StudioPress Review: Best WordPress Themes for Ecommerce

We feast with our eyes. Because of “visual hunger,” people are so invested in fashion and fancy packaging. Aesthetics book covers and wallpapers are now a thing, and the food should not be just delicious but also “instagrammable.” We pick supermarket products with better labels, and we choose products that appeal to our visuals the most. Hence, look DOES matter after all. That’s why businesses with eCommerce sites should be fixated with appearance.

Building a website’s overall design is like building a home – aside from the visual factors, one must also think about the usability and convenience of the layout, furniture, and fixtures. Likewise, when creating a website, think about the structure, theme, and user experience. The website should be able to deliver the information and best experience to the customers. With these aspects carefully thought out, every shoppers and visitors are guaranteed to love every part of the site.   

The website design should perfectly reflect the business, as it should complement the brand value. Thankfully, pre-made templates are readily available. These templates are completely optimized, tested compatible, and designed with the customers in mind.

Mostly easy to install, ecommerce site owners are just faced with the challenge of choosing the best template for the website. Thus, some of the things to consider when selecting eCommerce templates include user experience, intuitive interface, SEO optimized, and responsive to any device.

With the extensive eCommerce design themes available, how to arrive at the best choice? How to spot the best template that all visitors will fall in love with? Provided with tons of high-quality themes and plugins, how to find the perfect design?

If you are a WordPress user, then you’ve come to the right page. This review will take a look at StudioPress, a tool to help users build stunning WordPress sites.

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What is StudioPress?

StudioPress is the company behind the most mobile-responsive themes and design framework for WordPress. On top of that, StudioPress is the brilliant creator of the popular Genesis Framework.  Genesis is a set of codes that links the theme of your choice to the WordPress code.

StudioPress helps users to build great WordPress websites. Since 2010, StudioPress has created top-notch themes in design and infrastructure. Having built with the Genesis Framework, the site is more secured, loads faster, and SEO-optimized.

StudioPress Review

What does StudioPress exactly do?

They create WordPress themes by using the Genesis Framework. Hence, giving the themes an ultra-boost in terms of speed, performance, security, and mobile responsiveness.

The team is fond of explaining that it works like this. Imagine an engine of a car as WordPress. The car’s body and frame are Genesis, and the paint job is the StudioPress theme.

The Genesis Framework from StudioPress

The Genesis Framework by StudioPress is a tool that builds faster and robust WordPress websites. Websites built with the Genesis Framework are fully optimized, easy to update, and secured. It supercharges the website by handling critical SEO tasks and transform websites into top-notch pages. Furthermore, this specialized framework future-proofs the site for further customizations and enables easy software upgrade.

Open source genesis framework is a great way to provide a great way to rank on search engines. Themes built with this framework has an optimized code and comes with smart design IT architecture. Websites with Genesis Framework are also HTML5 enabled – this means that a specific theme can be customized and can last for a longer time.

Obtain Best Website Security

All websites are prone to cyberattacks. This is why companies and eCommerce sites spend and invest in security. Every day, cybercriminals are trying to infiltrate and steal valuable information from the business and its customers. Exploited data

Throw worries away, because with StudioPress’, it’s never going to happen. Backed up with global security expert from WordPress, every StudioPress theme built on Genesis are all guaranteed to be 100% secured. Furthermore, it follows WordPress’ best practices on security to protect the business’ assets and reputation.

Sleek and Responsive Designs

By using StudioPress’ Genesis themes, users gain a competitive edge not just on the appearance but also on the longevity of the theme. Acquire professional and neat-looking themes with content built on HTML5 so you can use it for a more extended period of time.

HTML5 is a new standard code that makes websites more compatible with any future changes to the web. Moreover, HTML5 also improves multimedia delivery, such as audios and videos. It also makes the website more user-friendly and compatible with any devices and any browsers.  

Unlimited Benefits

With Genesis Pro, which basically gives access to all StudioPress themes, users get unlimited everything for a solid year. Unlimited support, unlimited updates, and unlimited website domains for one year. This offer is definitely value for money. If you are maintaining multiple websites, then this solution is the right fit as it can provide unparalleled service and even match the vast requirement of all the sites.

Effortless Customization Without Compromise  

Create and set-up the website exactly the way you wanted to. Genesis has a super simple set-up done in a few clicks. Add more features without having to worry about the website’s loading speed and performance. With the Genesis framework, the codes are neat and lightweight. Create stunning websites that load not in seconds but milliseconds! How cool is that?

Extensive Theme Catalog

Get exclusive and broad choices for themes. StudioPress provides smart filters to quickly find the perfect theme, carefully curated for each business type. With a variety of themes to choose from, the team is sure that you’ll find the one that best fits your website.

StudioPress themes have built-in color and layout options available to tend to specific needs. There are also demos available to boost the interests of each user furthermore. Some might be overwhelmed with the tons of stunning themes there are; thus, StudioPress also devised a smart “theme chooser” to help you pick your ideal website design, spot-on.

StudioPress Review

More StudioPress Themes’ Features

  • Theme Options – Accessible dropdown box to instantly change layout and color scheme whenever you feel like it.
  • Comment Functionality Enabled – Foster excellent communication and discover more about the customers and the business’ performance. Build engagement and win loyalty above all.
  • Auto Size Images – This nifty feature eliminates the worries for dimension and image compatibility. Obtain smooth image management and create thumbnails in a swift via WordPress’ featured image capability. Start drawing traffic with amazing images on your site.
  • Add Widgets Easily – No need for coding. Add more power and functionality to the website with great and on-demand widgets such as social media sharing buttons, opt-in forms, and more.
  • One-Click Demo Install – Create or install new themes under a few minutes! Add demo content and plugins into the homepage automatically.

StudioPress Themes Price

StudioPress has tons of great themes that vary in pricing. You may check the full catalog here.

Also, if new to StudioPress, the team offers different deals so you can save more. There are packages that come with a Genesis Pro subscription and Free theme packages with WP Engine.

Explore all the deals and packages being offered so you can find the arrangement that suits your business needs.

StudioPress Review

StudioPress: Do we recommend it?

Deliver a unique and appealing website that hits the spot for customer experience too. “The first impression lasts” – do not waste the chance to impress visitors and turn them into customers. Design the best website by using a StudioPress theme and Genesis framework.

StudioPress themes and its framework has everything you need to build a remarkable website experience. So yes! We definitely recommend the platform, primarily if the business seeks traffic, notable performance, and a striking look.

Your website is the façade to the millions of online visitors. Sure enough, you want to provide them unparalleled customer experience that will translate to sales and countless returns. That will only happen if the site offers effective technology, usability, and a seamless customer journey.

Did you ever visit a site that uses a StudioPress theme? Was it impressive? How was its performance? Please share your thoughts with us!

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