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The Best Way To Find Dropshipping Suppliers for High Ticket Drop Shipping

Are you trying to find dropshipping suppliers for your high-ticket drop shipping store? 

I found the best way to find suppliers was actually a lot more simple than I thought it would be...

In this episode, I share my simple method of finding dropshipping suppliers and getting them to set us up as authorized dealers of their branded products...

Hey guys, Trevor here with e-commerce paradise podcasts. Today's episode I'm going to talk to you about how to find the best drop shipping suppliers for high ticket drop shipping. I always read a bunch of articles and they're always talking about how to find drop shipping suppliers. And people are always saying, Hey yeah, just go to Google and type in suppliers for, and then the product category. And I just keep thinking to myself, what the heck, what are these people talking about? You can't just find suppliers for high ticket drop shipping that way. That's, that might work for like private labeling or even for affiliate marketing. But for high ticket drop shipping it's a little bit different and yeah, you might think, okay, well whatever, it's a supplier of high ticket products, I'll call them and see if they dropped her.

Yes, that's true. You could just call anybody. But if you want to greatly enhance your success rate, you want to first find suppliers that are most likely already drop shipping for small eCommerce sites, not just call every supplier under the sun. So with that in mind, I have a special way on how I do it. I'm gonna tell you how to do it in this episode. So it's your first time listening to the podcast. To get my free niches list and niche research guide at ecommerceparadise.com/99niches. And that guide is awesome. Has a bunch of high ticket product examples, and then you can do the research on each of them that I'm gonna tell you how to do here. And after that, if you're looking for a way to fast track your research to actually figure out how I do really in-depth research and go deep into product categories deep into competitors and find all the different ways where I can actually compete with them and beat them at their own game, you can sign up for my niche hacks course, ecommerceparadise.com/nichehacks.

And it's on sale right now for just $29 a month. So get in there today guys. Get all my in-depth over the shoulder training and get started right now. So let's talk about it. Finding suppliers first starts with obviously making sure that the product is a high ticket product, a high price point. It kind of goes without saying, but if you look up products that are like 200 or $300, you might not be looking up good products for high ticket traps. I mean, okay, the profit margins are like 20 or 30% usually. And so if you're looking at a product that's $200 profits, probably about 50 bucks per sale. That's not a whole lot. Okay? Consider you're gonna have to run paid advertising and in order to make it really profitable, you're looking to sell products that are over a thousand dollars, 1500, 2000, 3000 or up.

Okay? So that's about the price point it goes for. And with that said, you have to have your finances ready before you enter this business model. it's kinda hard to finance a business that requires a cost of goods sold, to be purchased every single time you make a sale for like a thousand, 2000, $3,000 without having a high limit credit card. So make sure that you have your either high limit credit cards or a bunch of in the bank or access to capital or just be willing to do the extra work it takes to tell customers, Hey, it's going to take some time because you have to wait until that cash is deposit in your bank account before you pay your supplier. But the best way to do it is to have a high limit credit card, especially a business card with reward points.

So with that said, the next thing you want to make sure you're doing first before you look for suppliers is actually looking for competition. Okay? Successful competitors. And the way I know a competitor is successful is if they're running ads in Google. Okay. And some competitors are just in your Google organics. They've probably been around for a while. They might be making some money, but they're definitely not making a lot of money, especially like the people in the Google ads are making. K because Google ads mean that your ads, your listings are at the top of the search engine results page for certain keywords and they're getting clicked way more than the people that are in the organics. Yes, the organic listings get clicked and yes, you will get sales to-dos, but I would say probably 80 to 20 with high ticket drops in your sales would come through Google shopping.

So it's the best place to focus on as far as growth. Okay. And with that said, you'll find competitors through there. So the best way to do it is just type in the product category, keyword into Google shopping. Just go to google.com/shopping and type it in there. Let's just use the electric fireplaces example because that's a high ticket product category that's pretty profitable. So if you type electric fireplace into Google shopping and then scroll down and on the left-hand sidebar you'll see a list of sellers. Just open that whole list of sellers and look for ones that have the niche keyword in the domain name. I always look for that because those are the ones that are niche stores, authority sites, the ones that focus just on that product category because see that's how we do this business model. We don't make broad stores where we sell a bunch of products under the sun.

We make niche sites because they convert better. Okay. They're authority sites, they're expensive products and they are complicated products and people are looking for an authority to actually buy from because they know they're going to get a better sales experience. They're going to get a better experience after the sale and they're going to have a better time with technical support if they have any issues or any questions. Okay. Cause you're an expert. Imagine going to best buy and trying to buy an electric fireplace. Can you imagine that any of the four staff are going to be able to answer X exact questions about specific things about that electric fireplace? Probably not. Unless someone there really loves electric fireplaces, which is pretty rare. I would say most of the time they're not going to know the exact answer and they're going to have to look it up for you.

