The 80/20 Rule Applied to eCommerce


 Hey guys, welcome to the eCommerce Paradise podcast.

This is your host, Trevor. And today's topic is all about the 80-20 rule and how it applies to eCommerce entrepreneurs.

So what is the 80-20 rule?

The 80-20 rule means that 20 percent of your work gets you 80 percent of your results. In business, it could also mean that 20 percent of your customers or clients get you 80 percent of your income and success.

So how does that apply to eCommerce?

Well, 20 percent of your products usually result in about 80 percent of your profits. And those are usually your best sellers and your highest profit products. You have to determine what those products are.

Now, if you're just getting started, you can research your competitors, look at their best sellers and determine what those products are. Those are what you're going to want to focus on.

How to hack higher profits in your business?

First, focus on marketing those bestsellers. Make them the focal point of your home page, your e-mail marketing messages, and your social media marketing messages. Make videos, sales letters for them, and post them to YouTube, the product page, then share those YouTube videos all over the Web. Put them on social media accounts.

You can even find other popular YouTube videos, informational YouTube videos in your niche, and you can comment with a link to your video. There are all sorts of ways that you can share videos, but those video sales letters are going to be the most important way that you're going to sell the product. And you've got to approach video sales letter like a webinar.

Suppose you don't know how to make a video sales letter or a webinar yet. In that case, I recommend you go to and look at Russell Brunson - ClickFunnels YouTube channel. Sign up for some of their trainings. He teaches the best way to do a webinar. He calls it the perfect webinar, and the perfect webinar script is really good. You don't have to make it that complicated.

Russell Brunson has some other scripts, too, that are really good. I use these scripts in my review videos that I make for YouTube. And it's just basically: Who are you, what is the product, why you should buy it and how to get it. The who, what, why, and how script is really, really good. And those are your basic video sales letters.

Another way to do it is to make blog posts like the product review, keyword blog posts, and best product roundup articles that include your best sellers. And you can drive traffic to those from Google organic search results or search social search traffic. You can even make a video for that and drive traffic from YouTube traffic as well. So that's how you hack higher profits.
You're going to focus on the best sellers, make marketing messages, and marketing materials specifically for those bestsellers. Those are the things that have the best value to price ratio. People see those as the best solution to their problems in the marketplace. You're going to simply step into the mix, into the market, create better market messages, be better selling those, and be better at distributing your marketing messages online. And then you'll drive more traffic and more interest in traffic.

You'll get those leads. You'll follow up with e-mails and retargeting, and then you'll close those sales better. And that is how to hack higher profits.

Now, let's figure out how to hack your time investment. Being an eCommerce entrepreneur and wanting to find that paradise in your life means that you don't want to spend 100 percent of your time building your business. You want to be able to enjoy your life and take advantage of why you start doing this business in the first place.

So, how to hack your time investment?

Well, there are a few ways. One way is only to spend time working on the most popular best selling products. If you spend a lot of time working on other products just because you might be able to make a buck here or there, you're probably going to be spinning your wheels. Focus 80 percent of your time on those 20 percent of your products that are the best selling products on the drive home, the revenue, the ones that bring in the most profit. You identify which products have the highest profit margin or highest profit dollar value. Then focus on marketing those products specifically and beating out the competition as far as rankings go and as far as marketing goes. And you can only spend your time creating amazing content.

I can't say this more enough. Suppose you go out there and create crappy content. In that case, that's going to relay a message about your brand that, maybe your customer service, follow up, and the product itself is going to be crappy as well. You need to create amazing content that includes creating intro, outro, nice background, great lighting, sound, and all that stuff that's going to help you relay a message about your brand.

Simply put, research what others are doing and what's working for them. Act as a customer. Go into the marketplace. See who's spending the most on ads. Go to their website, break down what they're doing, and see their marketing messages if they're off. If they are offering the lowest price, maybe you can do a similar thing. You may also offer gifts so you can one-up your competition somehow. It doesn't have to cost you that much. You can make a better sales message, better sales videos, and better marketing. You can beat your competition that way.

Now, there are a lot of factors that go into your unique value proposition as an eCommerce business. And I'll go into that in other podcast episodes.

You've got to understand that they all come into play. So this trust, urgency, social proof, scarcity, and pricing.
People want to know that you're the best place to go to and that they're not going to have any buyer's remorse.

Once you do research, you'll figure out what's working for others and how you can do it better. You got to find gaps in the market and where the opportunities are.

This means most of the time, it's keyword research. Go to YouTube. Go to Google. Find out who's ranking for what keywords. You can use tools like and

You can find out how competitive any particular keyword is. That'll help you determine where the gaps in the market are. You can take advantage of opportunities, rank, get a lot of traffic, and make a lot of sales. So that's the next step. Research what others are doing- what's working for them?

Figure out how you're going to do it better. Find the gap in the market to know which content to create, what keywords, the target, and what market messages to give. Then the next step is to plan your content.

If you plan out your content by writing it out, like write out a script before you make it, it will be easier to create the content when it comes time to doing it. The more time you research and plan, the easier it's going to be to create the content. Less time it's going to take you in the long run.

I say this almost every episode, but the Abraham Lincoln quote is,
"If you give me four hours to chop down a tree, I'll spend the first three hours sharpening my ax."

You have to put time and effort into research and planning to make the most opportunities in the gaps in the marketplace.

Once you plan out all your content, I recommend that you document the process of creating it. This will help you in the future if you build a job back upon your documentations. What I mean by this is, for you to make videos, screen share videos, and use a tool like a screen flow or Camtasia. Record your screen. Then talk. Talk about it so you can go back and see how you did it. This way, you can repeat what you did.

In the future, your documentation can be used as an outsourcing tool. You can give it to a virtual assistant. Have them do it as well.

Once you've done all this stuff, you researched, planned, and documented it; all you need to do is execute. Executing should be quick and efficient. It should be really easy at this point because you've already researched everything. You planned it out. You just need to execute it.

Don't be afraid of failure. Failure is something that repeatedly happens in life, and little failures lead to big successes. So don't be afraid of failure.

Think of it as an experiment, an experiment in marketing. Experiment on different things, and document it. See what works. If it doesn't work, you break down why it didn't work. You can try to improve it and make it better. Go back to the drawing board, research more people, and see what they're doing and create Swype files. And then all of a sudden you'll find something that works. You'll find a marketing message that works. You'll start getting clicks and sales.

You can use internet marketing shortcuts and grow in your marketing understanding. Grow in your copywriting understanding. Read other people's copy. Read and read successful marketers. Copy and see how they write their messages and then reformulate that to your niche, and you'll do well because this is how it is.

Let's go back over it quickly.

I talked about how what is the 80-20 rule. It's 20 percent of your work, eighty percent of results. Twenty percent of your customers and clients will give you eighty percent of your income. How does that apply to eCommerce? Well, it's 20 percent year products result in 80 percent of your income. Once you understand that, focus on those 20 percent, your products are your best sellers and highest product products. Focus on marketing them through video sales letters and your home page, through e-mail marketing messages and blog posts.

Hack your time by doing lots of research ahead of time. Figure out what works and what other people are doing with success in the niche. Find gaps in the marketplace with keywords, plan your content, document the whole process, and execute quickly and efficiently.

Be fearless of failure and learn from your mistakes.

I hope you enjoyed this podcast is all about the 80-20 rule apply to eCommerce. See you next time.

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