Shoptimized Theme Review - Is It The Best Shopify Theme for Dropshipping?

Are you looking for the Best Shopify Theme? 

Are you driving traffic to your site but not converting those leads? If you're looking to make more sales, then the Shoptimized theme might be for you. Shopify has tons of great free and premium themes in their theme store, but none match the Shoptimized theme in its feature-rich environment and ability to close sales consistently. Find out why I love the Shoptimized theme and use it in my Shopify stores to increase my conversion rate.

Shoptimized Theme Review

There are many amazing benefits of using this theme. It incorporates many of the conversion optimizations present on eCommerce websites like eBay, Amazon, and even information product websites like ClickFunnels.

Many of the optimization features are on the product page, but more are found throughout the theme like the cart page, homepage, and even the blog and article pages. 


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Features and Benefits of Using the Shoptimized Theme for your Shopify High Ticket Drop Shipping Store 

Urgency - countdown timer on the product page

This is an awesome feature that pulls the urgency sales trigger during the product/store evaluation process the customer goes through while shopping your website. Using this countdown timer in conjunction with an expiring coupon code, however, can double it's perceived realism on the customer's mindset.

The scarcity of remaining stock

Putting scarcity into your product pages is one of the best sales motivators you can have. If something is running out of stock, chances are your potential customers don't want to miss out on a great deal and will place their order now rather than waiting and taking the chance that it won't be available when they come back to order later. Amazon uses this on their website all the time when items are running low in stock. The Shoptimized theme helps you mimic this with a quantity remaining bar showing how many are left or how many have sold. 

Shipping Time Estimator

The one thing a customer wonders more than anything else when they make a purchase online is when they will receive the product. Estimated delivery is built into the theme so you can set your customers at ease. 

Email Pop-Up

The Shoptimized theme has an email pop-up built into the theme so you don't have to pay for an email pop-up service at all if you don't want to. 

Sold in last 24-hours

This is an epic feature of the Shoptimized theme. This is very similar to the feature on eBay as seen here:


Marketing Integrations

The theme actually allows you to insert your marketing integration codes directly into the theme customization settings so you don't have to dig into the code yourself. 


The lowest price guarantee or a satisfaction guarantee is an excellent way of using risk-reversal to enable your potential customer to complete their purchase with peace of mind that they won't find a better deal anywhere else after their purchase. The Shoptimized premium Shopify theme has this feature built into it.

Value Proposition

This feature is on the product page and is included with the theme. Each value proposition adds value to the customer's experience with your brand and makes it more likely they will choose to do business with you rather than the competition.

Video Embedding

This feature is available near the bottom of the home page and is an excellent place to add your brand's "why buy from us?" video and also a video compilation of customer testimonials.

Sell Personalized Products Without The Need For Costly Apps

The new version of the Shoptimized theme has product options built into the product page so you don't have to pay for an expensive product options app to offer cross-sells like accessories with your main offers.


The Shoptimized theme comes standard with a built-in mega menu, making it the perfect Shopify theme for small and large high ticket drop shipping stores alike.

Header Area

The header area of the Shoptimized theme is optimized for transparency. It includes a big, bold phone number area with hours of operation, a search box, and the logo. The top stripe has important links and a promotional section on the left. 

Built-in Social-Proof Pop-Up

The social-proof pop-up in the lower left-hand corner you see on many top high ticket drop shipping sites these days costs money to implement with a premium Shopify app, however, this feature is built into the Shoptimized theme. 

Live Traffic Count

This is another great social proof feature build into the theme making it even better for making people believe theirs on an eCommerce site that has a line out the door.

Upsell Pop-up

There is a great up-sell pop-up built into the theme that you can activate and add your accessories to your main offers to increase your revenue.

Fully Customizable Call-to-Action Button

You can change the look and feel of the add to cart button and even make it go straight to checkout. This might be a good idea depending on your niche.

Cart Page Urgency

This feature costs money via Shopify apps, but it's built into the Shoptimized theme and helps push people through your sales funnel in a hurry from the cart page to the checkout page.

Product Badging

The badge in the upper-left hand corner of every product is customizable using product tagging in Shopify. You can make the badges say On Sale, Best Seller, New Arrival, and many other things. This helps to make certain products stand out and is similar to what Amazon does with their best seller and Amazon's Choice badges.

Awesome Support

I've personally made use of the Shoptimized theme support many times and found them to be super helpful. They have a support desk where you can file a ticket and they will ask for access to your store to update the theme. Certain adjustments require custom coding and you must pay more for that, but otherwise, most adjustments are free of charge.

Loads 38% Faster Than Many Popular Shopify Themes

I've found the Shoptimized theme to load much faster than other themes even though it has so many features. This is thanks to the unique coding structure of the theme. It's pretty sweet if I don't say so myself!

Shoptimized Theme Examples

PelletGrillPros (dot) com

RainorShineGolf (dot) com


I recommend getting the starter package if you're just starting out and have only one store, but if you have multiple stores then I highly recommend the 3 license or 10 license packages. Check out the demo of the Shoptimized theme before you buy it.


UPDATE: New Shoptimized Theme Version 5.0 Released

It's official! The brand new Shoptimized theme has been released. This new theme has some awesome new features that I'm excited about. The new theme is even better and I do like it for a number of reasons. I am going to walk you through with the new theme and we will discuss why I think you should use this new version of Shoptimized. 



Features Of The New Shoptimized Version 5

The new version has a smaller phone number display and the menu from the top extends the full-screen width and so does the header area. 

  • It has a cleaner look.
  • It also has a like and share button up on top. 
  • The mega menu pops up in an attractive way.
  • It has colorful and better layouts. 
  • It takes up the whole screen without white on the side. 
  • The featured products are poppier and bigger.
  • For the carousel, it easier to scroll on the side as the buttons are in the middle. 
  • Instagram posts - Link your Instagram feed on your website.
  • The collection page has a sidebar where you can sort according to color, size, and brand. 
  • The product page has the image is bigger and cleaner. 
  • Add to cart button moves that catch your attention.
  • Add to Card page has pop up and cleaner.


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