Tidio Review: Is it the Best Business Communication Service for Shopify?


Customer interaction remains one of the strongest factors that makes or breaks a brand. The digital transaction comes to play, challenging brands to create inventive ways to reach out to customers. Although still in existence, phone calls and email support are sharply declining. This is due to the fact that the customers of today want instant and personalized service – and neither of the two provides fast and customized interaction at the same time.

Enter: Live Chat.

Live chat is an online communication app essential tool for ecommerce business nowadays.  It enables owners and visitors to chat in real-time. Live chat is a secure communication channel that results in loyalty and returns. In fact, 79% of customers choose live chat over other communication mediums. One popular reason for this is that Live Chat provides a combination of traditional media. It is made into one small, sleek window, coupled with professional but welcoming discourse, that responds in a matter of seconds.

This channel has proven its effectiveness, with a couple of benefits: faster problem resolution, enablement of loyalty, the market reach expansion, an increase in sales, and more.

This blog is an in-depth review of the business communication service called Tidio. Read on to discover more of its benefits, lightning speed automation, seamless integration, and more. Is Tidio a platform that ecommerce websites will love?


Hi There, Tidio

Tidio is a communication provider for business. More than the live chat, Tidio also chatbots and email marketing solutions equipped with powerful features. Tidio aims to help ecommerce businesses grow by propelling higher customer engagement that equates to an increase in sales.

It amplifies the usage of live chat, with bots or known as artificial intelligence (AI), for better conversion and faster communication. 

The platform comes in a neat, easy to use interface that customers rave about.


Tidio Live Chat

Tidio’s flagship solution, its live chat, is trusted by an impressive 300,000 businesses around the globe. It allows visitors to communicate with the business in real-time. Today, response time is crucial because of the availability of options. Companies should pay attention to their response time because it is now easier to buy somewhere else faster. Tidio’s live chat promises to cut the response time in less than three minutes. Since it is the quickest way to send messages to visitors and customers alike, it has the power to convert more visitors into customers. With installed live chat, it engages visitors to communicate their needs well. Hence, driving more sales.

Live chat impacts the businesses in the right way because of its valuable data collection and service speed.

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Tidio Chatbots

Customer service cannot sleep. Keep engaging and converting visitors into customers, even without human intervention. Chatbots are automated response and communicator that follows a pre-determined customer journey. Tidio offers various chatbots with different functions to cater to. Some of the most popular includes

  • Lead generation Bot - collecting visitors' email or phone numbers.
  •  Welcome New Visitors – An automatic greeting sent out to first-time visitors
  • Visitors Leaves Page – Immediately reach out to visitors the moment they leave the website.
  • Returning Visitor – Recognize and welcome returning visitors to the site.
  • Abandoned Cart Discount – Visitors that didn't push through with the orders or left the transactions unfinished fall under abandoned cart. With Tidio’s chatbot, shops can identify who has abandoned carts and offer them discounts in return to complete the order.
  • Order A Phone Call – Upon the first visit, the chatbot is programmed to ask the customers if they would prefer a phone call instead.
  • Operator Doesn’t Respond – Enables messaging the visitor if the business isn’t able to receive a reply during the session.

Furthermore, Tidio has an array of ready-to-use chatbots from their pre-made templates. The chatbot will be available in just one click.

For complex requirements, Tidio allows building its chatbot without a single coding task. Users can customize from the templates available or tailor-fit the experience from scratch.


Tidio Email Marketing (Tidio Mailing)

Sending and creating of email campaigns can also be fast and rolled out in a few minutes. Tidio has a gallery of stunning email templates that can be fully customized. Users also have the option to create campaigns by using the easy and straightforward visual builder.

Bounce rate has always been the problem for email marketing. Tidio Mailing comes with full validation of email addresses for free. With this, bounced emails and block rates are significantly reduced.

The email solution also comes with simplified automation should users need further tools to accomplish marketing goals.


Tidio Features

For a straightforward solution, Tidio is packed with powerful features that let businesses obtain the essential services the easiest way. 

  • One Simple Dashboard – Manage live chat, email, and messenger in one, clean panel—no need to switch inboxes and platforms so that businesses can focus on faster response and higher engagement.
  • Seamless Integrations – Tidio’s live chat provides an easy integration to other third-party apps. Seamlessly install Tidio to Shopify, Mailchimp, Wix, WordPress, and more.
  • Easy Set-Up – Add the Tidio live chat app to any ecommerce site within a minute. No hardcore coding and customizations required.
  • Widget Customization – Design the Tidio widget according to the brand or shop’s theme for cohesive customer experience.
  • Mobile Optimized – Use and manage Tidio through mobile wherever, whenever.
  • Client Tracking – Know the behavior of the visitor. Movement within the website is visible even before a visitor decides to engage in a live chat conversation.


Tidio Pricing

Tidio’s solutions namely live chat, chatbots, and email marketing, are placed and priced into separate plans, namely:

Free  – $0 per month. Designed for micro and small businesses. Surprisingly, subscribers can get all the basic essential services of live chat, chatbot, and mailing. In addition, users get up to three chat operator accounts, 500 emails per month, 100 unique reachable visitors per month, unlimited chats, desktop, and mobile apps, access to visitors' information, third party apps integration, and Javascript API.

Mailing – Starts at $10 per month. This mailing plan includes all FREE features plus unlimited contacts, no daily sending limits, email templates, full email validation, anti-spam and GDPR compliance. Further, subscribers also get contact segmentation, automated email campaigns, visual editor, and 500 emails per month limit.

Chatbots – Starts at $18 per month. Includes all FREE features with unlimited active chatbots, templates, Increased limit of unique reachable visitors per month, can be from 1k to unlimited. Also, this plan includes visual chatbot editor and Zapier integration.

Communicator – Starts at $18 per month. It includes all FREE features plus new incoming visitor notifications, live typing, and viewed pages. Live visitor list is also available, and an additional chat operator seat is open at $10 per seat.

Professional Plan – Custom price. The professional plan commits to meeting all the business needs. No limits on anything, low fixed rates and comes with a dedicated account manager.


Tidio: Is it Worth It?


Aside from its full and comprehensive features, the whole platform is housed in a sleek interface that makes it easier to navigate and explore.

Besides, Tidio’s full set of solutions makes lead conversion easier. The smart and simple live chat, chatbots, and mailing are a one-stop, all-in-one service that leads to an increase in sales.

With Tidio, businesses get better engagement, faster customer support, and stronger customer relationship.

Have you tried Tidio? Share your thoughts on the comment section below!

 FREE Live Chat, Chatbots and Email Service when you join Tidio today!

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