Now, if you started an electric fireplace store and you know nothing about electric fireplaces, you've got to be willing to learn about them. Okay? So read some buying guides and become an expert. You can start a store without being an expert, but you've got to become an expert in the process of starting that store to become successful. So don't be best buy. Okay. B electric fireplaces, usa.com or something like that. Okay. And sell just that product. So those are the kind of sites you're looking for. You've got to look for electric fireplaces, director, like your fireplaces online or electric fireplaces now or whatever. usually, there's like a keyword after the main keyword. So it's like the product category, keyword, and then your branding keyword. And that's what kind of shows you that it's a retail website. If it's a supplier, it'll probably have a branding keyword first, and then the product category, keyword after it.

As an example is Dimplex electric fireplaces or Dimplex fireplaces or something like that. That's a supplier of electric fireplaces. They make other types of fireplaces too, and their branding keyword comes first and it's more of like a name, kind of like maybe it would be like the last name of somebody rather than just a word. That's kind of like a retail keyword. So you're looking for sites like that, let your fireplace is now, or electric fireplaces plus or like fireplaces depo or electric fireplaces USA, that kind of stuff. Okay. So look for those, see if you can find them in the sellers lists. If not, dive into each specific one. Look for products that are over $1,000 and try to find all the different competitors that you can find there. When you do find a niche store, you can open them up and make sure that they don't have a physical retail location like a showroom or even a warehouse of some sort.

Make sure that either they're operating from home or that they have an address on their website lead side, they're like a ups mailbox address or some kind of a virtual office address. even like a fulfillment center warehouse will be fine as long as it's not a big warehouse of their own right. You're looking specifically for stores without any kind of retail location because that'll tell you that the suppliers drop ship for them. And that's key to making this work is making sure that the suppliers are dropshipping suppliers, Skype and knowing that is going to give you a big leg up with recruiting them because you know that they already work with these online, online dealers. So you'll be able to call them up or email them or both and contact them about drop shipping for you. You can actually use the word drop shipping, for your store as well, like know B list, having their product listed on your website, you sell their products, that kind of stuff.

And once you contact them, a quick phone call or an email, they should set you up on the dealer account. Most of them will, I would say on average, 60 to 80% of the list of suppliers you get from those potential competitors will set you up. And once you have a dealer account, you can go about listing the products on their site, on your site, optimizing your website, setting up marketing, and launching your store and selling their products. Okay. And that's just kind of where the work begins, but this is how you find drop-shipping suppliers are. Another great way to do it is once you've found one of these stores, it's always good to find more stores because the more stories you can find, the more likely you are to find more potential drop-shipping suppliers. So in order to do that, all you have to do is go and look at their list of products from each supplier, okay?

And type the product, name the full product name back into Google, and look at everybody else who sells that and look for more of those niche stores. Okay? And you'll find as many stores as you can through that method. All right, and then the last thing I want to say is that you want to make sure that these competitors, that their sites usually are on Shopify because Shopify is used by all these people that do high ticket drop shipping. Now you can tell that just kind of by the design of it, once you start recognizing Shopify stores, but also there's a bunch of other ways to do it too. One of them is just by looking at the URL slug, which is usually the url.com / products / if it says that or slash collections slash it's a Shopify store that says something else or it doesn't have anything before the product name and it's not Shopify, not some something else like Volusion or big commerce or one of the other eCommerce store builders, but Shopify is what we use because it's really easy to set up and use and it's what you should use as well.

It's what your competitors that you're looking for are probably going to be using as well. All right guys. So I hope this makes a lot of sense. This is the way you find drop suppliers for headaches at drop shipping. And this is how you have a much higher success rate with recruiting suppliers. Another great way to do it is just to go to industry events. So if you're selling electric fireplaces or want to go to like a big home expo and look for the electric fireplace section or fireplaces or whatever, and start talking to some of the brands, introduce yourself and things like that, you're probably not gonna have a huge success rate. But what you will be doing is establishing a real connection with the representatives and building relationships with reps that you will never be able to build just by talking on the phone and emailing them.

Okay? So going to industry events is a great way to do that as well. I've had a lot of success in the past. Getting on board with gold suppliers that you just cannot get unless you meet them in person and an industry that is where you can meet them in person, make friends with them, show them how passionate you are about the niche and about your store and your business and most likely you'll get an account that way. All right guys, we'll hope you enjoyed this episode. Go out, find some dropshipping suppliers. Start a high ticket drop-ship business. If you want private coaching and a way to fast track your way to success, definitely check out my masterclass at ecommerceparadise.com/masterclass enroll today. Private coaching does come with every single enrollment and if you want me to build your store for you have a team that works on building these stores like clockwork. It's really simple for us. It might take you a lot longer and be a lot more difficult than it would be if you just paid me to build it for you. So consider that. Go check out my free training on how I do it at ecommerceparadise.com/turnkey. Thanks for listening guys, and I'll talk to you in the next episode. Take care.

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