ShareASale Review: Is it the Best Affiliate Network for Merchants?

ShareASale Review: Is it the Best Affiliate Network for Merchants?

While there are many ways to strategically boost your website traffic and sales, one of the most effective techniques is engaging with affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, your website will have higher web traffic, reach new customers in different countries, and added credibility for customer trust with industry’s trusted affiliates. This marketing style is useful if you prefer to target a whole niche or group of potential customers.

A recent study conducted in the US by Forrester Consulting states that 81% of brands and 84% of publishers take advantage of affiliate marketing. This indicator will continue to rise as affiliate marketing expenditure increases every year in the United States.

Affiliate networks are modern-day middlemen that connect bloggers & entrepreneurs with merchants that offer affiliate programs for every sale of their products or services. Using an affiliate network’s centralized portal, bloggers and entrepreneurs will have access to various affiliate programs for their respective niches. Once this strategy is executed very well with the right tools, you’ll be expecting higher revenue in no time.

One of the biggest affiliate networks available today is ShareASale who’s been in existence for over two decades now. ShareASale offers different services to jumpstart and grow your affiliate program. When it comes to adopting affiliate marketing, you need the right tools to make your revenue at its maximum. In this blog, we dive deep into ShareASale’s pros and cons, features, and other factors to examine if this platform is for you.

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The Trusted Affiliate Network

ShareASale is a popular affiliate network headquartered in Chicago, IL, established by Brian Littleton, an affiliate marketing guru himself. Affiliate Window - an international affiliate network, acquired the company. To date, ShareASale has over 4,000 retailers on its network working hand in hand with its clients to maximize their revenue potential. This pioneering company is known for its reputable image and industry expertise that helped shape affiliate marketing to what it is today.

In entrusting your brand with a third party, it’s always understandable to be skeptical about one’s credibility. Fortunately, that is not the case with ShareASale because of its long-term authority in the industry and f trusted reputation. This is coupled with its international affiliation brought by Awin.

Massive merchant pool

Whatever your niche is, the chances are high that there’s a suited publisher for you. From gardening to tech, to household, to fashion to automotive, the list goes on. ShareASale has a current pool of over 4,000 merchants selling different services and products. It also has a pretty good mix of small businesses and large brands, so whatever scale your business is in, you’ll fit right in with their affiliate network.

Quick setup and easy management for publishers

Setting up an account is simple and straightforward; you’ll get it done in just a few minutes.

Do you have multiple websites that you would like to monetize with affiliate marketing? If yes, then you’re in luck! ShareASale makes it extremely easy for affiliate marketers to apply in different affiliate programs. With ShareASale, you just need to list down all your websites according to its importance, and once you apply, all your sites will be part of that program! Talk about hassle-free.

This feature is a win-win for both merchants and publishers.

Efficient & useful tools

With over 4,000 merchant programs available, finding the perfect plan is relatively easy. With ShareASale’s efficient search function, publishers will be able to filter search results based on specific keywords, commission brackets, merchant standing, and other distinctive merchant information. Publishers can also view the Top 100 merchants on ShareASale through PowerRank to help them decide on which program to dive into!

Using long web links is also a nuisance for people to look at. ShareASale addresses this by allowing affiliates to customize links. In this case, you’ll be able to generate links that are easier to look at for viewers, which comes handy when sharing it with other people.

ShareASale also has a clickstream attribution feature that allows you to view recent clicks a consumer made before the purchase.

Customer support and reliability

ShareASale did not earn its reputation over the years for no reason. It is definitely because they live up to expectations, and part of this is providing excellent customer service.

Many affiliate networks are problematic about their customer support, and ShareASale is not part of that. This affiliate network prides itself on excellent customer support for both merchants and affiliates. They provide customer support daily through email and phone from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Central Time. For simple queries, you may opt to check their FAQ page on their website where you can find useful tips and tricks. Whatever your concern is, they’ll be quick to answer you with great detail and expert advice.

Starting with ShareASale isn’t complicated at all. Affiliates get a welcome kit that will help them dive deep into affiliate marketing with ShareASale. They are equipped with knowledgeable materials that will jumpstart their skills in this field.


ShareASale includes reporting features to aid publishers to track their links. This gives publishers a performance overview of the links affiliated with them. Additionally, affiliates can create custom reports on specific metrics that apply to each link. Members will also see real-time updates on ShareASale about timely clicks and sales from your links.


ShareASale offers a decent payment structure. For merchants, you need to pay a total of $650 to get started. The good thing is you only have to pay at least $100 then pay the remaining after the complete setup is done. The said amount will be utilized to pay the affiliates and fees for sales and leads generated. The remaining amount that will not be used will be refunded to you anytime you wish to stop.

Furthermore, your signup fee includes payment processing for affiliates, pre-screening of affiliates, help desk, ad serving charge, Datafeed upload, and merchant API. You’ll see more information on this as you go on.

Selling through ShareASale, an easy choice.

With everything discussed above, it is evident that ShareASale is a giant Affiliate Network with excellent potential and a proven track record for both merchants and affiliates.

ShareASale offers pretty good features that are essential in having a successful affiliate marketing strategy. With their massive pool of merchants that trust them, we don’t see any issues with ShareASale.

While ShareASale may have its fair share of shortcomings, the pros overweighed the cons; that is why we believe ShareASale stands out as one of the best affiliate marketing networks available today that will sell your products in no time.

How about you? Are you eyeing at implementing an affiliate marketing strategy?

Let us know in the comment section below!

Improve your bottom line with ShareASale! Create an Account Today!

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