Tailwind Review: Best Scheduling Tool for Instagram and Pinterest


Social media is not a foreign language anymore. It has played an integral part in people's everyday lives and will continue to do so in the coming years.  In line with the rest of the world going digital, platforms are continuously changing, as well as the marketing strategies for each. 

Today, social media marketing is an essential channel for brands and businesses. Aside from being the most low-cost tool, it also delivers the most favorable results. Some of these include better awareness for the brand, increased qualified leads, or more substantial relationships with old and new customers alike.

All the more, proper usage of social media humanizes the brand. It lets the business take to form a personality through a series of posts and interactions. Through social media, brands can shine as a creative, a friendly neighbor, or an entertaining distant relative. It is also proven that followers who can relate to the brand's tone tend to be more loyal to the business since the rapport is already established.

Aside from the satisfactory impacts, social media can also provide chances to mitigate negative impressions. With an active social media strategy, responding to a bad comment or finding out other customer issues will be swift and organized. Businesses can facilitate brand protection through effective crisis management and would lessen the negative impact that may hurt the brand in the long run.

For the majority of businesses, whatever channel it is, there is only one main goal: revenue increase. Although social media marketing has all the noise and performance records, it would still be tricky and complex to design and implement.

One of the most challenging platforms to incorporate social media marketing is Pinterest. Most independent ecommerce owners that use this platform find it challenging to garner significant traffic. Even with full blast efforts on pinning resources from own content, participating in group boards, or following users inside the niche just won't suffice.

This article will break down "Tailwind," a marketing software for both Instagram and Pinterest apps. How is Tailwind beneficial in reaching a broader audience, curating relevant content, and leveraging the business's performance? Let's find out.


Tailwind App: What is it?

Tailwind is a social media scheduling tool designed for Instagram and Pinterest. An official partner of both platforms, accounts are fully secured to be safe and free from any form of digital mishaps. Tailwind is a verified Pinterest partner for content marketing, while it is certified by Instagram to be partner-badged for community management. 

What does Tailwind exactly do?

The app allows the management of Pinterest from one central dashboard. It can schedule pins for publishing, continually publish content, and upload Pinterest graphics in bulk. This means that Tailwind can perform complete automation of Pinterest activities for the business. 

Aside from quick uploading of images and pin scheduling, Tailwind also provides analytics and measurements so users can size up the pins' performance. Moreover, it also provides greater audience reach by tapping Tailwind tribes.

It has not been long since Tailwind included Instagram services. Hence, the app is also a smart scheduler that helps businesses plan, create, optimize, and analyze Instagram posts for the brand.


Tailwind on Pinterest

Leveraging on the power of Pinterest is quite a challenge, even for marketers. However, with this app in place, businesses are sure-fire to get a significant presence on the platform. Not only that, it boosts traffic but also builds a whole new source for it.  Tailwind is a great option to consider when looking for a creative way to bring some personality to the brand.

Tailwind Review

There are tons of Pinterest features that Tailwind offers. Some of these are:

  • Pinning graphic content by bulk – Create and schedule pins for an entire week, in less than 20 minutes. These pins call all be linking to blog posts on the website, or even straight to product listings.
  • Wide audience reach – Tailwind spreads out the pins across the most relevant boards. It also effectively schedules the pins based on the most engaging and most populated timeline. With this, brands have access to the majority of Pinterest’s 330 million users that can click-through the store or site.
  • Tailwind Tribes – Team up and collaborate with similar creators though Tailwind Tribes. Tailwind Tribes are groups of Pinterest users that have content in similar niches. Users can also find something the business can relate to, with over 4000+ niches to choose from. These members work together as a community, increasing growth and traffic. Tailwind Tribes is an effective use of Tailwind to market blogs on Pinterest as it encourages a friendly, and spam-free community.
  • SmartLoop – Reshare and circulate pins indefinitely, to drive more traffic. Seasonal content can also be distributed during the best times of the year. Additionally, Tailwind Smartloop can also import the best-performing pins and reshare idle pins that can still work. With this feature, evergreen content is effectively maximized, so the brand stays active for an unlimited time, with minimal effort.
  • SmartSchedule – Create a personalized schedule, depending on the most engaging time determined by the business' personalized audience.

