Thimatic Review: Best Theme Generator for Shopify

Thimatic Review


How physical stores are designed is as essential as it is in eCommerce. Web designs tell so much about the brand’s image. This is where a business presents itself to the consumer. According to research, 75% of users admit to making a judgment about a company’s credibility based on how their websites are designed. At the same time, 85% of users' first impressions are design-related. A good website theme became an essential variable for customer experience and sales generation.

The website theme is the overall look, feel, and style of a brand. Moreover, it is the direct representation of the business. It is crucial to create a user-friendly environment to maintain customer engagement.

More than the visual representation, there are more things to consider in choosing themes for a website. Its significant features, functionality, smooth navigation, budget, and support from the developer are only of the few things to take into account.

Thimatic is an expert in Shopify theme development. It focuses on a clean and responsive design, which is useful most, especially for starting eCommerce stores. It provides multi-purpose themes with conversion-boosting features that are mobile friendly and SEO optimized at fantastic loading speed, which reduces bounce rates and ultimately increase sales.

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Thimatic Review

Thimatic Boosting Features

Thimatic goes beyond an attractive visual representation. Here are the significant features a business can fully enjoy while using Thimatic themes:


Countdown Timers

Countdown timers show urgency to buy a specific product. It creates a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), which reduces shopping cart abandonment. This is a powerful method that pushes shoppers to make a faster decision on the purchase they are making. Countdown timers can be in the form of a sale ending soon or for next-day-delivery products.

Scarcity of Remaining Stocks

This feature presents the shoppers the opportunity not to miss out on grabbing the chance to get the remaining product. This also tells the consumers that the product is in high demand, creating a good impression on the buyers’ minds.

Currency Switcher

Currency switcher is essential for international eCommerce stores. It enlarges the business horizon. Also, it creates a personalized shopping experience for every user. As online shoppers like to see what they are buying in their own currency. Giving them more time to explore the brand’s shop and faster buying decisions.

Shopping Time Estimator

This provides shoppers their estimated delivery of the products ordered. This gives off the impression of a customized shopping experience per user, reflecting how the brand values each customer.

E-mail Pop-Up

This feature is a call-to-action that helps a brand connect with website visitors, grow a business's audience, and boost sales.

Express Check-Out

This offers a smooth check-out experience for online shoppers. People are buying and allocating their money to the business. Providing them with a straightforward and easy to follow check out process makes the entire purchasing journey much better.

Trust Badges

This feature includes the brand’s value proposition and shows the trustworthy image of the business. It gives the customers assurance and confidence that they are getting what they are paying for.

In-built Recently Purchased Item Pop-Up

This particular feature creates a sense of a busy store and positively influences new customers. This is where a brand showcases recently purchased products that encourage others to buy.


Themes Available

Thimatic offers seven sophisticated and engaging designs. Each comes with features suited for business needs.

Thimatic Review


  • Dropshipping theme priced at $99

This theme is fully responsive, sophisticated, packed with elegant – modern designs layouts, & multi-purpose for both huge as well as a small volume business.

  • Orlando Theme priced at $61.00

Orlando Shopify theme tends to have a lot of buzzing features to make a sleek, modern, and pixel perfect bikini wear store. This promises unique tweaks of features, designs, functionality, and animations.

  • Beggtown theme priced at $49.00

BeggyTown brings an immaculate, pleasant, and customer-centric features so that customers hardly take their eyes off.

  • Cairo Theme priced at $49.00

This theme brings all essential style and comfort to any product. The effortless navigation menu clearly makes a store more user-friendly. The Map module of the store helps increase regular customers.

  • Limas Theme priced at $49.00

Limas comes with an interactive mini cart, a preloading screen, drop-down option, FAQ, testimonials, wishlist, review pages, and newsletter integration with MailChimp, SEO optimization, color variations, and numerous more. All this is packed into one broad theme that draws the attention of any buyer.

  • Kyoto Theme priced at $5.00

This theme has product row sliders, mega menus, rich snippet support, customization options, and much more.

  • Florence Theme priced at $9.99

The theme comes with an abundance of features, like an out of the box layout configurator that allows you to set custom layouts, mega-menu, Image slideshow, wishlist, MailChimp integration, social networking, and more.


All themes, as mentioned above, come with the following features:

  •       Announcement Bar
  •       Multi-Currency
  •       Multi-Language
  •       Shipping Time Estimator
  •       E-mail Pop-Up
  •       Express Check-Out
  •       Recently purchased item
  •       Product Badging
  •       Mega Menu
  •       Countdown Timers
  •       Awareness of Remaining Stocks


Is Thimatic worth it?

Ecommerce consistently evolves with time. Consumers are getting more and more meticulous and sophisticated. The online business should grow consequently with it. A business’ website is no longer an online shop alone. It’s the brand’s image and delivers the brand promise as well.

Thimatic provides the business with a well-developed theme designed for specific business needs with consideration of the customers’ needs and wants. Overall, Thimatic is a useful tool in providing efficient website themes, leveraging brand image, and driving higher sales.

Have you used any Thimatic themes? Could you share your experience with us?

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