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If you’re running an eCommerce business, you’ve probably faced tons of issues concerning shipping. Managing all your products’ movements is overwhelming, not to mention facing impatient customers who demand follow-ups every day. Moreover, shipping is the stage that’s more susceptible to face logistical problems, which typically include delays, parcel mishandling, and worse packages getting broken.

To grow your business smarter, you also have to manage your business more intelligently. Meaning, if you always experience these shipping issues, one smart way to solve this is by switching towards an excellent freight forwarder.

Why Do You Need an Excellent Freight Forwarder?

Besides the fact that working with a problematic shipping company will hinder your business growth, it will also cause your brand’s downfall. Thus, the importance of working with an excellent freight forwarder is crucial to run your business effectively.

Also, these are the main reasons why having an excellent freight forwarder is a smart choice:

Offers flexibility

Flexibility is a must for every business. An excellent freight forwarder shall equip your eCommerce business with the right tools to work correctly for your business. This feature is essential for startups that don’t have a standard of the procedure yet and are still experimenting with which setup works perfectly.

Fast Problem Solving Skills

As previously mentioned, parcel shipping faces tons of issues regularly – for some, it may be delays, rerouted shipments, or custom issues. Having an excellent freight forwarder will help you solve these issues almost instantly, so you won’t have to face these issues yourself.


An excellent freight forwarder allows you to save more time while being more productive. These freight forwarders can help you save costs by negotiating lower fees with carriers, whether air or sea freight. You can also take advantage of a freight forwarder’s service by comparing carrier’s rates in real-time, giving you the flexibility to pick the best rates.

Seamless Automation

Your freight forwarder should be able to help you create and print shipping labels automatically. This feature gives you better accuracy to avoid parcel mishandling.

Hassle-free Returns

If you’re faced with customer complaints concerning shipment, having a freight forwarder will work best in your favor. An excellent freight forwarder can help you manage returns quickly and efficiently, so you won’t have to deal with problematic complaints.

These are the top features that an excellent freight forwarder must-have. This blog will introduce you to once one of the best freight forwarders for eCommerce, Shippo.


The Best Multi-Carrier Shipping for eCommerce

Shippo makes shipping easy for eCommerce businesses. It provides everything you need in shipping in a straightforward platform where you get access to exclusive discounts with USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL + 50 more, automated shipping labels, detailed tracking, seamless returns, international customs declarations, and more.

Shippo works seamlessly with top-notch carriers, eCommerce platforms, third-party logistics services, warehouse management solutions, etc.

Excellent Track Record

Since its inception in 2013, Shippo has grown to handle over 50,000 brands. To date, it handles over one million shipments annually. Its service enables its customers to enjoy over 90% savings on shipping labels. The company boasts well-known brands that make up its clientele, including Unilever, Etsy, Aesop, Bean Box, Lyft, etc.


What can Shippo offer?

Shippo offers a straightforward and affordable solution for businesses. It equips you with the following services that will surely make your life easier:

Connects your tools

Shippo seamlessly connects with your preferred eCommerce platform and marketplaces. This feature allows Shippo to automatically sync shipping info, which in effect, streamlines the process.

Supported eCommerce Platforms are:

  • Square
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Wix
  • BigCommerce
  • Webflow
  • Channel Advisor

Supported Website Platforms are:

  • Weebly
  • Squarespace
  • GoDaddy

Supported Marketplaces are:

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • eBay

Creates Personalized Customer Experience

Shippo offers a smart shipping platform that allows you to create and customize shipping labels in minutes. It enables you to personalize shipping labels and notifications emails to put forward a branded unique experience. You can also format your shipping labels in whatever way you want it to be, elevating your brand image.


Effective Shipment Tracking

Tired of dealing with impatient customers? Shippo’s got your covered through its detailed tracking updates. Shippo offers your customers tracking information that goes the extra mile. Veer away from standard shipping trackers and provide your customers with detailed shipment information, including up-to-date estimated time of arrival, real-time updates, tracking history, standardized tracking, and more.

Builds Customer Loyalty

While returns typically convert to negative customer experience automatically, Shippo ensures you otherwise. Shippo offers services that will attract customer retention through a positive return experience.

Shippo offers scan-based returns, saves your package information, and provides customers with standalone returns.


Subscription Plans

Shippo offers its services in three different plans: Pay As You Go, Professional, and Premier. You may choose whatever is best for your business.

  • Pay As You Go starts at 5¢ per label. This plan is best for entrepreneurs who don’t have regular shipments or would love to start small. It allows you up to 5000 shipments per month with no monthly fees and USPS discounts. You also get access to email support.
  • The Professional plan ranges between $10 to $125 per month. This plan is best for businesses that take on regular shipments. It offers no per label fee, best USPS discounts, branded customer experience, email, and live chat support for up to 5 user accounts.
  • The Premier plan is best for businesses that have constant fulfillment flow and require a custom plan. It offers technical implementation assistance, best USPS discounts, branded customer experience, and dedicated customer support for up to 15 user accounts.

Do we recommend Shippo?

Shippo proves to be an excellent option for freight forwarder service. The platform is straightforward to use and helps users entrepreneurs to streamline shipping and fulfillment processes. It also proves to be a cost-effective option, which is best for startups and businesses due to its exclusive discounts and no-contract offerings.

What do you think of Shippo? Please drop us a comment below!

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