Trust Guard Review: Best Trust Badge for Shopify

Contents of my Trust Guard Review article 

  • What is Trust Guard
  • How does Trust Guard it work?
  • Features and Benefits of Trust Guard
  • Case study: how Trust Guard increased my conversion rates
  • Where to install Trust Guard on your eCommerce Store
  • Which eCommerce platform I suggest using with Trust Guard
  • My personal experience with Trust Guard


What is Trust Guard?

The fast-paced digital transformation has elevated convenience to the next level. For instance, buying online can be done with just a few clicks. Just as easy as rendering services, placing reservations, or even arranging meetings. Indeed, internet transaction has become the norm for most people around the globe. However, at an equivalent rate, is the rise of cybercrime.

In recent years, cybercrime has recorded to be the fastest-growing criminal activity in the world. The rise of digital channels has allowed cybercriminals to blastoff thousands of digital attacks, whether through mobile or desktop PCs.  According to a report by Accenture, in just within five years, cybercrime damage cost businesses a detrimental $5.2 trillion worldwide.

Modern businesses are the usual target of these digital offenders.  In fact, 43% of cyber-attacks are experienced by online companies in the past 12 months. These attacks are designed for compromising security and the overall operations in every component - leaving victims in grave financial turmoil. 

For that reason, the Ecommerce industry is on peril with heightened risks for fraud, data breach, privacy policy, and other forms of cybercrimes. Small business, in specific, is an easy target given the lack and gaps for internet safety.  Therefore, strict eCommerce security protocols and measures must be in place to shield the business and customers from any digital jeopardy.

Unsecured websites drive away customers because they feel unsafe in divulging their personal information. A recent study revealed that 70% of online shoppers wouldn’t hesitate to cancel their orders if the website isn’t reliable enough.

To effectively address this concern and build trust, online shops may consider getting a full, comprehensive website security solution. To remove doubts, it is best to recommend that ecommerce sites display a trust seal.


What is a Trust Seal?

Often called "security site seal," trust seals are badges that verify a particular website is completely protected against harmful viruses and other forms of cyber-attacks.

In order to obtain a trust seal, third party providers like Trust Guard will have to verify.

Trust Guard is a Website Security Solution that provides layers of protection to defend businesses and websites from hackers. It scans the site multiple times on a regular basis, trying to find security and privacy issues from time to time. Trust Guard then issues the trust seal so that visitors will recognize that the site is secured, and the business protects the customer’s privacy very well.

But, is it really the best trust badge for Shopify?

Read on as this blog aims to provide an in-depth Trust Guard review on identity guard, privacy policy for a website, and more protection details for ecommerce businesses.


How does Trust Guard work? How Does it Defend A Website?

Known as one of the best and reputable Canadian online pharmacies, Trust Guard has been one of the go-to solutions for most online businesses. The patronage may be attributed to their sophisticated four-layer protection, which effectively prevents breach for a more extended period. 

  • Daily Perimeter PCI Scans

Fact: websites are being attacked numerous times every single day. There's only a question of timing when the attack will penetrate the system. A single vulnerability will expose data and grant full control to hackers.

Another fact is that websites are prone to over 75,000 known vulnerabilities. Hence, Trust Guard Perimeter PCI Scans create a defense layer to block any weak spots in the site’s servers. These scans are monitored by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and considered one of the most competitive types of protection.

  • Daily Malware Scans

One good example of malware is a virus that encrypts files on a hard drive and other connected devices. Hackers ask for money in return for unlocking or restoring the data.

Hence, it is imperative that increased protection for viruses must be employed to ensure robust business protection. If an attack successfully infiltrated the PCI scanning, daily malware scans must be present.

The Malware Scanning alerts the user for any suspicious behavior of the servers and site by searching for unique codes or strange patterns.

Malware is hard to detect, giving hackers more time to extract information from the site. Nevertheless, issues and suspected attacks will be warned and fixed in advance with a Malware Scanning protection in place.

  • Auto Renewing SSL

SSL certificates come with specific expiration dates, like our favorite dairy products. One key difference is that the renewal of SSL certificates is possible.

