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Is Trust Guard the Best Trust Badge for Shopify?

Contents of my Trust Guard Review article 

  • What is Trust Guard?.. and how does it work?
  • Features and benefits of Trust Guard
  • Case study: how Trust Guard increased my conversion rates
  • Where to install Trust Guard on your eCommerce Store
  • Which eCommerce platform I suggest using with Trust Guard
  • My personal experience with Trust Guard

    Trust Guard is a software you can install on your website that will give your business more credibility. It will show your consumer that you offer PCI compliance...

    But, is it really the best trust badge for Shopify?

    The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) applies to companies of any size that accept credit card payments. If your company intends to accept card payment, and store, process and transmit cardholder data, you need to host your data securely with a PCI compliant hosting provider.

    Trust Guard is essential to the eCommerce world as there is a lot of phishing, scam, and fraud websites. It will only approve real websites which have real business address, phone number, and email addresses.

    I highly recommend them as I use them on my own high ticket dropshipping stores. 


    Click Here To Get Trust Guard

    You'll get a free PCI scan worth $47 by signing up with our link!


    I am going to show how the sign up looks like and how it looks like on the back end. The shoppers want to know why they can trust you. 

    This is important as there are fake e-commerce stores out there that are advertised through Craigslist and they will ask payment from direct cash delivery system. Once they receive your money, they will just keep it and not send you the product. 


    The consumer wants to make sure your website is secure as when they buy the product, they will enter their name, address, and banking account information.


    Consumers want to make sure that their identity is not stolen online. What trust guard will provide is a badge where you can click to know the information of the business including the addresses, phone number, email address, and how long they have been a member.  It will also indicate when was the last time they scanned the website and passed the test. This will make the consumers more confident to buy from you. 


    You just have to click Order Now! button on the upper left portion of the website. 


    • Daily PCI Scan $147/month Exceeds PCI Requirements
    • Weekly PCI Scan $67/month Exceeds PCI Requirements
    • Monthly PCI Scan $57/month Exceeds PCI Requirements
    • Quarterly PCI Scan $37/month Meets PCI Requirements
    • Quarterly IP Scanning [No Seal] $17/month Meets PCI Requirements

    To start, I suggest you choose the quarterly. However, it is important to show on your website that your website was scanned recently. When you have enough revenue, you can choose weekly or daily. You want your consumers to see it as recent as possible. 


    • PRIVACY SAFE SEALS - Compared to TRUSTe.

    When you add it to your cart, you will be given a multi sealed discount for $18 a month. With all these added to your cart, you can start off with $77 a month or $799 a year. Enter your billing and credit card information then click the Complete Order button. You will be given a free $60 money-back guarantee. If you don’t make more sales, you can send them that information and they will give you a refund. 

    Trust Guard is very confident that they are going to increase your conversion rate. I am confident as well because I am using them on my website and they work really well. People do buy more. 


    Basic Verification: The customer will be able to see your Support Email, Support Phone, and Support Address. You will have the option to edit it. 

    Business Verified: It will verify your business address. 

    Privacy: You will have the option to show the link to Privacy Policy on Homepage, Privacy Policy URL, 3rd Party Disclosure, Private Information Security, and Email Usage. 

    Security (Optional), Security Verification, Scan Resolution, Malware Scan, Security Seal Code.

    Checking my website, you will see that I have a trust guard seal on the top. At the bottom, there is also trust guard security, privacy, and business verified. 

    On the product page of my website, it will show bellow Buy Now button. I use the Shopify platform for my website and use the shoptimized theme. You can see my review for Shopify and shoptimized on my website under the Review tab. 

    Trust guard and shopper approved are own by the same company. You can also check my shopper approved review on my website.

    In my opinion, Trust Guard is the Best Trust Badge for Shopify. If you want to sign up today, go to eCommerceParadise.com/trustguard which is my referral link.

    I also want to help you to optimize your website for conversion. I have tons of articles, videos, and podcasts about conversion optimization. Dig through my free content and optimize your business. Scale and make more sales. 

    Click Here To Get Trust Guard

    You'll get a free PCI scan worth $47 by signing up with our link!

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