Clothing Manufacturers Directory

Clothing Manufacturers Directory

This clothing manufacturers directory is 100% free and should help you to get a supplier for your clothing brand or online clothing retail business. Manufacturer Name: Products/Services: Location: Website Contact: Email Contact: Phone Contact: Hemsmith Development, Pattern Making, Sourcing, Production, etc. Long Island City, NY, USA http://www.hemsmithfactory.com info@hemsmith.com 718-786-0998 Dallas Bias Slitting, Trimming, Folding, Cording Dallas, TX, USA http://www.dallasbias.com Not Available 214-824-2036 Stitch Texas Women's, Men's, Infant, Intimates & Sportswear Austin, TX, USA http://www.stitchtexas.com hello@stitchtexas.com 512-291-8234 Unionwear Hats & Bags Newark, NJ, USA http://unionwear.com sales@unionwear.com 877-932-7864 Clothier Design Source Design, Prototype, Tech Pack, Manufacture, etc. St. Paul, MN, USA http://www.clothierdesignsource.com...

Sep 21, 2018

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