    tailwind review
  • Anywhere on the web – Making the app conveniently accessible, Tailwind can be accessed as a browser extension. This means that users can effortlessly make new pins from anywhere on the internet, and schedule them to the most related boards in just a matter of seconds.
  • Pinterest Board List – With just a single click, new pins can be sent to all relevant boards using a custom board list. For all-out engagement, pins can also be distributed at custom intervals.
  • Top Pin Analytics – This smart feature grants access to view other people’s pin performance across the board. See and examine what pins are driving traffic and take inspiration for creating the brand's content.
  • Pin Inspector – Most clicked and saved pins are always available to give users the exact data on where to improve.
  • SmartGuide – Obtain access to Pinterest's best practices. Through this feature, users are warned and notified when unsafe behaviors are present.
  • Safe Pins – Tailwind issues recommendations and solutions to preserve a collection of only beneficial and useful pins.
  • Visual Scheduling – Easily drag and drop pins on the exact dates for a clear and finely tuned calendar of contents.
  • Multiple Board Pinning - Customize the distribution of pins across any boards, or a combination of boards at a preset interval.
  • Reports and Analytics – Aside from the tools mentioned above, summary reports are also available to deliver more significant insights. Users can opt to choose from daily, weekly or monthly digests of the essential Pinterest metrics relevant for business decisions.
  • Cross-post and Share to other Social Media Platforms - Effortlessly cross-post images, links, and other updates to a Facebook page. On top of that, fresh pins from new photos can also be published on an Instagram account.
  • Multiple Accounts – Tailwind gives an access to toggle between Pinterest accounts if maintaining several ones.
  • Invite Teammates – Designed to be managed by solo or a team, and users have the option to add a collaborator to create and manage new posts as well.  

As Tailwind claims to get 6.9x more repins and 3.7x more followers on Pinterest, it makes the app appear more beneficial than ever. Ready to skyrocket the blog or webstore traffic in a short while? Read more as we delve into Tailwind’s performance and features on Instagram this time.

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Tailwind on Instagram

Claimed to be the only smart Instagram scheduler. Tailwind promises to amplify Instagram marketing and open opportunities to obtain the market lead. With Tailwind in place, users can find the best times to post and get access to the effective and suggested hashtags in order to enhance engagement.

Tailwind Review

Albeit a new program, Tailwind offers many exciting features for Instagram marketing as well. Some of these are:

  • Automatic Posting – Tailwind automatically publishes any content to Instagram, without the annoying push notifications.
  • Color-coded Content Plans – The color-coded content plan is a visually stunning way to get organized. The content plan is customized depending on the business type and assures consistency for the brand too.
  • Schedule Hashtags in the First Comment – Instagram feed should be aesthetically pleasing. With Tailwind, brands maintain a clean looking post with the captions and hashtags. Tailwind automatically places the hashtags right in the first comment, so the post looks neat and not distracting.
  • SmartSchedule – Automatically schedule Instagram posts based on the time that audience engagement is best determined.
  • Hashtag Finder – Tailwind utilizes the most advanced hashtag recommendation engine for the best post mileage. With its one-click hashtag suggestion, businesses can expand the reach with perfectly-fit hashtags.
  • Shortcuts – save loads of time with a one-stop platform that takes care of font formats, location, and tagging.
  • Visual Scheduling – For Instagram, there is no other way to impress but through a well-curated feed. Create a beautiful feed for the brand with Tailwind's visual plan feature.
  • Drag and Drop Grid – Probably the easiest way to schedule Instagram posts. Drop graphics to the grid to schedule posting.
  • Feed Preview – Even for individuals, getting a preview of the feed before posting is a useful tool. Especially when following a particular color scheme or strategic posting, it is always better to have the whole feed's visual preview – and Tailwind exactly does that.
  • Personalized Post Inspiration – Even with captions, it is vital to sound cohesive and resonate with the brand. Tailwind never let the users ran out of content ideas. Hence, prompts are available to inspire content and captions that make the Instagram account relevant and relatable.
  • Caption Templates – Say goodbye to writer's block or eliminate the need to get one. By employing Tailwind, it takes care, not just the schedule, but the overall look and feel of the post as well. 
  • Profile Performance – Keep track of Instagram metrics as the business grow. Tailwind provides easy visibility and counts for followers, likes, and comments so users can see where to improve and the most engaging posts that deliver results.
  • Post-Inspector – With the numbers at hand, users can find the best performing posts that can be reproduced or replicated to reach more potential customers.
  • Summary Reports – The same with Pinterest, Tailwind provides a summarized report that can be viewed daily, weekly, or monthly to track progress and see traffic growth path.
  • Smart.bio – Instagram profiles usually have the website link on the bio part. It redirects to their other social media accounts for individuals, whereas for business, the bio is pointed to the company website. Smart.bio from Tailwind lets users create a branded landing page to capture more traffic, properly promote the brand, and acquire qualified leads.

