TubeBuddy Review: Best SEO Tool for Youtube

Want to engage in that all-too-lucrative YouTube Vlogging? Making money from YouTube used to be as easy as uploading appealing video content, reaping tons of views, and earning through the advertising revenue share. Nowadays, content creators are eligible for even more ways to monetize their content.  Some YouTubers leverage on the use of Google Ads, brand sponsorships, funding, or sales from their channel merchandise in order to continuously grow.

However, building a solid fanbase that will generate enough views for monetization might take some time. There are specific requirements to meet in order to start making money on Youtube. Guidelines such as the channel should have at least 1,000 subscribers, or a particular video must have 4,000 watch time hours over the last 12 months, and more. This can be a challenge, especially for content creators that are starting from scratch. Indeed, growing a Youtube channel requires loads of time and hard work.

No matter how profitable Youtube is, there are several technicalities that may halt interested individuals to venture into the popular platform. Thankfully, tools like TubeBuddy exist.  With enhanced SEO and continuous promotion, content creators can grow their channels fast and easy. 

Ready to learn about TubeBuddy? This review will deep dive into the platform to find out of it is worth the time and money investment.  Most importantly, if the platform lives to its tagline as the "best friend on the road to YouTube success."

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About TubeBuddy

Launched in December 2014, the team behind TubeBuddy has been building tools in the YouTube space for more than 13 years already. The team entirely acknowledges the hardship of being a Youtuber; hence, their mission is to build tools that help the entire YouTube community to be happier and more productive.


What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy Review

TubeBuddy is a free browser extension and mobile app that integrates directly into YouTube to help creators run their channels with ease.

Noted as a certified YouTube SEO tool that connects straight to the YouTube dashboard, TubeBuddy is deemed to be such an essential tool, especially for YouTube vloggers and advertisers, to increase the social influence rate.

On the overview, TubeBuddy immediately provides SEO Keyword finder to find the best keywords fit for the content niche for each channel. In addition, TubeBuddy also offers a series of health reports on channel ranking, what niche it is being ranked along with, and what time of the day the videos being watched the most. TubeBuddy basically offers general statistics report on the channel's overall performance in the market. Moreover, the video A/B testing feature offers channel operators and video producers to test the video first before they launch it to be shown to the public through YouTube.

Users of this platform often regard TubeBuddy's features, such as Best Practice Checks and Comment Moderation, to be among the most valuable ones, especially when it comes to engaging with their audience properly.

True enough, being a YouTube video creator, producer, and manager requires hard work, massive time dedication, and attention. Nonetheless, with TubeBuddy, these tasks become much easier and faster. This is the reason why many users of YouTube are now downloading this app. The satisfaction from this platform furthermore proves its value and usability in enhancing the performance of YouTube content creators worldwide.

How Does TubeBuddy Work?

Easily download the app and let it run on the background. TubeBuddy's primary features can be used entirely for free! Now isn't that sweet?  Once users log in to their YouTube channel, TubeBuddy will instantly launch in the dashboard. Once the app is already running on the background, real-time updates on channel performance are readily available.

TubeBuddy can help creators leverage on the ideas it provides tons of suggestions for content. To use TubeBuddy's keyword explorer, just type into the search box any video idea such as "e-commerce" or "travel blog." The results will reveal related keywords that are high search volume, and creators can use for video titles. Meanwhile, when TubeBuddy's keyword search also displays the overall score of the specific keyword. The poorer the score is, the better. Because it means that there are just a few competitors within that niche, hence, a stunning content can gather more potential views based on the Youtube algorithm. It is essential to take note that on Youtube,   it is better to land on suggested views rather than to rank – TubeBuddy can definitely help users with that.

As mentioned earlier, although the platform's extension is completely free, the performance of TubeBuddy can be boosted further. By enrolling in the subscription plans for additional services, content creators can gain access to more features that can secure channel growth. The plan's price ranges between $9 to $49, depending on the extent of service users intend to pay for. Further details on pricing will be discussed in the latter part.

Overall, TubeBuddy delivers an edge by knowing the basic statistics, or access on what niches other successful Youtubers are discussing about. TubeBuddy conveys specific factors that help content creators redefine their strategies in getting more views and more subscriptions.


TubeBuddy Features

TubeBuddy Review


Overall, TubeBuddy boasts over 65 features, including the paid ones. All these features are focused on one goal: to help boost presence on YouTube.

  • YouTube SEO Tools – With TubeBuddy running on the background, users can utilize a data-rich dashboard more effectively. For instance, typing in the video idea in the keyword search box can immediately extract the best keywords that attract more viewers.

    This feature also allows an impressive increase in the volume of your viewers because videos appear to be relevant more often through optimized search results. Besides the keywords, users can also search for effective video suggestions for future references. This is a great help to identify the targeted niche to engage in and present to the viewers.

    The keyword explorer feature and the suggested tags tools are both embedded in the video upload page to suggest some of the best tags. These tools are intended to create a balance between the target keywords, and the niche users are working on.

  • In-Depth Analysis - Besides keyword exploration, TubeBuddy also provides an in-depth videolytics. These are crucial video analytics which includes a series of statistical data that assist creators in identifying with other YouTubers and their patterns of performance.

