Top 10 Podcasts for eCommerce and Drop Shipping Businesses in 2020

Top 10 Podcasts for eCommerce and Drop Shipping businesses in 2020

Are you currently subscribed to any podcasts? If you are, then you know how funny, inspirational, enjoyable, and educational it can be. Not to mention how convenient it is to listen to while working on something else. According to the latest statistics by Edison Research, 32% of Americans listen to podcasts at least once a month. That’s exactly because there’s a podcast for literally every subject and topic these days.

This works best for busy eCommerce entrepreneurs as podcasts can be a great source of valuable knowledge. For your niche, there are numerous eCommerce & Dropshipping podcasts that release new episodes regularly so you are sure to get fresh insights for your business.  

We have listed below the top eCommerce and Dropshipping podcasts to listen to this 2020:

1. eCommerce Paradise

If you’re wondering how to start your eCommerce and High-Ticket Drop Shipping business to live the life you’ve always wanted, then this is the perfect podcast for you.

Hosted by Trevor Fenner, this popular podcast covers valuable insights on how to effectively jumpstart your own eCommerce business so you can work from home, pay off your debt, spend more time with your family, and ultimately, live the life of your dreams.

Listen to him talk about his experiences and give actionable tips on how you can also be successful in your niche!

Listen here:

2. Mixergy – Startup Stories

With almost 2,000 episodes, Andrew Warner’s Mixergy podcast has garnered much prominence in the roster of entrepreneurship podcasts. The stories dig deep into the success and failures of businesses that will guide ambitious entrepreneurs in building their startups.

Listen to his interviews on some of the most successful business owners & thought leaders over the years covering a variety of topics and industries. 

Catch it here:

3. Start Yours – Oberlo 

If you’re unsure what’s the first step to take in starting your own eCommerce business, then this one will work best for you. Start Yours is a podcast built to educate aspiring entrepreneurs on all the headaches and triumphs you will go through when starting your own business. 

This podcast discusses everything about eCommerce, dropshipping and what to and not to expect in kickstarting your startup. 

Listen here:

4. The Startup Chat

Hosted by the power duo Steli Efti (Close) and Hiten Shah (Crazy Egg & KISSMetrics). The Startup Chat gears your dropshipping business up with unfiltered insights and actionable advice – all packed into a 20-minute episode for each topic.

With new episodes every Tuesday & Friday, this duo will jumpstart your business to a new level.

Listen here:

5. Travel like a Boss

Travel like a boss is created by Johnny FD who’s a good example of what being a digital nomad is - traveling around the world, all made possible by his dropshipping business.

Through his podcast, he interviews successful online entrepreneurs and their lives living the 4-hour workweek lifestyle. With new episodes, every week, tune in to Johnny as he sits down with eCommerce & drop shipping experts that will surely give you incredible insights for your business. 

Listen here:

6. Shopify Masters

Brought to you by the eCommerce giant Shopify, Shopify Masters podcast is the go-to podcast for every ambitious online entrepreneur. Hosted by Felix Thea, the show aims to equip you with valuable insights to help you build and grow a profitable eCommerce store on Shopify.

With weekly discussions with top eCommerce experts, you’ll be sure to understand how to manage your online store and how to increase your dropshipping business.

Listen here:

7. Tech Money Talks

Tech Money Talks hosted by Brian McCumber is an eCommerce podcast that digs deep into dropshipping. This podcast will give you real-life advice on how to grow your own dropshipping business straight from today’s top multi-million eCommerce Drop shippers.

You’ll also get important tips on how to leverage digital marketing, Facebook ads, and Google ads to support your business’ growth.

Listen here:

8. Bright Ideas

If you’re looking for a mentor in the middle of building your eCommerce startup, Bright Ideas eCommerce podcast is the place to be. This podcast is where successful entrepreneurs share their techniques and strategies that solve their hurdles. Gain actionable insights from their powerhouse guests, hosted by Trent Dyrsmid - an eCommerce entrepreneur himself.

Listen here:

9. Smart Passive Income

If you’re a late bloomer and is still undecided if you’ll enter eCommerce entrepreneurship, then this is for you. On this show, you’ll discover how you can generate multiple income streams that can work for you.

The show also presents business strategies and expert marketing tips & tricks so you can be ahead of the curve once you’ve decided to start your eCommerce entrepreneurship journey.

Listen here:

10. eCommerce Marketing Podcast

So you already have your eCommerce business, but how is your marketing doing? This podcast will walk you through a step-by-step process for eCommerce marketing – learn how to generate leads by navigating your inbound strategies directly into conversions.

Learn from the top eCommerce marketing experts that will surely give you actionable and valuable insights on how to uplift your brand.

Listen here:


So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re looking at buying an existing eCommerce store or building your own from scratch, there are so many podcasts to help you grow your business. 

Don’t know where to start? Hit the subscribe button in the link below and travel the world with us!

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