Trust Guard’s third layer of protection is the installation of an Auto-Renewing' SSL Certificate. It ensures that the customers' information is always encrypted wherever it goes inside the website. 

Browsers often warn visitors if a specific website has an expired SSL. Why? Because a lapsed SSL can mean that even a legitimate site can be mistaken as a channel for a phishing scam. 

Thus, the danger posed by an expired SSL is beyond a lost conversion. Websites without HTTPS or business name in URL drive potential customers away. It may lead to smaller revenues, and mostly, a negative impact on the business’ credibility.

Trust Guard removes the worry for SSL certificate renewal. The Auto Renewing SSL protection automatically installs new encryption that is activated every 60 days – making the website 12 times safer.

  • $100,000 in Cyber Insurance, and $100,000 in Breach Response Insurance  

Ecommerce owners must be aware and thoroughly understand the risks for cybercrimes and exposure of data. It is critical for a business to enroll in comprehensive Cyber insurance because hacker attacks can be costly and damaging. An average breach for small to medium-sized companies can cost over $100,000 in fines, fees, penalties, and reimbursements alone.

Trust Guard's fourth layer of protection is a Total Website Protection that comes with both $100,000 in Cyber Insurance and $100,000 in Breach Response Insurance. This defense can not only help businesses recover, but also creates a formidable team for website security. With Cyber and Breach Protection Insurance, activities are backed up with cyber lawyers, forensics experts, and an incident response team dedicated to protecting customers and the business.

 Safeguard your ecommerce website from hackers. Click here to sign up!

Features and Benefits of Trust Guard

  •         Over 75,000 Vulnerability Database
  •         Detailed PCI Certification for Level 4 – 2 Merchants
  •         Approved Scanning Vendor
  •         24/7 Customer Support
  •         Trust Guard's Security Certificate Display
  •         Trust Guard SECURED Seal and Certificate
  •         Multi-Seal Discount


Pricing and Trust Seals

  • Daily PCI Scan $147/month Exceeds PCI Requirements
  • Weekly PCI Scan $67/month Exceeds PCI Requirements
  • Monthly PCI Scan $57/month Exceeds PCI Requirements
  • Quarterly PCI Scan $37/month Meets PCI Requirements
  • Quarterly IP Scanning [No Seal] $17/month Meets PCI Requirements

Trust Guard also offers variety of  add-on seals with corresponding service schemes.

PRIVACY SEAL - priced at $29 per month or $297 per year. Privacy Verified seal promises a reduced bounce rate while boosting conversions and opt-ins.

BUSINESS SEAL - priced at $29 per month or $297 per year. Business Verified seal guarantees to resolve visitor’s concerns.

SECURITY SEAL - priced at $67 per month or $697 per year. The Security Scanned seal is committed to maximizing the website's overall security. 

The simple pricing scheme can be obtained with their price matching system, where customers can compare Trust Guard’s price with other providers like McAfee security, comodo secure, or id guard.

Trust Guard is very confident that they are going to increase your conversion rate. I am confident as well because I am using them on my website and they work really well. People do buy more. 


 Know How to Increase Customer Confidence in your Website


Is TRUST GUARD the Best Protection for Website and Ecommerce?

In over a decade, Trust Guard has been recognized as a global leader in PCI compliance, malware protection, and cybersecurity.

Trust Guard's seals provide website and ecommerce owners with a more significant boost in conversion rates than any of the competitors. It increases assurance on the customer side, furthermore proving the legitimacy of the business.

The website and business owners must bear in mind that customer trust is a domino effect. Trust Guard's seal helps instill confidence in visitors, improving the conversion rate of the site, resulting in better sales and profit for the business.

In conclusion, Trust Guard may be one of the best website security solutions out there. It satisfies more than 900 customers with its simple set up, excellent performance, and at a lower cost.


In my opinion, Trust Guard is the Best Trust Badge for Shopify. If you want to sign up today, go to which is my referral link.

I also want to help you to optimize your website for conversion. I have tons of articles, videos, and podcasts about conversion optimization. Dig through my free content and optimize your business. Scale and make more sales. 


Click Here To Get Trust Guard

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