Shopify Plus Review: The Best Enterprise Ecommerce Platform?

Shopify Plus Review


Built for change. Shopify Plus’ emerges with solutions that are simultaneously changing with the world of commerce.

The majority of ecommerce businesses are aware of Shopify – but what is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is an enterprise-level ecommerce solution. It handles more complexities and transactions, whereas Shopify is built for small to medium scale businesses.

Shopify Plus is an enterprise ecommerce platform that is fully hosted, customizable, operated, and priced for brands and merchants with high growth levels. It is the only cost-effective enterprise platform built for change that comes with a robust set of features.

The new Shopify Plus enterprise lets businesses experience a powerful platform that enables them to sell to any parts of the world, either through online or physical stores. Supplied with built-in augmented reality, 3D, and product videos, Shopify Plus guarantees a shopping experience like no other.

Furthermore, Shopify Plus is designed to manage even the most complex transactions. It turns to manage a large-scale business into a breeze with smart automation. Shopify Plus streamlines any complicated process for the benefit of users and customers. Thus, it eliminates any technical issues so the business can focus more on improving the brand.

Today’s ecommerce environment is connected. Hence, Shopify Plus seamlessly integrates the tools and systems the business needs through Shopify APIs.

In this article, we deep dive into the most promising enterprise ecommerce platform, Shopify Plus, and determine if this is the right fit for the business.

This review is intended for businesses looking into upgrading their ecommerce solution or moving into another enterprise-level solution like Magento.

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Why choose Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus Review


Large enterprises have a complex technical infrastructure. Hence, Shopify Plus’s scalable solution provides unlimited bandwidth, almost 100% uptime, and unrestricted sales volume. It has a Launch Manager to assists businesses in going through the signup and starting phase. A Merchant Success Manager is also provided that continuously helps the business to grow with the platform. With Shopify Plus, the business gets an additional expert view and staff to help realize business goals.

Shopify Plus’ aids the brand to position itself on the online space. Using the platform promises perfectly simulated retail store experience with augmented reality, video, and 3D on product pages. It also comes with customizable check-out pages, personalized discounts, and specified shipping rates to fully support and promote the brand.

The next section of this blog will highlight Shopify Plus’s solutions and features that make it the global choice for global ecommerce.

Shopify Plus Features

  • Streamlined Commerce Operations
  • Easy Integration to All Systems
  • Data-driven Solutions
  • Simple and Fast Optimization
  • Customer Loyalty Enabler
  • Fraud Protection
  • In-depth Analytics Reporting
  • Flexible Headless Architecture
  • Multiple Currencies, Channels, and Languages Support
  • Seamless Shopping Experience
  • Level 1 PCI DSS and SOC2 certified
  • Fully Customizable Online Store (front end to back end)
  • Free SSL Certificates on All Stores
  • Supported by Google Cloud Platform


Shopify Plus for Enterprise Online Store

Using Shopify Plus allows users to customize their online store, optimized for conversion fully. 

Instead of spending hours on code development, the software can update content right on the spot. These contents can be effectively used for campaigns. The personalization also extends to the product catalog wherein layouts can be determined. Even the customer funnel can be customized with Shopify Flow and Scripts that recommend products based on their buying behaviors or history. Personalized discounts and shipping rates can also be done to engage and turn more loyal customers in.

Large ecommerce should support extensive payment options – and that's what Shopify Plus exactly does. The platform is integrated with digital payments right on the product page, making it easier to check-out.  With the goal if seamless shopping experience, Shopify Plus tries to make each store page mobile social.

What's good with Shopify Plus is its ability to be extended. Hence, aside from the jam-packed ERP features that Shopify Plus provides, businesses can integrate more tools and create custom solutions through Shopify's API and SDK technology.   

Enterprise-level online stores need to understand their business in one glance. Thus, Shopify Plus makes tailor-fit analytics and reporting tools in order for the business to gain a live view on its customers, stores, and other processes. Insights are also made better by allowing the integration of analytics tools and CRMs. Shopify Plus helps make smarter decisions for better performance.


Shopify Plus for International Commerce

Shopify plus review


Grow and tap the global market with a localized experience.

Shopify Plus effectively unlocks each store's potential to become a global brand by supporting multiple currencies and eliminating international commerce barriers.

In order to be a globally competitive brand, stores must bear technologies that enable local connection and worldwide selling – which Shopify Plus is excellent at. Built on SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, it allows formulating strategies that are compatible anywhere in the world. Moreover, even going international, customer data is protected with PCI level 1 compliance and can be integrated with Shopify API for ERP, 3PL, OMS, and IMS.

