Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Shift to Remote Work

Having work that doesn’t feel like work is the dream set up for most of us, especially for millennials and Gen Z workers. These fast-growing generations are taking up so much space in our workforce today and are, in fact, slowly changing the status quo of the traditional work setup. From the four corners of the office to work from home setup to shared workspace or co-working space to remote work – the workspace has been continually changing in the past decade.

Nowadays, office employees can work beyond the four corners of their office, paving the way for a more flexible work arrangement. Going to work for 8 hours straight and going home afterward is no longer the norm.

Now, let’s examine remote work and how it helps millennials and Gen Z achieve their dream set up of working to live instead of living to work. In this blog, we’ll put remote work in the spotlight and give you the reasons on why you should drop your traditional work setup for a more flexible setup that gives you more freedom to live the way you want.

What is Remote Work?

Remote work is the kind of set up wherein you accomplish your tasks, projects, deliverables, and deadlines outside of a traditional office. Instead, you get to work on all these from any environment as you please. It’s the kind of work that is independent of your physical location.

Imagine this – with a remote work setup, you don’t need to commute to work daily, and you won’t be glued to your desk all day. It allows you to do your work anywhere you please, be it a coffee shop, your home office, a co-working space, or even outside your home country, wherever it is – the choice is ultimately yours. The main benefit of this work setup is that you get full control of your time, allowing you to balance your personal and professional life better. So, if you’re looking for better work freedom, a remote work setup is what you should aspire for.

How does it work?

There’s a ton of remote working trends available today. This setup has expanded predominantly in the past decade because of the flexibility and freedom that it provides the employees. On the other hand, employers and companies are also looking for ways to improve productivity while lowering overhead costs. This mutual benefit mainly drives the current shift to remote work. In essence, here are some of the results of the remote work trend:

The Rise of Co-Working Spaces

Co-working spaces have emerged from all over the world in the past few years, acknowledging the need to meet modern-day employees’ growing demand. Co-working spaces are currently on the rise and are still emerging every year to give space to more workers shifting to remote work.

Co-working spaces offer more than just a place to work; these nooks are designed to provide remote workers comfort. Instead of offering just a simple desk and high-speed internet, co-working spaces provide essential amenities including coffee, other refreshments, and a nicely designed office, to make it look more relaxing and functional.

Digital Nomad Domination

Ever come across someone who’s been traveling all over the world while still making enough money? These people are called digital nomads. I am a digital nomad since I’ve been living in different countries while managing my dropshipping business. In fact, as of writing, I’m in my villa in Bali, enjoying the digital nomad lifestyle.

Digital Nomads are location-independent individuals who use technology to perform their jobs or manage their businesses. These are people like me who can work from anywhere since we are not limited to a particular office or headquarters. Digital nomads are individuals who are continually moving from one place to another. They are our modern-day travelers.


As the current work setup is continuously shifting to remote work, questions are being raised about its benefits and effects on productivity. So, in this blog, we’ll be highlighting the benefits of remote work.

1.  Flexible Lifestyle

With a traditional work setup, being stuck in the office all day drains a lot of your energy, so the tendency is that you get exhausted when you get home after a shift, so you don’t have time to focus on other stuff – this is the typical cycle of an employee. Since Remote Work does not demand you to be glued to your desk all day, you get more time to spend on things that matter to you.

For instance, if you used to miss your kids’ recitals, now you can be present for every school performance. Also, if you’ve been parking that passion of yours in baking, now you have all the time to do it. The main benefit of remote work is that you can freely plan your day – no more unplanned overtimes and emergency meetings.

2.  Better Health and Wellness

Most office workers live a sedentary lifestyle and are thus more prone to becoming unhealthy and catching illnesses. These people are stuck living a never-ending cycle of waking up to work – going home – eating dinner – taking a rest, and working the next day again. With remote work, you can get more things done by not only sitting most of the day, you get to run errands, go around town, do exercise, and make time for your personal development. All of these are possible when you make a calendar, which you can follow – all without neglecting your job.

Plus, since you become more active, you will undoubtedly enjoy increased energy and a better mood – both of which promote your physical health and wellness.

3.  Better Productivity

One might think that employee productivity should be better when the workers are in the office managed by their superiors – well, it’s not. Most of the office time is spent doing mundane tasks, attending long meetings, and not to mention the inevitable office chitchats. With remote work, you don’t experience all these factors to focus 100% on your given task or deliverable. Plus, you’ll even want to finish your tasks faster to attend to your activities. Hence, a spike in productivity comes when you integrate a remote work setup.

4.  Lower Overhead Cost

For employers and businesses, managing an office doesn’t come cheap. Every single thing that you see in the office results in a payable at some point – from the internet, electricity, utilities, coffee beans, pens, printing paper, tissue paper, hand soaps, and all other consumables that you maintain for your employees constitute a certain percentage of your overhead cost on top of your employees’ salary. So, when you shift to a remote work setup, you get to lessen your operating expenses since you limit your purchase to only the essentials of those who cannot afford to do remote work.

Imagine having lower expenses and better productivity, that’s one deal that businesses can never say no to.

5.  Makes Businesses More Competitive

Given that employee productivity increases with remote work setup, it’s now essential to mention how it will positively affect the business. More often than not, employees who are doing remote work are more proactive and more engaged than an employee who’s stuck in the office whose mind always sinks into the abyss just waiting for the end of the day. Since remote workers are happier, their attitude reflects in the way they perform. Hence, making your business more competitive through your empowered staff.

In terms of workforce, with remote work, you will not have the problem of maintaining and getting top talents. When workers learn that you offer flexible work arrangements, they will come flocking to you. Thus, you won’t have a hard time hiring new and talented employees since they are the ones who will come to you. Your relationship with your current employees will undoubtedly be stronger with this setup since they will feel some sort of recognition that you trust them enough to practice remote work setup.

Remote Work: Is it for you?

Overall, remote work comes with several benefits – all geared towards better productivity and lower costs for the business and better lifestyle, and more freedom. The mutual benefits that both parties enjoy partake equally on the continuous shift to remote work setup.

So, if you feel stuck with your 8-hour job, then it’s probably the best time to shift to remote work slowly. Start with one or two gigs and slowly adapt to the lifestyle so you can see if it’s beneficial and if it works for you.

While the future is still uncertain, one thing for sure is that remote work will play a significant role in shifting the traditional workspace. Plus, we’re seeing more growth in the coming years in this kind of setup, so it’s never too late for you to try it.

Are you an aspiring digital nomad? What are you doing about your goals? Leave us a comment below!

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