Tailwind has been pretty innovative with Instagram features. It goes beyond a scheduling tool by tapping content, lead generation, and analytics. Indeed, customers can vouch that Tailwind empowers the brand with smart recommendations and creative gears coming from other reviews. The app gets the business organized in a way that it delivers absolute confidence to planned content.


Tailwind for Enterprise

Supercharge marketing with powerful, data-driven insights and visual campaigns. Tailwind is trusted by the world’s leading brands, such as Procter & Gamble, Ikea, Shopify, eBay, Walmart, and more. Geared towards visual marketing success, Tailwind manages and optimizes visual campaigns from content, scheduling, analytics, monitoring, and promotions. For an enterprise, data and performance requirement is extensive. Thus, here are the enterprise-compatible features that Tailwind offers:

  • Easily Schedule Pinterest and Instagram - By utilizing the browser extension of Tailwind, users are can post multiple entries from any page on the web.
  • Tailwind’s App – Post and create on remote places with Tailwind’s mobile app for iOS, packed with the same features.
  • Optimized Scheduling – Tailwind helps business to create robust audience engagement through an intelligent post schedule. It optimizes the calendar based on the time and behavior of the intended audience. With Tailwind, users can add posts to the optimized queue, choose exact times to publish, or spread the posts across the calendar using intervals.
  • Optimized Time – Users can access unlimited recurring time slots and modify suggested times for any time zone.
  • Bulk Actions with Minimal Effort – Tailwind eliminates time-consuming tasks by smart automation. The app allows users to clone pins across unlimited boards, and save groups of boards in one neat list, and pin them all in a single click.
  • Pinterest Management – Customize the editorial calendar with the swift drag and drop, or re-order pins in control. Tailwind also has the audience in mind; hence, the app allows shuffle to avoid repetitive content that followers may find off.
  • No Spreadsheets to Track – The smart reporting completely removes the need to record activities outside the app. Tailwind automatically shows the pinned posts, when it was last pinned, and which boards it was pinned to.
  • Faster Pin Scheduling – Time is always of the essence. Henceforth, Tailwind makes it fast to schedule pins by automatic queue optimization, custom dates and times, and pin spreading with preferred intervals.
  • Track Performance – Find out the number of followers, engagement trends, or virality. Users can filter results by a specific pin, board, or category. Instagram performance is also available per post.
  • Analytics Integration – Analyze Pinterest traffic and more with smart Google analytics integration. Powerful insights extend up to Instagram to discover insights and adjust campaigns in order to maximize engagement.  


Tailwind Pricing

Tailwind keeps it simple with two district plan options.

Pinterest Plus – Starts at $14.99 per month, per account. The price includes one Pinterest profile, powered with 400 posts per month. It also includes 250 free Smartloop posts, as well as five free Tailwind tribes, as an advanced feature.

Instagram Plus – Starts at $14.99 per month, per account. This price plan includes one Instagram profile, powered with 400 posts per month, the same as the prior. It also includes advanced features such as the smart bio, hashtag finder, auto post, schedule stories, nine grid preview, caption formatting, hashtags in the first comment, and comment monitoring.

Tailwind offers additional plans should customers need more advanced features.



Currently, three billion people worldwide are now on social media. That's three billion opportunities to introduce the brand or to land a sale. Hence, investing mainly on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest brings numerous advantages for the business.

Tailwind is undoubtedly a must-have for bloggers, start-ups, and businesses that seek maximum traffic and engagement for their respective sites. The smart features of this app greatly benefit the business in general. It is an excellent software to manage Pinterest and Instagram, to be able to stay relevant in the industries with the same niche. Tailwind provides fresh content and continuous posting to maximize exposure and establish an online presence.

Get Tailwind to leverage on the power of Pinterest and Instagram for growth.

Do you have any Tailwind experience to share? Let us know in the comment section below!

Get the best social media scheduling tool. Sign-up to Tailwind now.

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