309 per month: Up to 100 receptionist minutes
  • The Call Ruby 200 Plan costs $589 per month: Up to 200 receptionist minutes
  • The Call Ruby 500 Plan costs $1,369 per month: Up to 500 receptionist minutes

24/7 Live Chat Receptionists Pricing Structure

Like the virtual reception service, Ruby Receptionist’s chat service is offered in four categories: #OpenWeStand, Chat Ruby 20, Chat Ruby 30, and Chat Ruby 50. Ruby Receptionist’s chat service is 100% HIPAA compliant. Its live chat services include chat transcripts, custom FAQs, follow-thru with live call connect, etc.

Its monthly rates are as follows:

  • The #OpenWeStand Plan costs $149 per month: Up to 10 chats
  • The Chat Ruby 20 Plan costs $249 per month: Up to 20 chats
  • The Chat Ruby 30 Plan costs $349 per month: Up to 30 chats
  • The Chat Ruby 50 Plan costs $549 per month: Up to 50 chats

Ruby Receptionist offers a 21-day money-back guarantee for its customers. Thus, you can try it and opt-out anytime if you didn’t like its service.

Do we recommend Ruby Receptionist?

Are you guilty of neglecting customer queries? Are you always overwhelmed with the task of answering calls? Are you looking to boost your customers’ brand loyalty? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, this solution is undoubtedly a must-have!

Ruby Receptionist offers an easy way to manage your customer concerns, all while boosting your customer relationships. With its 24/7/365 live chat and answering services, your customers will surely appreciate dealing with your brand.

What do you think of Ruby Receptionist? Please drop us a comment below!


Get 24/7 Live Virtual Receptionist with Ruby Receptionist

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