    With this feature, creators can actually spy on how other videos are performing within a specific niche. Moreover, it gives an idea of what tags to use to attract their viewers into the video when YouTube features the videos with other videos from other YouTubers.

  • Productivity Tools - Included in the productivity tools that TubeBuddy offers is Video A/B Testing. This is a feature only accessible as part of its paid services. Video A/B testing allows creators to pick an original version and a variation version with entirely different thumbnails and titles. TubeBuddy then compares each other's' video performance. The comparison results give a fair idea on which video performs better and why.

    To perform the A/B testing, users provide two unique thumbnails and two individual titles. TubeBuddy will then run an A/B testing on how well they perform in a day. For those who have tried this feature, they were able to increase their viewer rate up to 17% in a day, which often amounts to more than a thousand new viewers each day.

  • Bulk Processing - TubeBuddy also offers bulk processing services. This option allows users to change tags in bulk, change cards in bulk, and perform updates of end screens in bulk. This service leaves creators lots of time to focus on content optimization in order to get more attention, gain more views and subscribers in a much shorter time.

  • Facebook Publishing – Another notable feature is how TubeBuddy makes it easier to publish videos on Facebook. Instead of manually copying the link from YouTube and posting them on Facebook. Automatically upload the video directly to Facebook through the TubeBuddy platform and make it immediately available for the subscribers and other users. This is highly beneficial for creators who also manage and simultaneously upload content to their Facebook pages. 

    Through this feature, creators can take advantage of Facebook's autoplay feature and practically increase the traffic and the content's ranking through Google.

TubeBuddy Review

TubeBuddy Pricing

Many of those who have tried the TubeBuddy's free services, raved about the app's versatility. The warm reception and satisfaction from users might be because of the several functions that this app offers, even on a free plan. It is best used by YouTube starters who are mere trying-out this channel of social influence.

Below are the plan tiers available.  

Pro Plan at $9 monthly subscription fee

Although it is the basic TubeBuddy plan, it offers content creators a whole lot of better features than what the free plan offers. It gives access to advanced productivity and more SEO tools.

Tags and keyword suggestions are no longer limited in this plan. Furthermore, these tools provide more in-depth keyword research to understand better what topics the target audiences are likely searching for.

Star Plan at $19 monthly subscription fee

Besides all the features provided through the Pro Plan, TubeBuddy's Star Plan gives full access to all the bulk processing services and an even more in-depth keyword exploration. This makes the channel grow a lot easier and faster. The star plan successfully transforms all manual tasks into swift automation.

Legend Plan at $49 monthly subscription fee

Considered as TubeBuddy's premier plan, this plan includes the A/B Testing tool. Moreover, a particularly exceptional feature that this plan offers is the auto-translator. For a global reach, it aids creators to translate titles as well as descriptions into different languages. A translator is an excellent tool for reaching out to a much larger target audience.

For those who have less than 1000 subscribers, there is also a special offer at $4.50, which is known as the RisingStarBuddy plan.

Once the influence grows, it is best to pay for the added features, especially as the rate of viewers also grows. Managing and developing the channel would surely be much faster through the use of the additional functions that TubeBuddy paid plans provide. It is also safe to note that TubeBuddy only allows one license per one YouTube channel.

Another great news? TubeBuddy offers discounts all the time, sometimes even reaching up to 50% off the original price.


TubeBuddy is best both for starters and longtime YouTubers. The best thing about this app is that it has an extensive free plan designed for those who are merely starting on the platform—many new creators on YouTube who tried the TubeBuddy app mention how friendly the system is.

The capacity of TubeBuddy to provide consistently updated data that newbies could use to understand how YouTube works make this app undoubtedly useful. At the same time, knowing what particular factors of social media they could use to their advantage gives new YouTubers the motivation and push that they need in order to get a good standing that can take them further to faster growth later.

As the influence grows, the performance reflects a much higher number of viewers giving attention to the content. At this stage, creators might want to opt to subscribe to the paid services of TubeBuddy, which are all worth the investment.

Another great thing about this app is that everything comes back more than what you expect. The simplicity of the system gives a fair chance to use every feature for the creators' best benefit to the point of gaining results that amount to much more than the profit initially expected to make from YouTube.

Additionally, TubeBuddy comes with a lot of different perks on the side. Once creators get the paid plan, they can access a 25% discount to the Epidemic Sound music library. This eases them out from copyright issues for a long time and would surely lessen video production expenses.

What we think about TubeBuddy  

Looking through the positive feedbacks and reviews from YouTubers who have gained success in the platform through using TubeBuddy, this app is undoubtedly creating a massive difference between YouTubers who are using it from those who do not.

TubeBuddy gives that edge in reaching out to a broader scope of the audience on a global scale.

The best thing about TubeBuddy is that it offers a free plan where a lot of its features are already included- enough to make a new YouTuber successful. In the long run, paying for the paid plans would be the best investment one could ever make in making sure that their channel stays within the right track of growth that they want to achieve.   

Have you tried TubeBuddy? Let us know what you love about it in the comment section below.

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