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How To Manage The Day-To-Day Operations Of A High-Ticket Drop Shipping eCommerce Store

There are so many things that happen in the day to day management of a high-ticket drop shipping eCommerce business that this article just barely scratches the surface, but to give you an idea of what you're getting yourself into, let's talk eCommerce.

Learn about my best strategies and tips for outsourcing and automation for high-ticket drop shipping

Keys to Success with High-Ticket Drop Shipping

There are some things that will make or break your business in the long run. These include choosing the best niche, working with the best suppliers, building an optimized website, and building a team of virtual assistants to run your business for you. In this video, I talk about what I think are the key points to understand about running a successful business before you get into it.

Tips and Tricks for Day-To-Day Management of a High-Ticket Drop Shipping Business

Over time I have amassed a ton of experience with high-ticket drop shipping. I've taken what I've learned and I've created my high-ticket drop shipping masterclass to teach you exactly how to do everything the best way. I also share tons of free strategies on my Youtube channel and podcast, and I'll be embedding each of these videos and podcast episodes below for your benefit.


How Do I Handle Shipping? Dealing with Freight and High-Ticket Drop Shipping Suppliers


It is important with high ticket drop shipping that you understand the shipping process clearly because shipping is going to be a big deal everyday basis once you start getting orders all the time. 


When you first get into this business, you won’t probably have any experience with dealing with freight carriers, after the first month, you will have lots of experience. When you first get started, just understand you want to always make sure that your supplier ships the product out on their freight account if possible. 


If you are selling big products, they are going to be using Freight. A lot of products in high ticket drop shipping are big so you are going to be dealing with freight. If you happen to find a smaller product then they can use UPS  or FedEx which they are going to ship out on their account. 


Some suppliers don’t ship it using their accounts for some reason. If you have to get your own accounts, make sure you are using reputable carriers. You should also be using freight brokers or freight forwarders. These are agents that will be able to find you the best price and the best quality. One of them that I can recommend is Global Trans and Unishippers.


These freight forwarders often have a dealer account with them so that they can get a discount on the pricing. It could be 50% off or charge you the retail price or a discount of about 10% - 20% off. 


Always use your supplier’s account if possible. I would say 80% of suppliers would allow you to do that. It might take a little time but the cool thing about it is you will save effort, money, and if there is a loss, the supplier will take care of that. 


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