Businesses do not have to worry about translations and language as Shopify Plus offers multiple translations, boosting localization. Moreover, with Shopify Payments, stores can sell using the customer's currency and get the payment using the store's preferred currency. How convenient is that? Increasing localized experience further, users get nine expansion stores for free – dedicated to wholesale or retail.

Enrolling to Shopify Plus also allows users to acquire and use some of the world’s leading payment providers and trusted global carriers.


Shopify Plus for Multi-Channel Commerce

Would it be awesome to be able to sell anywhere? For large ecommerce businesses, going omnichannel is one of the best ways to distribute the products and make sales. 

Beyond the online website, Shopify Plus also delivers the experience to marketplaces, mobile, social media, and physical outlets. Building the brand has been one of Shopify Plus’ commitment; thus, the platform now offers 20 and counting channels to expand and streamline the business processes. 

Not only that, but it allows easy integration – Shopify Plus also showcase the product to worldwide through the use of popular marketplaces and top-notch social platforms. The great thing about it is that all product information can be synced and managed in one dashboard. This results in product visibility across channels that drives instant conversions and purchases.

Enabling multi-channel commerce not just in stores, but also with customers. Shopify Plus optimizes stores and themes to be mobile-friendly, secured, and compatible across mobile, desktop, or even third-party apps.

Talking about physical stores, Shopify Plus can also integrate into retail stores through POS. It can support brand experience through pop-up stores or events through its own Shopify Point of Sale. With this, it is easier to connect to more new customers while engaging the loyal ones. This strategy is proven to ramp up the demand for exclusive product drops.

Most businesses believe that online store is limited for B2C set-up. On the contrary, the flexible and powerful features of Shopify Plus makes it able to cater even to B2B models. Automate the old-style wholesale procedure within as a private online store for your B2B customers. On top of that, a custom price can be applied based on quantity volume, or as per agreed. Responsive B2B online store can be created in just minutes, establishing an online presence despite the transaction model. Shopify Plus is genuinely made for multi-channel commerce.   


Shopify Plus for Ecommerce Automation

Shopify Plus Review


Enterprise-scale businesses handle thousands of processes, hundreds of tasks, and a multitude of demands. Imagine how complex the requirement would be to meet these everyday transactions?

With Shopify Plus, it is possible. Shopify Flow is the first ecommerce automation solution that allows ecommerce systems and tools with seamless integrations.

Large entities performing extensive operations cannot afford to employ fragmented applications and manual workarounds. With Shopify Flow, streamlining operations can be done in minutes. How? First, the application can tag and segment customers based on buying behavior, making it easier to launch targeted campaigns. It can also automate inventory management for low-stock products making it easier to forecast and replenish. Shopify Flow can also standardize merchandising and product organization, so all information is appropriately laid out and follows a cohesive uniformity, whether through visual or narrative. Enhancement of customer loyalty is also automated and supported through easy tracking and rewarding customers based on their lifetime spending. Lastly, the application also protects the business by automatically canceling high-risk or fraudulent orders and prompts the business if a specific order needs a review before fulfillment.

Shopify Plus makes it simple to automate the most complex processes of the business. Shopify Flow can integrate any applications into the online store with automated workflows, without coding a thing. 

Lastly, automation is also available for marketing tools. Shopify Plus makes it faster to drive leads from new campaigns by setting up trigger-condition-action formula in minutes. This feature allows businesses to create custom workflows with their terms and conditions.


Shopify Plus for Headless Commerce

Headless commerce is the separation of the front end and back end of an ecommerce application. Inkbox, Rothy’s, Grass Roots, and Koala – the world’s most innovative brands have one thing in common – they use Shopify Plus for their headless commerce.

Shopify Plus ensures that customer experience is prime. Hence, it enables users to obtain full creative control across all touchpoints. Create brand-adhering storefronts through the Shopify Plus commerce engine. It easily plugs in all essential business tools and systems for stunning store design. The great thing is this can be done without any replatfrom – meaning lots of time and resource-saving. 

Shopify Plus for Headless Commerce literally brings the store anywhere. Inventive storefronts can be done and displayed through billboards, vending machines, kiosks, and others. It also helps build a trusted brand with experimental A/B testing for each campaign. Furthermore, Shopify Plus makes the site performance better, making it faster to access, and a joy to browse.


Shopify Plus for Campaigns and Flash Sales

In launching events and campaigns, timing and accuracy are crucial. Hence, Shopify Plus’ “Launchpad” is made to handle the brand’s biggest events.

Launchpad by Shopify Plus is an excellent automation tool that accurately schedules sales and promotions across every channel of the store. From product launch, discount party, sale, and other events, businesses entrust it all to Launchpad. It effectively automates the event checklist and manages inventory across sales channels, saving time and free from errors.  

With Launchpad, it is faster to implement discounts to specific products or entire collections. Also, it allows designing campaign themes and update them automatically. Basically, Launchpad handles all the complex tasks when running a campaign. What's excellent about Launchpad is that it reverts changes when the event ends, eliminating overlooked promotions and erroneous price placement.

Organized and well-planned events enhance the customer experience. With automated events in Launchpad, businesses take over the CX from event seeding up to the end. By putting the spotlight on featured products and product discounts, customers will find it easy to buy more products than intended.

Additionally, Launchpad shows top-selling products, total orders, and complete sales reports in real-time. This way, businesses can understand and monitor the performance of each campaign. With better insights, higher conversion and informed decisions are attainable.


Shopify Plus for Retail and Point of Sale

Nowadays, going omnichannel is significant to grow and continuously be relevant. The immersive omnichannel experience is what Shopify Plus is aiming for.

Beyond the online store, Shopify Plus can still be considered a powerful platform. Since 90% of retail still happens in person, creating compelling brand experiences is crucial than ever. Connect the digital store and physical store to drive better demand, create urgency, and offer limited product releases. Take the brand anywhere with Shopify Point of Sale.

Shopify Point of Sale guarantees no downtime. Hence, making physical store experience impressive with connected channels, synced inventory, and customer information availability.   

With Shopify Point of Sale, stores can swiftly eliminate the pesky set-up of hardware to software to get the counter running. To set up fast and easy, Shopify can suggest card readers, debit and credit PIN pads, cash drawers, and receipt printers that work seamlessly with the platform.

Indeed, going omnichannel has never been more straightforward with Shopify Plus.


Shopify Plus for Wholesale and B2B Ecommerce

What is remarkable about Shopify Plus is that it provides opportunities and delivers many rooms for growth.

Shopify Plus’ wholesale channel allows sellers to expand their market from B2C to B2B by offering price discounts on volume sales. It also has the option of just to fulfill a large order, or explore into B2B, full time. Setting up a wholesale store is simple, as it can use the existing customer data and link it to the inventory. Additionally, it can even carry the brand of the B2C store.

Signing up to be a wholesale also gives stores access to countless features, whether automated or customized. Some of these are creating custom pricing, percentage discounts, and volume-based pricing for customers or groups. The wholesale channel enables businesses to review wholesale orders before invoicing and create custom pages like FAQs, policies, and terms. Lastly, it allows customers to purchase, track, and reorder products that are convenient and a must for most B2B transactions.

With Shopify Plus, wholesale selling opens a new set of features to amplify business growth. In addition to the features mention above, it can also sync inventory, orders, and customers with the existing Shopify store. Moreover, businesses can set minimum, maximum, and quantity increments by product or variant. It also permits applying minimum purchase amounts storewide or by the customer, making wholesale selling a lot more convenient. Lastly, fulfill the wholesale process with 3PL, OMS, ERP, and CRM smart integration for better management.


Migrating to Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus guarantees each store to be up and running in 90 days or less.

The migration process is usually a tedious task, especially for large enterprises. It takes a great deal of dedication, time, and of course, money. However, with Shopify Plus’s expertise and experience in the field, many emerging and established brands have entrusted their business' digital transformation.

Having over 2,000 engineers dedicated to building the best commerce platform globally, Shopify Plus secures that every brand is directed towards empowerment and growth.

Shopify Plus Pricing

As of this review, there is no price plan set in using Shopify Plus. This is due to the fact that Shopify Plus wants to know the business in general, before jumping right into the system. Thus, each pricing scheme is tailor-fit to every business, based on its complexity, size, and requirements.

However, one thing to note is that Shopify Plus’s pricing scales upwards in line with the client's revenues. And that the pricing on Shopify Plus is variable and negotiable.

To be able to obtain an accurate quotation for the platform, it is recommended to reach out to Shopify Plus and arrange a call with a Shopify manager to get an accurate price detail.

Conclusion: Is Shopify Plus the Best Enterprise Ecommerce Platform?

Shopify Plus is a powerful tool for larger online businesses after a rundown of its key features and solutions.

Its outstanding features will make an excellent support for enterprise-level operations, without a doubt.  Shopify Plus is a global platform that enables maximum opportunities for growth. Moreover, powered by intelligent automation such as Shopify Flow, Launchpad, and Shopify Scripts, higher conversion rates, and more customers are inevitable.

Shopify Plus lets the brand place its focus more on the brand and revenue than on its IT infrastructure that fuels more spending.  Shopify Plus commerce engine enables straightforward plug-in of most of the business tools and systems like CMS, ERP, PIM, or CRM. 

With an impressive international fulfillment network and built-in analytics and insights, and powerhouse support, it is by far the best enterprise ecommerce platform available.

What are your thoughts on Shopify Plus? Let us know in the comment section below!

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